Magic in Acceptance....

As a Life Coach, one of the common denominators I have discovered that my clients share with one another that makes them suffer unnecessarily is their unwillingness to ACCEPT what is.....

Look into your own life and you will see that any undesirable condition the persists in your life, that makes you unhappy, is a result of not accepting WHAT IS..

Whatever the undesirable condition, in your life, the moment you accept it, it will literally disappears from your life, like magic.

• Scarcity will disappear, from your life, the instant you accept it.
• Disease will disappear, from your body, the instant you accept it.
• Conflict with others will disappears the instant you accept it.
• Fat will melt away from your body, the instant you accept it.
• Difficult problems will disappear the instant you accept them.

The INSTANT you accept "what is" in your life that you do not like, that condition begins to dissolve, melt away, or disappear from your life, like magic, with no effort at all on your part required. If you are putting any effort into an undesirable condition to make it disappear from your life that means you are not accepting it and whatever condition you do not accept, persists....

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Wave the Magic Wand...


The attitude of gratitude is the magic wand of life.....

Spend most of your time looking for things you are truly grateful for and life will provide you with even more things you can truly be grateful for....

Gratitude for what we have attracts more good things into our life.

It is the law...


Life is....


Life is always exactly the way we say it is......

If we say life is hard, life will provide us with all the evidence we need so we can prove to ourselves that life is, indeed, hard....

Life is exactly the way we say it is because according to our thoughts so shall it be for us....and it always is....

There is no escaping this fundamental law of thought, life is always exactly the way we say it is.



Before the MIRACLE Appears

Before the MIRACLE of your own brilliance, power and magnificence makes itself known to you, you must ACCEPT that you have no real brilliance, power or magnificence at all.

This is a paradox, I know, so let me explain.

You have read, studied and listened to the "masters" in the field of personal power, for years, trying to prove to yourself that you have real power. And the more you have tried to prove to yourself that you have real power, the more you have proven to yourself that you do not..

The fear of not having any real power has been the primary, unconscious, motivating force of your life and because it has been, what you have POWERFULLY created for yourself is the experience of having no real power at all.

Can you see how powerful you are? Powerful enough to create the experience that you have no real power at all. How powerful is that? Pretty damn powerful I would say!

Acceptance in the moment of "what is", what you have created for yourself, will free you up to experience the MIRACLE of your own brilliance, power and magnificence beyond words to describe.



Acceptance does not mean we are accepting something as final, terminal, fatal or unchangeable. It simply means that we are, in the moment, accepting "what is."

The non-acceptance of "what is," in any given moment of time, is what makes undesirable conditions persist in our lives.

The "moment" we accept the existence of an "undesirable thing" in our life, we set into motion the power of the universe that lives within us to make that "undesirable thing" disappear from our life with no effort at all on our part required.


"We cannot change anything until we accept it.
Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."- Carl Jung



Question About Emotional Vampires

Question: I feel like there is a person in my life who is working against me. When I am around this person, my thoughts are the worst and I can't elevate my feelings no matter what I think. I have heard there are such things as "emotional vampires," people who emotionally deplete you and suck you dry. Am I crazy or what?

Answer: No you are not crazy....and yes there are "emotional vampires." If you don't watch out for these people, they will literally rip, claw and tear at the fabric of your soul until you wish you were dead. These people get their power from fear and they instill fear in other people as a way to control them, have power over them and suck them emotionally dry.

If you want to test this for yourself, spend some quality time away from the person who is sucking you dry and notice the difference in your "feeling level" and the thoughts you think while you are away. There will be a huge difference...

Emotional vampires are control freaks, closed minded, passive, aggressive, play the victim and always make you feel that whatever is wrong with their life, it is your fault. The more guilty they can make you feel, the better they like it. It allows them to feel better, about themselves, at the expense of making you feel worse.

They take advantage of sensitive, kind hearted souls and do their best to know their inner most secrets. If they can't find out what their secrets are, they will, "in confidence" share their secrets with them as a way to make these sensitive souls feel loyal to them.

They will do whatever it takes to get an emotional hook into you....and once they do that, unless you walk away from them completely, it is a heck of a struggle to stay positive in their presence, even if you are in the same building with them but in different rooms. That is how powerful, in a negative way, emotional vampires are...

I suggest that you do not tolerate "emotional vampires" in your life because if you do, you will be spiritually abusing yourself. When you spiritually abuse yourself, you experience the consequences of this form of abuse; mentally, emotionally and physically and it can be devastating to you.



A Thought from Across the Miles

Some member intruded into my mind with a strong thought of their own, from across the miles, in the form of a question. The question came across to me like this:

"I am thinking the thoughts I should think to create what I want. I am visualizing and following all the things you have shared with me up on the club site to do. When is it going to happen? When will what I want become my reality?"


If you knew with certainly that what you wanted was going to show up in your life for you, you wouldn't even be asking me that question. It is not your doubts about whether the "creation ideas" up on this site will work for you that is causing you a problem, it is your impatience.

When a farmer plants a seed of corn in the ground, he doesn't ask when it will grow into an ear of corn he can eat. He has faith the seed he planted will do what it is supposed to do naturally.

Have faith in the thoughts you have planted in your mind, Have faith that they will work for you. If you don't have faith in them replace them with thoughts you do have faith in.

Once you have planted thoughts in your mind you do have faith in; nurture, cultivate and protect those "thoughts", from all others, until they are strong enough to grow on their own and then you will see the desires of your heart show up in your life effortlessly..

It is my experience that people do have faith in themselves to create all the magic they want in their lives but alas what they have the most faith in is lack and scarcity rather than prosperity and abundance beyond measure.



Time to Tell Your Truth! Are you Ready?

Why did you join the Spiritual Success Club?

Are you receiving from the club the kind of information you want?

Is the information on this site making a real difference in your life?

In what ways can I improve the club?

Your feed back will help me serve you better. You can post your comments at the end of this message by clicking on the comment link or you can e-mail me privately with your comments by Clicking Here


Question about Thoughts of Love

Question: Why is it the more I think thoughts of love, the more I experience thoughts in opposition to love?

Answer: The more you think thoughts of love, the more stuff it pulls from your subconscious mind that is not love. Thoughts of love are the LIGHT that draws out of us every fear, doubt, worry, insecurity and harsh judgment we have ever had about ourselves or others...

No one likes to think they have any of those qualities inside themselves but we do. The reason we have those qualities is because we secretly believed the LIES people told us about ourselves during our formative years; that we weren't smart enough, good enough or deserving enough.

People implying in any way that we were bad people, during our growing up years, and us accepting those criticisms in how other people controlled us. It is not their fault they raised us up to doubt, distrust and be afraid of ourselves. They raised us up as they were raised; feeling less than the powerful, magnificent, lovable human beings that they truly are.

As you continue to think thoughts of love, those thoughts will pull forth anything from your subconscious mind that is not love until all that is left is love and then watch how magical your life becomes..

When thoughts show up in your conscious mind that are not love, allow those thoughts to pass you by and they will not harm you in any way.

Resisting thoughts that are not love is what gives "unloving thoughts" power over you. That's why doing nothing but noticing those types of thoughts, when they show up in your mind, and allowing them to pass you by is the answer. In fact, it's the only answer that works every time without fail.


People who resist negative thoughts rather than allowing them to harmlessly pass them by eventually become hostile, abusive, bitter, destructive and very unhappy people. Don't judge those people, instead have compassion for them because now you know what they did, that did not work. that allowed them to become the people they were afraid of becoming..



The Simplicity of LIFE...

Life is rather simple when you get back to basics.

There are two types of thoughts. Thoughts that strengthen us and thoughts that weaken us. The ones that strengthen us allow us to create anything we want for ourselves in life. The thoughts that weaken us prevent us from creating what we want....

Any thought that does not strengthen us is a thought in opposition to love. Thoughts of love are ever expanding, creative in nature, and always make us feel good about ourselves.

Thoughts that weaken us makes us afraid and cause us to withdraw from life. Those thoughts are not expansive in nature nor are they creative; they contract, restrict and take our freedom away from us and when that happens we never feel very good about ourselves.

Life is rather simple when you get back to basics...


In The Spirit of Play...

In the spirit of play, wonderful things spontaneously happen to us that would never otherwise occur when we take life too seriously.

A playful attitude produces miracles, in our lives, while a serious attitude produces impossible problems we cannot solve.

Who are you more attracted to, a playful person or a serious one? When you answer that question you will finally understand how the laws of attraction work...



Your Day, Was it Beautiful?

Everyday should be a beautiful day for you because you are, whether you realize it or not, more magnificent, powerful and lovable than you can possibly imagine in this moment of time......

And if you begin to imagine a little bit, you will see yourself as God sees you, perfect in every way.

Sure, it is true, you have made mistakes but that doesn't take away from how magnificent, powerful and lovable you truly are...

Focus on your strengths and they will expand, in your life. and those things you dislike about yourself will melt away from your life with no effort at all.

By a show of hands, how many of you are getting closer to realizing how magnificent, powerful and lovable you truly are?

If you are getting closer to realizing this "divine truth" about yourself, post a comment, by clicking on the comment link below and let me know.

When you forget about your weaknesses and shortcomings
and put 100% of your attention on your best qualities, that
will make a difference in your life, it will make all the difference....

A Real SHOCKER about the Truth...

The truth doesn't mean anything!

"What??? You can't mean it!! You must be kidding!"

No, seriously folks, the truth doesn't mean a thing. Let me explain.

In the 1980's I met a gentleman named Jim. He was successful, wealthy, smart, articulate and the women swooned over him and he loved the women. I admired Jim and, over time, he became a mentor of mine.

One day when I was sharing with him this incredible spiritual truth I discovered, he looked me in the eyes until his eyes locked onto mine and said:

"Frederick, the truth doesn't mean a thing."

I began to argue with him but he didn't argue back. His eyes became even more fixed on my own. As I was going on and on about the truth having to mean something, I began to feel like I was being hypnotized by his steady gaze and the increasing intensity of light that was coming from his eyes. After I took a deep breath to pause in my one sided argument with him, the light in his eyes became even more intense.... and he said two words to me:


As soon as he said those words, the world around me began to fade from view... As my eyes were locked onto his, the thought entered my mind that his eyes reminded me of what Jesus's eyes might have looked like.

Jim's eyes were full of love, kindness, patience, understanding and strength. As I continued to look deep into his eyes, Jim's face literally melted away and was replaced with the face of Jesus Christ himself..... and I literally began to bawl like a baby..... As soon as I started crying, Jesus's face began dissolving and Jim's face reappeared....

I didn't know what to make of that experience but I knew that my life was forever changed..... No I don't go to Church, I am not a member of any organized religion. However, I am a stronger believer that the most real power in the world is the power of love because I experienced LOVE'S POWER the day when Jim told me the truth didn't mean a thing.

Although what Jim said about the "truth not meaning a thing" has proved itself over and over again in my own life, I was at loss to explain to others why the truth didn't mean a thing. Today I know. Here are the reasons the truth doesn't mean a thing:

The truth doesn't mean a thing:

if it doesn't work in your life.
if it doesn't make you happier.
if it doesn't solve a problem for you.
if it doesn't heal you mentally, emotionally or physically.
if it doesn't make you more prosperous.
if it doesn't give you the peace of mind you seek.
if it doesn't make you feel loved beyond measure.


The truth believed is a lie, you can only experience the truth. Believing the truth is like eating the menu while experiencing the truth is like eating the meal. One is the real deal and the other is not.


Climbing the MOUNTAIN of Life...

The higher we climb up a 18,000 foot mountain, the more rarefied the air becomes and if we do not have an external supply of oxygen, we will find ourselves experiencing difficulty breathing.

The same can be said when we are committed to creating our life exactly the way we want it to be. The higher our aspirations, the more difficult the climb can become. If we don't have a external SOURCE of strength we can call upon to renew our mind , body and soul when things get difficult for us, we will find ourselves feeling lost, confused and all alone...

As much wisdom as God gives me on a daily basis, there are times when I feel totally confused, lost and all alone. When I experience times like those, I know it is signal for me to have a "gut wrenching" truth-telling conversation with the God of my understanding.

When I have those sessions, I hold nothing back. I bitch, complain, moan and groan and tell my whole awful truth to God and nothing but the truth until I feel lighter and positive again. It is only with God that it is safe enough for me to do that....and it works wonders for me every single time.

After one of those sessions are over, mentally, emotionally and physically, I feel like a new person. I have new energy, new direction and new inspiration. In addition, I have answers to the challenges life threw my way that put me into the space of feeling confused, lost, and all alone in the first place.

I do not hold anything back from God in those sessions... That's the important part. The freedom to be direct, blunt and completely honest with God unchains my soul and set me free to, once again, be the happy person I am meant to be...

If you are going through a period of your life where you feel totally confused, lost and all alone, take your complaints to God with as much "gut wrenching" honesty as you can muster and you too will experience the freedom to be the happy and content person God meant for you to be....

Why pay a therapist hundreds of dollars to listen to you
bitch, moan, groan and complain when God is the best
therapist of all and His services are free.


Miracles in Reverse

Did you know that accidents and bad luck are nothing more than miracles in reverse?

The same power that allows us to create the good in our lives also allows us to create the bad. If it did not, that power would not be unconditional. Because the power is unconditional, we get to freely choose whether we will make that power work for us or against us.

Do not worry about the negative thoughts you have focused your attention on in the past, for one positive thought, starting right now, will render harmless the negative thoughts you put into motion in the past.

In addition, positive thoughts manifest more quickly than negative thoughts because positive thoughts are lighter and travel faster than negative thoughts that are much heavier and travel much more slowly.

Think of positive thoughts as having the power and speed of a high performance race car, racing up to the top of Pike's Peak. Think of negative thoughts as having the speed and power of a overloaded semi-trailer truck that takes forever to climb up to the top of Pike's Peak. That is the difference between the power and speed of negative and positive thoughts

If negative thoughts had nearly the power of positive thoughts, then everyone who feared getting cancer would get it. It take a lot of continued focused energy on negative thoughts to manifest them into our reality while it only takes a short period of time to manifest sustained positive thoughts into our reality.

Visualizing clearly "what you want" for only minutes a day, right before you drift off to sleep, will neutralize any negative thoughts you had, during the course of your day, that contradicts what you visualized for yourself the night before.

This practice of visualizing what you want before drifting off to sleep will allow you to manifest it rather quickly into your life. The key to the "visualization process" working for you is you have to believe in it and you do.

You already know how easy it is to imagine the worst for yourself. Simply reverse the process and imagine the best for yourself, for only minutes a day, and what you want will show up in your life, guaranteed.


A Personal Message, is it for you?

One of you is struggling so hard that I can FEEL your struggle over here...

If you wonder how I know that, read Empathic Communications and you will understand how I know you are struggling way more than is necessary...

You think you are struggling against darkness when in fact you are struggling against the LIGHT of God's love for you. Dare to relax into the arms of God's unconditional love for you and the struggle will end for you and in its place you will experience a peace that surpasses all human understanding..

From God's lips to your ears, you are not alone anymore!


When you see "that", see "this" instead.

When you see anything in your life that you do like or makes you feel uncomfortable use that as a cosmic signal to see what it is you do what to see.

If you see love lacking.... see yourself attracting the kind of love into your life that makes your heart soar...

If you see money lacking, see yourself attracting money into your life with no effort at all.

If you see health lacking, see yourself in a state of fully restored health.

What you see is what you get. What you see in your inner world (your thoughts and beliefs) is what you see in your outer world (your physical world). Keep your eyes FOCUSED on what you do want, no matter what, and you will not be disappointed..

The LIGHT Shining Through....

When we are in the process of achieving the important things in life, some times, we experience great darkness before the LIGHT shines through and what we want suddenly appears in our life as if a miracle has taken place.

In fact, when things spontaneously appear in our lives a miracle, indeed, has taken place for a miracle is nothing more than the result of the "laws of the universe" working on our behalf that we, yet, do not understand.

The darkness (fear-based thoughts) shields from your view, what you want, so do not be afraid of your darkest thoughts when you are deep into them because that means what you want is close at hand.

And like dark, threatening, storm clouds allow your darkest thoughts to pass you by and what you want will suddenly appear up in your life, as if a miracle has taken place, and you will be moved to tears of great joy and happiness.



Empathic Communications

Comments: As always, you continue to amaze me! Not only with the timing of your messages, but with their unfailing accuracy to whatever my present situation is. Sometimes I wonder if you and I have some sort of"unconscious" connection.

Response: One of the gifts I have is that of being Spiritual Empath. A Spiritual Empath is a person who can feel exactly what other person feels without being limited by time, distance or space.

Once you became a member of the Club, you emotionally connected yourself to me. Through out the course of my day, when I tune into the feelings of each member, by name, I am very aware of what each member is feeling.

That's why, often times, when you or (another member) comes to this site and reads something I have written, you feel as if I am speaking to you directly and I am because the inspiration for what I wrote came off the feelings you, as a member, sent my way...

I know your feelings because like "spokes in a wheel" with the hub (God) at the center we are all connected to each other in very intimate and powerful ways....

I was born with this gift but it took me several years before I could fully understand it. As a result, when you are happy I am happy along with you and when you have doubts, fears and worries I am aware of them. It is then I seek inspiration from God as to what I should write that will empower you to let go of what is troubling you.


Thoughts Vs. Contradictory Thoughts.

The moment you begin FOCUSING on what you want, you begin the process of bringing into your life the object of your desires.

The moment you Focus on what you want, other thoughts arise from your subconscious mind that contradict what you want.

Notice those thoughts, allow them to be and keep your FOCUS on what you DO WANT.....and soon what arises from your subconscious mind will be thoughts that validate what you want.....It is then that you will be on your way to manifesting what you want, in your life, with effortless ease.


When making the transition from living a life of lack and scarcity to a living a life filled to overflowing with all the love, health and prosperity you have ever desired, there is a tendency to draw back, to quit doing what works..... This need not be happen to you if you are resolute in your will and will not accept failure as an option for yourself.

You pay the price for success one time but you pay the price of failure every single day of your life when you don't have in your life what you know in your "heart of hearts" is your "God given" birthright to have..

Don't give up on yourself, no matter what and God won't give up on you either. I am speaking from personal experience on this one....and if I can achieve all that I want out of life, so can you....


Six (6) Noteworthy Self-Love Insights.

The love people are most familiar with is romantic love. While romantic love is a terrific idea, it misses the mark completely. Without a genuine love of Self, all the love we seek outside of ourselves is temporary and outside of our control.

Self-Love is strong positive emotion of regard. Regard means to give careful thought or attention to. In other words, giving yourself and your wants and desires careful thought, attention and consideration.
The biggest barrier people have in regards to genuinely loving themselves is confusing self-love with selfishness. There is nothing selfish about self-love for without a deep love and appreciation of Self, it is not possible to love and appreciation all others different than ourselves.
Without self-love, it is only possible to envy others, to be jealous of others or want what others have rather than seeing we are entitled to and deserving of all the good things we want for ourselves.
People mirror us and how we see other people will tell us exactly how we see ourselves. If we distrust people, dislike them or feel disconnected from them, that is exactly how we feel about ourselves for we only see in others what lives in us.
When we love and appreciate everything about ourselves, exactly as we are, that love is reflected back to us by others and miracles begin unfolding in our lives that allow us to experience all the love, health, happiness and prosperity we desire.


Thinking Magical Thoughts

If when you awaken, in the morning, you declare to yourself that you will see magical things unfold in your life today, you will. That is how powerful your word is when you believe in it...

There is nothing as magical as an unshakable belief in "good things happening to you every day."

Believing in yourself is the best magic of all.

It is my experience that people do have faith in themselves to create all the magic they want in their lives but alas what they have the most faith in is lack and scarcity rather than prosperity and abundance beyond measure.

Your mind can command magically things to happen, in your life. but it is not your mind that makes magical things happen, it is your spirit, obeying the commands of your mind, that does..

Magic unfolds in the lives of the people who still believe in magic.


Collecting Magical Stories

Do you have a magical story to share, large or small? I am collecting "magical stories" from people to put into a book that I am in the process of writing to be published at a later date. If you have something magical that happened to you and would like to share it with me Click Here