Releasing, Relaxing, Letting Go

When you are holding onto thoughts and feeling you do not want, your body is also holding on. The cells of your body always do in miniature what your mind thinks.  Discover the place where you body is holding on (solar plexus, back, head, heart) and then give that part of your body some TLC. As that part of your body begins to relax, release and let go, your mind simultaneously  releases thoughts and feelings you do not want. To learn more about dissolving unwanted thougthts, visit: Love Solves All. -


My Christmas Gratitude Prosperity Message To You.

Christmas is upon us and there is a good chance you spent lots of money buying gifts you could not afford. That being said, I'll bet the Christmas gift you want from Santa is more money so you can pay your bills and do the things you love to do. Gratitude is the simplest way to receive the prosperity you desire. It has worked for me continuously since 1998 when I quit my job to do what I loved doing which is inspiring people like you.

The joy of being 'grateful' for the money you have attracts more money to you. Fear of not having enough money pushes money away from you. And it causes you to act in ways for money you would never act if you had more fun and joy acquiring the' riches and peace of mind' you desire. - Frederick Zappone



Think you know love! You don't know squat about love..

You are merrily going through life thinking you know love. You don't know spit about love.  You only know love as a warm feeling, a romantic notion or a sentimental weakness. You think love has something to do with sex. It doesn't, love and sex are two separate and distinct issues. 

If you doubt that I know what I am talking about when it comes to love, let me explain. Before love saved my life, before love made it possible for me to create a heaven on earth for myself, I went through two bankruptcies, two divorces and the unexpected deaths of two of my children. 

When I tell you, that you don't know spit about love, that's not an insult, that's a fact.  Yes, love is a feeling but it is much more than a feeling, it is a power, a presence, an intelligence.  If you really want to know love like I have come to know love, if you  think you can handle the truth about love, click and read: 

Loves  makes problems VANISH into thin air,  
Love make what's goes wrong in your life, turn out right, 
Love turns pain into POWER.

Lust lives between your legs, love lives in your heart. 
When lust and love marry, you experience divinely 
inspired love that is SUPER CHARGED.


Happy Employees Make You More Profit

Treating people as an asset rather than a liability makes a company more profitable and makes for happy employees too. If you own a company with 5 or more employees, I can show you how to become more profitable by treating your employees like royalty. My business coaching service works on a 'sliding scale fee' making my services affordable to small companies struggling financially. To contact me about my services, click here.

-- Frederick Zappone
Former VP of a nationally known Company.
Business Coaching since 1998

This is not completely true.

The following quotation is not completely true. 

 The following statement makes the quote completely true

Addendum. Inner peace begins, the moment you choose not to allow ***yourself**** or another person or event to control your emotions. ---- Too often we spend a lot of energy controlling our own negative emotions so other people don't find out what a real shit we are. 

For example, for years, I have been controlling the resentment I feel, hiding it so other people don't see it. Well, I don't feel like controlling it no more. I want to release it, let it go. And that starts by telling my truth about the resentment I feel to myself if no other. Bottom line, I am resentful as hell for reasons I will not divulge at this time. I will however not sit on my resentment any more and I will do whatever I have to do to get the ugly feeling out of my body.


The #1 Thing That Stops People from being Successful

It took me 25 yrs to be a HUGE SUCCESS.

Could have done it in 1 year if I hadn't spent 24 yrs seeking other people's approval of myself and my ideas. 

LESSON LEARNED (The Very Hard And Very Painful Way)

If you are waiting for other people's approval of the 'greatest' of your talent before you allow yourself to be SUPER HUGELY SUCCESSFUL, it will take you 25 years (or more) to do it like it took me.

The only person's approval you need to be successful right now, at whatever you are doing, is your own approval, no one else, just your own..

The ideas I wrote about on my site opened the door for my huge success   

(Cartoon used with permission)


Fear of Success, I've got the fear, looking for answers.

The fear of my 'imminent success' is ROARING..
The fear is not logical but I feel it.
Because it is not logical, I don't know what to do with it.
Understanding brings healing, I have no understanding of this.
All my mind keeps serving up is the fear is illogical, illogical.
That does not make my fear of success go away..

I am embarrassed to tears to share my fear of being successful with others. I am now aware that I am automatically, outside my conscious control, squashing my fear, pushing it back, shoving it down.

I am loving my fear to death as my way of loving my fear out of existence. I am doing that by going public with my fear and no longer keeping my fear of success a secret from others. Openly loving to death my 'fear of success' as a way to love it out of existence makes me more vulnerable than I like.

Tough Shit, I hear one voice in my head say. Suck it up Cupcake another voice says. You got two choices, a third voice says, share your fear with others and have the possibility of getting answers to overcoming your fear or keep your fear a secret and never have a chance of making it disappear. I opt to share.

If you have any thoughts on how I can get rid of my fear, please comment. - Frederick Zappone

Fear is the Disease, LOVE IS THE CURE


15 Things Your Parents Didn't Tell You About Your FEELINGS

1. Feelings are our WI-FI connection to others. That how we pick up good and bad vibes from others. 

2. Feelings are not accidental, they are either created by our thoughts or the thoughts of others

3. Your feelings can be your greatest gift from the Universe or your worst nightmare from hell.

4. Negative feelings are 'benevolent teachers of love' in disguise

5. If you do not care about your feelings, no one else will either.

6.Our soul speaks to us through our feelings in words we can clearly understand. Sedating and medicating our feelings cuts you off from the guidance our soul is offering us.

7. People only get to 'deliberately' hurt me once and then they are out of my life. That's called self-love.

8. My feelings tell me if I am on-track or off-track with my thinking.

9. Feelings never lie to you, thoughts often times do.

10. The worst crime society committed against you was to make you afraid of your very own feelings.

11. Good feelings GUIDE you to good things. Bad Feelings guide you to bad things.

12. Feelings are not to be medicated and sedated, they are to be understood and loved. 

13. It is not what you think that causes you problems, it is how you feel about what you think that does.

14. Good feeling make life worth living, bad feeling makes life a living hell.

15. If you are not in charge of your feelings, your feelings will be manipulated and controlled by others. 

FEEL GOOD: No Pills. No Therapy, No harmful side effects. Check it out:


How I Neutralized My Critical Mind

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You are Worth Every Penny of It

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How the World Was REALLY Created - A Friendly Story

AUTHOR NOTE: The truth be told, in the end, we all could be wrong about our God stories and what we believe about heaven and hell and how the earth was created. A story about how how everything was 'really' created has floated around in my head for years.. 
Every time I thought about the story, it had a ring of truth in it for me. This is the first time I have ever put the story in my head to words written on paper. If you feel inspired to do so, after reading my story of creation, let me know if it has a 'ring of truth' in it for you too.
There was a BIG BANG and God appears not in the 
universe but 'as the universe'.

He existed before the big bang but no one was around to acknowledge his existence. In fact, no one was around to acknowledge his existence for millions of years.

God loved the ever expanding universe he was creating but after awhile God became bored. He had created many galaxies, stars, planets and solar systems but as wonderful and beautiful as that all was, He was very, very bored.

God made a fateful decision.

He decided to create millions of smaller gods and goddesses in his image and likeness so he would have many, many friends and playmates and no longer be bored.

These millions of gods and goddess were just like God, they could do anything instantly. They could go anywhere instantly. They could have anything they wanted instantly. They could also be anything they wanted to be in an instant. They could be a butcher, a baker or candle stick maker. They didn't have to train for those positions, they thought it and became what they thought in an instant.

For awhile these smaller gods were entertained with their ability to create 'instantly' everything. The moment they thought it, it appeared or it happened.

The moment they wanted sex with a beautiful buxom woman, she appeared. The moment they wanted sex with a tall, dark and handsome stranger, he appeared.

Whatever the little god's wanted in an instant they could have it. A gourmet meal fit for a King appeared in an instant and then it was gone. A vacation on Krypton was thought of and in an instant the smaller gods were there.

After awhile these smaller god became bored too. They found out that, as invisible souls, being able to do anything, create anything, manifest anything instantly, after a while, was boring.....

A few of the smaller gods start grumbling and complaining and soon all the smaller gods, millions and millions of them were whining and complaining at a fever pitch..

They were beginning to plan to revolt against God but God upon hearing of their plan came up with an brilliant creative idea. An idea that would take the 'boredom out of boring' and make life for his 'smaller gods' a thrilling adventure they would never forget.

God gathered all the smaller gods together and told them of his plan to give them 3 dimensional bodies so they could no longer do anything instantly.

They would have to deal with obstacles such time and space, rocks and waters and all kind of physical objects that would make it challenge for them to create in the 3D world what they could create instantly in their spirit world.

God pointed to the Plant Earth and explained the 3D bodies he would give each of them would be a custom made space suit made for the earth's atmosphere.  He explained to them that their space suit would fit so tightly to their invisible soul that they wouldn't be able to tell where their soul ended and their human space suit began.

God then instructed them to make a 'game plan' for living on the planet Earth. He told them to write down the kind of parents they wanted, where they would live on earth, how many brothers and sisters they wanted. He also told them to decide how many friends and relatives they wanted and what kind of personalities they wanted them to have.

He also told them to pick out the kinds of things they would like to do while living in a 3D body. He told them to use their imagination and they did. Their imagination ranged from being a lawyer, doctor and scientist to being a race car driver, sky diver, crook, liar, murderer and drug dealer.

These smaller gods had brilliant imaginations and the list of things they wanted to be and do grew and grew. Finally God told them to pick the year they wanted to die and how they wanted to die.

The smaller gods did what God requested they do... And then just before God was ready to flip the switch sending them down the Celestial fallopian tube to earth, they realize that since they create their game plan and already knew how it was going to turn out, that too would be booooooring.....

They explained to God that his idea was a bad idea because they would still be bored... He said, not to worry. he had a big, big surprise for them.

The smaller gods ask what the surprise was.

I can't tell you that or it wouldn't be a surprise, God replied.

Are you ready to go to planet earth, he ask the smaller Gods?

YES they all said at once...

Are you sure we won't be bored God?

God replied: I promise you won't be bored. You will have worries, drama and upsets, victories and defeats. You will be happy and sad. You will laugh and cry. You will have good sex, bad sex and no sex at all. You will have lot of money and no money at all. You will party hard and make yourself sick but you definitely won't be bored.

And with his finally words to his smaller gods he flipped the switch and the souls of millions of smaller god's went sliding down the Celestial fallopia tubes to the planet Earth

As they were sliding towards earth they noticed something strange happening, they began to forget everything they knew when they were with God.

The moment the 'slide ride' ended and they touched the Earth they passed out. When they woke up they couldn't remember a thing.

They couldn't remember who they were or where they came from. Everything was brand new to them. With their memories erased by God, the 'earth games' began.


Check out: Thoughts Are POWERFUL Things

-- Frederick Zappone

How the World Was REALLY Created
Copyrighted 2013


It's Weird, It's Strange, It is simple and it WORKS!

We all have personal problems, that a fact of life. However there are two ways to handle personal problems. The hard way and the easy way. The easy way is much, much better. Here is how I solve any problem, large or small, life sends my way.

Got a relationship, health or money problem?
Love it to death and you will love it out of existence.

Got an mental or emotional problem?
Love it to death and you will love it out of existence.

Got a people problem?
Love it to death and you will love it out of existence.

Strange advice and yet it works, every time, all the time.
To read the complete article, click on the link below and go to my  Facebook page, Life is GOOD



Successfully MANIFESTING Stuff - My Personal Experience


May 17th

Love dissolves all pain -

Free from the Tyranny of Fear, Doubt and Worry.

I used to be very skilled at imagining the worst, so skilled in fact, that I didn't have to think about imagining bad things. Anything that triggered fear in me would immediately make me imagine the worst in full blown living color. Today, because I loved all of my fears to death as a way to love them out of existence, fear no longer triggers my imagination, only thoughts of love do that for me. When all else failed me, it was love that healed my soul. This link takes you to my story that I share with others who no longer want to be ruled by the tyranny of fear, doubt and worry -


Radical 'Love Concept' (Pass it on)

The idea of loving to death what I did not like as a way to love it out of existence was a radical concept when it first entered my mind. 

Of course, I wasn't having much luck getting rid of negative thoughts, feelings, situations or people by resisting or fighting with them so the concept of 'loving to death' the things I did not like as a way to make them disappear from my life was a last ditch effort for me.  

Therapy had failed me, pills has failed me, prayer had failed me so I had nothing to lose by embracing the concept of loving to death the people, thoughts, situations and things I did not like.  Since I started the practice of loving to death the things I did not like, my life has become infinitely easier and I have become happier and healthier than I ever imagined possible. 

I loved to death a health problem and it went POOF.  

I loved to death a person I could not stand. As a result of doing that, I no longer hear from them and they no longer show up in my life. 

I loved to death the lack of money and from out of the blue, from a totally unexpected source, a huge sum of money showed up in my life.  

While the concept of 'loving to death' the things I do not like as a way to make them disappear from my life is radical, the results I have experienced, using the concept, have been miraculous.  

To learn more about loving out of existence the things you do not like, Click here 


Warning: Doubts Will SLAY your Best Thoughts

The Benefits of Loving Everyone and Everything.

In examining my own life. I clearly see every problem I had, every problem I imagined I had  was caused by and fueled by fear.  Once I changed my attitude and decided, no matter what, to make thoughts of love my dominate thoughts regarding all people and all situations, fear no longer ruled my life. The unexpected side benefit of loving everyone and everything, no exceptions, is that my life has become a series of amazing events that, often times, defy logical explanation. Because of  the 'amazing experiences' I have had with love. I've decided to do what people have told me is impossible to do and that is to take love VIRAL. That means making love such a dominate 'presence' in our public lives that our love for ourselves and one another will love fear right out of existence making room for one MIRACLE after another to appear in our lives.

                       Taking Love Viral -


Body Wisdom

If you trusted your body, truly trusted the wisdom of your body, you would be healed of any illness or sickness your body experienced, many times instantly, often times incrementally but always, if your trusted your body, it would heal itself. 

If you allow the wisdom of your mind to override the wisdom of your body, the mind's wisdom (which never knows for sure what the body needs) can cause the body to die before its time. 

Tap into your body's wisdom, ask it what it needs from you, what it wants you to do... and then pause and listen for the answer... If necessary, repeat the question and pause again, the body will tell you what it needs. Listen carefully as if someone was whispering to you at a distance and you will hear the answer. As you become accustomed to listening to the body telling you what it needs, your body's voice, over time, will become louder and clearer, easier for you to hear the messages of guidance and advice your body is sending your way so you can live the healthy, happy life you want. 

From the forthcoming Book: Body Wisdom By Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)


The Ageless MIND

Funny, when we are young, we want people to think we are older and when we are older we want people to think we are younger. What the heck is wrong with the age we are! I am 71 and I am as happy and as free today as I was the day I turned twenty-one. Yesterday, for fun, I walked 10 miles and then I ate a pint of Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream. Today, I am going to the Banana Split Festival in my hometown of Latrobe, PA, the birthplace of this banana treat. My secret for a living an awesome, happy life is LOVING everybody and everything including banana splits. -  Sharing the Love Because That Is All I Know


The Hazards of Raising Backyard Chickens

People CAN'T Hurt me any more...

PEOPLE CAN'T HURT ME ANY MORE..... I used to think I was hyper-sensitive and that is why I got hurt so easily, then I realized I was hyper-protective, constantly trying to protect my feelings from being hurt by others. This action on my part resulted in me getting hurt a lot and deeply. Finally, I made the decision to no longer defend or explain anything about myself to anyone for any reason. From that point on, no one, with rare exception, has hurt me. The rare exception when someone has hurt me, it gave me the opportunity to see what thought or feeling I was protecting. Anytime I defend some thought or feeling I am attempting to protect it rather than be responsible for it and that has always resulted in me getting wounded by others. That's why, today, I do not protect or defend anything about myself. I am what I am, I think what I think, I feel what I feel, I did what I did, I take full responsibility for it. End of story.. (Sharing the love because love is all I know. )


ALERT: Pity Train derailed - Breaking News

The truth is, no one's life is okay in all departments 100% of the time. And when circumstances are not okay, whining about them isn't going to make things better while a change in attitude will. 

Feeling sorry for people or agreeing with people about how awful it is doesn't strengthen them, it weakens them. Why would you feel sorry for someone when you know how powerful they truly are and that the situation they have is a result of the misuse of their very own power? 

Have compassion for them because they misused their power but never feel sorry for them because that only reinforces the mistaken belief that they have no real power at all. 

When people are down and out they don't need their weaknesses reinforced by us feeling sorry for them or having pity on them. What they need is for people to show them how to recover their power so they can turn a bad situation into something good for themselves. 

I have been as 'down and out' as you can get and I know from personal experience that the people who coddled me, pitied me, didn't help me one bit. Their well-intentioned words only made me feel less of a person rather than more. 

If you haven't read my story about being homeless, please do, it will give you a better understanding why this photo is funny to me. If hadn't given myself the kind of pep talk that you read in the sign, I would still be homeless.

Loving the 'Rejection' to death..


How I Create REALITY


I don't know whether this will be useful to you 

but I felt inspired to share it with you today.

FOCUSED ATTENTION is required to create REALITY for you.

Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is where your human energy goes. Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is what becomes REALITY for you. Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is felt in your body.

Feeling good indicates you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of what you want. Feeling bad indicates you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from what you want.

Focusing your attention on what you DON'T WANT draws it closer to you.

Taking your attention off of what you 'don't want' begins to make it disappear from your life. As long as you keep any portion of your attention focused on what you 'don't want,' it will remain in existence in your physical world.

Nothing can continue to exist in your physical world without you focusing your attention on it. (This is a law of quantum physics) When you withdraw your attention from something, you remove your energy from it. When you remove your energy from it, it loses it power to continue to exist in your life.

Taking your FOCUS away from what you 'don't want' and keeping it focused on what  DO WANT takes practice. Every moment of every day gives you the opportunity to practice focusing on what you DO WANT until it becomes an automatic habit of thought for you that you don't have to think about twice...

What you just read is the third issue of my WEEKLY INSIGHTS newsletter available on my web site   


I'm White, You Are Black, but we are People first..


I'll start.

I am afraid of all black people until I get to know them.

Why am I afraid of them?

Because my 'psyche' has been brainwashed by the media, where I live. I say without exaggeration that 80% of the bad news that is reported on our nightly local news centers around black men robbing, raping, murdering, doing drugs or acts of violence.

I didn't think the new affected me the way it did until I decided to do a Caribbean cruise with a Black group from my area. To get to the cruise ship we had to take a bus together to Baltimore, a 400 mile trip.

As the day approached to take the cruise, I noticed my mind had these 'irrational fears' of me boarding a bus where I would be the only white person among people who were carrying drugs and guns in their pockets and who would look at me with hatred and contempt in their eyes.

I realized these were 'irrational fears' but that didn't stop me from feeling them and that did not stop me from going on the cruise with my black brothers and sisters because, as irrational and as powerful as my fears were, fear does not rule my life, I do.

Once on the bus, I felt strange being the only white person among 57 black people. At first I felt fearful but my fear quickly dissolved as everyone on the bus greeted me with kind words and broad smiles. The people I was with on the bus with were the kindest, sweetest, most intelligence, classy group of people I ever spent time with. They were no longer black people, they were people just like me.

My experience of taking a cruise with black people was better than any cruise I had ever taken with white people. So why was I fearful in the beginning? Because of how the media in my area portrays black people.

After my cruise trip, I came to two conclusions, first black people need to start suing the hell out of media organizations because, whether they will admit it or not, news organizations are as racists as they come.

Secondly, black people need to get a new PR agent to show the world that black people aren't black first, they are people first, just like you and me.

Black people have the same hopes, dreams and desires as all people have. It is time to celebrate our skin color differences rather than try to destroy them. It is time we see that we are all in this together and that we all win or no one wins... Who is in this with me?

AUTHOR NOTE: I had fear of starting this conversation but after what has happened, I realized someone had to start it. Obama spoke for the black people on Television and I decided I would speak for the white people, who feel like me. I still feel fear, the fear of being criticized or made wrong for my honesty but as I said in the main part of this post, I feel fear but fear doesn't make my decisions for me and fear does not rule my life, love does. Love is way more powerful than fear will ever be.. 

Getting all of our fears out on the table (about each other and our personal fears) take power away from fear and begins the process of making fear disappear from our life naturally. Fear needs privacy to exist and when it is talked about publicly. it begins to unravel and dissolve of its own accord.  - Frederick Zappone, author of Love Is All I Know


I am available to do radio interviews on this subject.  If you would like to talk with me about being on your show, contact me by clicking here


Money LOVES Me. (My Story)

Each Dreamer's has an 'interest' they are passionate about.  And the interests dreamers have are as different as the stars in the skies. I have always felt like I had to apology for my interest, for my interest is money.  

During my growing up years, people criticized me, sometimes severely, for my passionate interest in money. It too me years to figure out that the people who criticized me about my interest in money did so as a result of their own immoral and rotten attitude towards money. 

For myself, the 'energy of money' is as a spiritual or as evil as we make it.  Money is to the body what prayer is to the soul. We need both to thrive and prosper on our journey through this life. And because I only see the good side to money, I love sharing the good things I know about money with others so that everyone appreciates the value, beauty and grace money brings to our lives. 

Without money our freedom to do all the wonderful things we want to do for ourselves, the people we love and people less fortunate than ourselves is severely limited.  

It is clear to me, as a spiritual person, I can do more good in this world with money than I can without it.  (To read more of my thoughts about money, )


Taking back the POWER you have given money

Money is paper, it is coins, it is electronic digits on a screen. 

Money has no power and yet it holds great power over most people. Why? 

The answer is simple, people have projected their power away from themselves and into a piece of paper called money. And until they take back the power they  have given a piece of paper called money they will have very little POWER to make all the money they want when they want it. 

You are the POWER that Gives MONEY its power 

Money is paper.  Money, in and of itself, has no power at all.  You are the power that gives money its power. The good news is that you can take back the power you have given money anytime you want...  

How To Take Back The Power You Have Given MONEY 

It is important to recognize that you cannot take back your power over money unless you are in the process of  making money.  You see, it was when you first started making money that your fears about money showed up in your mind based on the LIES and half truths people told you about money.  These fears are the ones that have disabled you and prevent you from making all the money you want when you want it.  On the other hand, the more truth and clarity you gain in regards to money, the more power you will have to make the money you want far beyond anything you can imagine possible for yourself today

Being victimized by money really sucks! 

For myself, personally, I took back my power from money and dissolved all of my fears around money by becoming a PRO member of Unlimited Profits.  As a PRO member of Unlimited Profits I learned how to become a master of money rather than allowing myself to continue to be victimized by money because being victimized by money really sucks! 

If you are tired of being victimized by money,  If you are tired of never having enough money. If you tired of experiencing worry and stress over money, I can help. Once you sign yourself up as a PRO member of Unlimited Profits, you get me as your 'money coach' so I can make sure all of your financial dreams and goals come true. To learn more about Unlimited Profits, click here



Positive Money Quotations

1. The more fun you have making money,
the more money you will make.

2. As a spiritual person, you can do more good
in this world with money than you can without it.

3. a truly happy person is one who knows they can 
make all the money they want when they want it. 

4. The only reason people don't make the money they want is out
fear of losing what little money they have. That fear is increased
by  entertaining doubts about their ability to make all the
money they want when they want it. 

5. The belief that money is power is a lie. Money is paper..
You are the power that gives money its power. 

6. When you feel powerless around money that is because you have projected your power away from yourself and into a worthless piece of paper called money. No wonder you feel powerless around money, look what you projected your power into.

7. Would you spend $99.00 a month for the opportunity to make $20,000 a month, I did.  Why?  Because whatever thoughts I focus my attention on the most, I attract more of the same. The more I focus, only, on the positive aspects of money (rather than my fears about money), the more money I make.


If you would like to know what I know about making money in ways that are FUN and easy to do, click here  to get your FREE preview. The preview is free, no credit card required...

Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone
Money Coach and Author of:
Love is All I Know (Amazon)


REAL WEALTH is found in your Thoughts.

No one thinks of their thoughts as the place where their real wealth lives but it is.... You are either the master of your thoughts or the victim of them. If you are the master, your thoughts have the power to create all the wealth you have ever wanted or ever will want. And we are not just talking about financial wealth, we are talking about mental, emotional, spiritual, and physically wealth as well. 

You know you are being victimized by your thoughts when you are feeling worried, anxious, stressed out, uptight, depressed, fearful, or afraid. You know you are being victimized by your thoughts when you turn to pills, booze, food, alcohol or drugs to sedate and medicate your feelings.

There are four areas where people are most victimized by their thoughts and those areas are relationships, health, sex and money.  If your thoughts are victimizing you in one of those areas of your life and want to become the master of your thoughts in that particular area, send your questions my way. 

To become the master of your thoughts, read Thought Mastery 

 - Frederick Zappone 
   Coach and Author of Love Is All I Know (Amazon) 


Fresh Leads, Prospects, Customers for Your Business

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Why I DON'T SELL anything to anyone ever

Selling is really about making people disenchanted (unhappy) with what they have so people will buy what some sales person is offering them.  In my online business, I have no need to make people unhappy with what they have, I am simply looking for people who want more. 

I do that by sharing the truth about my business and serving people by answering their questions honestly.  And because I have a SHARE AND SERVE attitude, I am very successful at what I do. 

If my business is the kind of business you want to be in, you will have sign yourself up because I am not going to try to convince you in any way that this is the right business for you. That's your job, not mine. 

However, once you do sign up as a paying member, my job is to make sure you achieve the financial goals you set for yourself because when you reach your financial goals, I reach my financial goals too.  

The next step is yours, you can choose YES. You can choose NO or can choose to not choose at all. As I learned the hard way, when I choose not to make a choice, time and circumstances makes my choices for me and those choices have always caused my circumstances to go from good to bad  or bad to worse. 


If you have a sincere interest in joining my business but have fears about losing money or have doubts in your ability to be successful in my business, send your questions my way.  

I will give you honest, straightforward answers. If you have googled me at all, you know, when it comes to money matters, I don't bullshit people, ever.  - Frederick Zappone


A Heart GIFT....

I love giving heart gifts. A heart gift is something you give to people with no strings attached and with no expectation of ever getting anything back in return. It's been my experience this kind of giving yields the great blessings in life. Today, I want to give you a heart gift that requires nothing from you, not now, not in the future, not never. It is a short book I wrote last year that I have no intention of ever publishing. It too thought provoking to publish, a nice way of saying it is too controversial for my family to handle. The title of the book, written in my 'short, sweet, and to the point style' is called: Embracing Pain Causes No Pain. It is in a PDF file format. If you wish to read it, click this link.
You can also save it and download it to your computer. Nothing is required of you to do that.


The Money is NOT POWER Facebook Page

The 'MONEY IS NOT POWER' Facebook page is for anyone courageous enough to admit to themselves that they have money issues. If you are willing to be authentic about your money issues, with the passage of a little bit of time, you won't have money issues any longer, you will have abundance issues. 
If you would like to see my Money is NOT POWER updates on your timeline,  go to the Money is not Power Facebook page by clicking here and click LIKE. - Frederick Zappone


Nothing is hard in Life (Article Explains Why)

Nothing is hard in life, not serious illness, not financial problems, not relationship problems. What makes these things hard is our sorry ass attitudes. On the other hand, what makes these things easy to deal with is when we have the 'willingness' to see the tremendous blessings in disguise these situations are for us. THE GOOD NEWS IS... when you begin to see the 'blessing in disguise' your problem is giving you, the problem begin disappearing from your life, almost magically. (I have more documented cases of this being true than I can possibly share) WE CARE:

NOTHING Happens until you are Committed. (Let Me Explain)

Business success, financial success, relationship success, achieving fully restored health will not happen until you commit yourself to achieving the result you want, NO MATTER WHAT.... 

NO MATTER WHAT, That's commitment. 

Without commitment, the Universe doesn't believe you, God doesn't believe you, No one believes you. The lack of commitment is the common denominator that all losers share.  

If you look at your own life, you will discover that when you are committed to making something happen, with a no matter what attitude, it happens. And when you are not committed, it doesn't


Achieving Prosperity in a Bad Economy

This is program is free, given to you as a way of introducing to a new way of making good money online in your spare time. It is easy to  make excellent money in a bad economy but it does require you to have knowledge you don't currently have. This program will give you that knowledge. To download this free program, click here   - Frederick Zappone, Author, Coach, Servant Leader


Simple Gratitude (Message #6 in a series) Powerful, POWERFUL Stuff



Worry, effort or struggle is always an ALERT signal that you are not completely grateful and satisfied with what you have. Your satisfaction with what you have is what attracts more good things into your life to be grateful for. Dissatisfaction, on the other hand, pushes good things away from you. Satisfaction opens the gratitude heart while dissatisfaction closes it.

As you practice gratitude, your experience of good things coming into your life will move, in almost mystical ways, from a trickle to a flood....  It does take practice to  FEEL the gratitude and it is the feeling of gratitude that attracts good things to you.  Practicing gratitude is definitely worth it.. - Frederick Zappone

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