Warning: Doubts Will SLAY your Best Thoughts

The Benefits of Loving Everyone and Everything.

In examining my own life. I clearly see every problem I had, every problem I imagined I had  was caused by and fueled by fear.  Once I changed my attitude and decided, no matter what, to make thoughts of love my dominate thoughts regarding all people and all situations, fear no longer ruled my life. The unexpected side benefit of loving everyone and everything, no exceptions, is that my life has become a series of amazing events that, often times, defy logical explanation. Because of  the 'amazing experiences' I have had with love. I've decided to do what people have told me is impossible to do and that is to take love VIRAL. That means making love such a dominate 'presence' in our public lives that our love for ourselves and one another will love fear right out of existence making room for one MIRACLE after another to appear in our lives.

                       Taking Love Viral -


Body Wisdom

If you trusted your body, truly trusted the wisdom of your body, you would be healed of any illness or sickness your body experienced, many times instantly, often times incrementally but always, if your trusted your body, it would heal itself. 

If you allow the wisdom of your mind to override the wisdom of your body, the mind's wisdom (which never knows for sure what the body needs) can cause the body to die before its time. 

Tap into your body's wisdom, ask it what it needs from you, what it wants you to do... and then pause and listen for the answer... If necessary, repeat the question and pause again, the body will tell you what it needs. Listen carefully as if someone was whispering to you at a distance and you will hear the answer. As you become accustomed to listening to the body telling you what it needs, your body's voice, over time, will become louder and clearer, easier for you to hear the messages of guidance and advice your body is sending your way so you can live the healthy, happy life you want. 

From the forthcoming Book: Body Wisdom By Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)


The Ageless MIND

Funny, when we are young, we want people to think we are older and when we are older we want people to think we are younger. What the heck is wrong with the age we are! I am 71 and I am as happy and as free today as I was the day I turned twenty-one. Yesterday, for fun, I walked 10 miles and then I ate a pint of Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream. Today, I am going to the Banana Split Festival in my hometown of Latrobe, PA, the birthplace of this banana treat. My secret for a living an awesome, happy life is LOVING everybody and everything including banana splits. -  Sharing the Love Because That Is All I Know


The Hazards of Raising Backyard Chickens

People CAN'T Hurt me any more...

PEOPLE CAN'T HURT ME ANY MORE..... I used to think I was hyper-sensitive and that is why I got hurt so easily, then I realized I was hyper-protective, constantly trying to protect my feelings from being hurt by others. This action on my part resulted in me getting hurt a lot and deeply. Finally, I made the decision to no longer defend or explain anything about myself to anyone for any reason. From that point on, no one, with rare exception, has hurt me. The rare exception when someone has hurt me, it gave me the opportunity to see what thought or feeling I was protecting. Anytime I defend some thought or feeling I am attempting to protect it rather than be responsible for it and that has always resulted in me getting wounded by others. That's why, today, I do not protect or defend anything about myself. I am what I am, I think what I think, I feel what I feel, I did what I did, I take full responsibility for it. End of story.. (Sharing the love because love is all I know. )


ALERT: Pity Train derailed - Breaking News

The truth is, no one's life is okay in all departments 100% of the time. And when circumstances are not okay, whining about them isn't going to make things better while a change in attitude will. 

Feeling sorry for people or agreeing with people about how awful it is doesn't strengthen them, it weakens them. Why would you feel sorry for someone when you know how powerful they truly are and that the situation they have is a result of the misuse of their very own power? 

Have compassion for them because they misused their power but never feel sorry for them because that only reinforces the mistaken belief that they have no real power at all. 

When people are down and out they don't need their weaknesses reinforced by us feeling sorry for them or having pity on them. What they need is for people to show them how to recover their power so they can turn a bad situation into something good for themselves. 

I have been as 'down and out' as you can get and I know from personal experience that the people who coddled me, pitied me, didn't help me one bit. Their well-intentioned words only made me feel less of a person rather than more. 

If you haven't read my story about being homeless, please do, it will give you a better understanding why this photo is funny to me. If hadn't given myself the kind of pep talk that you read in the sign, I would still be homeless.

Loving the 'Rejection' to death..


How I Create REALITY


I don't know whether this will be useful to you 

but I felt inspired to share it with you today.

FOCUSED ATTENTION is required to create REALITY for you.

Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is where your human energy goes. Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is what becomes REALITY for you. Whatever your attention is FOCUSED on is felt in your body.

Feeling good indicates you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of what you want. Feeling bad indicates you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from what you want.

Focusing your attention on what you DON'T WANT draws it closer to you.

Taking your attention off of what you 'don't want' begins to make it disappear from your life. As long as you keep any portion of your attention focused on what you 'don't want,' it will remain in existence in your physical world.

Nothing can continue to exist in your physical world without you focusing your attention on it. (This is a law of quantum physics) When you withdraw your attention from something, you remove your energy from it. When you remove your energy from it, it loses it power to continue to exist in your life.

Taking your FOCUS away from what you 'don't want' and keeping it focused on what  DO WANT takes practice. Every moment of every day gives you the opportunity to practice focusing on what you DO WANT until it becomes an automatic habit of thought for you that you don't have to think about twice...

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