When U BLACK, U BLACK (Truthful Humor)

When I was born, I was BLACK,

When I grew up, I was BLACK,

When I go in the sun, I stay BLACK,

When I get cold, I am BLACK,

When I am scared, I am BLACK,

When I am sick, I am BLACK,

And when I die, I'll still be BLACK.

NOW, You 'white' folks..... 

When you're born, you're PINK, 

When you grow-up, you're WHITE, 

When you go in the sun, you get RED, 

When you're cold, you turn BLUE, 

When you're scared, you're YELLOW, 

When you get sick, you're GREEN, 

When you bruise, you turn PURPLE, 

And when you die, you look GRAY

So who y'all be callin' 




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From LACK to Abundance, The Easy Way

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The Evidence COLLECTOR

The evidence you collect in your life proves what to you? It proves to you whether God, the universe and people are for or against you? Are collecting evidence for or against yourself? You choose and then you have to live with the results of your choice.  If you choose to believe that people love and appreciate you, shortly thereafter evidence will flow into your life proving to you that people DO love and appreciate you.

The Story of Happiness and the Asshole

When I woke up yesterday morning the first choice presented to me was this one; am I going to have a good day or a bad one?  I chose to have a good one. The second choice I faced was this one; am I going to hate what I had to do or was I going to pour my love into it so I could love what I had to do? I made the choice to pour my love into it. The third choice that faced me later in the day was the one where I had to decide whether I was going to allow some asshole to ruin my day or simply allow the asshole to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky. I chose to allow the asshole to harmlessly pass me like storm clouds in the sky. Why did I do that?  Because the asshole upset me once and I wasn't going to replay in my mind over and over again what he said that I couldn't change and allow that asshole to upset me over and over again. AMEN!

Only my thoughts can make me unhappy, nothing else, just my thoughts.

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I am a FAT person and proud of it...


What you are about to read is how I felt about fat before I began losing weight naturally. 

Sad to say we have been conditioned to hate or reject any part of our body with fat on it that's doesn't fit into the all American image of the ideal body. Phooey on the all American image. 

I am tired of making myself wrong for being fat. I am tired of hating myself for being fat. I am tired of feeling resentment towards myself because I can't diet, don't want to diet or can't lose the weight other people tell me that I 'should' lose. 

The trouble I have with anything dealing with dieting is that it all stinks of deprivation, especially depriving myself emotionally. I am so sick and tired of all the 'fat experts' who make fat people wrong and who get rich off of fat people. Screw them and the horse they road in on..... 

I will no longer make 'fitness gurus' the standard for my life. If God wanted me to have the perfect body he would have given me the genes to be that way. He gave me the genes of a fat person and if being fat is good enough for God and Santa Claus, then, by damn, it is good enough for me too.


Overcoming the shame of fat by accepting our fat (we don't have to like it to accept it) is the first step to the fat disappearing from our body with no effort or struggle on our part at all.

Most people who are fat, myself included, were shamed repeatedly during their growing up years and since shame felt awful, food was the way we comforted ourselves. 

Once we find another way to comfort ourselves, the fat on our body will begin dissolving naturally. At least that is my experience. I am still a fat person but not nearly as fat as I once was because I have found other things that comfort me better than food did for me in the past.


What comforts you beside food? 

What gives you your greatest emotional comfort?

Can you, without shame, admit to yourself how much food comforts you?

Besides food, what gives you emotional fulfillment without the guilt you feel when you overeat? 

The problem with guilt is that it feels as awful as shame. The guilt then makes us turn back to food as a way of comforting ourselves. Unfortunately this creates the vicious cycle of 'comfort and guilt' and that cycle doesn't end until we find things in our lives that comfort us better than food does without the guilt. 

Dieting is not the answer to losing weight and keeping it off. Finding other things that comfort us as much as food does is the answer. Once we find things that comfort us as much as food does, our desire to overeat disappears from your life with no effort at all.

What comforts you that's equal to the comfort you receive from food?

You may not have an answer to that question because food may currently be your sole source of comfort. However, if you start exploring things that could comfort you, they eventually will comfort you and your desire to be comforted by food will eventually disappear from your life altogether.



This Song Inspired me when it came out years ago and still does..

I love the words to this song. So much truth in them...

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