Failing FINANCIALLY? This Article is for you.

Doing things that feel bad in regards to making money will definitely keep you stuck never having enough money. Taking action around money that causes you stress and worry will cause you to attract more circumstances around money that will cause you more stress and worry around money. 

The more you worry about money, the less money you will have. The more you fret, stew and feel depressed about your money situation, the worse your money situation will become.

Any thoughts, or actions taken, coming from fear of not having enough money will result in you not having enough money. Anything you do for money that is out of harmony with your values, beliefs and integrity around money will result in you failing financially. In other words, if you are doing things for money that make you unhappy, that is an ALERT signal that you are doing things for money that will always result in you not having enough money.

Prosperity is your birthright but you don't achieve prosperity by being worried and stressed out about money. You achieve prosperity by doing things for money that make you happy and fulfilled. 

The happier you are in regards to the money making process, the more money you will make. The more you believe you can make all the money you want independent of the bad economy around you, the more money you will make.  ( Read Economics 101, There is no Bad Economy)

Money is a piece of paper that, in and of itself, has no power at all. The only power money has is the power YOU give it and you have given it plenty of power. Like so many people, before you, you have turned your "personal power" away from yourself and projected it into a piece of paper called money. 

The moment you made the decision to "project your personal power" away from yourself and into money (a decision you made during your growing up years) you gave up your rights and privileges to have any real power over money. It amazes me that a silly piece of green paper which has no power, in and of itself, now has the power to make or break your life. 

It is a piece of paper you worry about, lose sleep over and causes you to feel anxious and depressed when you feel like you don't have enough of it. You are also afraid of losing your job, not because of the job itself but because of the money you receive from it. The only reason you work at a job is because you have no confidence in yourself to be the creator and source of your own money, independent of anything outside yourself,

Since the time you made that decision to give your personal power away to money, you have blindly believed all the hype, con, lies and false promises about money. You have also accepted the self-defeating beliefs of others that there are only a limited number of ways you can create wealth for yourself or that you must have a special talent to do so. 

Being rich and prosperous has nothing to do with luck, hard work, being smart enough or having a special talent. You only have to be true to yourself to make a lot of money and you can accomplish this goal in an infinite variety of ways. The only limits to creating the wealth you desire are the limits you place on yourself.

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