Problem Solving Made Easy - Part II

Got a problem? Embrace it - Dissolve it.

Embrace means eager acceptance. If you knew you were more powerful than your problems, you would eagerly embrace them and move through them like a hot knife cutting through butter...

Problems don't show up in your life so you can prove to yourself how weak, ineffective and powerless you are. Quite the contrary, they show up in your life so you can prove to yourself how magnificent and powerful you truly are...

Give your problem a bear hug, clinch it, cradle it, cuddle it, encircle it and love it to death and you will literally love your problem out of existence. With the melting sweetness of your love, it will dissolve right before your eyes.


Problem Solving Made Easy - Part I

Life is as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. Most people make life difficult by fighting with, wrestling with or resisting their problems. That's the hard way to solve problems.

The easy way is simple.

Acknowledge the problem exists and then leave it the hell alone!

When you acknowledge a problem exists and you leave it alone, one of three things will happen.

A. The answer to your problem will spontaneously show up in your mind when you least expect it.

B. The problem will simply dissolve or disappear from your life for no reason you can explain.

C. Someone will show up in your life who will solve the problem for you.

That is the easy way to solve your problem, the difficult part is leaving it alone....



Did you know this about Time?

Time, the ticking clock, is a man-made concept... Close your eyes and try to EXPERIENCE time, you can not. What you will experience is timelessness.

When you experience timelessness, you will experience the presence and divine intelligence of God surrounding you in a very intimate and profound way that you will not be able to deny.


Is your Life Magical Yet?

The purpose of the club is to do just that for you, make your life magical. It is easier than you think. I am really not interested in collecting membership dues from you if nothing is changing in your life. If you are not feeling better about yourself, if you are not experiencing your power and magnificence, write me and let me know. It is only by writing and sharing with me what is really going on with your life that I can support you in making your life as wonderful and magically as you always dreamed it could be. You can write me by clicking here.


Regarding what you WANT....

Want it in present time. Feel what you want in present time, feel it as a done deal in your inner world and what is a "done deal" in your "inner world" will automatically manifest itself in your outer world.



Pain's wonderful purpose in LIFE

The purpose of pain is to teach us how to live in the MOMENT.

When we live in the moment, pain does not exist for it needs time, past and future, to contrast itself against. What causes our pain is when we compare our experience in this moment with a prior experience from our past or an expected experience in our future.

If we judge a past moment in time as better than this moment in time, we experience pain. If we judge that an expected experience in the future will be better than the experience we are having in this moment of time, we experience, by mental contrast, pain or discomfort.

The purpose of pain is to support us to live "fully present" in each and every moment of now. Unfortunately, many people try to run from their pain rather than embrace it.

The moment we embrace any pain we are experiencing, in the "here and now," the pain dissolves instantly because pain cannot survive in the LIGHT of God's love for us. And the LIGHT of God's love can only be found in the moment because that is where God lives and the moment is all there is.



Two Points of View

In every situation in life there are two point of views. There is one point of view where people see opportunity in every adversity. There is another point of view where people see adversity in every opportunity. In every event that unfolds in our life we see what we want to see because we get to choose our point of view about it.

Pain ALERTS you when your thinking is off track. Change your thoughts and the pain associated with your previous thoughts that did not serve you will dissolve of there own accord.

Problems are not something to be feared, they are "stepping stones" to your success.

You would not be given the "gift of a problem" if the problem didn't have within it the opportunity you seek.

Look at problems as your friends and they will not harm you, look at problems as your enemies and they will bury you.

There are two points of view about everything in life and knowing this allows us to choose points of view that strengthen rather than weaken us.

Your thoughts have all the power in the world over you therefore choose to FOCUS on thoughts that make you feel good about yourself, always and in all ways.



Mr. Right Now

Every so often a song comes along with words that have more real life philosophy in them than you can find in a hundred philosophical books. The words in this song applies to both men and women although it was written from a man's point of view. If you are a woman reading this, just substitute Ms. Right Now for Mr. Right Now.

This song was written by Bob Corbin Copyrighted 2006 By Colejes Music (BMI). It is sung by the PovertyNeck Hillbillies and comes from their album titled: Don't Look Back. For more information about the PovertyNeck Hillbillies visit WWW.POVERTYNECK.COM

For you music lovers, although I do not know this group personally, I have seen them twice in person as they are from my neck of the woods. They are currently the highest grossing regional musical act in the United States and the next Country and Western band to make it big nationally. In my opinion that is how good this group is.

MR. RIGHT NOW (lyrics)

You can spend the night waiting for your prince charming to come along
Tall, rich and handsome, sensitive and strong
Take a look around at all these guys,
Judge them all with your critical eye .
Got a feeling you'll be waiting a long, long time

Well, I might not be Mr. Right
But baby we could have some fun tonight.
I might not be Mr. Right
But I am Mr. Right Now

I am not the picture of a perfect man
But in the words of Popeye, I am what I am
All I can say is, I'll do the best I can
What you see ain't always what you get
Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I can show you a night that you won't forget.

Well, I might not be Mr. Right
But baby we could have some fun tonight.
I might not be Mr. Right
But I am Mr. Right Now

So how do you feel about a little romance
Can I buy you a drink, do you want to dance
What do you think, are you willing to take a chance.

Well, I might not be Mr. Right
But baby we could have some fun tonight.
I might not be Mr. Right
But I am Mr. Right Now


What I like best about this song is that it focuses on the eternal truth that all we have is RIGHT NOW. This moment in time will never come again. Life is be enjoyed one moment at a time. Enjoy each moment of your life with as much happiness truth and honesty as you can muster and life will smile back at you.

Life & Play

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”- Benjamin Franklin

"I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.” - Shirley MacLaine

"Sex was never meant to be taken so seriously, it was an intimate game of play God created to bring joy, happiness and a sense of oneness to both men and women alike." - Anonymous

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.” - Anonymous

"We are at our very best when we play the "game of life" being ourselves. We are at our very worst when we play the "game of life" being what other people want us to be." - Frederick Zappone



Relaxed Living

A relaxed mind solves even the most difficult problems in life easily. A stressed out mind delays problems being solved and a closed mind prevents problems from being solved.

Relax your way to wealth, health, love and happiness:

Relax your grip on life, make it less severe or strict.

Relaxing is about being at ease with yourself; breathe easy, calm down, ease off, loosen up, rest, settle back, soften, unbend and unwind and the answers you seek to the challenges life has thrown your way will find there way home to you.

It is not that people don't work hard enough or long enough. It is that they do not play often enough that is the problem. Play brings joy into our lives and makes us feel alive and free. In the spirit of play, life is easy...




Thoughts worthy of Trust

"Until one is committed there is hesitancy, a chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would come his way. " - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe words (1749 - 1832)

TRUST in Your Big Dreams

Dare to dream big and allow the critics in your life to live quietly with their little dreams of lack and limitation. Do not argue with people who tell you that it is not possible for you to achieve the prosperity you desire. The moment you argue with people about the reliability and trustworthiness of your dreams of financial abundance, you have been defeated.

TRUST that the Physical Universe is on Your Side and Never Lies To You

The physical world, in which you live, is your Master Teacher. It never lies to you. What you have in your life right now, the good, bad and the ugly, is exactly what you committed yourself to having. It is your thoughts and actions, alone, that have created the circumstances you have in your life today. If you do not like your current set of circumstances, do not mourn over them endlessly and do not blame yourself or others for what you have today. What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today.

TRUST Only Those Thoughts That Empower You

Choose to think about and act, only, on those thoughts that empower you. Choose to think about and act, only, on those thoughts that make you feel good about yourself. Choose thoughts and actions that lift you up and inspire you. Choose thoughts and actions that propel you towards your dreams. Choose your friends carefully. A friend who shares your vision of living the prosperous life will do more to help make your dreams comes true than a hundred friends who do not.


Trust that, beginning now, you can create a "too good to be true" life for yourself rather than living a life, that sadly, for many people is "too bad to be true". The choice of the kind of life you will create for yourself is always yours to make.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Creating Money in Abundance

Being rich and prosperous has nothing to do with luck, hard work, being smart enough or having a special talent. You only have to be true to yourself to make a lot of money and you can accomplish this goal in an infinite variety of ways. The only limits to creating the wealth you desire are the limits you place on yourself.

You prosper by seeing all the ways you can create prosperity, for yourself, that are natural and easy for you to do. What is most important is to become conscious of ways you can make money that are in harmony with your beliefs about money and in rhythm with your own heart and soul.

When you make money coming from doing what you love to do, you will thrive and flourish beyond anything you can possibly imagine today. On the other hand, when you are stressed out or upset about what you are doing to make money, those feelings indicate that you are out of harmony with yourself.

The more you are out of harmony with yourself, the less money you will make. You can not make money in abundance when you are pursuing money by doing things that stress you out or make you unhappy.

He thought and he thought.....

It is true, he thought and he thought until he was blue in the face and nothing ever changed in his life... Thoughts are things, powerful things but no one ever told him that while thoughts can make you feel good or bad, it is the pictures in your mind that attract to you or push away from you what you want...

Use your thoughts to help you form pictures in your mind, pictures of what you want until the pictures in your mind are so real that you can almost touch them....then the power of your own thoughts will impress you beyond belief.

Thought triggers pictures in the mind. For example, the thought of not having enough money to pay your bills produces picture of embarrassment, harassing phone calls from bill collectors and all the negative feelings that go along with those pictures.

Instead, use your thoughts to trigger pictures in your mind that make your heart soar. See yourself receiving an unexpected increase in pay and get in touch with how an experience like that will make you feel. Seeing, visualizing, dreaming it in your mind's eye will make what you want manifest itself into your physical reality.

A research institute did a study years ago. They took two groups of basketball players. One group physically practiced their free throw shots an hour a day, every day for a month. The other group stayed home and visualized in their mind's eye making free throw shots, an hour a day, every day for a month. Remember now, one group physically practiced and the other group practiced in their mind, using the power of their imagination.

The Results:

The group who physically practiced increases their accuracy 28%. The group who mentally practiced increased their accuracy 27%. The difference between the group who practiced physically versus the group who practiced mentally was only 1%. That is how powerful your imagination is when it comes to creating what you want.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
If you can see what you want in your mind's eye until it is so real to you that you can touch it, it will become your reality.....that is what the power of your imagination can do for you.


Post this on your Refrigerator

Instructions for LIFE by Dalai Lama

1. Take into account that great love and great achievement involve great risk

2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

3. Follow the three R's: Respect for yourself Respect for all others and Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

6. Don't let a little dispute ruin a great relationship.

7. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

8. Spend some time alone every day.

9. Open arms to change but don't let go of your values.

10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you will be able to enjoy it a second time.

12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.

13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.

14. Share your knowledge, it's a way to achieve immortality.

15. Be gentle with the earth.

16. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.

17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

19. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here


About Confession of the Soul

I received a question that I have received before about myself that I have never answered. The reason I haven't answer this question, in the past, is because I have never wanted this club to be about my life. I have always wanted this club to be about the lives of the members and making sure each of you receives the knowledge, wisdom and insights you need so you are able to create all the love, health, happiness and prosperity that you desire. Rather than answering the question here, I posted a permanent link on the right hand side of the "home page" with the question I received and my response to it. It is titled Confession of the Soul. Click on the home page link at the bottom of this message to find the link to the article.- Frederick Zappone, SSC

Thrive, Flourish and Prosper

People are brought up to survive in life, not thrive, prosper and flourish. As a result, most people survive, get by, make do, put up with, tolerate, and reluctantly accept circumstances that are far from being what they would like them to be.

Loving yourself EXACTLY as you are without changing one thing about yourself will move you from a life of survival, scarcity and lack to one of prosperity in abundance, in all areas of your life. beyond your wildest dreams.

Can you do that, love yourself exactly as you are without changing one thing about yourself? Yes, I know there are things about yourself that you would like to change. Did you know that if you love yourself exactly as you are, without changing one thing about you, the things you want to change about yourself, will change naturally, with no effort or struggle on your part required?

Loving yourself exactly as you are is accepting the way you are in each and every moment of the now without judging yourself in any way.

The miracles that will come your way when you stop judging yourself will amaze, delight, astonish and astound you. That's how powerful your thoughts are when you stop judging yourself in any way.

The concept of survival is based on the mistaken belief that we live in a hostile universe with only moments of safety. People who thrive and flourish, in all areas of life, know they live in a "user friendly" universe, that is very safe, with only moments of danger.



The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly.
The truth can sound like a lie and a lie can sound like the truth.
The truth is often times dismissed in favor of what we believe.
The truth sometimes hurts but would you sooner be lied too!
The truth always works, lies work for awhile until truth wins out.
The truth, in time, will always reveals itself to you.
The truth makes you feel positive, lies make you feel negative.
The truth can heal a soul when expressed as an act of love.
The truth can injure a soul when used as a weapon.
The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off.
The truth only states "what is", not what will be.
The truth is easy to hide when we complicate things.
The truth gives you freedom, lies take freedom away from you.


The Truth Believed is a Lie!

The truth believed is a lie, you can only experience the truth.


Headlines around the USA recently proclaimed


For those who believed the headline, they discovered later on that it was a lie because, in fact, the twelve miners were found dead.

People get fooled by the words of others every day... They believe the truth rather than experience the truth.

He says he loves you and you believe him and he treats you abusively. An another example of the truth believed is a lie.

The boss promises you a raise or promotion but never delivers and because you believed him, you are disappointed.

The people in the time of Christopher Columbus believed the truth, that the world was flat. Christopher Columbus proved that truth was a lie.

What people say isn't always the truth, what they do always is....

If people are consistent in what they say and what they do, you can trust them. If they are inconsistent, be vigilant, someone is trying to make a fool of you with their words.


Do you know the answer to this fable?

I have a fable to share with you.

There once was a man who was condemned to death by a King in a far off time, in a far away land. The King showed the man three doors and told him behind door #1 was an expert swordsman waiting to cut him into small pieces. Behind door #2 was a starving tiger ready to rip him to shreds but he wouldn't tell the man what was waiting for him behind door #3. However, he gave the man a knife that he could defend himself with and if successful, the King would set the man free. Which door did the man choose and why?

Click on the comment link below and post your answers.


Appreciation and Gratitude


I wanted to take a moment and extend my appreciation and gratitude to each and every registered member of the Spiritual Success club. While I do not know most of you personally (a few I do), the fact you continue your membership in the club means what you find here is of value to you. I am also grateful for the comments people post, it makes it easier for me to serve you because that is my purpose in life, to serve others.

Love and Blessings to each and every one of you.

Frederick Zappone

P. S. If you have not yet registered as a member of the club but are here at the invitation of a club member, please click here and register yourself now. Thank you.


45 ways to Dismiss Negative Thoughts

Thoughts produce feelings and negative thoughts produce feelings that can make you feel powerless, ineffective and reduce you to tears.

Arguing, fighting with or being in conflict with any negative thought that enters your mind only gives that thought more power over you. The only option that works in regards to negative thoughts is to dimiss them immediately.

Dimiss means to stop considering; rid one's mind of any thought that make you feel negative in any way. Whatever you have to do, whatever it takes:

dismiss negative thoughts
abolish negative thoughts
banish negative thoughts
boot out negative thoughts
brush off negative thoughts
cast off negative thoughts
cast out negative thoughts
chase out negative thoughts
chuck negative thoughts
clear negative thoughts
decline negative thoughts
deport negative thoughts
detach negative thoughts
disband negative thoughts
discard negative thoughts
dispatch negative thoughts
dispense with negative thoughts
disperse negative thoughts
dispose of negative thoughts
dissolve negative thoughts
do without negative thoughts
drive out negative thoughts
eject negative thoughts
expel negative thoughts
force out negative thoughts
kick out negative thoughts
let go of negative thoughts
let out negative thoughts
lock out negative thoughts
outlaw negative thoughts
push aside negative thoughts
push back negative thoughts
reject negative thoughts
release negative thoughts
relegate negative thoughts
relinquish negative thoughts
repel negative thoughts
repudiate negative thoughts
rid yourself of negative thoughts
send off negative thoughts
send packing negative thoughts
shed negative thoughts
slough off negative thoughts
supersede negative thoughts

Sweep away negative thoughts that trouble your mind and along with those thoughts will go the negative feelings that were making you feel powerless, ineffective or feeling like you were in a state of depression or despair.


"The only way negative thoughts can have power over you is by fighting with them. On the other hand, dimissing negative thoughts immediately or as soon as you can will render them harmless in your life."

Symptoms of Trying too Hard

One of the spiritual principles that has proven itself to me repeatedly is this one: "Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and pushes away from us the very things we want."

I have never had anyone disagree with this spiritual principle although not everyone has fully understood it. Today I will elaborate on it a little bit by giving you the symptoms of " trying too hard" including physical symptoms.

When you try too hard, people misunderstand you.
When you try too hard, people are offended by what you say.
When you try too hard, it makes you feel ineffective and powerless.
When you try too hard, you experience insecurity and doubt.

When you try too hard, what you say often sounds like a crock of crap to others even if what you say is the truth and nothing but the truth.

When you try too hard, people don't want to spend time with you.
When you try too hard, you feel cut off from your higher power.
When you try too hard, you fail more often than you succeed.
When you try too hard, you feel flawed or defective in some way.
When you try too hard, you feel the need to control every little thing.

Trying too hard produces all kinds of unpleasant experiences in people lives while relaxing works miracles in people's lives.

The physical symptoms of trying too hard are:

Tension in shoulders
knots in the stomach
panic attacks
heart palpitations
Sleep restlessness

To make "trying too hard " dissolve from your life, you have to notice the areas in your life where you do try too hard.

Are you trying too hard to make your relationship work?
Are you trying too hard to find someone to love you?
Are you trying too hard to get ahead in your job or career?
Are you trying too hard to make money in abundance?
Are you trying too hard to achieve fully restored health?
Are you trying too hard to "let go" of something from your past?
Are you trying too hard to understand something?

Once you notice the areas in your life where you are trying too hard, relax and only do those things that make you feel good about yourself. As you allow "trying to hard" to melt away from your life, the things you were trying to accomplish the hard way begin to get accomplished naturally, with no unnecessary effort or struggle on your part required.

A word about feelings


It is not so important what you think. It is how what you think makes you feel. It doesn't matter if the thought is negative or positive. What matter is the feeling it produces in you. If a negative thought produces a good feeling in you, that feeling will attract good things into your life. If a positive thought produces a negative feeling in you, that feeling will attract negative things into your life.



Intention: Key to Your Success II

Unconscious roadblock to the realization of your intention

Your intention:

A. prosperity in abundance
B. Finding the love of your life.
C. Achieving fully restored health.

Once you have an intention of something you want to happen be vilgiant of your thoughts. If you start judging any event or person as slowing you down or preventing your intention from coming true, then your intention will not come true.

Why? Because once you "intend" for something to happen EVERY EVENT and EVERY PERSON in your life supports your intention coming true unless you judge it otherwise.

Where people get off track with their intentions becoming reality is not trusting the path their intention must take in order for it to manifest itself into their physical reality.

Our job is to know what we want. What we want is our INTENTION. The organizing intelligence of the universe also known as our higher power, the God within, will set into motion the events that must take place in order for our intentions to come true as quickly as possible.

If we judge any situation, event or person as an obstacle or roadblock to our intention being realized, our judgments become negative intentions that give us the opposite of what we say we want.

Instead of judging events, people and situations as roadblocks to what you want, affirm that all is unfolding as it should be (Remember your HP is in charge).....and keep your FOCUS on the end result (what you want) and not the path you are traveling.

See what you want in your mind's eye as a done deal and that vision acting like a powerful magnet will move mountains. It will turn EVERY event and person in your life into a STEPPING STONE to what you want rather than STUMBLING BLOCKS that prevent you from having what you want....

"It is only our negative judgments that prevents our intentions from coming true, nothing else."


Intention: Key to Your Success

It is not what you do that produces what you want, it is your intention that does the job.

Example #1

Two authors equally talented, one is a success, one is a failure. The difference, intention.

Example #2

Two cooks, my grandmother and my mother.

Everyone raved about grandma's superior cooking, my mother's cooking was average. Mom spent hours in grandma's kitchen. She bought the same ingredients grandma bought. She followed grandma's recipes to the letter. The same exact meal tasted entirely different. Grandma's meal was superior, Mom's was average. The difference, intention.

Grandma loved cooking. Here intention was for people to feel loved when they ate her cooking and they did; they raved about her cooking. Mom did not like to cook. It was something she did to please others. No one raved about mom's cooking. The difference, INTENTION.

In all endeavors in life, intention makes the difference, it makes all the difference. That's why two people suffering from the same terminal illness both treated the same way, one achieves fully restored health and the other dies. The difference, intention!

Success in life, in business and in matters of the heart is a result of intention.

You can always tell what your intention is by what you pay ATTENTION to. If you pay attention to "thoughts of success" in all that you do, as surely as day follows night, you will succeed.



The Good News About Discouragement

We often times judge our negative emotions as not worthy of us. We keep them at a distance like an enemy rather than inviting them in as friends. For example, discouragement.

Discouragement tells us we are trying too hard. It tells us we are pushing up against walls rather than finding the doors. It tells us we have given it our best effort and that we should rest awhile. It is telling us we should go play and come back refreshed and deal with the challenges life has thrown our way on another day..

Discouragement is not defeat or failure for those who know better. It is a much needed rest stop along the way, telling us to chill out, relax, unwind and treat ourselves with gifts fit for a King. It is telling us to meditate a little and reflect on those things that make our heart soar.

When you feel discouraged, invite discouragement in and make it your friend. It has lessons in love to share with you. And soon you will discover that discouragement is nothing more than your friend "encouragement" lying on the floor of your mind, all tuckered out, upside down.

"When I am discouraged I use that as an opportunity to see into my future rather than dwelling on any unpleasantness that surrounds me in my present moments of time. I do not deny "what is", in the "here and now", I simply look beyond it to what will be." It is the vision of where we are going that sets us free.


This one I highly recommend because you are worth it!

Buy yourself a crystal goblet trimmed in gold and fill it up with the finest champagne you can afford. Hold the goblet in the air and watch as the light plays on the crystal and gold and the sparking bubbles, at the bottom of your glass, reaching for the stars. Sip it slowly as you think thoughts that make you feel good about yourself . The best part is, this little practice allows your friend encouragement to return to your side once again.


When we let go...

What are we letting go of when we let go?

We are letting go of thoughts that torment us. We are letting go of the feelings those thoughts produce. We are letting go of the past and what could have been. Those things must happen in order for us to "live in the moment" where thoughts from our past can no longer harm us."


"Sometimes painful thoughts from my past trying to intrude into my present moments of living. I treat those thoughts as "thiefs in the night" who would try to rob me of my power and peace of mind that belongs to no one but me..... I banish them from mind instantly because if I do not, they begin to take root and grow again in my soul and torment me all over again."


"I may not be able to stop unpleasant thoughts from my past from entering my mind as uninvited guests but I have the power to show them to the door and replace them with thoughts that make me feel good about myself once more."


"I was wounded once by what she said to me, shame on her. I replayed her hurtful words in mind and wound myself again, shame on me."


Letting Go

Question: Thank you so much for taking the time to write "Dear Heartbroken". It has been 7 months since my relationship ended and I still feel the pain as deep as day 1. Sometimes I feel as though there is something wrong with me for hanging on so tight. Some days I feel fine and other days I get mad at myself for still allowing this pain to cling to me. I just don't know how to let it go.

Answer: Some times there is no easy way to let go. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. Quite the contrary, the difficulty you have in letting go tells me a lot of good things about you.

It tells me you are passionate, you love deeply, you are loyal to a fault. You are sensitive, kind and very caring. Obviously you were in a relationship with someone who didn't appreciate those good qualities about you.

I would suggest you check out my "Love is a Choice" E-Manual. I believe it will give you the answers and insights your seeking. To find out more information about it, Click Here

In the E-Manual, I share every lesson I learned about letting go and creating the relationship I always dreamed I could have and I have it today... There are women who are thinner, sexier and more beautiful, on the outside, than the love of my life but none of them can compare to her "inner beauty" that makes me smile, from ear to ear, anytime I think of her.

No woman has ever loved me better than she does and no woman ever will. What made it possible for me to find her were the lessons I learned from the woman who abandoned me. Part of my process of letting go was learning those lessons.

I am guessing in your relationship, the letting go process is painful because you were betrayed. And when we are betrayed, we feel enormous hurt and anger. These emotions are alerting us to the fact that our sense of justice has been violated.

Guaranteed, what has been done to you, you will never do to another. I was on the receiving end of betrayal and as a result I am a stronger, wiser and more compassionate person because of what I went through. Granted, I would never want to go through that experience again and I know I never will because I learned my lessons well.... and you will too!

In my world, you are fine just the way you are.... I am deeply grateful for your comments and I hope my words give you some small measure of comfort in return. As I repeated over and over again to myself as I went through my "letting go" process, THIS TOO SHALL PASS...... and it did and it will for you too!



Kicking & Screaming

I am one of those people God had to drag into paradise, kicking and screaming.

No God, I don't want this to happen, I don't want that to happen. No God, I want to do it my way. No God, I know the best way and I don't need your help. The whole time I am complaining, bitching and moaning to God, God is dragging me kicking and screaming into paradise.

I see this all in hindsight..... Today I am living a heaven on earth, the life I always dreamed I could live.....and if everything I complained about didn't happen to me, I wouldn't be living in paradise today.

Are you kicking and screaming your way into paradise? If you are, you are not alone! :)

I must admit, I am so grateful to God. I am in awe of the insights and wisdom God sent my way that made it possible for me to be living the life I dreamed I could live. And I am in awe of the energy he gives me to support other people in creating a heaven on earth for themselves too. The God of Happiness is alive and well in my world!

Sometimes, it's a matter of time

You have done all you could do to make happen what you want to happen. If you are clear you have done all you can do, without adding effort, struggle and stress to your actions, then it is only a matter of time until what you want becomes the Reality of your life. It is not a matter of if, only when.....and God's time is the perfect time. If you trust God's timing, in regards to what you want, what you want will show up in your life when you least expect it. While you are waiting, go play, do what makes you happy and "waiting game" will no longer trouble you!


The God of Happiness!

God's will for us is to be happy in the "here and now".

I can personally testify God does not like us being unhappy because when we are, we no longer represent him in his image and likeness, accurately.

Most people don't think of God as being happy but put yourself in God's place, as the Creator of it all.

How happy would you be creating sunsets and sunrises for others to enjoy? How delighted would you be creating snowflakes and soft summer rains for your children to play in? How happy would you be creating rolling ocean waves and sandy beaches that make your children delighted to be alive? How happy would you be when the souls you created were happy too?

Do you know why babies are so happy and giggle at just about anything? Do you know why they live in wide-eyed wonderment about everything around them? They are fresh from being in the presence of God's happiness for them .....and when we look into a baby's eyes we briefly remember when God's happiness washed over us too.

The Struggle to Give UP the Struggle

In Lesson 3 of the Higher Power (HP) Course I talk about why it is difficult for people to give up the struggle associated with bringing into their life what they want and to do it with no effort at all.

Struggle is unnatural... All you have to do is look at nature and you will not see one thing in nature struggling to achieve its goal. A sapling doesn't struggle to achieve its goal of becoming a tree, it just does what is consistent with its nature to do. A flower seed doesn't struggle to achieve its goal of becoming a flower. It simply does what is consistent with its nature to do and blossoms into a beautiful flower naturally.

The only creatures God created that struggle to achieve their goals are human beings and boy do they struggle.

Did you know that struggling through life was something you learned?

If your parents struggled through life, that why you struggle. If your parents worried about money, that why you worry about money. If your parents had a lukewarm relationship with one another, that's why you have you have lukewarm relationships with others.

Whatever you learned from your parents, or anyone else for that matter, that does not serve you, can be unlearned and replaced with a way of living that does serve you.

There are two ways to give up the struggle, by choice or have struggle stripped away from you when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of struggling.

Often times before people give UP the struggle they come down with some serious illness. Illness is not punishment from God. On the contrary, this is a gift from God to support people in giving up the struggle in life. This related link will give you more insights about why sickness is a gift rather than a curse. Disease - The Gift

Of course, you do not have to become seriously ill to give up the struggle, you can give up the struggle by choice. By the way, not struggling is a moment by moment choice we make. If you practice living in the moment, all struggle will melt away from your life naturally.

In order to live in the moment, make sure your body and mind are always in the same place at the same time.

Stress and struggle are created when your body is in the "here and now" and your mind is in the future (even if it is five minutes into the future) or in the past ( even if it only five minutes back into the past).

The body can only live in the moment, the mind can live wherever it pleases. If your body doesn't like where your mind is living, it creates stress in you as an ALERT signal for you to bring your mind back to the present moment where your body lives 24.7.

"Where does God live?" my son asked "He lives in the moment." I replied. "If you want to find God, live there too!"


Your Suggestions Wanted

I always appreciate hearing from members about the topics they would like me to expand upon up on the clubhouse site. Each of you is an unique person with unique needs living in unique situations. Even though I created this club, I am here to serve you and support you in making all of your dreams come true.

You might as well take advantage of my experience, knowledge and good natured generosity. I charge my clients $300.00 an hour and you get me at no extra charge simply by being a member of this club. :)

Please click on the comment link at the end of this message and leave your suggestions about which topics you would like me to elaborate on that will make life easier for you. As always, you can post your questions, comments and suggestions anonymously if you wish.

- Frederick Zappone, SSC


Dear Broken Hearted

Question: How do you use this wonderful information to get over a broken heart? I think it's more like I'm having trouble accepting that it's over.

Answer: Yes, it is true you are having trouble accepting it is over. This is a normal reaction especially when we are still in love with the person who broke up with us. You want to know how to accept that the relationship is over? I am guessing that is your question.

Before you can accept it, you have to deal with the anger, hurt, outrage and upset you are feeling about your break up. You can't pretend it is not there because pretending only keeps the upset and hurt in place...

I have a couple of suggestions. First, click on the prior message titled "Inspire Yourself" exercise and see if that exercise will help you resolve whatever has to be resolved for you so you can accept the relationship is over.

The second suggestion is, in the privacy of your home, write a letter to God about your break up and all the feelings you have about it. Hold nothing back.... don't be careful, write it in plain English as if you were writing to your most trusted friend. Express fully to God all of your angry, hurtful emotions, hold nothing back from God, nothing. While it is true, we have to be careful when we express unpleasant truths to other people, with God we have to hold nothing back. Swear if you would like, God won't be offended...

Allow your words to flow, allow your hurt and anger to pour out of you. allow your tears to flow and don't stop writing until you feel some peace and relief. Repeat writing letters to God as often as necessary until you are able to accept your relationship is over as a matter of fact without hurtful emotion attached to it. That what I did and it worked for me.

Some years back, before I met Vona, I was in love with another woman. I thought we were soul-mates. Without warning, two weeks after my daughter passed away, she up and left me with no explanation that would make the break up any less painful for me. I was devastated and felt some of the most violent emotions I ever felt in my life and it didn't help at all that my daughter had only passed away two weeks before.

When my daughter passed away, this woman swore she would be with me for the rest of my life so I was doubly devastated. I took it personal, I took it real personal, I thought it had to do with me. After writing a series of letters to God, I discovered it had nothing to do with me. It had to do with her own fears about getting too close too someone in a relationship and then losing them. And when my daughter died she became overwhelmed with that fear and left me. She never told me this, these insights came to me after I wrote my Dear God letters.

Try my suggestions and see if they help you accept your relationship is over. Please keep me posted. I will go the distance with you on this until you achieve the acceptance and peace of mind you seek. You are not alone anymore. God healing arms are touching your soul as I write these words to you.

Teddy Bear Hugs to You!



"Inspire Yourself" Exercise

The word inspiration, according to the dictionary, means Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.

I am going to share a simple exercise with you that I do that gives me the answers and insights I need to whatever problem is on my mind that is troubling me.

I find a quiet place where I will not be disturbed and lie down. I then repeat to myself these words:

"I do know the answer to this problem."

The first benefit in repeating those words, as an affirmation, is that it immediately releases any stress I may be feeling...

I continue to softly repeat the phrase "I do know the answer to this problem." to myself and pause for a few seconds after each time I say it.

During the pause, different thoughts come into my mind about the situation that is bothering me. If I don't find the answer or insights I am looking for, in the thoughts that appear in my mind, I repeat the phrase again and pause again.

After a few times of doing this exercise, new ideas and insights begin showing up in my mind. I keep repeating this exercise until an insight or answer shows up that I can use in solving what troubles me. I then apply the answer or insight that showed up in my mind to the problem and often times that solves the problem immediately . If it doesn't, I repeat this exercise until I receive an insight or answer that solves the problem once and for all.

It is a simple little exercise I do for myself but it works wonders in my life. If you try this exercise for yourself, I would be interested in hearing how this exercise worked out for you. If you have questions about this exercise, post your questions by clicking on the comment link at the end of this message.


You can do this, You know?

Question: You seem to be an extraordinary powerful person. You make it sound so easy to create anything you want out of life but it is not so easy for me.

Answer: Thank you for your kind words, that's quite a compliment you sent my way. If you knew me, you would find me to be quite ordinary. What is extraordinary about me is my attitude, an attitude born out of adversity.

As a kid, I couldn't write a word without sounding like a complete idiot. I usually flunked English and was told that I would never become a writer. Because I was painfully shy and a bit tongue tied people thought I was a bit slow and treated me with abuse and disrespect. I could have allowed those experiences to destroy me. Instead I used those experiences to strengthen me.

I have two attitudes that have made all the difference in my life. One is, no matter what challenges I am faced with, I overcome them because I have the attitude that "I can do this". I also have the attitude when faced with a difficult problem that "I do know the answer to the problem."

Whatever difficulty I am faced with I say to myself repeatedly I CAN DO THIS while other people say to themselves, I CAN'T DO THIS.

When I have a problem I say to myself;

I DO KNOW THE ANSWER to this problem. For the moment the answer is locked up inside of me but I do know the answer and with that attitude the answer always reveals itself to me. On the other hand, people, smarter than myself say to themselves; "I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER to this problem." And for those folks the answer remains locked up inside of themsleves and never reveals itself to them.

The attitudes of I CAN DO THIS and I DO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM have made all the difference in my life and those attitudes will make all the difference in your life too!



Do we have power over others?

This answer may surprise you but we have absolutely no power over other people. That is why you can give our heart out to other people and make no difference at all. The only power we have over other people is the power they allows us to have over them. Without their permission, we have no power whatsoever over other people.

I have zip, zero, nada power over you. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. I cannot influence you in any way unless you allow me to influence you..

If you understand that each of us is god in our own universe, you will discover that we all have equal power. I have the power to allow you to make a difference in my life or to stop you from making a difference. You have the power to allow me to make a difference in your life or stop me from making a difference. We are all equals when it comes to power..

If you don't see yourself as equal, in power, to all others, you have given your power away to others. However, you also have the POWER to take back the power you have given away to others any time you want....

Any questions? Click on comment link, at the bottom of this message, to post your questions.


Why Negative Things???

Question: If God is God why does he allow so many negative things to happen in life?

Answer: Why? Because he is a loving God.

He loves us soooo much that he gave each of us a free will and the power to choose the thoughts we will act upon. If he interfered with the negative choices and actions people take, he would negate the gift of choice he gave to each of us.

Only an unconditional, all loving God could allow people to make mistake after mistake and never take back the greatest gift he gave to mankind, the power to choose our destiny depending on the thoughts we choose to focus our attention on and act upon.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that most of the negative that happen in life are a result of how people treat themselves and others.... Negative things are not the problem, the problem is the lack of love people have for themselves.

When people loves themselves sufficiently, they do no harm to anyone and are generous to a fault because they know the more they give to others, the more that will be given back to them. People who pretend to love themselves don't know this.


Before you can generously give to another, with nothing held back, you must fill yourself up with love to overflowing because you cannot give to another what you do not have to give....


The Flow: Unblocking it...

If abundance in all forms, and in all areas of your life, is not showing up for you, chances are, you are unwittingly blocking the flow of all the good things you desire...

We block the flow of good things by not allowing the negative things in our life to pass us by...

There is not a darn thing we have to do with the negative things in our life except to allow them to pass us by. Notice negative situations and events and ALLOW them to pass you by.

Notice negative thoughts and feelings and ALLOW them to pass you by. The moment we do anything other than notice negative things and ALLOW them to pass us by, we give them power over us...

Negative things try to get our ATTENTION so we will FOCUS on what we don't have and on what we don't want. If the negative people and events in our lives are successful in getting us to focus on them, we end up have more things we don't want. That's why simply ALLOWING negative things to pass you by is the answer...

To find diamonds, you have to dig through the dirt. By keeping your FOCUS on the diamonds and allowing the dirt to pass you by, DIAMONDS will show up in your life..

When miners panned for Gold, they focused on the GOLD and paid very little attention at all to those pieces of dirt that were not gold.

Negative thoughts and feelings are the dirt; ALLOW them to pass you by and before you know it , your life will be filled up with diamonds and gold to overflowing...


"If negative thoughts and feelings persist in your life.....dig deep into them and you will find the diamonds and gold within those thoughts and feelings that are hidden from view."

"The only reason certain negative thoughts and feelings persist in our lives is because within them lies the very gifts we have been searching for."


Be Grateful for your Disease

Disease is not punishment from God.
Disease does not mean you are flawed.
Disease does not mean you did something wrong.
Disease is not a bad thing.
Disease is not cured by doctors or drugs alone.
Disease is not terminal unless you believe it is...

Here is what dis-ease is: In its simplest form, disease is a result of people being ill at ease with themselves. If you are not at peace with yourself, disease shows up in your physical body not as punishment but to show you the way to a better life than the one you were living before. A life free from the stress, anxiety and worry that contributed to your disease showing up in your life in the first place.

Disease makes you re-evaluate your life and what you think you know. Disease makes you stop long enough to question the things you have been doing for years that have not satisfied you. Disease give you the time to think about yourself and your needs rather than ignoring them.

Disease is a benevolent teacher, in disguise, that wants to teach you how to get in touch with your authentic power so you can create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.

I have had to deal with my share of illness down through the years and I can tell you from first hand experience, doctors and drugs, alone, do not cure disease. They are God's helpers but it is ourselves, working in partnership with God, who creates the conditions that establishes fully restored health in our physical body.

Our part in curing ourselves of disease is to understand all the blessings our disease is lavishing upon us. When you understand what a incredible blessing your disease is, it will disappear from your life as quickly as it came into your life and you will miss it when it is gone...

Your Rules!

When it comes to what you want, you have RULES!

You may not be aware of your rules but you have them. Your rules are your values or the conditions that must be met before you will allow what you want to come into your life. Become clear about what your rules are and it will take no effort at all for you to attract into your life what you want...


When it comes to creating money, in abundance, what are your rules? In other words, what are you willing to do for money and what aren't you willing to do for it? Once you are clear about what your rules are in regard to money, money will flow into your life effortlessly.

When it comes to your desired loving relationship, what are your rules? In other words, what are you willing to have in that relationship and what are you not willing to have in it.

The reason E-harmony.com and Match.com are so successful is because of their extensive compatibility tests. These compatibility tests allow people to become clear about the "rules" they have in regards to having a successful relationship with another.

Vona, the love of my life, and I found each other through Match.com. Our compatibility tests matched 99%. We are as happy, content and comfortable with each other as two bugs in a rug. It has been that way for us since "day one" because the rules we have for a relationship with a member of the opposite sex matched 99%. I am sure if we held out, we could have found 100% compatibility but 99% works for us... :)

Over the weeks and months to to come I will write more about "Your Rules" because once you become aware of your rules, the easier it will be for you to attract into your life all the good things you have ever desired.

In future articles I will explain when you created your rules, what prompted you to create them and how once you become aware of your rules, you can change a rule if you find it is stopping you from having what you want...

In the meantime, start looking inside yourself and see what rules you have for yourself in regards to the important things in your life such a love, relationships, money and health issues.

Remember we are taking about YOUR RULES, not the rules others want you to have....


The "Don't Want" Syndrome

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to eat too much, the more you eat too much?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to smoke, the more you smoke?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want the lack of money, the more lack of money you experience in your life?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to be lonely, the lonelier you are?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to be unhappy, the unhappier you are?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to live alone, the longer you live alone?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to be sick, the more often you are sick?

Have you ever noticed the more you don't want to try too hard, the harder you try.

These conditions are a result of using the "law of attraction" in reverse.

Whatever we FOCUS our attention on in life EXPANDS. When we focus on what we "don't want" we attract into our lives what we don't want because that is where our ATTENTION is. Our attention is on "lack and scarcity" rather than on "abundance and prosperity".

Focus is the spiritual tool that attracts into our lives what "we do" or "don't want" depending on what we focus our attention on. It is an unchangeable law of the universe and nothing will change in our lives until we change our focus from our "don't wants" to our "do wants."

Focus on your DO WANTS exclusively and leave your DON'T WANTS alone... Any attention you pay to your "don't wants" only results in having more of what you "don't want" in your life.

A simple change of FOCUS, will change your life from one of scarcity and lack to one of abundance and prosperity in a blink of an eye.

Focus on the love you want; see it, feel it in your mind's eye.
Focus on the money you want; see it, feel it in your mind's eye.
Focus on the health you want; see it, feel it in your mind's eye.

Whatever you consistently focus your attention on in life will become your reality, it can be no other way because that is the way the "law of attraction" works.

As a matter of information, there is condition known as "wanting something too much." When we want something too much, that longing or yearning is coming from our fear that we will never have what we want and as a result we never do...

Wanting something too much is one fear that you must love with your whole heart and soul in order for that fear to dissolve from your life effortlessly. Once it dissolves, what you want will become your reality with no effort at all.

Whatever you dislike or hate about yourself persists in your life. If you make yourself wrong for wanting something too much, the fear behind your wanting persists. However, you can make that fear dissolve by loving it to death. You can literally love the fear out of existence and once that happens, life will become very magical for you.

Anything you dislike or hate about yourself has power over you. However, when you love what you dislike or hate about yourself, it disappears from your life because nothing unpleasant can continue to exist in your life when exposed to Love's LIGHT.



Breaking the Habit: Trying Too Hard

"Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and pushes away from us the very things we want."

I can not emphasis enough that "trying too hard" is the only thing between people and what they want. If folks had confidence that God wanted for them what they wanted for themselves, they would experience miracles, literally miracles, every single day of their lives.

God is not a cruel and unfeeling God. He would not plant a desire in your heart to want something and then not make it possible for what you want to come into your life.

Would you promise your own child or a friend something and then not give it to them? I think not. Then why would you think for one moment that God (HP) won't guide you to or bring into your life what you want?

Trying too hard blocks what you want from coming into your life while ALLOWING what you want makes it possible for what you want to show up, in your life, with effortless ease.

If you "knew" that what you wanted was coming into your life, how happy would you be right now? Be that happy and what you want will show up in your life magically.



SSC - Hometown Chapters

I am in the process of creating local chapters of SSC nationally and internationally. If you would like to host a local chapter of SSC in your hometown, write me for details by Clicking Here.

The purpose of the local SSC chapters is to teach people how to make all of their dreams come true with effortless ease through the use of proven spiritual principles.

Hosts will be personally trained by me via e-mail, phone and in-person when time permits. If you want to make your dreams come true faster than you thought possible, teach other people how to make their dreams come true.

"You teach best what you most need to learn." - Richard Bach


Out of their Minds....

Did you know that violent people are out of their minds when they do violence, pushed out of their minds by their own feelings that scare them half to death. A person who is not afraid of their turbulent feelings becomes the master of them, the rest become abusive people, and in worst case situations, they become criminals.


"The greatest disservice done to a child is to make them afraid of their emotions. The greatest gift we can give to a child is help them understand their emotions."

Emotions: The Step-Child

Our intellect is consider vastly superior to our emotions. People receive awards and scholarships for having a superior intellect but when was the last time you heard of anyone receiving an award or scholarship for have a superior set of emotions? Never would be the answer.

The emotions are the neglected step-child of the human personality. We medicate feelings because we don't trust many of them. Rather than taking the time to understand that our feelings, both the positive and negative ones, are our connecting link to the "organizing intelligence of the Universe" that I call our HP, we opt for the quick fix.

Our feelings, both the positive and negative ones serve as our internal, infallible, compass. They tell us when we are thinking thoughts that strengthen us and when we are thinking thoughts that weaken us.

If we are cut off from our feelings through the use of medication, we are denied the opportunity to discover that all feelings serve us, especially the negative ones. The negatives one are benevolent teachers in disguise showing up in our lives to teach us lessons in love.

If we are cut off from those feelings, it stunts are spiritual growth and prevents us from connecting with the "divine spark" of God's intelligence that lives in each and every one of us. This prevent prevents us from developing a powerful connection with our HP that can guide us effortlessly to the fulfillment of our heart's desires.


"Once a person is afraid of their feelings, they are no longer in charge of their feelings, their feelings are in charge of them."




In the SLE messages that many of you received, Message #9 states:

"Honesty is the fertile soil in which love grows and flourishes. Being honest with yourself and God is all that is required in order for you to begin experiencing love's power flowing into your life in abundance."

Here is the rub, people aren't honest with themselves and that's why their connection to their Higher Power (HP) is not as powerful as it could be. People aren't honest with themselves because they discovered early on in life, when they were honest, they were punished for it.

Remember the time, as a little kid, when you told the truth and got punished for it? This has happened to all of us. As a result, we learned that telling the truth could be dangerous to our health.

This experience of being punished for telling the truth made us get into the habit of unconsciously lying to ourselves so we could lie to others without feeling guilty about it. The problem is when we unconsciously lie to ourselves, we disable ourselves.

Here is how to know when you are telling the truth to yourself and your HP.

When you tell the truth to yourself and your HP, you feel positive, light and bright. When you are lying to yourself and your HP you feel negative, dark and somber and if you are doing a really good job at lying to yourself you will feel very depressed.

The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is down right ugly but telling the truth to ourselves and our HP works because it sets us free from the "mind traps", that disable us, that we slip into from time to time.


Truth sets us free and connects us to our HP, lies imprison us within the thoughts of our own mind and cut us off from our connection to our HP.


It's not your job.....

If you have been trying to make something happen in your life and you haven't made it happen yet that's because it is not your job.

Our job to KNOW what we want and our Higher Power will either guide us to what we want or bring it into our life for us, that is, IF we let go of what you want by turning it over to our HP.

It is important to remember, we are to know what we WANT but it is not our job to bring what we want into our life. Our HP will either guide us to what we want or bring it into our life for us.

Any action we take where there is worry, effort, struggle or stress attached to it is an action we shouldn't take because we are being guided by our fears. When we allow fear to dictate our actions, fear pushes away from us what we want and keeps it at a distance from us...


Preparing for your Dream

When your life changes from one of worry, effort and struggle to one of peace, power and contentment are you ready for it? This is what happens when you get connected to and rely on your "Higher Power" to make your life the heaven on earth you always dreamed it could be.

If you don't know, in advance, how you are going to act and how you are going to feel when this new reality of peace, power and contentment makes itself known to you, you will only have moments of experiencing this new reality and keep returning to your old reality of worry, effort and struggle.

Prepare yourself mentally for this new reality. See it in your mind's eye, prepare yourself emotionally for it. The easiest way to do that is play the "What if" game with yourself.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and experienced fully restored health? How would you feel? What would you do once you have your health back?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and experienced an abundance of money flowing into your life effortlessly? How would you feel? What would you do now that you have all the money you need to do whatever it is you want to do?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and found the love of your life lying next to you. How would you feel? What would you do now that you have someone in your life that loves you exactly the way you want to be loved?

If you don't know, in advance, how you are going to feel and what you are going to do when you begin experiencing your new reality of peace, power and contentment, it will be very easy for you to fall back into your old reality. Why? Because you are familiar with your old reality. It feels comfortable to you even though it does not satisfy the hunger in your soul.

Granted, your reality of worry, effort and struggle may not be what you want but it is what you know and you have survived this way for years. That's why letting go of your old reality in order to make way for the new can be a difficult transition for you but it doesn't have to me.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the life you want to live. It will make it much easier to let go of the life you have...

"Nothing will change in your life if you are not willing to change."



Don't Stop Being You!

When people are faced with rejection or disapproval, they take that as a signal to stop being themselves. They allow rejection and disapproval to make them feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable people they truly are...

When people reject or disapprove of you, they are not disapproving or rejecting you. They are rejecting something you said or did and they have the right to do that. Don't take it too personal. Their rejection of what you said or did is more of a statement about themselves than it is about you. And whatever you do, don't stop being you!

Rejection and disapproval are a part of life and those thing won't stop you from achieving what you want, out of life, if you have the right attitudes about rejection and disapproval.

Think about this for a moment; Arnold Schwarzenegger has experienced more rejection and disapproval than most people but that hasn't stopped him from achieving what he wants.

A simple example:

There is at least 150,000,000 people in the United States who go to the movies.

30,000,000 people make the choice to see one of Schwarzenegger's movies. 30,000,000 million people x $7.00 a ticket represents a $210,000,000 Blockbuster movie for Arnold.

On the other hand, Schwarzenegger movie was REJECTED by 120,000,000 people. Do you think he cares that 120,000,000 people rejected his movie. I think not.

Focus on the love and approval you receive and more love and approval will come your way. Focus on rejection and disapproval and more rejection and disapproval will come your way.


Whatever we FOCUS our attention on, in life, EXPANDS and we end up having more of what "we do or don't want" depending on what we Focused our attention on. It is the law...


Programming: Voices in our Head - III

What you are about to read is a fictitious dialogue between the negative and positive voices in our head written to give you an idea about how our mind operates.


Programming: Voices in our Head - III

Positive Voice: Everything is fine in my life. All is working out for my highest good.


Positive Voice: God and my connection to my Higher Power are guiding me effortlessly to the fulfillment of my heart's desires.


Positive Voice: I am a child of God and a "spark" of God's divine intelligence lives within ME and because this "spark", lives within me, I know I am smart enough to achieve anything I want.


Positive Voice: My positive thoughts are more powerful than my negative thoughts.



Negative thoughts are loud and obnoxious and positive thoughts are soft and gentle. Focus your attention on your soft and gentle thoughts and your loud and obnoxious negative thoughts will lose power over you and melt away from your life naturally.


Programming: Voices in our Head - II

Anytime you hear anyone telling you that you CAN'T, that is a negative voice you do not want to FOCUS your attention on....

Watch out for the power the voices of others have over you.

A doctor says you have 30 days to live... Watch out for that voice, don't believe it for a second. That doctor is not God in your life.... and has no right to influence you with such a negative thought but doctors do that to people, don't they...

People who recover from terminal illnesses (and it happens everyday) overrule the voice of the doctor with their own voice....

Some person you respect says you can't make your dream come true. Watch out for that voice, don't believe it for a second. That person is not God in your life and has no right to influence you with such a negative thought but people do that to you, don't they..

People who make their dreams come true (and it happens everyday), overrule the voice of the critics in their lives with their own voice..


Programming - Voices in our Head

Everyone has voices in their head. They have the voices of their mother, father, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers, ministers, relatives, strangers, doctors, news broadcasters, columnists, politicians, opinion makers, etc. Some of these voices are kind and loving and others are critical and abusive....

These voices in our heads are part of our programming. It is information programmed into our minds since the day we were born. Most of the programming is harmless and yet there are some negative voices in our heads that can rule our lives, if we let them...

Most people are unaware of what these negative voices are actually saying to them but you can know what they are saying to you by what you are FEELING in any given moment of time.

Take a moment and notice what you are FEELING. Feelings are a reflection of the voices in your head. These reflections can be the voices of others or your own repeating what others programmed into your head during your growing up years.

Good feelings represent the kind, loving, non-judgmental voices in our head. Bad feelings represent the critical, abusive, judgmental voices in our head.

Negative voices have the most power over us when we first wake up in the morning, late at night or when we are overly tired and stressed out. Negative voices are also the loudest and that's why negative thoughts often times FEEL more real to us than positive ones.

Negative thoughts/voices are loud, harsh, abusive, critical and judgmental and it is easy to let these obnoxious voices rule our lives, not because they are true but because they are LOUD and OBNOXIOUS....

Negative voices in our head make us feel anxious, jittery and insecure... Positive voices make us feel calm, centered, powerful and in control.

Positive thoughts/voices are soft and gentle. In order for those thoughts to rule your life and guide you to the fulfillment of your heart's desires, you must FOCUS on them....and ignore, pay no attention at all to the LOUD, OBNOXIOUS voices and thoughts in your head that are stopping you from having what you want...

This would be a good time to read or re-read the article titled: Focus on what you DO WANT! It deals with the spiritual principle of creating what you want that works every single time without fail.


Dream Machine 2006

If you can dream it, you can have it. What do you want to have happen in your life in 2006. Post your most heartfelt dreams (wants) by clicking on the comment link at the end of this message and I will do my part in making sure what you want to happen in 2006 will come to pass for you.

I must admit, for the most part, the members of this Club are the quietest bunch of people I know. If this club was made up of twelve years olds, I would have so many of them posting their dreams and wants, I wouldn't be able to keep up with them. If you are shy, you don't have to be.....and you can post your comments anonymously if you wish. - Frederick Zappone


Higher Power (HP) Course

All the articles dealing with HP have been edited and put into a short course of six easy lessons. The course includes free coaching, via e-mail, for members who are interested in developing a stronger connection to their Higher Power. You will find the link to the HP Course on the right hand side of the Club's home page.

Frederick Zappone


Opposition Thoughts

You, yes you my friend, are a magnificent,
powerful, lovable person exactly the way you are!

Opposition Thoughts:

"He doesn't know me, how can he say that???"

"If he really knew me, he would see I am anything but magnificent, powerful and lovable."

"I have so many faults it is not possible for me to be the way he says I am."

The whole purpose of "opposition thoughts" is to cut you off from experiencing the love inside of you that has been there since the day of your birth. Opposition thoughts are lies you believe about yourself taught to you by your ancestors.

If you think thoughts in opposition to love, it is only a habit of thought you picked up from other people, during your growing up years, who didn't see themselves as the magnificent, powerful, lovable people they are. A habit of thought that makes you feel negative, in any way, can easily be replaced with a habit of thought that makes you feel positive in all ways.

A habit of thought is formed by repeatedly think a thought over and over again. After a period of time an idea you thought about, over and over again, goes on automatic pilot and that is when it becomes a habitual thought.

If you have a habit of thought, you acquired during your growing up years, that makes you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable person that you are, replace it with a new habit of thought that lifts you up, inspires you and gets in touch with what an incredible, one of a kind, loving, caring human being you truly are.