The Ugly Excuse

The ugly excuse is that one excuse that keeps us from being happy right now. This excuse is based on the mistaken belief we have to have something (or have something go our way) to be happy right now. The sad thing is whatever excuse we use not to be happy right now is what stops us from being happy right now... It is the excuse we made up and believe in with our whole heart and soul that stops us from being happy right now... and because we believe in our excuse, with our whole heart and soul, there is no way we can be happy right now unless we get what we want or get our way


GIVE UP OUR EXCUSE as a reason for not being happy now...

The moment we give up our excuse, we immediately begin to feel happy.

It is not the things we want that stops us from being happy right now, it is using those things as a condition for our happiness that stops us from being happy right now.

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The Top 10 Reasons not to Fight with Bad Feelings

Fighting, resisting or arguing with bad feelings:

1. is an EGO TRIP you cannot win.
2. will create more bad feelings.
3. will make you feel worse.
4, will attract more reasons to feel bad
5. will attract people saying things that make you feel bad
6. will make you become addicted to feeling bad
7. will make you feel superior to some people and inferior to others
8. will prevents you from seeing all the blessings that surround you.
9. will make you focus on lack instead of expressing gratitude for what you have.
10. will lower your self-esteem and make you feel powerless rather than powerful.

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The Practice of ALLOWING Your Good

The excerpt from the publication titled:
The Practice of ALLOWING your Good has
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How the Rich Get RICHER!

Rich people get richer because they spend money on tools that help them get richer. However, they investigate first and then decide. They make logical, intuitive decisions, not emotional, impulsive ones.

Rich people get rich because when they are exposed to new ideas or things they don't have first hand knowledge about, they don't let their 'reactions' dictate their next move.

I set this up so people will react when they click on the link below, You can let your 'reaction' make your decisions for you or you can process your reaction privately like rich people do, investigate and then decide. By clicking on this link, you will have a chance to practice what rich people do, investigate and then decide.

If you have any questions about doing this little exercise that rich people do. you can write me

Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone
Life Style Coach to the Stars

The Good News About Discouragement

Discouragement tells us we are trying too hard. It tells us we are pushing up against walls rather than finding the doors. It tells us we have given it our best effort and that we should rest awhile. It is telling us we should go play and come back refreshed and deal with the challenges life has thrown our way on another day..

Discouragement is not defeat or failure for those who know better. It is a much needed rest stop along the way, telling us to chill out, relax, unwind and treat ourselves with gifts fit for a King. It is telling us to meditate a little and reflect on those things that make our heart soar.

When I am discouraged I use that as an opportunity to visualize my future the way I want it to be rather than dwelling on any unpleasant circumstances that surrounds me in my present moments of time. I do not deny "what is", in the "here and now", I simply look beyond it to what will be." It is the vision of where we are going that sets us free.



Famous Sex Quotes

"I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
* Tom Clancy

"You know "that look" women get when they want sex?...... Me neither."
* Steve Martin

"Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand."
* Woody Allen

"Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."
* Rodney Dangerfield

"There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 500SL."
* Lynn Lavner

"Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope."
* George Burns

"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships."
* Sharon Stone

"My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch."
* Jack Nicholson

Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is."

* Barbara Bush (Former US First Lady, and you didn't think Barbara had a sense of humor!)

"Ah, yes, Divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet."
* Robin Williams

"Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself."
* Roseanne

"Women need a reason to have sex. ! Men just need a place."
* Billy Crystal

"There's a new medical crisis. Doctors are reporting that many men are having allergic reactions to latex condoms. They say they cause severe swelling. So what's the problem?"
* Dustin Hoffman

"Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and just give her a house."
* Rod Stewart

"See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time."
* Robin Williams


Prayer Activates the Law of Attraction

In 1979 my life was so tied in knots I started praying for a spirit guide to help me unravel the mess I made of my life and when I least expected it, a spirit guide showed up in my life. Once my guide showed up in my life, by listening to the wisdom and guidance my guide was giving me I was able to straighten my life out in no time flat..

Little did I know, at that time, my prayer for a 'spirit guide' * was my way of activating the power of the law of attraction in my life. The thing about prayer as it is with the law of attraction, in order for it to work for you, you must believe it will. If you don't believe it will, if you have doubts, then no matter how hard you pray or how much faith you have in the law of attraction, it won't work for you..

There are two types of beliefs; beliefs that will take you in the direction you want to go and beliefs that will take you in the opposite direction. Any beliefs that makes you feel good is a belief that is taking you in the direction of your dreams, wants and desires.

What you feel is more important than what you believe or think because your feelings, moment by moment, are telling you if your thoughts and beliefs are taking you towards your dreams or away from your dreams. Good feelings means your thoughts and beliefs are taking you towards your dreams and bad feelings means they are not...

If you want the law of attraction or prayer to work for you 100% of the time, trust your good feelings in all matters and dismiss your bad feelings as not worthy of you.

Frederick Zappone

For information about Spirit Guides (Angels), Click Here



The Tricky Dicky Mind

The moment your mind tells you that you can't be happy or satisfied until you have 'this or that' or until 'this or that' comes to pass or until 'this or that' person changes, you are doomed to unhappiness until one of those things come to pass and if they never come to pass you will be unhappy forever.

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Making Unhappiness Disappear

Unhappiness is the disease, living in the moment is the cure. It is not possible to live in the moment and be unhappy at the same time. In order to be unhappy, you have to compare something against something else. When you live in the moment, you can't compare because in order to compare things you need the past, even if the past was just a minute ago, living in the moment with you too.
The reason babies are happy so much of the time is because
they have so little past to carry around with them to compare things too.
Without the burden of a long past, they are free to experience the beauty
and freedom the moment brings their way.

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Comments About the Pain-Body

There is you, the author, observer, creator and director of your life, and then there is the pain-body. When you confuse who you are with the pain-body, you experience pain... When you are experiencing pain, if you stop labeling yourself as a person who is in pain, your pain will dissolve instantly. This includes physical as well as emotional pain. The pain-body is the counterfeit you, it is an entity trying to masquerade as you. If the pain-body can convince you that who you are, is your pain, you won't be able to tell the difference between the pain-body and who you are, the observer of the pain. As a result, the pain you are experiencing will continue as opposed to melting away from your body naturally.
Acceptance of pain is the
first step to dissolving pain

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I give and give and give...

QUESTION: I give and give and give and I never receive
back nearly as much as I give to others. What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER: Did you ever occur to you that you are so busy giving that you never take the time to receive. Give less and receive more is my motto. When giving 'feels bad' to you that is when you know it is time to stop giving and open yourself to receiving and you will receive.. It is easiest to receive when you are in a relaxed state of mind doing activities that nurture you and make you feel loved...and while you are doing that, the universe, working behind the scenes of your life, will start giving to you in so many ways that it will move you to tears and take your breath away.

Your relentless giving is based on the fear that if you stop giving you will never receive. And because you are afraid of never receiving you don't stop giving long enough to allow the universe or anyone else for that matter to give back to you multiplied what you give to others... Go play... and let the universe balance the scales of 'giving and receiving' justice for you and it will.

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Acceptance Quotations, Eleven (11) of them.

1. Acceptance of 'what is' frees
me up to create what will be.

2. Accepting myself as I am allows
me to become what I want to be

3. Acceptance releases me from
my personal suffering and misery.

4. Acceptance releases stress while
non-acceptance increases stress.

5. Acceptance is releasing judgments
that cause me and other people pain.

6. Acceptance allows creative
energy to flow freely through me..

7. Acceptance makes it possible to live in
harmony with those different than me.

8. Acceptance is going with the flow while
non-acceptance is resisting the flow.

9. Acceptance of my problems
makes problem solving easy for me.

10. Acceptance gives me clarity of
thought whereas non-acceptance
fills my mind with confused thought.

11. Acceptance take the pressure of life
off of me so I can be as light-hearted
and carefree about life as I want to be.

FINALLY my  'Thought MASTERY Program'
has taken on a life of its own. It doesn't matter
what I tell people, it does its own thing. - Frederick Zappone


The Magical Power of Acceptance

For those of you looking for the article titled: The Magical
Power of Acceptance, you can find it by clicking here

I feel powerless, what do I do?

I feel powerless to change my situation, what do I do?

ANSWER: Resisting that you feel powerless will only make you feel more powerless. A genuine acceptance that you feel powerless, in this moment of now, will allow the powerless feeling to melt away from your life naturally with no effort on your part required. Once your powerless feeling melts away, your authentic power will return to you and then you will be able to change your situation with effortless ease.



The Paradox of Feeling Bad

The paradox of feeling bad is this; the moment you resist feeling bad,
you begin to feel worse
. On the other hand, the moment you 'consciously
ALLOW yourself ' to feel bad, you immediately begin feeling better.

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Feeling Good About Yourself.

Feeling good about yourself is the most important thing for when you feel good about yourself you attract good things to yourself, it is how the law of attraction works. Here is the great thing about feeling good. It doesn't have to be dependent on what you have or don't have. It doesn't have to be dependent on whether you have high self-esteem or low self-esteem. Feeling good doesn't have to be dependent on anything 'except your desire to feel good' and from that desire all good things will be added to you..

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Are You Allowing or Resisting MONEY...

If you have bad feelings toward money in regards to making it, acquiring it, spending or saving of it, you are stopping the flow of money from showing up in your life either in the form of cold hard cash or inspired ideas that would allow you to make all the money you want with effortless ease.

In life we are either ALLOWING or RESISTING the flow of money and money inspired ideas into our life. You can always tell if you are allowing or resisting by how you feel... If you have bad feelings toward money, for any reason whatsoever, you are resisting the flow of money into your life. On the other hand, if you have nothing but good feelings toward money, you are allowing money to flow into your life effortlessly.

Check in with your feelings in regards to all aspect of your relationship with money and you will know your truth about money and what is stopping money from flowing into your life in abundance...

If you are having difficulties with money, I highly recommend you read my publication titled: The Practice of ALLOWING Your good. I do not sell this publication as a stand alone publication however you can get it FREE when you purchase a copy of my Spiritual Guide E-manual


Spirit Guides and Angels

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Dissolving Fear

Every time fear shows up in your life, the moment you
take your focus off of it and place your focus on something
you DO WANT your fear becomes weaker. With practice, your
fear will disappear from view completely never to trouble you again..

Given attention to fear makes it stronger,
taking attention away from fear makes it weaker

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The #1 Law of Attraction Question

Question: What is the easiest way for me to attract what I want?

Answer: See what you want as a 'done deal' in your mind's eye.

If you look and see, you will notice that you have vividly seen all the unpleasant things in your life as a 'done deal' in your mind's eye before they showed up in your physical reality. You have been successfully using the law of attraction to give you what you don't want rather than what you do want. Reverse the process by seeing what you want as a 'done deal' in your mind's eye and leave alone, do not touch, those things you do not want and they will melt away from your mind effortlessly...

Remember, always, regarding the process of
creating with your thoughts, if a thought feels
it is not the right thought for you...

Frederick Zappone

Connect to Your Spirit Guide


Logic Versus Feelings

Your logic says do it, your feeling say don't. Which one is correct? Your feeling is the correct one. You see your feelings are connected to the intuitive side of your personality that connects you to your spirit guide (Higher Power). When your feelings say NO it is because your feelings know something that your logic does not know. Of course you can disregard your feelings and follow your logic and learn the hard way, when push comes to shove, logic will some times lie to you, your feelings never will.

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Insights From Angela, A Spirit Guide

If it feels bad (whatever it is), it's not right for you.

The harder you work at getting better, the worse you get.

Leave your self- doubts alone and they will leave you alone.

Trying too hard never works for it only results in you trying harder

Accepting the way you are sets you free to become the way you want to be.

Resist feeling bad will only make you feel worse.

Living in the moment frees you from past failures and future fears

If you would like to know more about Spirit Guides, Click here


Trust your Good Feelings...

Trusting your good feelings would be easy if you didn't have so much practice trusting your bad feelings... Please know this, thoughts have consequences and the first place you feel the consequences of your thoughts is in your body. Good feelings means the thoughts you are thinking are taking you in the direction you want to go and bad feelings means your thoughts are taking you in the opposite direction.

Trusting your good feelings and dismissing your bad
feelings as not worthy of you is
your only hope and salvation -

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The Mom Song (Words Included)

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Authentic Power

What frightens you the most is not your problems,
it is your fear of expressing your authentic POWER, the
same power the 'organizing intelligence of the universe'
uses to create all that is seen and unseen, past, present, future.


The same power that created
the heavens and earth lives inside
of you. Go within or go without

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Did you know Fear is Addictive?

Fear is not only addictive, it is captivating, mesmerizing and spellbinding. The power of fear is found in people BELIEVING what their fears are telling them. What fear doesn't tell you is that the moment you fear losing something, you have already lost it.. Fear blinds you to the whole truth because all fear is based on lies and half truths. The truth never makes people feel fearful but anything less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, does


The Purpose Of Fear Is To Conceal Universal Truth

Why you are afraid!

People spend so much time trying to understand why they are afraid when knowing why they are afraid is not important. What is important is being free of fear. The way to be free of fear is to FOCUS on what you DO WANT rather than focusing on what you don't want, your fears. Focusing on your fears only attracts more fear into your life. On the other hand, focusing on what makes you feel fearless, what makes your heart soar, will make your fears disappear from your life naturally, as if by magic.

Whatever you FOCUS your attention
on, you ATTRACT more of the same..

Free is Price LESS

Ruling your World

It is simple, nothing else except your thoughts makes you feel good or bad.
Rule your thoughts and you will rule your world... Allow the thoughts you do
not like to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky and take action on
the thoughts you do like and your dreams will become your reality, guaranteed.

If your intuition says YES, Click Here


What Ego Refuses to Admit...

The Ego refuses to admit that it is totally powerless to make any real change in your life.. You can tell when your ego is in complete charge of your personality. Those are the times you feel absolutely helpless, powerless and 100% ineffective. That's ego controlling your personality...

The moment you make the decision to do something that feels good and then ACT on that decision, ego releases control over you and moves to the background of your life because feeling good is toxic poison to the ego's soul..

Law of Attraction Stomps Ego to Death..

The ego is that fear-based part of you that believes it is in control.
The law of attraction is that loved- based part of you that knows it
is in control. In every case of conflict, the law of attraction will stomp
your fear-based ego to death because in your house, there can only be
one ruler, the ego, the pretender to the crown, or the law of attraction,
the ruler of your kingdom. The same power, the law of attraction, creates
both the good and bad in your life depending upon the thoughts you
choose to think about the most..

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What Ego Refuses to Admit...



People can be ADDICTED To feeling Bad

Granted, it is not logical to be addicted to feeling bad but their are people addicted to feeling bad as much as some people are addicted to drugs or cigarettes... The addiction to feeling bad is a function of ego not getting its way and believing if you feel bad enough you will eventually get what you want. All you will ever get from feeling bad is feeling worse until you just want to die or end up committing suicide...

Reprogram your mind to understand feeling bad is always an ALERT SIGNAL letting you know your thoughts are taking you in a direction you do not want to go.


Applied Logic is not always logical

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER
from diarrhea, does that
mean that one out of five enjoys it?

Simple Signs That Entertain as well as Advertise

Sign over a Gynecologist's Office:
'Dr. Jones, at your cervix.'
In a Podiatrist's office:
Time Wounds All Heels.
On a Septic Tank Truck:
Yesterday's Meals--on Wheels
At a Proctologist's door:
To expedite your visit, please back in.
On a Plumber's truck:
We Repair What Your Husband Fixed
On another Plumber's truck:
Don't sleep with a drip; Call your plumber!
On a Church's Billboard:
7 days without God makes one weak.
At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee:
Invite us to your next blowout.
At a Towing company:
We don't charge an arm and a leg: We want tows.
On an Electrician's truck:
Let Us Remove Your Shorts
In a Nonsmoking Area:
If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.
On a Maternity Room door:
Push. Push. Push!
At an Optometrist's Office:
If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.
On a Taxidermist's window:
We really know our stuff.
On a Fence:
Salesmen Welcome! Dog Food Is Expensive!
At a Car Dealership:
The best way to get back on your feet: miss a car payment.
Outside a Muffler Shop:
No appointment necessary; We hear you coming.
In a Veterinarian's waiting room:
Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!
At the Electric Company
We will be de-lighted if you send in your payment.
However, if you don't, you will be.
In a Restaurant window:
Don't stand there and be hungry; come on in
and get fed up.
In the front yard of a Funeral Home:
Drive carefully! We'll wait...
At a Propane Filling Station:
Thank heaven for little grills.
And don't forget the sign at a
Best place in town to take a leak
Sign on the back of another Septic Tank Truck:
CAUTION - This Truck is Full of Political Promises


Insights by Lewis Black, the Comic

Some Profanity...Overlook the profanity
for the truth and wisdom in his comedy.

Trust Yourself By Bob Dylan

A Rant Viewed By 5,204,587 + People

After the RANT

Dissolving Fear of the Negative..

Negative feelings are nothing more than
your truth unexpressed. When you fully
express your truth, you feel lighthearted and
carefree and when you do not, you feel depressed.

What is Negative Stuff Really?

Negative stuff is your truth DENIED.
Negative stuff is your truth imprisoned.

Your negative stuff is nothing more than your truth
unexpressed to others out of fear they will disapprove
of your truth or criticize you for expressing it..


** Warning: Don't Go Down ThisTrail **

It's never good to follow the trail of your bad feelings
back to there source because all that does is makes you feel
worse. A bad feeling is an ALERT Signal that you are headed
in the wrong direction with your thoughts and moving further
away from the good feelings you want.

Ted. E. Bear Talks About Apologizing

A Jerry Seinfeld approach
to the subject of Apology

Johnny Carson Interviews Elvis

Don't go there..

If you have a bad feeling about a person, place or situation refrain from taking action until you are inspired to take action by a good feeling. Taking action coming from a bad feeling will result in more bad feelings followed by bad results... Your feelings (good and bad) are you inner guidance system at work taking you in the direction of your dreams, that is if you trust them.. Good feelings means your thoughts are guiding you to what you want. Bad feelings mean your thoughts are moving you further away from what you want.

Your Key to Personal Success

The #1 Key to personal success is when you learn
to trust your good feelings more than you do your bad ones. Why is this? Your good feelings reflect your thoughts and let you know you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of your goals. Your bad feelings let you know the opposite. Your feelings are your inner guidance mechanism that moment by moment let you know if you are thoughts are taking you towards your dreams or moving you further away from them...

Become a PSYCHIC, it's Easier Than You Think

Psychics are ordinary people, like yourself, who are connected
to their 'Spirit' Guide,
are you? If not, my Spiritual Guide eManual
will show you how you can connect to your'guide', it is easier than you think..

Help me win

How can you make a big dream come true?

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

How can you make a big dream come true?

You need to have one secret element, and when you have that secret element, nothing will get in your way. That element is an intense desire! You must desire something with all of your heart to manifest it. Often the difference between those who manifest something and those who do not, is the element of desire. When you have a burning desire for something you ignite a fire within you that attracts with an incredible force. The law of attraction is magnetically drawn to that intense fire element in you, and it responds by gathering all universal forces to make your dream come true.

Very often we ask for things because we think our life will be better with those things, but inside of us we do not have an immense desire for those things. When you don't feel that immense desire within you, you are receiving guidance telling you that this is not something you really want. That is why it is so important to get clear on what it is that you really want with all of your heart, because what you really want with all of your heart is the very desire that you can manifest quickly.

When your heart is on fire with desire you will attract the right things to do, you will find visualizing so easy, and you will find it is effortless to think positive thoughts of your desire. You will attract all the qualities you need, such as strength, courage, belief, persistence, faith, and a powerful will. An intense desire lights up your being, producing a magnetic force that enables the law of attraction to cut through every physical obstacle for you and make your dream come true.

Go for your dreams! Don't cheat yourself in your life with petty desires because you don't think you can live your dream. THE DREAM inside you is the one thing that you have the greatest power to create, because you have an immense desire for it. Find the dream inside you - and make it come true!

Here is the story of an 18-year-old girl - her dream - and her intense desire to make her dream come true.

From Rachael in Indiana

When I was in third grade I told my mother that I wanted to go to the University of Notre Dame. I remember going to meetings at age 13 about what it took to get in - that's how bad I wanted it. I knew everything it took and used this knowledge to my advantage. Notre Dame will not accept someone merely because they get a good score on the SAT, it takes so much more.

I told everyone I talked to, new friends and old friends, that I would be attending the University of Notre Dame. The response was almost ALWAYS THE SAME: "Wow, isn't that school hard to get into? Don't you have to be really smart?" They would wish me good luck in a "you really need it" tone. I never let this sway me.

Before every football game, Notre Dame would play a commercial showing a girl taking "the letter" out of her mailbox. I CRIED EVERY TIME (because I could FEEL - with so much intensity - how I would feel when I came to that day).

When it came time to apply I was more stressed out than I had ever been in my life, but I still continued to tell people that I would be going there. Sometimes a thought would creep into my head saying, "What if I've been telling everyone that I'm going there and then I don't get in?" Every time I'd stop and say, "NO, I will not let myself think these thoughts." And I would continue to imagine and to feel the feelings of coming home and seeing the letter sitting on the table.

On March 28, 2008, I got a call from my step-father telling me that I had to come home, "RIGHT NOW". When I got home I saw the letter and felt every feeling that I had felt previously in my mind - only magnified. The letter said, "Welcome Home".

I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. I have never KNOWN something more intensely. I KNEW that Notre Dame was the place for me, was my home (I guess God, The Universe, knew too).


Hooked on a Feeling - David Hasselhoff

Today's Inspiring, Entertaining, Funny Video Day...

For Drum Lovers - William Tell Overture

Classical Gas -Mason Williams, The 60's

American Trilogy By Elvis Presley

Startlight Inspirational Video By Brenda MacIntyre

Give me Money, Honey!

Contrary to popular opinion, money is not the root of
all evil, the lack of money is.... Here is an entertaining
video about the truth in regards money as sung by
a very money hunger muppet. :)

10 scientific reasons to have sex

1. Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth.

2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.

3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner.

4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don't need special sneakers!

5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases the body endorphin into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy!

7. Sex is the safest tranquillizer in the world. It is 10 times more effective than Valium.

8. Kissing each day will keep the dentist away. Kissing encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and lowers the level of the acid that causes decay, preventing plaque build-up.

9. Sex actually relieves headaches. A lovemaking session can release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain.

10. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever.

I see you reading my blog

You think no one is watching you but I am, I can see you reading my blog.
If you don't believe, scroll to the bottom of the page and look to the left and
you will see a little reddish brown bar with a number in it, one of those numbers
is you. Click on the bar and you will see which page of my site you are on...and if
you click on the map, you will see where you living. Where you are living will
show up as blinking blue star. Yes, it is true, I see you reading my blog.
Ain't technology great. By the way, since I see you, you might as well say hello
to me by leaving a comments or two! :)

Judgments Create Problems...

The moment we judge any person, place or
event as a problem for us it becomes exactly that
because the thoughts we think become law in our universe.


Psychics are connected to SPIRIT Guides. Are you?

Psychics are ordinary people, like yourself,
who are connected to their 'Spirit' Guide,
are you? If not, my Spiritual Guide eManual
will show you how you can connect to your
'guide', it is easier than you think..

To read about how you can connect to your
'spirit' guide, click on this link:

Frederick Zappone

Author of Spiritual Guide eManual,
Becoming PAIN FREE (Dissolving Pain Naturally)
and The Practice of ALLOWING Your Good

These thoughts are Courtesy Angela, a Spirit Guide



You can receive no more or no less into your life
than what your thoughts will allow you to receive.

Everything you see, in any direction you look,
first began as a thought in someone's mind

Criticizing yourself for any reason causes you
to attract more thoughts to criticize yourself about
because thoughts are magnetic vibrations that attract
thoughts of the same frequency in response to the
thoughts you are currently thinking. In other words,
like attracts like.

Thoughts that you focus your attention on
guarantees that you will attract more of the same.

You can't see, taste or touch a thought but thought
is more powerful than the nuclear bomb itself because
it was thought that created the nuclear bomb in the first place.

Nothing is created in the physical reality
without the power of someone's thoughts behind it.

No one's thoughts but yours have the power to make your
life turn into one miraculous event after another or one disaster
after another for the same power that creates the good in your
life, your thoughts, also creates the bad.

Spending time dwelling on thoughts that make you feel
bad attract more of the same until you end up feeling so
bad that you either want to die or commit suicide..

You change your life by changing your thoughts. There is
no other way for real change to take place in your life. If you
don't change your thoughts, your life will not change. Thoughts
come first and the result of your thoughts come second.

If you don't think you have any real power in life that's
because of the thoughts you think.

All power begins with a single thought and from a single
thought of power will come more powerful thoughts to think
about until you can't tell the difference between yourself
and your thoughts of power...

You are only as powerful or as weak as the thoughts you
choose to think and what you choose to think, moment by
moment, is always up to you, no one else, just you.

Your Judgments and the Universe

Something happens and you make the judgement that
the thing that happened is screwing something up for you.
It is your negative judgment of the event that set into motion
the forces of the universe to screw things up for you.

We can only see part of the picture and when something happens
that looks like it is screwing things up for you, it is the universe at
work making things better for you, faster than you can imagine
possible if you don't make a judgment otherwise.

Your negative judgments cancels out the good work the 'organizing
intelligence of the universe' is doing on your behalf. The moral of this
little message, don't judge and your life will unfold one miracle at a time.

Thoughts to PONDER.

If you don't like yourself very much, chances are,
you won't like other people very much either.

Thoughts create your reality. No getting around it,
everything in your life is created twice, first mentally,
then physically.

The day a person is more concerned about their
own business than they are about my business is the
day I'll know they have a life.

Nobody thinks very much about you, how can they,
they're too busy thinking about themselves.

I complained about the rich all the time until I became one...

I am in it for the money so I can take care of the people
who are not in it for the money.

When people learn to trust each other enough, they
will rule the world through the power of the Internet
and governments will not.

Accepting yourself exactly the way you are will
set you free to be happy right now.

You don't have to be perfect to be happy in life,
only gut wrenching honest with yourself.

When you accept yourself as part saint and part
sinner you'll see the perfection God sees in you.

Worrying about what other people think of
us is actually laughable. What makes us think they
are thinking about us at all?


Let Life AMAZE You, I do!...

A Message from a Spirit Guide

Angela is my Spirit Guide (Angel). She has been in my life since 1979.
She asked me to post this message here and up on my Spiritual Guide
E-Manual web page. To read my story about how I connected with
Spirit Guide back in 1979, click here
Is this message for you?
I don't know who this message is for but if it is for you, you will know
it. You will get goosebumps when reading it along with an intuitive
knowing in your soul, always a confirming sign a spiritual
message is for you. - Frederick Zappone

The Message
You are not alone, not any more. As I stand by Frederick's side, your guide
is standing at your side. Your guide is standing behind you on the left hand
side. If you turn your head slowly with your eyes slightly closed and tilted a
little upward, you will be able to get a glimpse of your guide's 'soul body'. Only
ask and your guide will respond to your questions with answers that will bring
tears to your eyes and take your breath away. Suspend disbelief and open yourself
up to receiving the wisdom and guidance your Spirit Guide has for you in this
very moment of time. The love you seek is seeking you this very moment. - Angela
Up on my web page, you will also find
a audio message from me. - Frederick Zappone


Don't take action based on FEAR.

Don't take action out of fear of not having what you want
because that will only guarantee you that you will never have
what you want... If you are taking action out of the fear of losing
something, you can count on it, you will lose it. Instead focus on
what you 'do want' and leave your 'don't wants' alone and before
you know it all of your dreams will begin coming true as if by magic.

Misuse of Focus....

Focusing on what you don't like, don't want, find unpleasant
or undesirable WILL NOT make it go away. It will however make
it stay in your life until you quit focusing on what you don't want
and begin focusing on your DO wants.

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The Focus Principle



She misunderstood me!

If you fear people misunderstanding you, they always will.
People mirror our thoughts with great accuracy and reflect
back to us our positive and negative thoughts without error.

It's a Fact, Thoughts Create

Everything is created twice, mentally, then physically - Greg Anderson

It is a fact, our thoughts create our reality.... The reason people have a tough time creating the reality they want is because they are afraid or become afraid of their darker thoughts. The more they try not to think negative thoughts, the more negative thoughts they think and the more negative people, places and events they attract into their lives through the power of their very own thoughts..

The antidote to being afraid of your thoughts is the The FOCUS Principle

Old Thoughts

If you think the same old thoughts, you
will experience the same old things and
nothing will change in your life until you
change the thoughts you think. - Yoda Ducky

What?? Another Money-Making Scheme!

Thoughts to ponder!

Have you ever had the realization that the only way anyone can sell
you things you don't want or need (such as another business opportunity
or money-making scheme) is to write advertising copy in such a way
as to make you
'FEEL LIKE' they have the answers to your prosperity
and you do not? I bet you never realized how your 'feelings' can trick you
into spending money on things you don't want or need.

'Spirit' Guide E-Manual

This eManual is for people whose spiritual lives are a wreck and
they are living without hope at the end of their rope. For more info, Click Here

The Focus Principle

In the retail business, the mantra is location,
location, location. When it comes to the business
of our life the mantra is focus, focus, focus.

It is a simple principle, Whatever we FOCUS
our attention on, we attract more of the same.

The Focus Principle is so simple that, often times, it is difficult
to internalize and make a natural part of our daily life.

Whatever you focus your attention on,
you attract more of the same.
What exactly does that mean?

Answer: It means whatever, whatever you FOCUS your
ATTENTION on, you attract more of the same..... good or bad,
whatever you focus on, you attract more of the same...

Internalize the FOCUS principle and you will soon discover that
WHATEVER you focus your attention on in your life, you will attract
it to yourself with EFFORTLESS EASE, both the good and bad things,
DEPENDING on what you have your ATTENTION FOCUSED on...

If your FOCUS is on that life is hard and difficult for you, it will
always be so for you UNTIL you change your focus to the thought that
your life is easy and carefree for you.

Once you change FOCUS, in a short period of time, your focus on
thoughts of an easy and carefree life, always and in all ways, will result
in the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' producing an abundance
of evidence in your life that, indeed, your life is easy and carefree.

Feel free to print this out for your
personal use and post it on your frig...

Frederick Zappone

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