Whatever you make the Enemy Defeats you!

Fear is always tempting you to defeat it however fear can not be defeated by fighting it. Any attempt on on your part to defeat fear by fighting it or resisting it only gives fear more power over you. Fear can only be
defeated by allowing it harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky. There is no other way to defeat fear. - Frederick Zappone, June 29, 2008


Success is all in the Attitude

It is not what other people think of us that determines if we will be a success in life or not, it is what we think of ourselves that determines that. Self-acceptance always results in people being successful at what they do while self-rejection always results in people failing at what they do.


Thoughts that are Painful

Thoughts are painful because we act like the painful thoughts we are thinking don't belong to us. The question is, if they don't belong to us, then who do those thoughts belong to? If the thoughts that cause us pain are not our thoughts, then someone else must be doing our thinking for us...

Here is the truth about your painful thoughts. You heard painful thoughts once uttered from the mouth of others down through the years. You turned those painful thoughts into memories you pull up from your memory bank, from time to time, to replay in your mind. Every time you do that, the painful thoughts from your past injures you again. It is bad enough a painful thought injured you once but to replay painful thoughts over and over again in your mind allows those painful thoughts to hurt you over and over again.

Recovering from Negative Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, once you quit thinking thoughts that make you feel bad, it can take you up to 24 hours before you start feeling good again.

The Rule of Thought

Any thought that makes you feel good is the right thought for you. Conversely, any thought that makes you feel bad is the wrong thought for you. After recognizing a thought that makes you feel bad, if you continue to follow that thought, it will take you to places you do not want to go.

Thoughts that are LIES

Any thought that makes you feel bad is a lie... If you believe those kinds of thought, you will only end up feeling worse... Lies make you feel heavier, darker, somber and depressed whereas the truth makes you feel lighter, brighter, happier and carefree. That is the way you can tell the difference between what is truth (for you) and what is a lie..

Live Long and PROSPER

When you feel prosperous you feel this overwhelming urge to give away, free of charge, your time, talent, money and energy to others. This is not insanity thinking, this is prosperity thinking because the more you freely give away to others, the more that is freely given back to you. Somewhere in all of my materials you will come across the prosperity law I discovered called the Immutable Law of Prosperity. Once you read that law you will understand why the more you give, the more that comes back to you multiplied.


I'm Clueless, I don't know

The greatest thing about accepting you don't know how to become rich is that it frees your mind up to do those things that TURN YOU ON.. and if you do what turns you only often enough that will automatically lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you seek.. No one ever got rich for the sake of getting rich. They got rich because, day in and day out, they only did those things that turned them on.

Follow your passion and all of
your dreams will come true, guaranteed!

Worry About The Bad Economy NO MORE

The following messages are written to inspire you and
show you how to become the master of money in a
bad economy rather than a victim of it.

1. Can you make a living from one THOUGHT?

2. The #1 Reason To Be 'In It' For The Money

3. The Top 4 Reasons We Want MONEY..

4. Money in Exchange for a THOUGHT

5. Money or Approval, Choose One...

6. From a Trickle to a FLOOD Money Comes...

7. How Powerful is a Thought?


Not Logical To Me...

I wonder what a different life we would have if we said YES to sex more
often and NO to war all the time. Why is it that something that feels as
good sex is considered taboo in so many different ways while war in its
many forms, is considered, by most cultures, to be a noble thing. That
doesn't make logical sense to me....

Life Explained to me in 1986

In 1986 I was struck by a thought that I found very, very disturbing.
The thought came into my mind out of thin air.

Life is empty and meaningless and has no purpose.

That is all I received. I found the whole idea of life being empty
and meaningless one of the most depressing thoughts I ever had...

Two weeks later, again out of thin air, the rest of the thought showed up in my mind.

Life is empty and meaningless and has no purpose except for the meaning and purpose you choose to bring to it. Therefore choose thoughts that strengthen you rather than weaken you. Choose thoughts that allow you to see love where others see hatred, understanding where others see conflict, compassion where others see injustice. Finally choose thoughts that make you smile and laugh a lot for it is those thoughts that will make life a grand adventure for you..

Favorite "Trying" Quotation

Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract)
and pushes away from us the very things we want. - F. Z.


Favorite "Seekers" Quotation

What you're looking for is
what's looking - St. Francis

Favorite "Miracle" Quotation

Miracles are nothing more than natural laws
at work we yet don't understand. - St. Augustine.

It is not this or that...

It is not how you look, how intelligent you are, how fat or thin you are that determines if you will have the good things you want out of life such as loving relationships, robust health and extra money in the bank. It's the thoughts you think that determine that, nothing else, only your thoughts.

Words, they kill people..

Yes words kill... All acts of violence begin with a thought and then the word is spoken from one to another. Harsh, abusive and critical words activate the primitive 'fight or flight' mechanism in people and for those who do not run from harsh words, they stand to fight, abuse, wound, hurt, destroy and kill in return for the words that hurt them... Underestimating the power of our words to change the world around us is the mistake we as human being should avoid making whenever possible. I am not saying we should measure each word we speak, only be aware of the power of your words and be responsible for the consequences that your words and the words of others bring into your life.

Attitude, Don't take yours for granted...

No matter what life throws your way, your attitude more than anything else determines if you will be victorious or a victim of unpleasant people and circumstances that come your way. Attitude is everything when it comes to creating the life we want. The attitude we adopt can make us courageous or cowardly. When all is said and done our attitude is both our greatest strength and greatest weakness depending upon the thoughts we choose to think about most.