Releasing, Relaxing, Letting Go

When you are holding onto thoughts and feeling you do not want, your body is also holding on. The cells of your body always do in miniature what your mind thinks.  Discover the place where you body is holding on (solar plexus, back, head, heart) and then give that part of your body some TLC. As that part of your body begins to relax, release and let go, your mind simultaneously  releases thoughts and feelings you do not want. To learn more about dissolving unwanted thougthts, visit: Love Solves All. -


My Christmas Gratitude Prosperity Message To You.

Christmas is upon us and there is a good chance you spent lots of money buying gifts you could not afford. That being said, I'll bet the Christmas gift you want from Santa is more money so you can pay your bills and do the things you love to do. Gratitude is the simplest way to receive the prosperity you desire. It has worked for me continuously since 1998 when I quit my job to do what I loved doing which is inspiring people like you.

The joy of being 'grateful' for the money you have attracts more money to you. Fear of not having enough money pushes money away from you. And it causes you to act in ways for money you would never act if you had more fun and joy acquiring the' riches and peace of mind' you desire. - Frederick Zappone



Think you know love! You don't know squat about love..

You are merrily going through life thinking you know love. You don't know spit about love.  You only know love as a warm feeling, a romantic notion or a sentimental weakness. You think love has something to do with sex. It doesn't, love and sex are two separate and distinct issues. 

If you doubt that I know what I am talking about when it comes to love, let me explain. Before love saved my life, before love made it possible for me to create a heaven on earth for myself, I went through two bankruptcies, two divorces and the unexpected deaths of two of my children. 

When I tell you, that you don't know spit about love, that's not an insult, that's a fact.  Yes, love is a feeling but it is much more than a feeling, it is a power, a presence, an intelligence.  If you really want to know love like I have come to know love, if you  think you can handle the truth about love, click and read: 

Loves  makes problems VANISH into thin air,  
Love make what's goes wrong in your life, turn out right, 
Love turns pain into POWER.

Lust lives between your legs, love lives in your heart. 
When lust and love marry, you experience divinely 
inspired love that is SUPER CHARGED.


Happy Employees Make You More Profit

Treating people as an asset rather than a liability makes a company more profitable and makes for happy employees too. If you own a company with 5 or more employees, I can show you how to become more profitable by treating your employees like royalty. My business coaching service works on a 'sliding scale fee' making my services affordable to small companies struggling financially. To contact me about my services, click here.

-- Frederick Zappone
Former VP of a nationally known Company.
Business Coaching since 1998

This is not completely true.

The following quotation is not completely true. 

 The following statement makes the quote completely true

Addendum. Inner peace begins, the moment you choose not to allow ***yourself**** or another person or event to control your emotions. ---- Too often we spend a lot of energy controlling our own negative emotions so other people don't find out what a real shit we are. 

For example, for years, I have been controlling the resentment I feel, hiding it so other people don't see it. Well, I don't feel like controlling it no more. I want to release it, let it go. And that starts by telling my truth about the resentment I feel to myself if no other. Bottom line, I am resentful as hell for reasons I will not divulge at this time. I will however not sit on my resentment any more and I will do whatever I have to do to get the ugly feeling out of my body.


The #1 Thing That Stops People from being Successful

It took me 25 yrs to be a HUGE SUCCESS.

Could have done it in 1 year if I hadn't spent 24 yrs seeking other people's approval of myself and my ideas. 

LESSON LEARNED (The Very Hard And Very Painful Way)

If you are waiting for other people's approval of the 'greatest' of your talent before you allow yourself to be SUPER HUGELY SUCCESSFUL, it will take you 25 years (or more) to do it like it took me.

The only person's approval you need to be successful right now, at whatever you are doing, is your own approval, no one else, just your own..

The ideas I wrote about on my site opened the door for my huge success   

(Cartoon used with permission)


Fear of Success, I've got the fear, looking for answers.

The fear of my 'imminent success' is ROARING..
The fear is not logical but I feel it.
Because it is not logical, I don't know what to do with it.
Understanding brings healing, I have no understanding of this.
All my mind keeps serving up is the fear is illogical, illogical.
That does not make my fear of success go away..

I am embarrassed to tears to share my fear of being successful with others. I am now aware that I am automatically, outside my conscious control, squashing my fear, pushing it back, shoving it down.

I am loving my fear to death as my way of loving my fear out of existence. I am doing that by going public with my fear and no longer keeping my fear of success a secret from others. Openly loving to death my 'fear of success' as a way to love it out of existence makes me more vulnerable than I like.

Tough Shit, I hear one voice in my head say. Suck it up Cupcake another voice says. You got two choices, a third voice says, share your fear with others and have the possibility of getting answers to overcoming your fear or keep your fear a secret and never have a chance of making it disappear. I opt to share.

If you have any thoughts on how I can get rid of my fear, please comment. - Frederick Zappone

Fear is the Disease, LOVE IS THE CURE