Silly People

People are silly. They love their problems, they can't live without them. People love their problems so much that other people make billions of dollars off of them. Therapy would not exist if people didn't love their problems.

The drug industry, which makes huge profits off of other people's misery, is necessary so people can keep their problems and yet, at the same time, medicate and sedate the pain that goes along with them. If drugs didn't exist to numb the pain that goes along with problems, people would solve their problems faster than a blink of an eye.

The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off! The truth is, people love their problems.... and God forbid if you try to help people make their "problems" disappear when they don't want your help! They will get angry with you and tell you to leave them the hell alone. That's how much people love their problems.

People will not give up their problems until they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of their problems. And for some people, before they get to that point, it takes their entire lifetime.

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The Paper Dragon:


DEATH, no not that, anything but death.....

Death is a paper dragon! Harmless, without power, but the word "death" has so much power over people that they "REACT" immediately to that word....

Death for most people means FEAR. They fear death because they believe that is the worst thing that can happen to them.

How about the death of your disease?
(No, not you silly, the death of your disease.)

How about the death of lack and scarcity?
How about the death of a life without love?
How about the death of your problems?

Death means:

1. No longer in existence, use, or operation.
2. No longer having significance or relevance.

That being the case, the death of disease, poverty or lack of love in your life would be a very good thing for you, wouldn't it? The death of your problems would be a wonderful thing for you, wouldn't it?

The problem is, people cannot separate out the death of an undesirable condition in their life from the death of themselves.

Instead of allowing their disease or their problems to die, they keep them alive by feeding them with thoughts of fear, hopelessness and despair.

This way of thinking causes people to experience unnecessary pain and prevents them from seeing a solution to their problem that, often times, is but one thought away from them.

As Joseph Chilton Pearce stated in his groundbreaking book, "The Crack in the Comic Egg", death is the breeding ground of all fear. If you conquer your fear of death, you will conquer all of your fears. People die before their time because they, unconsciously, see death as a solution to their problems. Why choose to die when you can choose to have your problems die in your place?

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The Question

The question I most frequently receive from people who have spent time reading the messages up on this site, is this one:

"Where do you get all of the insights and spiritual truths you post up on Spiritual Reflections?"

The short answer is I receive them from my Spiritual Guide. If you are interested in knowing more about how it came to pass that a Spiritual Guide became part of my life, Click Here.

-- Frederick Zappone

Truth Insights

The truth can be used to hurt people or it can be used to set people free. When we withhold the truth from someone, it is the same as lying to them. Truth heals, lies kill. Truth is easy to tell, it is telling lies that is hard work. Truth makes us feel happy, lies make us feel guilty. Truth sets us free, lies imprison us.

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"The only one who can make it safe
for you to tell your truth to others, is you!"


Why People Lie.

People lie when they don't feel safe to tell their truth to others.

Lies have immediate consequences, they make us feel negative.

Truth has immediate consequences also, it makes us feel positive.

"When you don't have the freedom to tell
your truth to others, you have no real freedom at all."

Benefits of Truth

The truth makes our "hearts" feel lighter. It liberates us and sets us free. It elevates our moods. It makes us feel relaxed and happy. It makes us feel more alive and gives us more energy.

Conversations we have with ourselves, often times, are not the truth. You can tell by the way conversations with yourself make you feel.

Any conversation you have with yourself that makes you feel heavy or burdened means you are moving away from the truth.

Conversations you have with yourself that makes you feel lighter and happier means you are moving in the direction of truth.

"The purpose of "truth" is to set
us free, not burden or imprison us."


Motivating Self

How do you motivate yourself? Do you motivate yourself with love and kindness or do you motivated yourself with self-criticism?

If you were brought up by people who criticized you frequently, chances are, that's how you motivate yourself. If you find that you motivate yourself with self-criticism, replace every criticism with praise for yourself. Dwell on the good things that you do and pay no attention at all to your mistakes.

Whatever you pay attention to, in life, EXPANDS. If you pay attention to your self-criticisms, you will find more things to criticize yourself about. If you pay attention to the good things about yourself, you will discover more good things about yourself. And you will soon come to realize that you are the powerful, loving, magnificent person you always dreamed of be-ing.

"God doesn't criticize you, so why should you!"


Loving Self

Do you notice when you "love" yourself, you "love" the people around you? The reverse is also true. What we feel towards others is always a refection of how we are feeling towards ourselves.

Love yourself in all ways. Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Be gentle with yourself. Do not criticize yourself when you make mistakes. Instead, love yourself for all the things that you do right. The more you can love yourself exactly the way you are, the easier life will become for you.

The second greatest commandment is not about loving other people more than ourselves, it is about loving them as much as ourselves. If we can't fully accept and love ourselves as we are, we won't be able to fully accept and love the people around us.

"People are the mirrors of our lives always
reflecting back to us our current state of our mind."

Training By God

Is life difficult for you right now? Having money, relationships or health problems? If so, you are experiencing God's training program.

In the beginning until you understand what is going on, God's training program will be uncomfortable for you. In the beginning, you will think God is punishing you. This is simply not so!

God is training you for something BIG that will result in you having more love, health and prosperity in your life than you ever dared imagine possible for yourself.

God is training you to release all thoughts that cause you pain including any thoughts you have about him that cause you conflict in any way. Any thoughts you have about God that cause you pain or conflict are not from God. It's misinformation, about God, you received from your ancestors that causes you conflict.

God is in the process of setting the record straight with you in regards to how much he personally cares about you and how much he wants to give you everything your heart desires.

You have no doubt about God's ability to give you what you want. You are just not certain he has the desire to give anything to you. In reality, God wants to give you everything.

The pain you experience in God's training program is the tug-of-war that goes on between you and God and releasing thoughts that prevent you from receiving all the good things God wants to give to you.

God wants you to get in touch with the "divine spark" of his intelligence that lives within you. God wants you to depend on him for everything and when you do, whether it is love, health or money, he will give you everything your heart desires, in abundance.

God is in the processing of "weaning you off people" who let you down and disappoint you in so many ways. When you become fully dependent on God, you will never be disappointed again.

As long as you are holding onto thoughts about God and/or other people that cause you to suffer in any way, you can not experience the love, happiness, health and financial prosperity God wants to lavish upon you in this very moment of time.

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Be Grateful for your Disease

Disease is not punishment from God.
Disease does not mean you are flawed.
Disease does not mean you did something wrong.
Disease is not a bad thing.
Disease is not cured by doctors or drugs alone.
Disease is not terminal unless you believe it is...

Here is what dis-ease is: In its simplest form, disease is a result of people being ill at ease with themselves. If you are not at peace with yourself, disease shows up in your physical body not as punishment but to show you the way to a better life than the one you were living before. A life free from the stress, anxiety and worry that contributed to your disease showing up in your life in the first place.

Disease makes you re-evaluate your life and what you think you know. Disease makes you stop long enough to question the things you have been doing for years that have not satisfied you. Disease give you the time to think about yourself and your needs rather than ignoring them.

Disease is a benevolent teacher, in disguise, that wants to teach you how to get in touch with your authentic power so you can create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.

I have had to deal with my share of illness down through the years and I can tell you from first hand experience, doctors and drugs, alone, do not cure disease. They are God's helpers but it is ourselves, working in partnership with God, who creates the conditions that establishes fully restored health in our physical body.

Our part in curing ourselves of disease is to understand all the blessings our disease is lavishing upon us. When you understand what a incredible blessing your disease is, it will disappear from your life as quickly as it came into your life and you will miss it when it is gone...


"When we allow our intellect to kill off what
our feelings are telling us, we block God's messages
of love and guidance from reaching our hearts."

Our emotions connect us to our soul. It is not surprising, however, that many folks do not think of their emotions as the "connecting link" to their soul. Most of us were raised to believe that our intellect is far superior to our emotions therefore we do not value our emotions as much as we value how we think. And yet is our emotions through which we receive impulses and messages of guidance and advice from the "Source" of our lives that is the "power" behind all things.


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Thinkin' Differently

When you think outside the circle, on occasion, others will accuse you of being out of touch with reality, crazy or radical in your thinking. Yesterday, I received a letter from a visitor to this site who was accused of being radical. See visitor's comments below.

Comments: Recently someone accused me of appearing radical in my thinking. Shortly after that I noticed my "illness" acted up big time. What do you think of "radical thinkers?" Do you think there is any connection between this person accusing me of being a radical thinker and my illness flaring up?

Response: Jesus, in his time, was considered to be radical thinker and so were all the great thinkers down through history. Without "radical thinkers" there would be no progress. It is radical thinking that is behind all that is new.

A radical thinker is one who sees things the way they are and knows there is a better way. Inventors, artists, explorers, and adventurers are all radical thinkers. The more polite word our society uses today for "radical" is extreme as in "extreme sports, "extreme thinking." Radical thinkers are some of the most interesting, creative and innovative people I have ever met.

A Few Examples of Radical Thinkers

Christopher Columbus was a radical thinker. Thomas Edison was a radical thinker, Einstein was a radical thinker. Bill Gates of Microsoft is a radical thinker. American, in fact, was founded by a group of radical thinkers who revolted against the British system of tyranny.

In regards to your illness. My best guess is your illness flares up anytime you feel threatened by someone who questions the way you think. You are a radical thinker, what a gift you are blessed with. Embrace your radical thoughts. Those are the ones that will set you free! Any time you have a problem you can't solve, radical thinking will solve it for you!

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Positive feelings tell you that your thoughts are taking you in the direction of the love, health, success and prosperity you desire. Negative feelings tell you that your thoughts are taking you away from those things.

Being aware of your feelings is more important than being aware of your thoughts. Your feelings always tell you in which direction your thoughts are taking you. This is true even if you are not fully aware of which thoughts are making you feel negative, discouraged or less than the powerful, magnificent person you truly are.


Scary News???

"When we feel connected to our soul nothing scares us
and when we lose that connection, everything does."

Is the news scaring your lately? If it is, shame on you! Don't you know it's the job of people who report the news to scare you and put you in bondage to psychological fear. This is the way they cut you off from your "soul connection". A connection that allows you to experience how powerful you really are and sets you free from the "fear" thoughts others try to impose upon you.

When you experience your "soul connection" you know there is nothing to fear at all. This connection makes it easy to live a life without fear in spite of the gloom and doom that surrounds you.

Fear is what people in positions of power use to manipulate, dominate and control your thinking. This action on their part keeps you from experiencing your connection to "Source", that is the power behind all things, both in heaven and on earth.

This connection to "Source" lives within you. If you seek it out by going within and connecting to your soul, "Source" will find you and never again will the fearful thoughts of others be a problem for you.

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Corporate Greed Facts

1. In 2004, Chief Executive pay rose 22%, while average worker's pay rose by around 3%. In other words, your boss's salary increased more than 7 times what your salary increased.

2. A recent study showed that CEO's are paid 300 times more than what the average production worker makes. Are CEO's 300 times smarter than the average worker? Do they work 300 times harder? I seriously doubt it.

The average worker is the person who makes it possible for bosses to get paid. Is it fair for the average worker to be the one who make the money for the corporation and receives the least amount of benefits, financial and otherwise?

It is greed at the top that is causing average folks to suffer financially and in many other ways. If this is the American way, it is not my way...


1. Employees, of a major retailer, under 65 years of age must now pay for their own Health insurance. This was reported in the news this past week.

2. Companies go bankrupt because of the greed of those at the top.

3. CEO's are exporting American jobs to other countries as a way to insure they will make more money at the expense of American folks who will make less.

4. CEO's receive contracts that pay them when they fail. An executive was fired for poor performance that resulted in 6000 employees been laid off. His severance package payout was over $60,000,000.00. When you fail at your job, what does your company pay you?

5.More companies are using "bankruptcy laws" as a way to eliminate "pension plans" so they no longer have to pay people the pensions they rightfully deserve after they retire.


Six Levels of 'Conscious Awareness' (Lowest to Highest)

Step 1: Beliefs:
(What we have been taught by others.)

Step 2: Questioning beliefs
(When the beliefs we were taught by others cause us pain.)

Step 3: Confusion
(Conflict between beliefs and "Universal Truth.")

Step 4. Not knowing
(Acceptance of conflict between beliefs and  "Universal Truth.")

Step 5. Observation
(The bridge or doorway to "Natural Knowledge" where 'Universal Truth" lives..)

Step 6. Natural Knowledge
(The direct, spontaneous, experience of knowing universal truths.

The lowest level of "awareness" is step 1, the highest level is step 6. In step 6, you know that you know universal truths, without doubt, and have no need to prove to others what you know.


Regeneration Prayer

The "Regeneration Prayer" is very powerful and with practice it will become even more powerful in your life.

For example, I can feel like I am literally dying and if I lie down, say the "Regeneration Prayer" and then drift off to sleep, God does the work of renewing my mind, body and soul. When I wake up I feel like I did when I was in my twenties, not one ache or pain, mind clear, and emotionally feeling light-hearted and free.

The prayer is simple and it goes like this:

"I am one with God, in the here
and now, in this very moment of time."
I repeat the prayer over and over again until I drift off to sleep. If other thoughts intrude, I keep pulling my mind back to repeating the words in the prayer until I drift off to sleep. And when I am sleeping God does the work of making me all brand new again, inside and out. And when I wake up, even if it is 15 minutes later from a nap, I very aware of the work God did on me while I was sleeping and resting comfortably in his loving embrace.


"When the solution is simple, God is answering. - Albert Einstein


Our Spiritual Job

Our spiritual job is to be a MIRACLE MAKER in the lives of other people. When you see you have the power to make a miracle happen for someone, make it happen for them. We are, individually and collectively, individualized expressions of God's love for one another. And when we step forward and create unexpected miracles in the lives of other people, other people, friends and strangers alike, create unexpected miracles for us in return. This is a spiritual principle that works without fail, every single time.

"As you give, so shall it be given to you."

Authentic Power

You have more real power at your disposal than you can imagine. This power will literally allow you to create miracles in your life. Your real power, your authentic power, was stripped away from you, during your growing up years, by people who made you doubt yourself and your very real connection to the Source of all power that created the universe and all things in it.

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Bless it Results

Many people casually bless things but it is those folks who know how powerful blessing something really is, that makes all the difference. I bless everything and mean it.

To bless something means to invoke God's divine favor. The results of blessing everything that has troubled me, in my lifetime, is that I haven't been to a doctor in over twenty-five years with any illness or sickness. I don't take any medication other than some herbs and vitamins. I smoke, drink and eat what I please. I rarely exercise and I have more energy and good health than other people half my age.

This is a result of blessing everything in my life! That is how powerful invoking God's power is when you bless everything, that troubles you, and mean it. Try blessing everything in your life for 30 days (and mean it) and see what a difference that begins making for you. It will make all the difference!



The Skeptic in Me!

I am a skeptic by nature and it has been my skepticism that put me on the path to seeking out spiritual truths that are grounded in reality, make sense and work powerfully in our daily lives with little or no effort on our part, required. Every spiritual principle and insight you read up on this site has been tested in the crucible of human experience that has proven, time and time again, that the principles up on this site work!

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Many people believe that the hurricanes that are taking place in the USA are a result of God being mad at us. Are you sure it is God who is doing it to us? What if there was another reason? Click on the link below to read research documentation that will open your eyes, astound you and take your breath away. It comes complete with a series of very interesting photographs.

Check this study out: Consciousness of water

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Walter Cronkite says:

"Get that word 'peace' - Department of Peace - out there as constantly as you can do so. ~Walter Cronkite
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Dept. of Peace

Relationship Insight V

Any time you feel resentment, anger or upset towards your partner, even a little bit, that's a sign your partner is trying to emotionally manipulate you. This not only applies to your partner but to any other person who tries to manipulate you in any way.

Relationship Insight IV

"I can't tell my partner "that" because it might hurt his feelings."

While it is true, what you have to say might hurt your partner's feelings, that isn't the real reason you aren't speaking your truth to your partner. The reason reason is, if you tell your partner what's really on your mind, you're afraid he will get upset and that will upset you. So you are not worried so much about your partner's feelings as you are worried about his reaction to what you have say that will make you feel bad.

Having upsets in our relationships with each other is part of our spiritual growth. Having an upset is not a bad thing, it it taking our upset out on others that is the problem.

Have your upsets, process them and then "respond" appropriately to a situation rather than openly"reacting" to it.

Responding to problems in your relationship will solve them quickly. On the other hand, openly "reacting" to them will make them worse.

Relationship Insight III

In relationships, the only thing that works all the time is telling "your truth" to your partner. The truth is not always pretty but if you can't tell your truth, all the time to your partner, you will end up with a lukewarm relationship that does not satisfy either one of you.

Truth works!

Relationship Insight II

Living a "Happily Ever After" relationship is only possible if you live your relationship, with your partner, moment by moment, one moment at a time. If you do that and tell your truth, your whole truth, a moment at a time, 'happily ever after" will take care of itself.

The moment is where your authentic power lives, you will not find it anywhere else. The past is but a memory and the future has not, yet, arrived. What you say and do in the moment will determine what your future moments in time will bring your way.

If you tell your truth, as soon as you become aware of it, the future will bring you good things and if you don't......well, your future will not be as bright as it could be when you tell your truth, your whole truth, one moment at a time.

Relationship Insight I

The only reason relationships are not as powerful and as satisfying as they can be is because people don't feel safe to tell their truth, their whole truth, to their partner, all the time.

Relationship Facts

56% of women and 41% of men say their pets are more affectionate than their partners.

45% of women say their pets are cuter than their partners; 24% of the men feel the same way.

Source: BizRate Research
Reprinted from September 2005 issue of Reader's Digest.

Holy Cow, if this is true, what does that say about the state of men/women relationships!


True Humility

True humility is "owning up" to your strengths and "owning up" to your weaknesses without bragging about your strong points. Stating what your "strengths" are, as facts, is okay to do but bragging about your strengths as a way to make yourself feel superior to another is arrogance.

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My closest friend told me my writings were elitist! I certainly don't think I am better than anyone. What I strive to do with my writings is translate complicated spiritual principles and concepts into words that are easy understand. I strive to do that with as much perflection as possible. I don't always succeed! Lol. The word elitist did bother me a bit, I must admit, until I looked it up in the dictionary. Elitist is a person who strives to produce superior or outstanding workmanship in their art or craft. That being the case, I stand guilty as accused!

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Emotional Honesty

I believe people trust emotional honesty more than they do intellectual honesty. I also believe if a person's strength is expressing themselves emotionally and their partner's strength is expressing themselves intellectually, conflict is inevitable.

In my opinion, intellectual language is very different than emotional language. For example, the Middle East Conflict.

It is my belief that reason the conflict between Israel and Palestine has continued for such a long time is because both sides are not hearing each other. In other words, the Middle East conflict is nothing more than one big, bloody, violent misunderstanding.

It is my observation that Jews are more intellectual than emotional in their self-expression while the people from Palestine are more emotional than intellectual in their self-expression. As a result they are not hearing one another.

I am not saying the Jews are not emotional people because they are. I am saying they express themselves primarily with "intellectual" rather than "emotional" language.

I am also not saying that the people from Palestine are not intelligent people because they are. I am saying they express themselves primarily with "emotional " rather than "intellectual" language.

If the Jews understood "emotional language" better and if the people from Palestine understood "intellectual language" better, it would be rather easy to resolve their differences of opinion but they do not and the bloody conflict goes on and on and on.....


"After a misunderstanding is resolved,
the love we have for another takes its place."


Gifts to You!

Everything you read on this site are my gifts to you, friends and stranger alike. My motivation in sharing the insights and spiritual wisdom I have been blessed to receive, over the years, is to make life a little bit easier for you. It is all free except for a couple of my publications and the "request for donations" links you will find up on this site. Without your support it would not be possible for me to devote 60 hours a week to this site and keep Spiritual Reflections a free site for everyone. - Frederick Zappone

Belief Power!

Believe in only what works for you, what makes you happy, and discard all the rest. All beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies so be sure to believe in the ones that make your heart soar.

According to your beliefs so shall it be for you and it always is...

That's how powerful beliefs are......

Release Struggle

Releasing "struggle" to achieve what you want in life is like giving up cigarettes.

Struggle is addictive, people believe they can't live without it. They feel insecure when they don't struggle. Struggle, like cigarettes, is a bad habit we develop for ourselves.

Replace the habit of struggling with the habit of allowing yourself to have what you want and see what a difference that makes for you.

When a person "allows" the good things they want to come into their life, they only take action motivated by the gentle impulses they feel and pay the "impulse to struggle" no attention at all.

You're Worthy

You are worthy to have all the good things you want in life. People who struggle and put in a great deal of effort to have what they want, don't believe they are worthy.

It is my observation that many people must not think they are worthy because I see so many of them struggling to have what they want, when struggle isn't necessary at all.

God created everything and then God looked at what he created and declared it all good and so are you! When in doubt about how good you really are, repeat over and over to yourself; I am priceless and I am worthy to have all the good things I want in life.

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Trust Gentle Impulses

Struggle is unnecessary if you would only trust your gentle impulses. Gentle impulses, that make you feel happy and carefree, are the ones to trust. If a gentle impulse prompts you to take "this or that" action, take it, it will bring good things into your life including the love, health and prosperity you desire.

Allow your Good

Allowing your Good.

I see people struggle, every day, for the good they want in life instead of "allowing" it to come into their lives. If you have struggled very hard to have the love, health, happiness or money you desire and it hasn't happened, allow it to happen and it will.

Allow means:

To let happen
To permit to have

The word allow also means to admit, approve, authorize, empower and release.

How simple is that, to allow your good to come into your life? For some, it is too simple but allowing is the answer when your best efforts have failed you in bringing into your life what you want.

Whatever you pursue will flee from you. - Old Persian Proverb




This little exercise will do wonders when it comes to healing the body, mind and soul and helping you relax and become more rested.

"When the solution is simple, God is answering." - Albert Einstein

As you drift off to sleep tonight, repeat over and over to yourself these three little words:

I am Priceless

(If your mind drifts off, pull it back to those three words until you fall off to sleep)

Keep a writing pad by your bed, When you wake up, write down any dreams you had. If you wish, you can send your dreams to me and I'll will tell you what they mean in return for a donation, in any amount, to help me keep "Spiritual Reflections" a free site.

The Job Interview

Has this ever happened to you? You go for a job interview. You become nervous and instead of being yourself, you try to be the person they want you to be for the position they have open.

Several years ago, I went for an interview and was about to play the old game of "pretending" to be the person they wanted me to be rather than being myself. I had done it many times before. This time I decided not to do it even though I was terrified that if they 'knew" who I really was they would never hire me.

You see, I am too straightforward and direct. I am irreverent and passionate. Sometimes I'm too loud and other times I talk too much. I have a outrageous sense of humor that many people do not understand. My personality is a bit over the top for many companies I know but this time I was going to be myself whether I got the job or not. This was hard to do because I desperately needed the job and I was down to my last three hundred bucks.

Nevertheless, when I met the CEO who was hiring for the position, the very first thing I told him is that I didn't do interviews well. His eyes glazed over and almost rolled to the back of his head. I knew what he was thinking but I knew what I was doing, I was being myself.....and after I gave him time to settle back down...I said to him:

"I don't do interviews well, you see, because I am employed all of the time and have very little time to practice playing dumb interview games."

He knew what I was talking about and roared with laughter and that set me free to show up as the full blown ME..... I spoke too loud and talked too much, I was straightforward and direct and I didn't back down from being me. I shared my strange sense of humor with him that made his eyes glaze over, once again, but you know what?

When all was said and done, as 1 of the 10 finalists for the position (with 9 more qualified than myself), I was the one he hired for the job.

The CEO told me later he hired me because he liked my style and my ability to be myself. He knew he could trust me more than most of the people, in his company, who were always kissing up to him. He found my honesty refreshing and sincere, something the other nine people never revealed to him.

It was a best job I ever had because I was hired into the job being myself and I was able to be myself every single day on that job. The best part is, I made more money on that job than any job that I had before when I was "pretending" to be something I was not!


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Abundant Thinking

Thinking thoughts that create abundance for you is easy to do. It takes more effort and work to think thoughts of scarcity and lack than it does to see the infinite possibilities that surround you.

The thing about thoughts of scarcity and lack, you can recognize them immediately by the way they make you feel. If you feel anxious, worried, insecure, frustrated or depressed, those feelings are a result of "thinking thoughts" of scarcity and lack.

Thoughts of abundance, filled with infinite possibilities, make you feel good about yourself while thought of lack and scarcity do not.


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People of Prosperity

People with a prosperous mindset "know" that no matter how much money they give away, they will always have more.

They also "know" love is not scarce and when they give love away, love is always returned to them multiplied.

In addition, they "know" excellent health is their natural state of being. It does not matter if they become ill because they "know" they will return to a state of fully restored health, naturally.

Finally, people with a prosperous mindset "know" that the more they trust other people, the more other people will trust them.

People with a mindset of scarcity and lack do not "know" these things.


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Prosperity Test

Do you have a prosperity mindset?

Do you have prosperity consciousness?

This is a test, this is only a test

If you come from a prosperity mindset and find value in what you read here, donating money to keep this site free won't be a problem for you. On the other hand, if you find value in what you read here but choose not to donate, it indicates you have a mindset of scarcity and lack.

There is plenty to read on this site that supports you in developing a prosperous mindset in regards to all areas of your life. Enjoy what you read here and keeping reading until you develop a prosperous way of thinking, for yourself, that will set you free to enjoy all the good things life has to offer you.

By the way, prosperity is not about money exclusively, that is only a third of it. The other two thirds are about enjoying abundant good health and all the love, in abundance, that you can handle.


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Thoughts Create!

The thoughts you think about the most always come true. That is how powerful your thoughts are.

Everything you see around you, from your house to your car and the clothes you wear began as a thought in someone's mind.

With your thoughts you can "attract" into your life or "push away" from you what it is that you want.

This is possible through the "power of the thoughts" you think about the most.

Polite, Not Always

A spiritual person knows spirituality is not about being nice and polite all the time. Spiritual people know spirituality is about telling "your" truth all the time, first to yourself and then to others.

The truth is not always pretty but without the freedom to tell your truth, you will never have the freedom to be yourself....and you will go through life never having the life you want because you didn't have the courage to tell your truth to others that would set you free to be the powerful person God intended for you to be.


The greatest damage people did to you, during your growing up years, was to make you doubt yourself.

Train yourself to stop doubting yourself and it will be easy for you to express your "powerful" side and in expressing that side of you, God will lavish upon you all the good things your heart desires.

Give up Pretense!

Pretense is when you are pretending to be something you are not. The greatest "pretense" I see people expressing these days is pretending they are powerless, when they are not.

You are so powerful that you have the power to pretend you are powerless, ineffective and weak. You use "pretending to be powerless" as a way to manipulate people into giving you what you want rather than expressing your powerful side.

Expressing your powerful side would allow you to have everything you want, effortlessly, without robbing yourself of your dignity and worth by pretending to be powerless, when you are not!

Fear of Offending

Most people go through life afraid of offending other people. This fear of "offending people" stops you from being yourself. If you knew you were a powerful person and could have anything you wanted, you would never live in fear of offending others and because you didn't live with that fear, people would never be offended by you.

You are afraid of offending other people because you believe they have the power to give you what you want. And like a poor beggar, you pretend to be something your are not in the hopes that people will have pity on you and give you what you want. It is no wonder so many people live a life of scarcity and lack. They live like beggars rather than the powerful people they are.

When you live as a beggar, people treat you as a beggar. When you live as a beggar, it means you have given your power away to others. When you live like a beggar, you place a value on your forehead that says your worthless.....and then you wonder why people don't treat you like the powerful person you really are.

Thought Built World

People, often times, feel trapped. They think they know what is trapping them. However, what people don't realize is they are trapped in a "thought built" world of their own making.

Thoughts trap you and thoughts set you free.

You will notice when you are feeling powerful and good about yourself it is because your are thinking thoughts that make you feel that way. And when you feel powerless or trapped that is because you are thinking thoughts that are making you feel that way.

That is how powerful your thoughts are....


Free is Priceless

People often say that "you get what you pay for." And if you receive something for free, then it can't be worth very much. That is true some of the time but not all the time.

The air you breathe is free but it is priceless because you can not live without it.

The sun that shines on you is free but it is priceless because it sustains your life.

Friendships are free but they're priceless because friends add so much to our lives.

The inspirational messages on this site are free but they are priceless because you cannot find these unique, one of a kind, "life affirming" messages anywhere else but here.

The problem with things that are free, like the messages on this site, is that often times we take them for granted. We don't value them as much as we should until they are gone and then it is too late.

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1 Liners

Your thoughts come true
more often than they do not.

Respect yourself and you will feel
happy and content most of the time.

Close-minded people
suffer from "mental" constipation.

Your thoughts today
become your reality tomorrow.

Happiness is but one
thought away from you.

Life is difficult for people
who believe in a difficult life.

Boundaries should be put in place
when you find people trampling all over you.

If you keep looking for evidence
that says you are "okay", you will
keep finding evidence that says you are not.

The answers you seek
live within you and not without.

People cannot upset you
without your permission.

If you want to become the best at
what you do, associate yourself with
the best people you can find in your field.

It takes the same amount of work to become
a poor person and it does to become a rich one.

Your thoughts about yourself and other people
become the self-fulfilling prophecies of your life.


Why People Blame

People blame themselves and others:

when they feel lost.
when they feel helpless.
when they feel confused.
when they feel powerless.
when they feel pain.

The only problem with blame is that it weakens you rather than strengthens you.

"Blaming others is a sign that you have given your power away to others. Take back your power and your need to blame others will dissolve instantly."

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Life is easy

Life is, indeed, easy when you realize it is only your thinking that makes life difficult for you. It is not other people or your circumstances that make life difficult for you. It is your thoughts about other people and your circumstances that do.

Change your thinking and your circumstances will change too.


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Pain's Message

If you are feeling emotional pain, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. What emotional pain means is that your thoughts are taking you in a direction that you do not want to go. Change your thoughts and your emotional pain will dissolve instantly.

"Thoughts out of harmony with your own values will cause you to experience pain. Thoughts in harmony with your values will cause you to experience happiness and contentment."


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Thoughts use You!

Thoughts on "automatic pilot" use you!

Thought on "automatic pilot" are any thoughts you have accepted as the truth.

Any thoughts you accept as the truth, whether it is the truth or not, becomes part of your unconscious mind and "use" you.

Any time you feel ill at ease or uncomfortable with yourself , in any way, that is a sign that your thoughts are in charge of you rather than you being in charge of your thoughts.

When you notice "thoughts weakening you", replace them with thoughts that empower you.

Your "uncomfortable feelings" will always tell which thoughts are trying to use you, replace those thoughts with ones that strengthen you.


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What is Power?

Power is the ability to live the life you want, the way you want to live it. Power is using your mind to create your future life exactly the way you wish it to be rather than allowing your mind to use you and take you further away from the life you want.

The greatest weakness people have is underestimating the power their very own thoughts play in creating the circumstances they have today. Change your thinking and the circumstances of your life will change naturally. That is how powerful your thoughts are.

"Thoughts strengthen you and thoughts weaken you. Choose your thoughts wisely."


Your mind.....

Keep it LIGHT, Keep it BRIGHT, and keep it FUN and your mind will remain forever free and forever young.

Greatest Gift

The greatest gift God wants to give you are thoughts of abundance that will set you free from the lack of love, health or money in your life, that is, if you are open to receiving such thoughts from God.

Mental "Lock Down"

In prison, when prisoners become unruly and get out of line, they put them into "lock down" In other words, they limit their freedom even more than it is limited by confining them to their cells and take all privileges away from them.

If you don't feel powerful and free, if you cannot create your future life exactly the way you want it to be, you are suffering from "mental" lock down.

Mental "lock down" prevents you from thinking thoughts that set you free. It prevents you from thinking thoughts that will allow you to create prosperity, in abundance, in all areas of your life. If you want to know what creates "mental" lock down, click on: Word Weapons

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Word Weapons

I don't think you have ever considered the fact that words are weapons other people use on you to control your thinking and take your freedom away from you. A "word weapon" is any word or group of words used, on you, in a way that threatens or makes you feel insecure in any way.

Words are used as weapons more often than people realize. In fact, you are the person you are today because of the types of "word weapons" people used on you during your growing up years. These "weapons" were used to keep you in line and whip you into shape.

A Few Examples:

Words used as "word weapons" on children

If you do that I will become very ANGRY with you!

I will punish and send you to your room if you don't listen to me.

If you don't do this for me, it tells me you don't love me.

You don't love mother anymore!

If you don't get your homework done, you will be grounded.

God will punish you!

God sees everything (used as a threat)

If I don't punish you, God will!

Santa will bring you a lump of goal for Christmas.

A Few More Examples:

Words adults use as "word weapons" on adults


I'll kill myself if you leave me.

Your work is not up to my standards.

You can't live without me.

You need me!

Betty said something terrible about you.

The boss wants to see you, you're in trouble now.

If you don't worker harder, you might lose your job.

You don't deserve a raise.


"Word weapons" that seriously threaten a person's mental, emotional or physical health are the most damaging "word weapons" of all.

People who suffer from anxiety, fear and depression, more than is considered normal, are people whose minds are filled with lethal "word weapons" that were inflicted upon them during their growing up years

There are tons of "word weapons" people use on you everyday to make you feel threatened and unsure of yourself. I am sure you can come up with many examples from your own life.

The "word weapons" I got beat over the head the most with, during my growing up years, were "word weapons" my religion used on me. They used "word weapons" to keep me from thinking about God and spiritual things the way I wanted to think about such matters.

My religion failed to keep me in line with their threats of hell-fire and damnation and made me the free thinking spiritual writer I am today.


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Attitudes of Power

It is your thoughts and your thoughts alone that makes you a powerful person. Money is not power, it is a symbol of powerful thinking. For example, Bill Gates.

You might not always agree with what you read up on this site but what you read here will provoke thought and allow you to come up with your own "attitudes of power" that will set you free to create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.

Serious Folks

Se·ri·ous (adj.) Being of such import as to cause anxiety.

Serious folks are not much fun to be around. They worry too much and believe they live in a "hostile" universe with only moments of safety while happy people know they live in a "user friendly" universe with only moments of danger.

Of course, serious folks have a lot of help maintaining there serious attitude. The news media is devoted to making "serious folks" believe the world is a dangerous place in which to live.

Every negative event from around the world is reported in the news, 24/7. This creates a "Siege Mentality" in the minds of these folks. This makes them believe that all the bad things in the world are happening in their own backyard. In reality, 99% of it is happening elsewhere while serious folks experience it happening between their ears.


Why? Why??

Why do people so easily believe the
worst about themselves rather than the best?

Why do people frighten so easily and
then pretend nothing frightens them at all.

Why do people remain silent
rather than speaking up for themselves?

Why do people think other don't
love them when others know they do?

Why do people search for answers outside
themselves when the answer they seek live within?

Why do people live with less when
they can just as easily live with more?

Why do people suffering needlessly
when suffering is not necessary at all?

Why do people live with scarcity and lack when prosperity
in abundance, in all areas of their life, is their spiritual birthright?

The answer is simple, that's how their ancestors trained them to live!

Your Perfection

God made you perfect in every way and then during your growing up years the people around you convinced you otherwise and now look at what a mess you find yourself in!

Power of Beliefs

As you sow, so shall you reap
Whatever you believe always comes true.
According to your beliefs, so shall it be for you.

A belief is different than a conscious thought.

A belief is any thought that has become anchored to your unconscious mind.. Any belief anchored to your unconscious mind always has more power in your life than a conscious thought that is not anchored to your unconscious mind.

An unconscious thought that does not bring you what you want makes itself known to you by causing you pain. The reason it causes you pain is to ALERT you to become conscious of that thought and replace it with one that does bring you what you want.

Fighting with thoughts that don't bring you what
you want gives those thoughts more power over you.

Don't fight with them, notice them and replace them
with thoughts that makes you feel good about yourself.....

This is the simplest way to change your thoughts.

Magical Fears

Fear thoughts separate you from what you want.

Fear thoughts keep what you want at a distance from you.

If you let your fear of not having what you want rule your life, then no matter how hard you work or what you do, you will never have what you want.


If you fear people will misunderstand you, they always do.

If you fear you will never be loved, you never are.

If you fear you won't have enough money, you never do.

If you fear you won't get well, you won't

If you fear things will get worse, they will.

The magic of your thoughts to bring into your life or keep out of your life what you want should never be underestimated.

Magical Wants

In your mind'e eye, if you see yourself as one with what you want, it will show up in your physical world as if by magic. All sorts of people and circumstances will, spontaneously, show up in your life to make what you want to happen in your life, happen..... that is, if you see yourself as one with what you want.

If, in your mind's eye, you see yourself as separate from what you want, then no matter how hard you work, it will always remain just out of your reach..

The strange thing about "wants" is the more you want something, the more you will experience the fear of not having what you want. This fear separates you from what you want and keeps it at a distance from you.

The easiest way to get what you want is:

A. Want it.
B. Release your want to God/Universe

And you will be gently guided to what you want or what you want will find its way home to you. It is that simple!


Birth of Eve's Son

A fairy tale of a different sort....

As Eve's son was coming out of her birth canal, he looked up and saw this GIANT of a woman, very different than himself, and concluded that must be God.

He watched as Eve took care of him and realized how dependent he was on her. She gave him milk, comforted and protected him. "That's what a God does", her son thought to himself.

Then one day Eve's little boy began acting up and Eve whacked him over the head. "Ouch, that hurt like hell", her son thought to himself, "that must be how God punishes when I do something wrong."

After that, this little boy lived in fear of God and all women who represent God and it has been that way ever since.

Don't Blame Men

Ladies, don't blame men for staring at your breasts. The desire to stare was genetically engineered into them by God.

Before bottled milk, breast milk came first and that desire inside men to look to breasts as a source of comfort, nourishment, safety and pleasure is what makes them behave that way.

By the way ladies, men who make you uncomfortable, when they stare, are experiencing a scarcity, in their lives, of the things mentioned above from sources other than breasts.

That's why the hunger in you see in men's eyes, sometimes, makes you feel uneasy because they are not looking at you as a woman, they are looking at you as a meal.



Question: I have strong sexual feelings that trouble me a great deal. I am afraid of them, what should I do?

Answer: Your sexual feelings trouble you because you believe there is something bad or shameful about those feelings. Sexual feelings are the strongest spiritual feelings you can have but as long as you see your sexual feelings as shameful or bad you won't be able understand sexual feelings are spiritual feelings.

Sexual feelings call forth our yearning to be "one" with another. That is what the "urge to merge" is all about, our desire to be one with another rather than separate from them. It is the same yearning we have for God, to be one with God. This desire "to be one" with all that there is is what all of our sexual/spiritual feelings are about. Begin seeing your sexual feelings as spiritual feelings and they won't trouble you any more.

Sexual feelings are creative (creation) feelings. Without our sexual feelings, it would not be possible to create new souls and bring them into this world.

Sexual/Spiritual feelings can be expressed physically, emotionally or mentally. The greatest writers, painters, musicians and creative people of this world have very strong sexual feelings. Of course, sometimes these people misuse their sexual/spiritual feelings and do harm to others. Whether we will use our sexual/spiritual feelings for good purposes or bad is up to us.

I personally believe the greatest damage done to many people during their growing up years is to make them believe that their sexual feelings are evil, shameful or bad. If that is what people believe about their sexual feelings, they will attempt to deny they even have them.

Anything as powerful as sexual feelings denied, eventually are "acted out" in very inappropriate ways. For example, the attitude that the Catholic Church has about sexual feelings has resulted in the biggest scandal the Catholic Church has ever experienced.

God gave us our sexual feelings and if our sexual feelings are bad then God is bad for giving them to us. It is not our sexual feelings that are the problem, it is our misunderstanding of them that causes all the sexual problems in our world.


Afraid of Thoughts

Question: I am afraid to think bad thoughts of other people because when I think bad thoughts about other people, bad things happen to them. Why is this?

Answer: The bad thoughts you have about other people are thoughts they have about themselves. As a sensitive soul, an empath, you pick up on the thoughts of others and own them as your own.

Negative thoughts or vibes you pick up about another person are never your thoughts or vibes, it is how another person is thinking and feeling about themselves.

When negative thoughts and feelings about another person enter your mind, simply embrace them in thoughts of love and they will dissolve harmlessly. Nothing negative or bad can continue to exist in the LIGHT of love's embrace.

When negative thoughts from other people enter my mind, I know I am receiving a "call for help" from another person on the spiritual level. I simply take the negative thoughts I am thinking about a person and turn them into positive ones and "mentally" send those thoughts back to them.


Question: An astrologer said some bad things will happen in my life that scare me. Will they come true?

Answer: The best anyone can do is predict "future possibilities" for you based on your state of mind when you ask someone to predict your future. However, the future is not cut in concrete and moment by moment, through the power of your own thoughts and the choices you make, you have the power to change what the future will bring your way.

If you believe what the astrologer said about your future, it will come true. If you don't believe what the astrologer said about your future, it will not come true. When you believe what another person's tells you about your future, you turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself and self-fulfilling prophecies do come true.

Dept. of Peace

For of those of you who didn't know, people like myself and many others are working on creating a Department of Peace within our government. Here is the latest update about the progress we are making.


Dear Friend,

Some major news from the campaign front. Our time together in D.C. lobbying our representatives is paying off in off in a big way.

At a meeting with our youth leaders in D.C., Senator Mark Dayton from Minnesota agreed to help us "move this forward" on behalf of our children. This is a HUGE milestone in our campaign and for the future of this legislation to have a member of the Senate to express such interest. We need your support today to help us keep up this momentum with Senator Dayton.

Call Senator Dayton's office today at 202-224-3244 and thank him for his interest and support on behalf of our children.

We are inviting our children to call their Senators and Representative to ask them to support a Dept of Peace. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: (202) 224-3121. You can find your representatives at: The new bill number in the House of Representatives is HB 3760.

On the House side, the week is not even over and we already have three new co-sponsors and much interest from others. This is great news!

Congratulations to all for you hard work at our conference (and for those of you who called your Representatives from home!) What a remarkable time we had together. It's just the beginning of a new chapter in this historic work together.

With so much gratitude,

Matthew Albracht
Managing Director
The Peace Alliance

The Peace Alliance
PO Box 3259 - Center Line, Michigan 48015 USA
Tel (586) 754-8105 Fax (586) 754-8106

Web Site:

E-Mail Address:

Click on the E-Mail link and request more
information about the Department of Peace Now


Your voice Counts!
You make a Difference!
Your are a Person of Power!
You are a Powerful Person!

If you believe, as I do, that we need a Department of Peace within our government, pick up your phone right now and call Senator Dayton's office at 202-224-3244. Thank him for his support of the Department of Peace pending legislation. Do it on behalf of your children and grandchildren, I just did.

In addition, call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: (202) 224-3121 and have them connect you to your Congressman's office and ask him/her for their support of this important piece of pending legislation. The new bill number in the House of Representatives is HB 3760.

You can find your representatives names at:

Thank you. - Frederick Zappone


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Kind, Angry Souls!

These days, I am encountering more and more kind souls who are angry. And angry they should be because there is a lot of personal and social injustice taking place in this world. Since many people believe anger is a dangerous emotion, they stuff it, medicate it or bury it. As a result, this denied anger causes people to feel anxious, fearful, depressed and powerless when feeling that way is not necessary at all.

Anger is a Holy Emotion.

Anger, among other things, alerts you when your sense of justice has been violated. In addition, it gives you the courage to stand up for yourself and take action when you are paralyzed with fear.

Anger is not what causes problems in society, it is anger denied that is the problem. When you judge anger as a bad thing and can't make anger work for you, it can become a very dangerous thing. Anger is God's way of alerting you to take action, when his more gentle impulses to you have been, repeatedly, ignored.

Therapy and Pills

If you are in therapy and taking drugs to calm your nerves, you could be in therapy and taking prescription drugs for years before you are set free. If you are looking for an alternative that won't cost you an arm and a leg and has no harmful side effects, read the article up on this site titled: Seekers & Searchers

Seekers & Searchers

You know something is not quite right. You have known it for some time. You notice the uneasiness you feel. A vague feeling of restlessly and discontent. A feeling that something is missing but you don't know what it is. The world doesn't feel as safe to you as it once did and you don't like it one damn bit.

You find yourself feeling and thinking things that you share with very few people. At times, you have disturbing thoughts and dreams but you keep them to yourself. You show your best side to everyone, in public, but privately when you are alone with yourself, "something" is going on with you and you know something is amiss.

Since you don't understand what it is, you dismiss it, distract yourself from it, when you can, but it haunts, taunts and teases you. You are most aware of it late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Secretly, you think there is something wrong with you but can never put your finger on it. You continue to move forward with your life, hoping things will get better and that whatever is bothering you will simply disappear.

You find yourself searching for answers. Spending time visit "this site and that site" secretly searching for those elusive answers that you know will make everything okay for you. You have been searching for a while so it is no accident you found my site at this time in your life. What you are searching for is hazy and unclear to you, right now, so I will tell you what it is.

You are searching for your "authentic" power. A power you, unwittingly, allowed other people to strip away from you during your growing up year. A power you continue to allow other people to strip away from you even to this day.

You want that power back because you know it is your authentic power that will unchain your soul and set you free. Once you reclaim the "authentic power" you were born with, you will be able to throw always those pills and the other things you use, such as comfort foods, sex and alcohol, that get you through your nights and days.

How do I know these things to be true for you? I have been where you are at today. I felt exactly the way you are feeling now and I did something about it. I reclaimed my "authentic power" that unchained my soul and set me free and you can too! I wrote about it and put everything I know about reclaiming one's authentic power in two publications. This publication will unchain your soul and set you free beginning right now.

Spiritual Reflections Handbook

Personal Justice

When the scales of personal justice are balanced, people are happy. When they are not balanced, people become unhappy.

For example, in any relationship (personal, social or business), if you are receiving as much from others as you are giving to others, the scales of personal justice are balanced and you are happy.

However, if you are giving more and receiving less from the people you are in relationship with, the scales of justice become unbalanced and you will notice yourself becoming unhappy with your job, your friends or your spouse.

When the scales of personal justice tip over too far in favor of the other person, you will quit your job, divorce your spouse and distance yourself from your friends. That is how the scales of personal justice work.

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Selfishness is Good!

A person never does a thing for another person unless there is something in it for them.

Comment: I do things, all the time, for other people when there is nothing in it for me."

Response: This is not true because even when you believe you are doing things for other people when there is nothing in it for you; those things that you do for other people make you feel good about yourself so therefore there is something in it for you.

If you are doing things for other people that make you feel unhappy or depressed that is because there is nothing in it for you.... Then you are being unselfish but the problem is your brand of unsefishness will eventually make you feel used, unappreciated and resentful as hell and sooner or later you will rebel. You will rebel because it goes against the universal law of selfishness to do things for other people when there is nothing in it for you.

The Law of Selfishness

Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself NOT more than yourself. This is the law of selfishness.
Who is the most selfish being in the Universe? God, of course! What could be more selfish than creating us to honor, love and serve him and put no false gods before him?

God is the most selfish being of all and since we are all made in his "image and likeness", it only makes sense, as his creations, that we are destined to be selfish too!

Pleasing other people first all the time, won't please you.

When a person sees another person being selfish, it is not selfishness they see, it is fear.

When accused of being selfish by other person, what they are really accusing you of is interfering with their own brand of selfishness.

"I am not selfish", you say. "Prove it", I say! Give me all of your money and devote all of your time to me and then I'll be convinced that your words are true.

Selfishness is taking care of yourself first, loving yourself first, so you will have more of yourself to give in the service to others.