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The 'MONEY IS NOT POWER' Facebook page is for anyone courageous enough to admit to themselves that they have money issues. If you are willing to be authentic about your money issues, with the passage of a little bit of time, you won't have money issues any longer, you will have abundance issues. 
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Nothing is hard in Life (Article Explains Why)

Nothing is hard in life, not serious illness, not financial problems, not relationship problems. What makes these things hard is our sorry ass attitudes. On the other hand, what makes these things easy to deal with is when we have the 'willingness' to see the tremendous blessings in disguise these situations are for us. THE GOOD NEWS IS... when you begin to see the 'blessing in disguise' your problem is giving you, the problem begin disappearing from your life, almost magically. (I have more documented cases of this being true than I can possibly share) WE CARE:

NOTHING Happens until you are Committed. (Let Me Explain)

Business success, financial success, relationship success, achieving fully restored health will not happen until you commit yourself to achieving the result you want, NO MATTER WHAT.... 

NO MATTER WHAT, That's commitment. 

Without commitment, the Universe doesn't believe you, God doesn't believe you, No one believes you. The lack of commitment is the common denominator that all losers share.  

If you look at your own life, you will discover that when you are committed to making something happen, with a no matter what attitude, it happens. And when you are not committed, it doesn't


Achieving Prosperity in a Bad Economy

This is program is free, given to you as a way of introducing to a new way of making good money online in your spare time. It is easy to  make excellent money in a bad economy but it does require you to have knowledge you don't currently have. This program will give you that knowledge. To download this free program, click here   - Frederick Zappone, Author, Coach, Servant Leader


Simple Gratitude (Message #6 in a series) Powerful, POWERFUL Stuff



Worry, effort or struggle is always an ALERT signal that you are not completely grateful and satisfied with what you have. Your satisfaction with what you have is what attracts more good things into your life to be grateful for. Dissatisfaction, on the other hand, pushes good things away from you. Satisfaction opens the gratitude heart while dissatisfaction closes it.

As you practice gratitude, your experience of good things coming into your life will move, in almost mystical ways, from a trickle to a flood....  It does take practice to  FEEL the gratitude and it is the feeling of gratitude that attracts good things to you.  Practicing gratitude is definitely worth it.. - Frederick Zappone

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Are you the Person for my Business?

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Servant leadership allows people to move beyond survival (just getting by in life) to thriving and prospering in all areas of their life. In my business, I am your servant because in serving you, I serve myself best. In plain English that means when you make your money, I then make my money too. - Frederick Zappone, author of: Love is All I Know (Amazon)


5 Rules To Remember In Life (Funny But True)


If you're not feeling good, chances are, under your breath, 
you're complaining about something. Gratitude is the cure. 
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The Author and The Book are a 'Force of Nature'

By Frederick Zappone
I've been following the author on Twitter. He's a force of nature, reminding you of powerful and basic truths. Ones, if you apply to your life, will transform you. His book does the same. It's honest, from the heart, his experience, and you get the sense that it's changed so much for him that he has no choice but to share the knowledge. Those are always the best ones. - Kamal Ravikant

I Hate Money....


The Truth About MONEY Shall Set You Free

The Truth About Money - Part 2

Growing up, money was something other people controlled. 

The people in our lives used money to manipulate and control 
our behavior and thinking. Here are examples of things we 
heard about money during our growing up years

Example #1 - If you do this, I'll give you X amount of money 

( Allowance or money equivalent)

Example #2 - If you don't do this,  I will withhold  from you X amount of money.  

(Allowance or money equivalent)

Example #3 - If you behave yourself, I will give you X amount of money. 

(Allowance, money equivalent or gift of money)

Example #4 - If you continue to misbehave, I will take your privileges away from you which includes money and how you spend it.

We all wanted to grow up and get out from underneath the controlling ways of our parents in regards to money. We wanted to become independent of them and we did or so we thought. We went to work for a corporation, and without realizing it, the company we work for uses money the same way, our parent did,  to control our thinking and behavior. The fact is,  the company you work for is nothing more than psychological extension of your very own parents. To read the article that explains how the company you work for functions as parent substitute for you in your adult world, read Part 1 of my article titled:  The Truth About Money Shall Set You Free But First it Will Piss You off.  Click link to read:


Your Duck is Dead

I saw this posted up at the Humane Society today and took a picture of it.

When Bragging is NOT Bragging

You are not bragging when 'you feel your truth' and you tell your truth without shame to others. My truth is I am the most effective life coach on the planet. Ask any of my clients, they will tell you so. Why am I so effective?  It's simple, I never, ever get plugged into people's drama. What I do, instead, is  'hold the vision' of my clients being the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person I know that they are...and whatever vision I hold of my client in my mind's eye as a 'done deal' always become reality in my client's life.. Because I am so effective at what I do, I also coach coaches. While I only charge my clients $95.00 an hour, I charge the coaches I coach $300.00 per hour Why? Because they can afford it and if they can't they shouldn't be coaching. - Frederick Zappone, Life Coach and author of Love Is All I Know (Amazon)


Got issues? The Easy way to Dissolve them.

WHAT ARE YOU UNWILLING TO SURRENDER TO? Boredom, feeling hopeless, powerless, feel stupid, dumb, not knowing what to do, illness, being alone? What are you unwilling to surrender to? Do you realize by not surrendering to your greatest fears and phobias, they persist. They not only persist but your continued resistance to them makes them stronger and gives your fears and phobias more power over you. Surrender is not about defeat, it is about 'giving up' all thoughts and feeling that are stopping you from being as happy as you want to be. It is about releasing all fears and phobias that are stopping you from attracting what you want or being guided to it intuitively. - Frederick Zappone, author of: Love is All I Know (Amazon)


Real Life Magic

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Getting over Past Disappointments and Hurts.

Most everyone I know has had plenty of disappointments, early in life, as a result of failing or not achieving what they wanted. As a young person, not knowing any better, many of us made the decision that we would never be hurt again so we started resisting the possibility of future disappointments by either giving up on what we wanted or by resisting what LIFE was serving up to us moment by moment. By resisting life, by judging life, by believing life was against us, we have been keeping what we have truly desired, at a distance from ourselves, always just outside your reach.... Surrender to 'what is', give up all resistance to 'what is'... Resistance doesn't change 'what it,' it just makes it persist. If you want what you say you want, surrender, let go, release, give up all thoughts and feelings that are stopping what you want from coming to you or the universe guiding you to it. - Frederick Zappone,  author of: Love Is All I Know (Amazon)