The Magic of RECEIVING! (The Article)

When giving to others starts feeling bad to you, it is time 
to stop giving and open yourself up to receiving.  Can 
you do that? Most over-givers cannot..


When you are giving, you are in control and when you are receiving, you are not.   When you give, you experience satisfaction, fulfillment and warm feelings inside of you.. However, when you open yourself up to receive, you first feel emptiness.  

The emptiness folks feel when they open themselves up to receive scares them so instead of staying open to receive, they close themselves back up. When people do that, they shut the door to to receiving all the good things the universe wants to give them in exchange for the good things they have given others.


Emptiness is not a bad thing.... it is a very good thing.  It is a good thing because that emptiness in you is a 'white hole' (not black) filled with the LIGHT of the universe. This LIGHT acting as a cosmic magnet has the ability to attract into your physical life all the good things you have ever wanted BUT you must stay open to receiving the good things you want.. You must embrace the emptiness for what it is, the LIGHT of the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' that draws all good things to you.  

You, who you really are, (a spiritual being, being human for a while) does not fear the 'white light' that lives within you, only your ego does. The ego fears the white light because if you embrace the LIGHT in you that you currently call emptiness, the ego will dissolve. Once the ego dissolves and you feel at 'one with yourself,' what you will experience are feelings of peace, love and prosperity to overflowing. And shortly thereafter that peace, love and prosperity you are experiencing in your inner world will start manifesting itself in your outer world. It is how the law of attraction works.

-- Frederick Zappone, 

Author of the One Magnificent Thought Law of Attraction Program



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The Power of Self-Praise - It WORKS!

PRAISE: the act of expressing approval, admiration or appreciation,

For self-praise to produce tangible results in your life, after you
praise yourself, you have to let the power of the words sink in. 

If you let your words of self-praise (or the praise you receive from others) bounce off your back, that means your self-criticism machine is still running your show.  As long as your self-criticism machine is running the show, you will not be able to attract into your life the things you really want. 


After repeating each phrase (listed below) to yourself, pause and allow yourself to actually feel the words. If you can't feel the words, go on to the next phrase and repeat the process. With practice you will feel the self-praise words you repeat to yourself and what you praise yourself for will become your reality. It is how the law of attraction works. Feeling are the first physical evidence that something (good or bad) is coming true for you depending upon the thoughts you are focusing your attention on the most.  If for some reason you cannot 'feel' the self-praise phrases, listed below, after saying them, create self-praise words of your own that you can feel. - Frederick Zappone  

(If these don't work for you, create your own)

I am really good at what I do, really good

I entertain people and make them laugh

People love my outrageous and irreverent sense of humor..

Feeling good about me makes other people feel good about me too.

I love living life spontaneously and watching good things unfold naturally for me.

I amaze myself at times, I am an amazing person.

I love never disappointing myself.

People love my stuff (writings, art, songs) and want more of it.

People pay me incredible amounts of money for me being just me.

I am blessed that people's misunderstanding me is a thing of the past. 

Without thinking about it, each choice I make for my body is a healthy one.

I am always excited about hearing from people because they always bring me good news.

My financial worth increases every day, regardless of what I do. Money is always 
circulating freely in my life, and there is always a surplus. - (This one courtesy of Robert Griswald )


This program explains why repeating positive words to yourself makes it  possible 
for you to attract what you want into your life with effortless ease.- Frederick Zappone



Why 'Giving Up' ATTRACTS Good Things To You...

I was inspired to do a show on the positive side of  'Giving up' since so many people are feeling hopeless, helpless and defeated these days. Giving up is never about defeat, it is about freedom and liberation. The show explains all. The show is free and  is 15 minutes long. It starts as soon as you click on the link. After listening to the show, please pass this link on to your friends. - Frederick Zappone, Radio Host



FYI: Information You Can't Live Without

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His thoughts about 'Feeling Bad' left me SPEECHLESS

He said: 'I don't want to feel good'. I asked him why. 

He said; 'feeling bad is safe for me. I can't be hurt if I feel bad. Feeling bad is familiar to me. Feeling bad is comfortable to me. Every time I felt good during my growing up years, bad things happened to me. It just wasn't safe for me to feel good. I have survived by feeling bad. When I felt bad, growing up, people left me alone. When I felt good, people criticized me, put me down and bad things happened to me. It is just safer for me to feel bad. There is no logical reason for me to feel good when feeling bad works for me. For me, feeling bad is better than feeling nothing at all.  

My question about this conversation I had with the gentleman is how do you respond to it? 
His thoughts about feeling bad left me speechless.



Eight (8) Fifteen Minute Radio SHOWS - Guaranteed to INSPIRE and Energize you