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Happy Chinese New Year - Good Fortune to You

Your fortune is a good one because 
the thoughts you focus your attention 
on the most always come true

Your lottery numbers are:
18, 19, 26, 33, 42  (08)

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my 10% when you win..



Unbelievable 20 Parrots tricks in Two Minutes


Trust your Desires

A desire for something is like a compass, it is designed to take you to what you want, your destination. This only works if you act on your desire when you are inspired to do so (when it feels good for you to do so). Acting on a desire when it doesn't feel good for you to act on it will push away from you what you desire.

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Getting RICH in a Bad Economy (My Story)

The dictionary defines the word 'ECONOMY' as the management of a household or state. That's being said, if you are managing your household well, you can prosper, abundantly so, while your friends and family are not. When you hear the words 'bad economy' all that means is that the money in the 'free enterprise system' is moving, in massive quantities, from one group of people to another group. 

Of course, in the beginning you don't see this because it is happening behind the scenes. However once the government announces we have a bad economy, that is exactly what they are saying


When the government tells you we have a bad economy, they  are telling you money is moving away (as an example) from car manufacturers and is moving to high tech firms. So while car manufacturers have lost billions, companies like Apple, Google, Dell. You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are making billions... The money is moving away from old fashion businesses to new high tech businesses. This is one small example.

If the work you did, in the past, that allowed you to prosper is no longer allowing you to prosper in the present, it is time to find work that will.

I have prospered all my life because when the economy changed, I changed. I've always followed the flow of money and then got involved with people and businesses where the money was flowing abundantly.

THE NEW ECONOMY: Working from Home

Money is flowing from the 'BRICKS AND MORTAR' world to the INTERNET world.


If you know how to do it, making money on the internet is easier to do than any kind of work you do in your 9-5 job. The advantages of making money on the Internet are many including not spending money on gasoline to get to and from work. In addition, when you work from home, you set you own hours and work at your own pace making as much money as you want while relaxing more and taking more mini-vacations than you can ever take working at a job..

Working at home yourself, Imagine what it would be like. No boss to hassle you, no co-workers to irritate you. No long commutes. Less stress, a happier you.  The question is how do you get started making money in the NEW ECONOMY on the Internet. 

The answer is simple, start by visiting Home Online Jobs and find the online job that is right for you. A job that is in harmony with your beliefs and values about making money and pays you well.

Some of the current 'work from home jobs' are paying upwards of $85.00 an hour. What would you do if you were working from home and making more money from home than you do in your 9-5 job?

I know what I'd do because I am doing it. I gave up my day job in 1998 and haven't looked back since.  I am spending more time with my kids and grand-kids and take cruises to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and the Dominican Republic to name just a few.  And when I am not doing that  I am taking road trips to Texas, California and places in between.

I can do this because I work online. And if I want to make more money while I am traveling or on vacation. I just take my computer with me because working online doing what I love doing is like being on vacation full-time.  You can't have that kind of freedom with a  9-5 job. 

Today, the jobs available online that you can do from home have grown by leaps and bounds.  Why continue to be a slave to a 9-5 job when there is an better way. One the best online sites for finding work you will love doing from home is Home Online Jobs. 

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Senior Citizens Tweeting Shorthand (Humor)

Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting, there 
appears to be a need for STC (Senior Texting Code). If you 
qualify for Senior Discounts, this is the code for you.

ATD: At The Doctor's
BFF: Best Friend Farted
BTW: Bring The Wheelchair
BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM: Covered By Medicare
CUATSC: See You At The Senior Center
DWI: Driving While Incontinent
FWB: Friend With Beta Blockers
FWIW: Forgot Where I Was
FYI: Found Your Insulin
GGPBL: Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low!
GHA: Got Heartburn Again
HGBM: Had Good Bowel Movement
IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out
LOL: Living On Lipitor
LWO: Lawrence Welk's On
OMMR: On My Massage Recliner
OMSG: Oh My! Sorry, Gas.
ROFL... CGU: Rolling On The Floor Laughing... And Can't Get Up
SGGP: Sorry, Gotta Go Poop
TTYL: Talk To You Louder
WAITT: Who Am I Talking To?
WTFA: Wet The Furniture Again
WTP: Where's The Prunes?
WWNO: Walker Wheels Need Oil
GGLKI (Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking In) 

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My Story: How I am PROSPERING in a Bad Economy.




Secret to Happiness

The true secret to happiness in life is to accept and embrace what is. Interestingly 
enough, when you embrace what is, life suddenly improves -  James Arthur Ray

Gratitude and Appreciation


The voice said: "Until you learn to be grateful for things you
have, you will not receive the things you want."  John Kralik

If you have benefited, in some way, from the wisdom, insights and knowledge I have shared with you up on my blog or through my daily messages and would like to leave donation in support of the work I do, click on the donate button below - Frederick Zappone

TCB - This is the way to Take Care of Business

In life there is only one type of business worth taking care of. That business is taking good care of the people who take good care of you. Never forget to take good care of the people who strengthen you, make you feel amazing about yourself  and love you exactly the way you are. Those people are your real family.

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Why Do You Do it?

If you don't want to do something (__________(fill in the blank) then why do you do it?  

You do it because you believe you have to do it even though doing it makes you feel bad and doesn't work for you. In this matter, trust your feelings that what you believe (that makes you do what you don't want to do) isn't the right belief for you. 

According to the law of attraction, good feelings means you're thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction you want to go. Bad feelings means you're thinking thoughts that are taking you away from where you want to go. In all matters, trust your good feelings and dismiss all bad feelings as not worthy of you.


Your are POWERFUL enough to make NOTHING happen.

This post represents a series of e-mails I had with a person about their personal power. - Frederick Zappone

Comment:  No matter what I do, I can't make my dreams come true. The harder I work at making my dreams come true, the less results I achieve.  My dream is to be a master salesman on the internet and sell millions of dollars worth of the products I create. I have promoted, advertised, done everything I know to do and still people are not buying my products in great quantities. The people who have bought my products tell me they are the best ever. They tell me they are pure genius. And yet after 10 years of doing everything I know to do to successfully market my products, I have little to show for it except for less money than I had in the beginning. What am I do wrong?

Response:  It is not so much what you are doing wrong, it's not recognizing that you are so powerful that by the power of your thoughts alone you have stopped millions of people from buying your products.

Comment:  What do you mean?

Response:  Don't you see that nothing or no one is stopping you from selling millions of dollars worth of your products but you?

Comment: I don't see that.  People are not buying my products.

Response: So you blame them for not buying?
Comment:  Well yes, I guess I do...  I am doing all the things I am suppose to do to sell my products. I am doing all the marketing and advertising work that successful people in my field do and still no results.

Response: It is not what you do that is the problem, it is what you think.  Your thoughts are pushing away and stopping people from buying your products, that is how incredibly powerful you are.

Comment:  If I am that incredibly powerful then I must be incredibly stupid not to understand that it is me stopping myself from selling millions of dollars worth of my products to people.

Response:  The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off. This is going to be one of those times for you.  The truth is, you are incredibly stupid.  You are stupid beyond belief when it comes to your problem. You take no responsibility for your failure, you blame other people.  Other people have nothing to do with your failure, you are so POWERFUL that you are stopping people, by the power of your thoughts alone, from buying your products in great quantities.  I have seen your products, I have seen how you market them. Everything you do is excellent except for one thing, the ENERGY coming from your marketing efforts and products PUSHES me away from them...

Comment: My energy is pushing you away from my products?

Response:  Yes, because you don't really believe you are worthy of success, you put negative energetic thoughts into everything you create that guarantees that no matter what you do, you will fail.

Comment: What can I do to turn this around.

Response: Stop blaming other people and yourself and fully grasp that you are SO POWERFUL that by your thoughts alone you have stopped people from buying your products. 
Comment: That is tough to grasp.

Response:  For you that true because you are so used to blaming other people, yourself or God for your failures. All blaming does is robs you of your power and stops you from seeing you are sooooooo powerful that by your thoughts alone you have stopped people from buy your products and services.

Comment: I am that powerful, huh?

Response: Absolutely!  

You do know that blaming others (or yourself) robs you of your personal power. There is no power in blaming, only a loss of power.  It seems you have lost touch with so much of your power that is is hard for you to comprehend that by your thoughts alone you have stopped yourself from achieving the success you want..

Comment: By my thoughts alone, huh?

Response: Yes. According to your thoughts so shall it be...and it always is..  Everything in life is created twice, first mentally, then physically.  You have mis-created what you want in your mind and until you see yourself as successful as you want to be in your mind's eye (imagination) as a done deal, there is no chance in hell that the success you want will ever manifest itself into your physical reality.

Comment: You have given me a lot to think about. I will e-mail you again, soon.

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Unsolicited Testimonial From a SUICIDAL Lady

I showed Rebekah how to reclaim her power that
she had given away to others down through the years.
There is ALWAYS hope and a way out from underneath
depression and despair when we change how we think.

Testimonial From A Suicidal Lady 

My whole being has made an about turn around and I am so happy that I don’t know how to act sometimes.  Isn’t it unbelievable?  I want to write about the situation but do not know where to begin.  What made the difference?  The email that you sent me in which you XXXXXXXXXXX for me being hurt.  That email touched my very being, I can’t explain what it did other than heal my deepest wounds.  You are an awesome person and I am so grateful to have you as my friend. - Rebekah

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Monetize Your Passion

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Women Wins $112,000,000 using the law of attractio...  
Economics 101 - There is no bad Economy. 
Failing FINANCIALLY? This Article is for you.
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Woman Wins $112,000,000 using the law of attraction

This is a inspiring story about how one person consciously used the law of attraction to win $112,000,000. What is most amazing is she shares in detail exactly how she did it. If you need more evidence than you have that the law of attraction works, this should convince you once and for all,
In May 2007, Cynthia Stafford won $112 million playing Lotto, but what is most amazing is that she'd been planning the big win for a while and even had a written strategy.

As a firm believer in the power of
visualization and meditation techniques, Stafford had been envisioning that she'd win $112 million. She had been visualizing this goal for four months.

"I had been planning ahead by looking at the house I was going to move into, the cars I was going to drive and the charities I was going to donate to," Stafford told AOL News. "I wrote everything down, like a businessman writes a business plan, and I'd look at the list and focus on it."

Stafford first became interested in the idea of visualization around 2002.

"Growing up, I was always reading," she said. "I love books that deal with the mind and utilizing the mind. I wanted to see what I could do to connect with the parts that are utilized."

Of course, thinking about winning oodles and oodles of money is something everyone does, but Stafford believes the key to her big win was that she had a plan for what to do after the win. 

This story was excerpted from AOL News. 

Deal With It.


You are good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, deal with it.

Failing FINANCIALLY? This Article is for you.

Doing things that feel bad in regards to making money will definitely keep you stuck never having enough money. Taking action around money that causes you stress and worry will cause you to attract more circumstances around money that will cause you more stress and worry around money. 

The more you worry about money, the less money you will have. The more you fret, stew and feel depressed about your money situation, the worse your money situation will become.

Any thoughts, or actions taken, coming from fear of not having enough money will result in you not having enough money. Anything you do for money that is out of harmony with your values, beliefs and integrity around money will result in you failing financially. In other words, if you are doing things for money that make you unhappy, that is an ALERT signal that you are doing things for money that will always result in you not having enough money.

Prosperity is your birthright but you don't achieve prosperity by being worried and stressed out about money. You achieve prosperity by doing things for money that make you happy and fulfilled. 

The happier you are in regards to the money making process, the more money you will make. The more you believe you can make all the money you want independent of the bad economy around you, the more money you will make.  ( Read Economics 101, There is no Bad Economy)

Money is a piece of paper that, in and of itself, has no power at all. The only power money has is the power YOU give it and you have given it plenty of power. Like so many people, before you, you have turned your "personal power" away from yourself and projected it into a piece of paper called money. 

The moment you made the decision to "project your personal power" away from yourself and into money (a decision you made during your growing up years) you gave up your rights and privileges to have any real power over money. It amazes me that a silly piece of green paper which has no power, in and of itself, now has the power to make or break your life. 

It is a piece of paper you worry about, lose sleep over and causes you to feel anxious and depressed when you feel like you don't have enough of it. You are also afraid of losing your job, not because of the job itself but because of the money you receive from it. The only reason you work at a job is because you have no confidence in yourself to be the creator and source of your own money, independent of anything outside yourself,

Since the time you made that decision to give your personal power away to money, you have blindly believed all the hype, con, lies and false promises about money. You have also accepted the self-defeating beliefs of others that there are only a limited number of ways you can create wealth for yourself or that you must have a special talent to do so. 

Being rich and prosperous has nothing to do with luck, hard work, being smart enough or having a special talent. You only have to be true to yourself to make a lot of money and you can accomplish this goal in an infinite variety of ways. The only limits to creating the wealth you desire are the limits you place on yourself.

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Breaking free of the 'Feel Bad' TRANCE.

If you find yourself going through a chronic period of feeling bad, you are trapped in a FEEL BAD trance. You have unwittingly and unconsciously been hypnotized into feeling bad by the news, people and events around you.. The only way to break free from a 'feel bad' trance is to SHIFT your focus TOTALLY away from your bad feelings and focus your attention exclusively on what you do want, which is to reclaim your 'feeling good' state of mind as quickly as possible.

Feeling bad is not your natural state, feeling good is.  If you have been feeling bad for a lot longer than you want, then the ONE MAGNIFICENT THOUGHT (OMT) is for you.   It is a high tech 'attitude cure' at its best. And the best part of this deal is the OMT is a tool you use in your own time and own way to break free from the 'feeling bad' trance. Life is too short to let other people and circumstances continually HIJACK your good attitude.  Reclaim your good attitude now by using the OMT attitude tool. For more information, click here

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For $1.00 you can have full access to a powerful law of attraction program that in thirty days will turn your $1.00 investment into $10.00, $100.00, $1,000.00, $10,000 and more depending upon how well you following the simple instructions in this AMAZING program. Prove it to yourself, try our program for 30 Days, $1.00 - Read Details, Click Here


I don't trust, don't trust, don't trust

Question: I have a real issue with trust. When it comes to making more money and becoming financially independent, I don't trust anyone to help me. In addition, I don't trust myself, God, the universe or the law of attraction to provide me with the answers I seek on how to make more money or guide me to more money.... As much as I want to trust I don't trust. 

Answer: That's great news, At least you are not in denial that you don't trust. People who pretend they trust when they really don't never get beyond not trusting. The first step in your ability to trust the BIG THINGS in life (God, yourself, other people) begins with never lying to yourself when you don't trust whatever it is you are not trusting in the moment.

Keep telling your truth about what you don't trust. Do it without resisting the fact (or making yourself wrong) that you don't trust and that phase of your life will be over sooner than you can imagine.

After that phase is over, you will naturally begin to have supreme confidence in God, yourself, the universe, and/or the law of the attraction to guide you to as much money as you want or bring it to you.

As long as you make yourself wrong for not trusting, whatever you resist will persist. Accepting in the moment, and for as long as it lasts, that you don't trust will set you free to trust in the future.

I would suggest instead of focusing on what you don't trust, focus on what you do trust because whatever you focus your attention on you will attract more of the same. The more you focus on what you do trust, the more things you will be able to trust in the future. It is how the law of attraction works.

To get you started making a list of things you trust, I will share with you a few of the things I trusted before I was able to trust myself, God, the universe and the law of attraction with 100% confidence.

I trusted people would stop at red lights.
I trusted people wouldn't walk out in front of me.
I trusted when I walked across the street, cars wouldn't hit me.
I trusted the food I bought in stores was safe for me to eat.
I trusted my dog to always love me and be loyal to me.
I trusted I would wake up the next day.
I trusted when I got sick I would get better.
I trusted the sun would rise and set every day.

I could go on and on about the things I trusted before I was able to fully trust myself, the God of my understanding, the universe and the law of attraction but I think you get the idea.

The more you focus on what you DO TRUST the more things you will attract to yourself that you can trust until you reach the point, naturally, where you are able to trust the most important things with supreme confidence.

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The Power to Be Enlightened.

I rarely post other people's writings on my blog but this piece of writing was so clear and 
powerful that I was inspired to share it with you with the author's permission of course.
To visit EL the author of this article, click on this link:

The Power to Be Enlightened.

The very fact that you desire to be enlightened will give you the power to be enlightened.
That is the fuel. Flame it. Fuel it. – Marsha Sinetar

Within the acorn is the all the mighty oak needs to become the mighty oak.
The power is in the intention.  Not in the reading of books or the practicing of
ritual, but in the WANTING.  Once you want it, it is moving toward you.  No exception.

All you must do is fuel the flame of your desire.
How does one fuel a desire?
NOT by worrying about it not coming.
Not by complaining about what's missing.
Not by looking at the lack.

How does one fuel a desire?


Take one part desire and add one part love, mix until combined, and let rise.

Great Titles by Marsha Sinetar

Ordinary People As Monks & Mystics: Lifestyles for Spiritual Wholeness
Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood
Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood
To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love: The Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring
To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love

I'm going POSTAL right now!......

We are brought up in a STUFF IT society.  In other words, it is more important to be politically correct and look good than it is to tell 'our truth' even if our truth is upsetting.  Because we are brought up in a STUFF IT society there are things that people stew about for years then one day their 'stew' explodes into an unexpected act of violence where people kill themselves and/or others.

There is no sin in feeling angry, upset or rage. However when you stuff those feelings, over a period of years those feelings turn into 'dark energy' and take over control of your body. 

Once those negative feelings take control of your body, if you don't figure out how to safely release them, they will explode, out of you, when you least expect it (when you are in a weakened state of mind) or they will cause you to become ill and die before your time.

There is not one person I know who doesn't have things they are angry, pissed off or upset about.  However, most of the people I know sit on their  'stuff'  and let it fester inside them. Many people literally allow their upsets to eat them alive (cancer) rather than express their upsets in healthy ways that would release and dissolve their upsets and set themselves free from the pain of their upsets forever.

If you have things you are pissed off (anger, rage) about, the best way to rid yourself of your 'stuff'' is by writing it out until you no longer feel any upset about what was upsetting you in the first place.. Some times it takes writing about an upsetting situation or person several times until that potentially 'dark energy' is released from your body and you feel peaceful and centered again.

If you have never released any of your anger and rage about something that is eating away at you, you can anonymously leave a comment to this message sharing with me what you are pissed off, angry or upset about and I'll leave a comment back to you about the best way to dissolve/release your anger or upset. I'll even provide you with 'resource links' that will give you the power to dissolve any and all negative feelings that are robbing you of your peace of mind.

Something most people don't know about anger and rage is this; when you experience anger or rage that means your sense of justice has been violated. It is a ALERT signal that a responsible action has to be taken in order for you to right the wrong that has been done to you. It can also be an ALERT signal letting you know a change in attitude is regards to your situation is required to find the 'peace of mind' you seek.

Leave your comments now, anonymously or otherwise, by clicking on the comment link below or by typing your comments in the comment window if you came to this link directly.

You Feel What You Feel For A Reason, Click Here

How can I tell when I am being true to myself?

QUESTION: How can I tell when I am being true to myself?

ANSWER: The short answer is when you feel good about yourself, you are being true to yourself. And when you feel badly about yourself, you are not being true to yourself..

Being true to yourself is living in harmony with your values and what you believe. If you are not living in harmony with your values and what you believe, then those values and beliefs are the 'wrong' values and beliefs for you. They may be right for someone else but they are definitely wrong for you.

When you are being true to yourself, you will feel good about yourself in all ways, always. And when you are not being true to yourself, you will feel somber and depressed more than you should. And of course, you should feel that way because you are not being true to yourself. You are being true to the beliefs and values other people have forced upon you that are not your beliefs and values at all.   

Discover what is true for you, what your real beliefs and values are and being true to yourself will be an easy thing for you to do. This will result in your being happy and content most of the time regardless of any negative people or circumstances around you. 

Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here


Going Against Yourself

When you do anything that goes against what intuitively know (or sense) is right for you, that action on your part will always result in failure. For example, if you believe you have to take a particular set of actions to succeed but those actions don't feel right to you, then those are the wrong actions for you and will, more often than not, result in failure for you. Here is a personal example. 

After attempting to market my Inspirational Thoughts blog in a variety of different ways with no lasting success, continuing to marketing my blog in ways that didn't feel good to me went against my intuitive knowledge that marketing my blog like everyone markets their blog was wrong for me.

When you go against what you intuitively know will work for you, success will elude you every single time. You might believe you have to do 'this or that' to succeed but if you try what you believe once and it doesn't work you, then discard that belief as a belief that isn't right for you.

Trust your 'inner knowledge, knowledge that feels good to you,  more than what you believe, If there is a conflict between what you believe and what you intuitively know or sense is right for you, trust your inner knowledge, first and foremost.  This trust in your 'inner knowledge will bring you the success you want faster than you can imagine for yourself today.

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Top 10 Inspirational Messages for December

May you laugh, be inspired and enlightened

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    I Can't Change My Situation, HELP!!!

    Often times people write me telling me they can't 
    change their situation. This is the answer I share with them. 

    In life, we always have two choices about our circumstances; we can change our 
    circumstances or we can change our attitude about our circumstances. Once 
    we change our attitude, our circumstances change naturally.

    The last thing anyone wants to deal with is an impossible problem. The moment you say you can't change your situation you have created an impossible problem for yourself.  In truth, you can change your situation but not by fighting with it, resisting it or arguing with it. You change your situation by focusing on what you DO WANT and leaving the hell alone what you don't want....

    You got money problems?  Make this SHIFT in attitude. Leave your damn money problem alone and FOCUS your attention on what you do want, money in abundance.  Focus on what makes you feel good and your money problem will resolve itself like magic although magic will have nothing to do with change.

    A shift in attitude regarding your money problem also applies to love, relationship and health issues. As long as you continue to focus on what you don't want, you will continue to attract more of what you don't want.  Whether you like it or not, that's how the law of attraction works. Focus on what you don't want and you will attract more don't wants.. Focus on what you DO WANT and you will attract more of the things you do want.

    Like most people, even though I have enough money, I want more money because I have a lot more things I want to do in life that require money. The difference is,  I don't focus on money. I focus on doing what I LOVE doing for money which is sharing my inspirational insights with people like yourself.  As a result of doing that, money continues to flow into my life on a regular basis with me not having to sell, promote or market anything.  In place of those things, I spend my day writing about things that make me feel good and then share my feel good inspirational works with others. As a result of doing that people  either donate money in support of my writing work or purchase my OMT law of attraction program

    The bottom line is by making a SHIFT IN ATTITUDE in regards to your money situation by focusing on what you DO WANT and leaving the hell alone what you don't want, that shift will result in money flowing into your life, in abundance, moving from a trickle to a flood, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

    Summary:  Focus on what you DO WANT. When you find yourself focusing on thoughts of lack and scarcity around money use that as an ALERT SIGNAL to shift your focus back to what you DO WANT....Once you begin doing that, what you do want financially will become your physical reality faster than you can imagine.

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    A Miracle State of MIND

    Gratitude for me is a MIRACLE state of mind.  Nothing raises my attitude faster than focusing on being grateful for all that I have. Focusing on gratitude literally makes the cells in my body feel happy. As I focus on the things I am grateful for, large and small, I can feel the cells on the surface of my body smiling. 

    Gratitude as a word doesn't mean much, it actually doesn't mean a thing at all until I begin FEELING the gratitude. And when I begin feeling it, I feel the law of attraction being activated in my favor and bringing into my life the wonderful things I want with no effort at all.  Expressing gratitude for what I have guarantees me I will have more.  It is one of the ways the law of attraction works for me.

    Expressing sincere grateful for being ALIVE seems to put an AMAZING smile on the face of the one who made me. And from that point on, expressing gratitude all day long for everything in my life makes my vibrations rise up higher and higher. So much so that the good things I attract into my life during my day are an unexpected bonus for feeling so darn good all day long.

    I don't know you yet, you the person who is reading my words but by reading them, in a small way, you have connected yourself to me and for that I am grateful. Thank you!  And I thank you again, in advance, if you choose to leave a comment about this blog post...

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    Two Simple WORDS - December Issue, Reader's Digest, Page 165

    Quote from this Reader's Digest true story: 

    Then I heard a voice. "Until you learn to be grateful for 
    the things you have,", you will not receive the things you want."

    May the God of The Universe Bless You With Every Good Thing You Want, Effortlessly.




    One of the ways you can have money, in abundance, in your outer 
    world is to make it real in your inner world. The moment you do,
    money, moving from a trickle to a flood, will begin manifesting
    itself into your life from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.


    Never Give Up

    When you are having trouble making your dream come true, don't
    give up.  Instead make it so real in your inner world that nothing or 
    no one can stop it from manifesting in your outer world. Visualize 
    your dream as a done deal in your imagination in great detail and 
    what you visualize as real in your inner world must manifest itself 
    in your outer world. It is the law.

    Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here


    Something You Should know About Feeling Powerless

    From time to time you will 'feel' powerless however that doesn't mean 
    you are powerless. It is only a 'feeling' that will change the moment you 
    change your thoughts. To feel powerful, think powerful thoughts.


    Thoughts CURING Disease

    I read everything I can about what cures disease. The one thing I find amazing is how little research is being done in regards  to the ability of our thoughts to cure disease.

    We treat cancer as if it had little to do with our thoughts and yet the people who achieved fully restored health from cancer, when all else failed them, did it with their thoughts.

    Some will say they did it with prayer but prayer is nothing more than well formed thoughts deeply believed. If one person can cure themselves of a terminal illness with their thoughts, why not everyone?

    After 30 years of study concerning the ability of our thoughts to cure disease , it makes completes sense to me that our thoughts are powerful enough to cure any disease we have. In regards to my own health, I haven't been treated by a doctor for an illness in over 40 years except on one occasion. 

    The only reason that exception happened is I needed some medicine to use as a 'band-aid' until I had the time to figure out how my thoughts could cure my health problem. Once I figured it out, I changed my thoughts so I could become the master of my disease rather than the victim of it, and I did.

    All thoughts have consequences and the first place we
    feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body

    Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here 


    All is Well Wallpaper

    Click on the picture above for a full size copy of it.. After you 
    do that, right click on the picture to save it to your computer


    I choose to believe ALL IS WELL in all areas of my 
    life in my inner world and from my inner world ALL 
    IS WELL flows into my outer world...

    Waffle Fries, Tofu Wings

    Waffle Fries were part of the original words to the song YESTERDAY by the Beatles.
    Paul and Jimmy sing the original words to the song Yesterday


    How I Changed My Life Overnight!

    There is a long and short version to my story. Here is the short version.
    I changed my life overnight when I quit focusing my attention on thoughts
    that upset me, caused me pain or caused me to worry in any way. 

    Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here


    Why I'd Rather Take Care Of An Old DOG Than An Old Person


    I have taken care of old people and old dogs and I must admit taking care of an old dog is more satisfying and rewarding than any experience I have ever had taking care of old people. 

    I took care of my old dog Red and until the very end of his life  all he wanted to do was love me.  He was always grateful for any kindness I extended to him and never bitched if I didn't pay him enough attention. 

    Up to his dying breath Red wagged his tail and let me know how much he loved me.  On the other hand, the old people I have taken care of have been the most critical, controlling, ungrateful people I have ever met.  Always complaining, always demanding, never taking the time to say thank you or express gratitude for any unexpected kindness extended to them.

    The blessing in all of this is that the critical and ungrateful old people have shown me how painful their ungrateful and critical behavior is to their adult children. 

    This experience has taught me that when I become an old person, I am going to become the most loving and grateful old person I can become. I don't want my children to be filled with angry and bitterness, when I die, like I've seen in the eyes of  adult children whose parents have passed away. 

    I am going to become like my old dog Red, loving my children unconditionally and being grateful to them until the very end...

     Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here


    If You Believe - Ten (10) One Liners

    (According to your beliefs so shall it be and it always it)

    If you believe you can, you will.
    If you believe you can't, you won't.
    If you believe you are not lovable, you won't be.
    If you believe you are not smart enough, you won't be.
    If you believe you will die from your disease, you will.
    If you believe you are not good enough, you never will be.
    If you believe other people are against you, they will be.
    If you believe money is more powerful than you are, it will be.
    If you believe you have no influence over other people, you won't
    If you believe other people are more powerful than you, they will be.

    Whatever you believe is what becomes your REALITY.

    Change your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, Click Here



    My Holiday Message: Peaceful and Calm

    There is nothing more important this holiday season than remaining peaceful and calm while those around us are not.  

    Much of the stress we feel this holiday season is not our stress at all.  It is the  stress of the people surrounding us at work, in the stores and on the roads we drive while doing our holiday shopping. 

    Yes, it is true, we pick up the stressful feelings of others as natural as breathing and if we are not vigilant, the stress of others can cause us to lose our calm center and peace of mind.

    The law of attraction never sleeps. Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same.  

    If you focus on things you do not like, you will attract into your life more things you do not like. Focus on rude and stressful people and you will attract more of those kinds of people into your life...  

    Focus on being peaceful and calm and you will become what you focus your attention on... By taking 60 seconds to focus on the beauty and simplicity of this picture, you will reconnect to your peaceful and calm center once again.


    Okay maybe not peaceful and calm but laughter or a smile works just as well and lightens the load

    Happy Holidays to One and ALL.


    Why I Love Thoughts

    I love thoughts because they are the ultimate power. 

    Did you know your thoughts are more powerful than the atomic bomb? Why? Because it was human thought that created the atomic bomb in the first place.

    Thoughts create things that improve the quality of life. Thoughts create things that destroy life. Thoughts can make us feel good, thoughts can make us feel bad. Thoughts kills, thoughts heal.  Thoughts change the chemistry in our body for better or worse. With our thoughts we use our words and actions to turn what we think into physical reality. 

    All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body. Did you know it isn't disease that kills people?  It's people thoughts about disease that does. 

    • Thoughts depress. 
    • Thoughts make people angry. 
    • Thoughts make people rude. 
    • Thoughts make people do stupid things 
    • Thoughts  make people happy 
    • Thoughts make people peaceful. 
    • Thoughts make people polite. 
    • Thoughts make people do brilliant things.

    There are two kinds of thoughts, conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts. Conscious thoughts allow you to 'respond' to situations. Unconscious thoughts cause you to 'react' to situations.
    To continue reading about thoughts, click here

    From Depression to HAPPINESS

    Depression is caused by one thing and one thing only, it is caused by your thoughts. Now some of the thoughts you think that make you feel depressed are not really your thoughts at all. 
    They are the negative thoughts of others you have adopted as  your own  not to be questioned, ever, under the penalty of punishment or death. 
    Contrary to what many people believe, depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance although the negative thoughts you think can and will cause a chemical imbalance in your body. 
    Depression is caused by the habitual thoughts you think, nothing else, just your thoughts. Your thoughts that create your version of reality.
    In order to move from living a depressed life to living a happy life, no matter the circumstances around you, you have to change your fundamental or primary thought rooted in your subconscious mind.
    This primary thought causes you to think all the thoughts that make you feel less than the happy, carefree, person God intended for you to be ...

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