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People Losing ABILITY To Process Emotion

Technology while having many benefits is also one of the causes people are losing their ability to process emotions. Technology has caused people to think more than ever before but at the expense of feeling less. As a result of feeling less, people are far more insensitive to the feeling and needs of other people and this insensitivity to others is one of the root causes of increased violence in the world. The more you can cause a person to feel, the less chance of them becoming violent, the less a person feels, the greater the chance they will resort to violence because, for many people, feeling violence is a better alternative than feeling nothing at all. - Frederick Zappone, Author Love is All I Know, Amazon.Com

A Forgiving Heart is a Healthy Heart



Inspiring, Amusing Pictures and One Liners

Lots of inspiration in this video and the beat of the music is very addictive...


Forgiveness POWER....

Forgiveness is like an eraser, it gives us a a clean slate so we can start fresh again.


Love Whispers, Fear ROARS.

Love is All I Know: By Frederick Zappone: Amazon.Com, Kindle,


All great Love's Begin With Great Self-Love

  Love is All I Know.....

I love myself
I am brilliant 
I am worthy of receiving a million dollars 
I am smart, intelligent, insightful 
I am loved and revered by people everywhere. 
All great love's begin with great self-love
The more I love myself, the more other people love me too.
I was created in love, love is who I am.
Allowing my good is allowing myself to be loved.
Loving myself heals all, solves all, dissolves all.

I act according to how I feel. I feel according to how I think therefore
 I choose to think highly of myself regardless of what other people think.....


Growing Healthy Children


88 Year old Dancing Grandma - Freakin' Awesome.

This video just came out less than 24 hours ago and it is already going viral. It will make you laugh, think and begin acting younger than your age.  This is a happiness video, spread the happiness around. Click link to view video: Be Inspired:: Freakin' Awesome 88 Year old Dancing Woman...


No BS, Love makes problems disappear like Magic

Love will make ANY problem you have disappear, from your life, like MAGIC.  And yet magic has nothing to do with it while using ... To continue reading, click link: No BS, Love makes problems disappear like Magic:

I don't correct my mistakes any more... Here's Why...

From ALLOW the LOVE Blog

ALLOW THE LOVE: I don't correct my mistakes any more... Here's Why...: I don't correct my mistakes any more unless I am inspired to do so and only if I am inspired to do so. I never correct my mistakes when ... (To Continue Reading, click link above)


Love is more than a feeling, it is a POWER

The kind of love I am talking about can only be felt and from those feelings of love, messages of guidance and advice will be given to you so that all of your most heartfelt dreams can come true.  I know this to be true because that is what this kind of Love has done for me. To read an excerpt from my book and reviews, click on the book cover. - Frederick Zappone



Self-Love FIXES What Self Help Can't

If self-help books really worked, one would be enough, don't you think?  Self Help Books don't work because they are narcotics for the mind. They make us feel good for awhile until the 'good feeling' wears off. Once that happens we start feeling poorly again and it is off to the book store, once again, to find another narcotic for the mind rather than facing the real problem. 

The only problem we ever have that causes all of our others problems is we don't love ourselves sufficiently. Sufficient self love will solve every health, love, money and relationship problem you have. It has for me. By the way, my book titled 'Love is All I Know' is not a self help book, it is a self love book.

  Love is All I Know By Frederick Zappone.....