Growing up as an Overly-Sensitive Emotional STRAIGHT Male

Growing up, I was overly sensitive. I got hurt easier than I wanted to admit. What was worse is I was a man and men were not suppose to be emotional. we were suppose to be the strong, silent type. On the outside I appeared strong but on the inside, emotionally, I suffered a lot. No one knew I suffered because I hid it well. 

Being overly sensitive and getting hurt easily is what made me become interested in self-help materials. Over the years I devoured hundreds if not thousands of self-help books and programs to help me deal with my sensitive feelings and nothing helped. I even went into therapy and took pills but they didn't help either. 

In fact, the harder I worked at getting better, the worse I got.......UNTIL 

Until I decided I had enough suffering. Once I made that decision, I committed myself to doing whatever it took to achieve a powerful way of thinking and a peaceful state of mind and I did. 

Everything I learned about becoming the master of my thoughts and emotions I put into a little self-help program I wrote called Thought Mastery. If you have ever had an issue of any kind with your thoughts and/or emotions, you will love my little program.  - Frederick Zappone, author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)



Help Megan Sarah Grayce

We can't help everyone but we can help 
someone every day. Let's Help Megan Today

Megan is raising money for a Used Car Needed Badly. Click to Donate: 

Help Megan with your prayers, guidance, and money. If you have a good running old car you are willing to donate to her, even better.  READ HER STORY. She is an inspiring and courageous woman. Please share this page with others. I know if this page reaches enough people, Megan's need will be met. - Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)

If we don't help each other, who will? God is not going to step 
in and help us, except on very rare occasions, because he gave 
us the power, at the time of our birth, to help one another. 



TCB (Taking Care of Business)


Every day I make it a point to take care of at least 3 people in need. Why? Because it EMPOWERS me and makes me feel good. Every day I give all I have to give (time, wisdom, knowledge, and money) to other people because, it is my experience, when I take good care of people, they take very good care of me. 

- Frederick Zappone, author,  
Love is All I Know (Amazon)

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I just discovered the President follows me on Twitter so I sent 
him this tweet: @BarackObama You have inspired me in so 
many ways, I wanted to send some inspiration back your way.


Support this INSPIRING Woman

Often times fundraisers are about tragedy. This one is 
not,  it is about achievement and supporting a very 
inspiring women, my daughter. Click on the photo to 
read my story about her. - Frederick Zappone


Women Reclaim their POWER between 40 and 60 years of age.

Women between the ages of 40 to 60 are the ones who buy my Be-ing Yourself program the most often. They do so because they made the decision to reclaim their own power and be their own person rather than standing in the shadows of the men in their lives. 

The reason they choose my Be-ing Yourself program is because it gives them  practical information on how they can reclaim their power quickly and efficiently without hurting anyone in the process. - Frederick Zappone


When it comes to self-help programs, Simple is BETTER

Not all self-help programs are the same. Expensive self-help programs include more information in them than is necessary. This is done to justify the higher price you pay for them.  The unnecessary information in these  programs causes the program participants unnecessary conflict and confusion. That being said, it is the simple self-help programs with smaller prices that produce the best results. To read the complete article,  Click Here.