One with God.... Peace, Serenity, Prosperity (Explained)

What does it mean to be one with God! It means to be one with all that there is without the need to be in conflict with anyone or anything.  It means to be one with unconditional love for yourself and all living things, large and small.. It means to be one with a power greater than yourself that you can't prove exists but deep down in your soul, you know the power exists and is deeply in love with you.   

The desire to be one with all that there is, is all that is required for you to have the 'oneness experience'. Your DESIRE to experience oneness will show you the way to have that experience when there is no way.

As simplistic as this may sound to you when life got too overwhelming and complicated for me, I started repeating over and over again to myself, especially before falling asleep at night; 'I am one with God, I am one with God, I am one with God'. And shortly thereafter peace of mind was restored to me and feelings of serenty and prosperity filled every cell in my body until serenity and prosperity felt real to me..

There are many individual petals that make up this one flower and so it is with God. All that exists contribute to making the one God because everything that exists is part of the whole just as the individual petals make up the whole flower. - Frederick Zappone, Slight Edge Publications


Purpose and WORK ( Question Received, Answer Given )

Received the following question about purpose and work from one of the readers of my blog.

So, if we are looking for one's life's purpose or satisfying 

work, is it OK to ask for divine guidance? Is that a cop out?

A cop out?  Absolutely not.  I ask for divine guidance all the time.  Once I ask the 'DIVINE' for an answer or guidance I seek, I stay open, trusting and observant because I know the answer I seek can come to me anytime through any source.  The answer can show up in my mind as a spontaneous and unexpected thought. It can show up in something I read in a book, magazine, newspaper or online. It can show up in something I hear on the radio or see on television. It can show up on the lips of another person, even a perfect stranger. 

Your purpose/work should feel good to you. You should feel excited about it...and it should make you feel grateful to be ALIVE.  That's how you will know you are doing the purpose and work that is the 'right' purpose and work for you.  Your purpose and work might feel so good to you that it feels like pure play.  Don't discount something that is a lot of fun for you to do.  Purpose and work is suppose to bring us great happiness and joy, not effort, struggle and misery.



Living 'HIS OWN TRUTH' saved him from DYING of Terminal Cancer

In 1943, a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis came to the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled arm. He’d survived a gunshot wound, escaped to Turkey and eventually talked his way onto the Queen Elizabeth, then serving as a troopship, to cross the Atlantic. Moraitis settled in Port Jefferson, N.Y., an enclave of countrymen from his native island, Ikaria. He quickly landed a job doing manual labor. Later, he moved to Boynton Beach, Fla. Along the way, Moraitis married a Greek-American woman, had three children and bought a three-bedroom house and a 1951 Chevrolet.

One day in 1976, Moraitis felt short of breath. Climbing stairs was a chore; he had to quit working midday. After X-rays, his doctor concluded that Moraitis had lung cancer. As he recalls, nine other doctors confirmed the diagnosis. They gave him nine months to live. He was in his mid-60s.

Moraitis considered staying in America and seeking aggressive cancer treatment at a local hospital. That way, he could also be close to his adult children. But he decided instead to return to Ikaria, where he could be buried with his ancestors in a cemetery shaded by oak trees that overlooked the Aegean Sea. He figured a funeral in the United States would cost thousands, a traditional Ikarian one only $200, leaving more of his retirement savings for his wife, Elpiniki. Moraitis and Elpiniki moved in with his elderly parents, into a tiny, whitewashed house on two acres of stepped vineyards near Evdilos, on the north side of Ikaria. At first, he spent his days in bed, as his mother and wife tended to him. He reconnected with his faith. On Sunday mornings, he hobbled up the hill to a tiny Greek Orthodox chapel where his grandfather once served as a priest. When his childhood friends discovered that he had moved back, they started showing up every afternoon. They’d talk for hours, an activity that invariably involved a bottle or two of locally produced wine. I might as well die happy, he thought.

In the ensuing months, something strange happened. He says he started to feel stronger. One day, feeling ambitious, he planted some vegetables in the garden. He didn’t expect to live to harvest them, but he enjoyed being in the sunshine, breathing the ocean air. Elpiniki could enjoy the fresh vegetables after he was gone.

Six months came and went. Moraitis didn’t die. Instead, he reaped his garden and, feeling emboldened, cleaned up the family vineyard as well. Easing himself into the island routine, he woke up when he felt like it, worked in the vineyards until midafternoon, made himself lunch and then took a long nap. In the evenings, he often walked to the local tavern, where he played dominoes past midnight. The years passed. His health continued to improve. He added a couple of rooms to his parents’ home so his children could visit. He built up the vineyard until it produced 400 gallons of wine a year. Today, three and a half decades later, he’s 97 years old — according to an official document he disputes; he says he’s 102 — and cancer-free. He never went through chemotherapy, took drugs or sought therapy of any sort. All he did was make the decision to be happy until he died..   

This article excerpted from new material being published in the second edition of “Blue Zones,” by Dan Buettner, out next month from National Geographic

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10 Reminders to Myself that Guarantee me a GOOD Day

1. Action always changes attitude faster than thoughts do..
2. Thoughts that feel good to you are the right thoughts for you.
3. Your good opinion of yourself neutralizes bad opinions others have of you.

4. The more you love yourself, the easier it is for you to love all others.
5. Accepting you are not perfect allows you to accept others imperfections.
6. Thoughts create feelings. To change feelings, change thoughts.
7. Thoughts that join you to others create happiness.
8. Thoughts that separate you from others causes pain.
9. Embracing what you fear dissolves fear instantly. 

10. Curiosity Killed the Cat. Satisfaction Brought it back...



God's Son Suffered So We Don't have too... - G. Anonymous

Received this photo from G. Anonymous last night. He is the friend of mine who writes anonymous letters to God. If you haven't read any of his letters yet and feel inspired to do so, click here 



Letters to God from Anonymous #2

I have this good friend of mine who writes a very private blog where the only way you can see it is by invitation only.  I am so moved and touched by his honest, gritty blog entries I asked permission to reprint some of his entries on my blog.  He has graciously given me permission to reprint any blog entry of his I find noteworthy as long as I don't reveal his real name. Here is one of his entries. - Frederick Zappone

Dear God,

Help me with my addiction of helping other people to the point of making myself sick...  I am addicted to helping other people to the point of abusing myself.  Help me turn the corner on this one.  I know I am doing this because I think by doing this people will like me better and in return take better care of me. 

G. Anonymous

(After I told God what was on my mind, without me thinking about it because I was in a state of mediation, the following words spontaneously showed up in my mind in response to what I was talking to God about. - G. Anonymous)
Dear G.

What you believe is NOT TRUE.  It is not true because people resent receiving help or support from people who are into sacrifice or self abuse.   The reason they resent it is because it makes them feel guilty and obligated to help people in return.  The fact is, no one enjoys doing things for others when they feel guilty or obligated to do so. Quit obligating people and making them feel guilty. If you do, people will naturally and spontaneously, give generously back to you. - GOD

Prayer of TRUST

Letters to God from Anonymous #1

I have this good friend of mine who writes a very private blog where the only way you can see it is by invitation only.  I am so moved and touched by his honest, gritty blog entries I asked permission to reprint some of his entries on my blog.  He has graciously given me permission to reprint any blog entry of his I find noteworthy as long as I don't reveal his real name. Here is one of his entries. - Frederick Zappone

Letters to God from Anonymous.

Dear God,

I notice I don't take very good care of me.... I have this belief  that as a good person I must suffer because that what my religion taught me.  Jesus was our role model for suffering.  Of course, we got his message all wrong. He suffered so we didn't have too. Problem is,  we mistakeningly believed suffering would make us more Jesus like. what crap. There is only one Jesus and he suffered so we don't have to but we do suffer because religion taught so many of  us that the people who suffered were the good people and the ones who didn't suffer were the bad onesHard to believe after all of these years that it is really okay for me to take good care of myself, it is really okay if I don't suffer any more. Thanks you God  - G. Anonymous.

Thought MASTERY. 

Constipation is a State of MIND...(Article)

Constipation is a sign you have constipated thoughts that are stopping your body from doing naturally what it was designed to do with no effort at all.

According to the recent U.S. Census, there are over 311 million people living in the United States. Statistically, half of them, about 155 million will purchase a laxative product at least once during the course of a year. Imagine, 155 million people experiencing constipation, or bowel irregularity, this year alone. Many of these people will experience Constipation more than once, even several times, and some of them will suffer from chronic constipation. If you have concerns about constipation, you are not alone.

Annually, a 1.5 billion dollar drug industry is fueled by these concerns about constipation or irregularity. Many people, uninformed about Healthy Bowel Function and The Colon, believe themselves to be constipated if they do not move their bowels everyday. Just as each individual is unique, so are their bowels and their bowel habits. It can be quite normal for one individual to have a bowel movement every day, and quite normal for another individual to have a bowel movement every two to three days. Additionally, some people may produce firmer stools than others. Clinically, as long as you are moving your bowels at least once every three days and your Stools can be passed without straining, you are regular. According to this definition, many people who believe themselves to be constipated, should just stop worrying about it.

Everything is first created mentally, then physically including constipation

The real problem with constipation is that you are thinking thoughts that constipate you (thoughts that don't feel good to you) or you are holding on to fear-based thoughts that are causing your body to react in a constipated way.  Fear based thoughts make the cells in the your bowel 'contract' and this constricts the normal flow of the body's waste materials resulting in constipation.

It is not uncommon for people to 'shift thoughts' and suddenly feel the urge to go poop. Why take laxatives when by changing your thoughts, you can relax your bowels so they can do what they want to do, remove toxic poisons from your body, including negative thoughts that no longer serve you, with no effort at all.

Money and LOVE (Research Questions)

Does money make you feel loved or unloved.  In other words, do you feel more loved when money comes to you easily or as a gift and less loved when you have to struggle for it or can't get the money you want at all?

These are research questions for a book I am writing. If you answer my questions, you will  receive as FREE copy of my book when I have it published.  To answer my questions, Click Here

You answers are confidential and your email address will never be shared with anyone for any reason.  - Frederick Zappone


There is Safe Sex and then there is SAFE Sex.


Life Works DIFFERNTLY for me

LIFE WORKS DIFFERENTLY FOR ME. While most people have to market their products to sell them, when I market my products, my sales drop to ZERO.... On the other hand, when I let go and TRUST God will do my marketing for me, sales of my publications SOAR.... It's not logical but it works.  ( The TRUST Prayer)

Nothing Works better or Faster for me than Prayer...


Let go, Let God Prayer


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The TRUST Prayer




3 Best Inspirational Photo Quotations, Guaranteed to make your day


'Words Cast Spells' Photo shared with me by Eldon Taylor

Americans DON'T want The AMERICAN life they have (Article)

Don't get me wrong, I love America,  I bleed red, white and blue. 

When I say Americans don't want the American life they have, it is true.  American's don't want an increase in violence in their cities and streets, they don't want a decrease in their lifestyle.  

They don't want bosses who put profit and money before the welfare of the people who make the money for them. They don't want to be an economic 'slave' to corporate managers who use and abuse them. They don't want to give the best years of their life to a company and when the company no longer needs them, dumps them into the garbage (like a used computer or worn out pencil) without giving  a second thought about how they just destroyed the lifestyle of a loyal employee and his family.

They don't want more government debt. They don't want an uneven playing field where it is easier for the rich to get richer and harder for the poor to become rich.  They want less rules and regulations and more compassion and understanding from their government.  They want their government to be of the people, by the people and for the people rather than it being a government ruled by a privileged few for the benefit of the privileged minority, (the super rich).  

American's want their elected leaders to enjoy the same healthcare and retirement plans they have rather than 'special plans' created just for members of congress.  Americans want the bullshit to stop.  They want the lies to cease. They want men of character and integrity in office rather than men who will lie, cheat or steal to keep their positions of wealth and power.  American's want the America our forefathers dreamed of having, not the nightmare we have today created by our current elected officials and the greedy rich.


9 Out of Thin Air.... Inspirational Thoughts

Action changes ATTITUDE faster than Thought.

Doubts resisted or feared grow stronger over time and destroy self-esteem

If you leave your doubts alone, they will leave you alone 

Embracing what you fear dissolves fear instantly

Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same.

Gratitude makes the things that go wrong in your life, turn out right.

Thoughts that feel good to you, are the 'right' thoughts for you.

You are smarter than you think and not nearly as dumb as you fear.

Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back

These inspirational thoughts brought to you Courtesy of Slight EDGE Publications


Calling All DEPRESSED and SUICIDAL People

I have to be honest with you. I don't know if what you are about to read will be of any help to you or not.  However, because I found my way out of 'depression and suicidal hell' after the medical profession failed me, I feel a moral obligation to share with you the information I have acquired that cured me

At one time I was a very depressed and suicidal person. I was actually that way for a very long time but few people knew it.  I felt deep shame. The only thing that stopped me from killing myself was the belief that if I tried, I would fail at that too

As you know, if you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, the last thing you want to do is burden other people with your problems.. You try to put on a 'brave' front' but it is not easy.  

If you are like I was, you always feel 'less than' other people.  Your strongest desire is to be loved and understood by people but all you end up experiencing is rejection and being misunderstood by others.  Your pain of feeling alone and separate from others can be excruciating at times.  

You spend a great deal of your life trying to run away from yourself and since you know you can't do that, you do whatever you can to numb your painful, shameful feelings of depression and suicide

You medicate and sedate your 'feelings' with drugs, pills, food, alcohol or sex. You take whatever you can and you do whatever you can do to make your worthless feelings disappear....  

And while you succeed in making your worthless feelings go away for a little while, sometimes as short as a minute or two, they always come back, stronger than before..

How do we come into this world as a happy baby
and end up a depressed and suicidal adult.

The answer is at once simple and complex, the 'forces of life' shape us into the adults we become.  The people, circumstances and events of our lives push and shove us 'this way and that' and if we haven't had a chance to find our inner anchor, our inner core, it is easy to be influenced and swept away by the attitudes of people who make us feel less than the magnificent, powerful people we truly are... 


The 'forces of life' that shaped me in the beginning was pain. Lots of it, starting when I was six years old and my dad had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital where he was given 'shock' treatments. 

When he returned home from the hospital, every time I got angry or upset my mother told me if I didn't stop it immediately, I would send my dad back to the hospital.... 

My mother's words put the fear of God in me because I adored my dad. The thought I could put my dad back in the hospital by being angry or upset really frightened me. From that point on, I suppressed or denied every negative thing I felt. Over time, suppressing, denying and lying about what I truly felt caused me to begin experiencing bouts of depression along with suicidal thoughts.  

As a small boy, the pain of suppressing what I felt was so awful for me, at times, I would lay on my bedroom floor, with the door locked, stabbing myself over and over again with an imaginary knife in the hopes that I could kill off the pain I felt inside of me........  

Then, when I was 7 years old (this may sound silly to you) a nun told me if I committed a sin and didn't get to confession before I died, I would go to hell and never see the face of God for all eternity. As soon as you she said that to me, for reasons I cannot explain, I felt like someone had delivered a fatal blow to my solar plexus and I burst into tears, the crying lasted for hours.

It was back then that I, unwittingly, learned how to focus on what I didn't want because I was terrified of going to hell and the awful things the devil would do to a 7 year old boy like me.

I didn't know it at the time but when you focus on what you don't want, you attract more of the same. Not knowing that caused me to attract more pain into my life instead of less.

The pain included being married and divorced twice, once to a woman who literally went crazy on me. She destroyed all my personal possessions and ended up in an mental institution.

In addition to attracting that kind of emotional pain , two of my children died unexpectedly, John at 18 months (a birth defect) and Beth at age 30 (medical negligence). She left four little girls behind ages 8 to 1 1/2 years old. I also attracted into my life two embarrassing bankruptcies. 

My life was an endless sea of emotional and physical pain until I decided to use the pain life threw my way to find a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that would set me free from my pain so I could create a life full of joy, inspiration, happiness, success and prosperity. I did just that for myself and you can too. 

Today, life is good, it is very, very good to me.

I have no debt whatsoever. I pay for everything with cash even though I have outstanding credit these days. I have excellent health, I take no pills or medication of any kind. And I have been in a loving relationship, the perfect relationship for me, going on nine years now. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything I learned about how to change my thinking so I could change my life, I put into two publications so other people who are suffering like I once did, do not have to suffer any longer.  The two publications are listed below.  I have modestly priced my publications so money won't be a problem for folks who want to buy them. After purchasing my books, if you ever have any questions about the content, write me, you'll find my private email address inside the publications. - Frederick Zappone

Copyrighted 2012 By Frederick Zappone


1. The REALITY of Feeling Good, No Matter What
2. Your Power Lives in the Moment 
3. Understanding Brings Healing. 
      (Understanding What causes you to feel bad makes you feel good)

4. Whatever you make the Enemy, Has Power Over You
5. Feelings: Your Inner Guidance System
6. The Power To Make What Goes Wrong In Your Life, Turn Out Right
7. Why Being 'Against Anything' Destroy The Bullet Proof Attitude
     (And why being 'for things' strengthens your bullet proof attitude) 
8. The Elimination of All Fear Based Thoughts
9. Instant Insights – 'Life is Good' One Liners
10. How to Bullet Proof Your Feelings
11. Neutralizing Your #1 Power Robber
12. Suffering and Pain are Optional and Not Required
13. Letting Go In Order To Have What You Want 
14. Red Light – Green Light Feelings
15. The Truth Shall Set you Free But First It will Piss You Off 
16. Healing the ‘Feel Bad’ Nerves In Your Brain 
17. You Create It All 
18. Releasing Thoughts that Imprison You

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You can medicate and sedate your pain, you can tolerate and put up with your pain or you can embrace your pain and make it disappear from your life with no effort at all. Let me show you know....

In this publication I share with you everything you need to know to dissolve any physical or emotional pain you are experiencing, right now, without the need for drugs or pills of any kind.  

If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your pain, I am not suggesting you quit taking them. Quite the contrary, keep taking them and  along with them implement the 'embracing the pain' technique I share with you in this 'cutting edge' publication to speed up the process of making pain disappear from your body with no effort at all.


1. Learn why feeling the pain, heals it.
2. Embracing pain causes no pain.
3. The 'Embracing Pain' Methodology
4. Reversing Disease By Reversing Thought.
5. Many things you know about pain are not true.
6. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
7. Making Pain Disappear Without Drugs.
8. Evolutionary Thoughts About Pain
9. Pain is harmless until you label it...
10. His Thoughts CURED him of Cancer (True Story - Documented)

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An Amazing Love Story (One of the best I've ever read)


A Man' search for the writer of a 60 year old message leads him on an extraordinary journey

As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so I could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and a crumpled letter that looked as if it had been in there for years. The envelope was worn and the only thing that was legible on it was the return address. I started to open the letter, hoping to find some clue. Then I saw the dateline — 1924. The letter had been written almost sixty years ago.

It was written in a beautiful feminine handwriting on powder blue stationery with a little flower in the left-hand corner. It was a "Dear John" letter that told the recipient, whose name appeared to be Michael, that the writer could not see him any more because her mother forbade it. Even so, she wrote that she would always love him. It was signed, Hannah.

It was a beautiful letter, but there was no way except for the name Michael, that the owner could be identified. Maybe if I called information, the operator could find a phone listing for the address on the envelope. "Operator," I began, "this is an unusual request. I'm trying to find the owner of a wallet that I found. Is there anyway you can tell me if there is a phone number for an address that was on an envelope in the wallet?" She suggested I speak with her supervisor, who hesitated for a moment then said, "Well, there is a phone listing at that address, but I can't give you the number." She said, as a courtesy, she would call that number, explain my story and would ask them if they wanted her to connect me. I waited a few minutes and then she was back on the line. "I have a party who will speak with you." I asked the woman on the other end of the line if she knew anyone by the name of Hannah. She gasped, "Oh! We bought this house from a family who had a daughter named Hannah. But that was 30 years ago!"

"Would you know where that family could be located now?" I asked. "I remember that Hannah had to place her mother in a nursing home some years ago," the woman said. "Maybe if you got in touch with them they might be able to track down the daughter." She gave me the name of the nursing home and I called the number. They told me the old lady had passed away some years ago but they did have a phone number for where they thought the daughter might be living. I thanked them and phoned. The woman who answered explained that Hannah herself was now living in a nursing home.

This whole thing was stupid, I thought to myself. Why was I making such a big deal over finding the owner of a wallet that had only three dollars and a letter that was almost 60 years old? Nevertheless, I called the nursing home in which Hannah was supposed to be living and the man who answered the phone told me, "Yes, Hannah is staying with us." Even though it was already 10 p.m., I asked if I could come by to see her. "Well," he said hesitatingly, "if you want to take a chance, she might be in the day room watching television." I thanked him and drove over to the nursing home. The night nurse and a guard greeted me at the door. We went up to the third floor of the large building. In the day room, the nurse introduced me to Hannah.

She was a sweet, silver-haired old timer with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye. I told her about finding the wallet and showed her the letter. The second she saw the powder blue envelope with that little flower on the left, she took a deep breath and said, "Young man, this letter was the last contact I ever had with Michael." She looked away for a moment deep in thought and then said Softly, "I loved him very much. But I was only 16 at the time and my mother felt I was too young. Oh, he was so handsome. He looked like Sean Connery, the actor. Yes," she continued. "Michael Goldstein was a wonderful person. If you should find him, tell him I think of him often. And," she hesitated for a moment, almost biting her lip, "tell him I still love him. You know," she said smiling as tears began to well up in her eyes, "I never did marry. I guess no one ever matched up to Michael..."

I thanked Hannah and said good-bye. I took the elevator to the first floor and as I stood by the door, the guard there asked, "Was the old lady able to help you?" I told him she had given me a lead. "At least I have a last name. But I think I'll let it go for a while. I spent almost the whole day trying to find the owner of this wallet." I had taken out the wallet, which was a simple brown leather case with red lacing on the side. When the guard saw it, he said, "Hey, wait a minute! That's Mr. Goldstein's wallet. I'd know it anywhere with that bright red lacing. He's always losing that wallet. I must have found it in the halls at least three times." "Who's Mr. Goldstein?" I asked as my hand began to shake. "He's one of the old timers on the 8th floor. That's Mike Goldstein's wallet for sure. He must have lost it on one of his walks."

I thanked the guard and quickly ran back to the nurse's office. I told her what the guard had said. We went back to the elevator and got on. I prayed that Mr. Goldstein would be up. On the eighth floor, the floor nurse said, "I think he's still in the day room. He likes to read at night. He's a darling old man." We went to the only room that had any lights on and there was a man reading a book. The nurse went over to him and asked if he had lost his wallet, "This kind gentleman found a wallet and we wondered if it could be yours?" Mr. Goldstein looked up with surprise, put his hand in his back pocket and said, "Oh, it is missing!" I handed Mr. Goldstein the wallet and the second he saw it, he smiled with relief and said, "Yes, that's it! It must have dropped out of my pocket this afternoon. I want to give you a reward." "No, thank you," I said. "But I have to tell you something. I read the letter in the hope of finding out who owned the wallet." The smile on his face suddenly disappeared. "You read that letter?"

"Not only did I read it, I think I know where Hannah is." He suddenly grew pale. "Hannah? You know where she is? How is she? Is she still as pretty as she was? Please, please tell me," he begged. "She's fine...just as pretty as when you knew her." I said softly. The old man smiled with anticipation and asked, "Could you tell me where she is? I want to call her tomorrow." He grabbed my hand and said, "You know something, mister, I was so in love with that girl that when that letter came, my life literally ended. I never married. I guess I've always loved her. "

"Mr. Goldstein," I said, "come with me." We took the elevator down to the third floor. The hallways were darkened and only one or two little night-lights lit our way to the day room where Hannah was sitting alone watching the television. The nurse walked over to her. "Hannah," she said softly, pointing to Michael, who was waiting with me in the doorway. "Do you know this man?" She adjusted her glasses, looked for a moment, but didn't say a word. Michael said softly, almost in a whisper, "Hannah, it's Michael. Do you remember me?" She gasped, "Michael! I don't believe it! Michael! It's you! My Michael!" He walked slowly towards her and they embraced. The nurse and I left with tears streaming down our faces.

About three weeks later I got a call at my office from the nursing home. "Can you break away on Sunday to attend a wedding? Michael and Hannah are going to tie the knot!" It was a beautiful wedding with all the people at the nursing home dressed up to join in the celebration. Hannah wore a light beige dress and looked beautiful. Michael wore a dark blue suit and stood tall. They made me their best man. The hospital gave them their own room and if you ever wanted to see a 76-year-old bride and a 79-year-old groom acting like two teenagers, you had to see this couple. A perfect ending for a love affair that had lasted nearly 60 years.

~By Arnold Fine, Editor of The Jewish Press in Brooklyn, New York 


I am Grateful....


Several months back I was inspired to create a series of gratitude messages. I was instructed to give the messages away to people, free of charge, no strings attached. I did just that and ever since that time, without me doing anything different, other than being grateful for the people signing up for my free gratitude messages, my life has gotten better and better. I now feel I am on the threshold of reaching 'critical mass' with my gratitude messages that will impact the world in a very positive way. Please sign up for my free gratitude messages and help me reach that critical mass. - Frederick Zappone

The #1 Emotional VAMPIRE Trap......

ELECTION ADVISORY WARNING: Watch out for emotional vampires, they are many of them on the loose as the election draws closer. If you are not careful, they will piss you off in a spectacular, melodramatic fashion that will cause your blood to boil (they like it heated up) and your mouth to foam over with venom and hate.
 The #1 Emotional VAMPIRE Trap......

If you ever feel the need to defend yourself or what you think or believe, WATCH OUT,  it is a TRAP.  These traps are set up by 'Emotional Vampires' who want to rob you of your power, energy and strength. They will attempt to seduce you any way they can (debating, arguing, cajoling, baiting, aggravating, upsetting, criticizing or insulting you) if that's what it take to get you to defend yourself. The moment you take the bait and start defending yourself or your ideas, the emotional vampires start sucking the life out of you and when they have had their fill of you, they will leave you alone to die in your own upset.

We Have The EQUAL RIGHT to become Unequal (Article)


You cannot legislate equal rights.  The moment you give rights to one group, you take rights away from another group. Equality is not something we have to fight over or vote for. We were all born equal with the equal right to become unequal, that's how life works.  If you don't feel equal, that is no one's fault but your own. No President determines our value or worth, only we can do that.

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