What you should know about Feeling Bad.

Feeling bad doesn't get you a thing except feeling worse. In addition, having sympathy for people who feel bad only contributes to them feeling worse. We, often times, treat 'feeling bad' as if it was important when it is not important at all. What is important is feeling good for it is feeling good that tells us that our thoughts are taking us in the direction of what we want while feeling bad is an indicator that our thoughts are taking us away from what we want...

You can't attract something good into your
life when you are feeling bad... It goes against
the law
of attraction of like attracting like...

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Directional Thoughts

Whatever thoughts you think that feel BAD
to you are taking you away from what you want..

Whatever thoughts you think that feel GOOD
to you are taking you towards what you want..

These are known as directional thoughts...

Today's Law of Attraction Insight #2

Feeling negative is an indicator that the thoughts
you are thinking are LIES. A LIE is any thought that
makes you feel bad, that weakens you, that cuts you off from

Today's Law of Attraction Insight #1

The #1 reason the LOA doesn't work for people is because
they trust their BAD feelings more than their GOOD ones not
realizing their bad feelings are indicators their thoughts are taking
them in the direction of what they don't want while their good feelings
are taking them in the direction of what they DO want.


Focusing on WHAT IS...

Focusing on 'what is' keeps you stuck recreating the things you do not like. On the other hand, focusing on 'what will be' makes it possible for you to break free from the prison of your current reality that is unpleasant to you.

When 'what you want' becomes more
important to you than what you have,
your reality will change for you.


Your Story

Does anyone know what it means when someone says:
The Story you tell is the LIFE YOU LIVE.


Making the Law of Attraction work the EASY way.

All you have to do is ACCEPT that the law of attraction is working in your favor and when you ACCEPT that it is, you naturally and effortlessly begin to attract into your life the things you DO WANT and the things you don't want begin to melt away from your life magically...


Top 12 Law of Attraction Messages

Power of Acceptance...

Acceptance of 'what is' frees you up to create what will be....

Acceptance does not mean accepting something forever...
Acceptance is something you do in the moment and for the moment.

Accepting in the moment that a person or situation isn't to your liking releases you from what pisses you off so you are free to make your future moments of living ones that make you as happy as you want to be.

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How good do you want your LIFE to be?

You can have your life be as good as you want it to be... It is all up to you, no one else. No one can control your destiny but you and to blame anyone else for the state of affairs of your life will only make you feel powerless and depressed. No one has more power than you do over how your life turns out because no one lives in your shoes 24/7 but you. Take charge of the thoughts you give your power to and you will be in charge of your life. Allow other people to determine what thoughts you should give your power to and they will be in charge of your life. Your destiny lies in the thoughts you choose to think about the most. Choose thoughts that strengthen you and you will strengthen your life.

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Action has nothing to do with ATTRACTION

Action is a by-product of thought but it is not your action that attracts to you what you want, it is your thoughts. By blaming 'action' for your success or failure in attracting what you want you fail to see it is your thoughts that do the actual work of attracting to you what you want. Action is not required to attract to you what you want UNLESS YOU BELIEVE it is and then for you it will be.

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Question and Answer about the Law of Attraction

Why doesn't the law of attraction work for me?

Answer: Your doubts stop it from working in your favor. The law of attraction, like the law of gravity, operates 24/7 and it is either operating in your favor or against you. Everything you have in your life in regards to the things you don't want got there by your thoughts and everything you want will also arrive in your life through the power of your thoughts. Once your dissolve your doubts (leave your doubts alone) about the law of attraction, it will begin working in your favor. As long as you focus your attention on your doubts about why the law of attraction is not working in your favor, it won't...

Quickest way to attract what you want is
by FOCUSING your attention on
what you
do want and leave your don't wants alone..

Bad Moods and the Law of Attraction

A bad mood is an indicator that your are off-tracking in your thinking in regards to attracting what you want but do not let that disturb you. The reason your are in a bad mood is not important because that is not what you want. What you want is to be in a good mood.

As an example, the moment I experience myself in a bad mood I start searching for thoughts and memories that put me in a good mood and the moment I begin to do that my bad mood begins to dissolve and before I know it I am as happy as I can be. This is a result of focusing my attention on what I DO WANT, a good mood, and away from what I don't want which is a bad mood.

Whatever thoughts you focus your
attention on you attract more of the same

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Have problems with the Law of Attraction?

The truth is not always pretty, sometimes
it stinks... This is one of those times.

People have problems with the law of attraction when it is not working in their favor. When the law of attraction is not working for them they don't want to be responsible for the unpleasant people and circumstances they attract into their lives. As result of their unwillingness to be responsible for the law of attraction working against them, people live in denial that they are responsible of the unpleasant events and people that show up in their life. The unwillingness of folks to be responsible for the negative people and events of their lives causes them to feel victimized and powerless. It is not until people quit blaming themselves and others for the crappy circumstances of their lives can they see how they, through the power of their very own thoughts, attract all the people and events that comes into their lives, the good and bad of it, through the use of the law of attraction.

The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off.

Your thoughts attract. The same power that
creates the good in your life also creates the bad.
Change your thoughts, change your life.....


Attraction Magnet..

Feeling good, no matter what, is your attraction magnet.... Your good feelings tell you that you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of what you desire to acquire, achieve or accomplish while feeling bad tells you that your thoughts are leading you away from what you want..

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Why Wanting, Alone, doesn't ATTRACT

Wanting, alone, doesn't attract what you want because the moment you want something its evil twin fear (the fear you won't be able to have what you want) rears its ugly head and makes you feel bad. When you feel bad you push away from yourself what you want rather than attract it to you..

However, when you focus on 'why' you want what you want that causes you to feel a whole different set of feelings, good feelings, that set into motion the forces of the universe that begin to bring into your life the things you DO want...

I Want More Money BECAUSE......

Start making a list of all the reasons why you want more money and then notice how good you feel when you list WHY you want more money. Focusing on why you want more money and how it will make you feel when you have it will keep you experiencing those good feelings that are letting you know your thoughts are taking you in the direction of the increased prosperity you desire..

The process of listing all the reasons why you want what you want also works with attracting the kind of love, health and relationships you want...

I want more money because
I want a relationship because
I want fully restored health because

Make your list of all the reasons why you want what you want (money, health, love) and then post a comment telling me how it made you feel after you made your list...

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Your Energy

Energy FLOWS where attention goes therefore when you think of unpleasant things you begin the process of attracting unpleasant things to you...

Tolerating an unwanted condition in your life will make you cranky and angry. You tolerate an unwanted condition in your life when you BELIEVE you are powerless to change it.

The belief you are powerless is what makes you feel powerless. Just because you feel powerless doesn't mean you are powerless. It is only a feeling that will change the moment you change your thoughts to ones that make you feel powerful.

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Why we Hurt.

All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in our physical body. When we are hurting, it is result of holding onto thoughts that are untrue. Thoughts that cause us to hurt are LIES we have accepted as the truth about ourselves... Good feelings let us know we are thinking thoughts that make us feel good about ourselves and bad feelings let us know we are thinking thoughts that make us hurt...

Focus your ATTENTION on thoughts that make you feel good and you will effortlessly ATTRACT more good thoughts to think about. Whatever you focus your attention on INCREASES in size, scope and power and whatever you take your attention or focus away from becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears from your 'mental view' completely...

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Crying HEALS

Crying releases pain from the body.
Crying is our way of communicating with God when we don't know any other way. Crying is one of the ways we can reconnect to God's healing energy and unconditional love for us when our prayers and words fail us. Crying is a form of mental and emotional house cleaning. Crying purifies the soul and removes the depression and despair that troubles us..

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Attracting what you want is Easy

Feeling good, no matter what, will lead you to what you want... Every time you allow circumstances to make you feel bad it slows down or stops you from attracting what you want.

When feeling good becomes the most important thing in your life regardless of other people and circumstances, that is when you will effortlessly attract all the good things you want.

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Attraction is EASY...

Attracting what you want is easy... If you are not yet seeing results and are stressing out over it, you are make attraction hard because you are no longer attracting what you want, you are pushing what you want away from you..

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Allowing Happiness

Are you ALLOWING yourself to be happy? So many people do not allow themselves to be happy. Instead they spend their time worrying about this thing or stressing out about that thing as if that is a normal way to be... It is a normal way to be if your goal is to be unhappy.. Allowing yourself to be happy will attract good things into your life while working hard at being unhappy by stressing yourself out and worrying about things that you have little or no control over will guarantee you more unhappiness.

Happiness is easy, it is being unhappy that takes hard work...

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Feeling Good Attracts Good

Feeling good is the most important thing. You have no idea how much good you can attract into your life just by feeling good. However, if you make feeling good dependent on something outside yourself, such as more money or a the perfect relationship, you have put the cart before the horse. From that point on 'feeling good' will be dependent on something outside yourself and no longer dependent on you.

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Happiness first

When we make happiness our first priority, no matter what, all the
other good things we want out of life will come our way naturally.

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Our Good

We hold back the good we desire by the thoughts we think.
Nothing else holds our good back from us except our very own thoughts.

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Allowing or Resisting

If you are resisting, you are resisting allowing
your bad to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in
the sky so your good can come into your life effortlessly.

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Whatever the Problem - Gratitude is the Cure

Expressing gratitude for what we have guarantees that we will have more. If you want to begin experiencing abundance in all areas of your life (including the areas of money, love, health and happiness) practice expressing gratitude for what you do have.

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude for what we do have instead of complaining about what we don't have improves our body chemistry over all and makes thinking positive thoughts easier to do regardless of any unpleasant people or circumstances around us.

What are you most grateful for today?
(Click on a comment link to share your gratitude with us.)

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Are Spirit Guides (Angels) Real?

Of course they are real but they are not necessarily real for you. What makes something REAL is your experience of it. Prior to your experience, you can believe something is real but your belief doesn't make it real to you until you experience it happening to you.

A belief is a preview of what can be, your experience is your belief turned into reality. For example, flying wasn't real for the Wright Brothers but they believed it could be real and from their belief they did what it took to make flying a real experience for them.

The same thing is true for you in regards to experiencing wisdom and guidance coming from your own spirit guide. If you believe in spirit guides and want to connect to your guide in a real way, your belief will motivate you to do whatever it takes so you experience your spirit guide as real in your own life.

That is what I did, I believed in spirit guides and did what it took to experience directly my connection to my spirit guide and in 1979 when I least expected it, a spirit guide named Angela showed up in my life..

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Depression is Caused by Resistance

In order to experience depression, you must be 'resisting' something, real or imagined. Once you discover what you are resisting and quit resisting it, your depression will dissolve instantly.

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Fastest way out of Depression

When you are feeling depressed, the fastest way out of your depression is by really getting into your depression rather than resisting it or fighting it. You can't stay depressed for very long when you consciously, deliberately, and willfully get into feeling depressed and think depressing thoughts. On the other hand, you can stay depressed for years when you resist your depression.

Whatever you resist persists and whatever you
accept melts away
from your life effortlessly.

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Find your POWER, the easy way.

All power is found in our ATTITUDES.

We have attitudes that strengthen us and attitudes that weaken us. The attitude that weakens us the most is believing anyone outside of ourselves has more power than we do.. While it is true, other people may be richer than we are, that doesn't mean they have more power than we do. It means they used the power they had to acquire riches and we can do the same thing if that is what we choose to do. If you want to experience a dramatic increase in your 'personal power,' keep your focus on attitudes that strengthen you and dismiss attitudes that weaken you as not the right attitudes for you.

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Prosperity is AMAZINGLY simple...

Feeling rich lead to physical riches while feeling lack and scarcity leads to physical poverty...

Your feelings are your inner guidance system telling you if your thoughts are taking you to what you want or away from what you want. Feeling bad means your thoughts are taking you away from what you want while feeling good means your thoughts are taking you towards what you want...

All feeling bad can do for you is make you feel worse and take you further away from the love, health or money you want. When something happened that makes you feel bad, do whatever it takes to shift your attitude back to what makes you feel good. It is your good feelings that ALERT you to the fact that your thinking is on-track and taking you in the direction of the things you DO WANT and away from the things that you do not want.

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Do you make MEMORIES Problems?

Often times the problems people have are nothing more than resisting painful memories of the past that are playing themselves out in the present moment of time. Past events can traumatize us and as a result cause us to believe the problem we are having in the present time is real when, in fact, it is only a vivid memory from our past replaying itself in the present moment. Chances are if you can't solve a problem, it is because you are resisting or fighting with a past memory rather than ALLOWING that past memory to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky...

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