Prayer of a Dreamer

I trust that, in this moment of time, I am being guided to my dreams by God's wisdom and knowledge and my journey is safe and secure. In putting my life in God's hands, I give up my need to know when and how I will receive the answers I seek to the challenges life has thrown my way that are between me and making my dreams come true. It is my job to live fully present in the MOMENT and God will do the rest. I know when I am doing my part, "living in the moment" and sharing my joy, happiness and love with others, God is busy, working behind the scenes of my life, doing his part. He is orchestrating the events around me and bringing people into my life who have the solutions and answers I have been searching for that will make my dreams a reality. I thank God, in advance, for making my life the heaven on earth I always knew it could be, Amen.

© 1998 Frederick Zappone, All Rights Reserved


The Prisoner is Released

“Few people are brave enough to follow their hearts. It’s all too easy to opt for the security of a 9-to-5 job with good benefits and tell that voice within to shut up. Sadly, it seems that shutting up that voice tends to shut up some vital creative, spiritual element inside of us that becomes trapped, alone in the dark, able only to exert strange longings within us. However, for a fortunate few, the strange longings become too strong to ignore and the prisoner is released.” - Syneca Featherstone

The letter your just read is the one I received from my friend Syneca back in 1998 when I was trapped in a 9-5 job. I resigned my job a week after I got this letter from her and haven't looked back since. If you are thinking of quiting your job and need some additional courage, my One Magnificent Thought self-help package will give you that extra courage you need. It is modestly priced. - Frederick Zappone


Top 11 Reasons Why People Lose Faith In Themselves

People lose Faith in themselves because:

1. they trust more in others than they trust in themselves.
2. they value other people more than they value themselves.
3. they forget how magnificent, powerful and lovable they truly are.
4. they are more dependent on others than they are on themselves.
5. they seek the approval of others rather than approving of themselves.
6. they give their power away to others rather than using it for themselves.
7. they spend more time trying to please others rather than pleasing themselves.
8. they trust more in someone else's understanding of God rather than their own.
9. they believe more in the thoughts of others than they believe in their own thoughts.
10. they believe the bad things about themselves easier than they believe in the good things.
11. they look outside themselves for strength rather than seeking strength from the God within.

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