Love, The Power, Presence, Intelligence

Love is more than a feeling, it has the
power to make what's going wrong 
in your life, turn out right. 


The News About the NEWS...(Video)

If the news is getting you down, my news about the news will 
pick you up. This video sponsored by FOR MY LOVE OF VONA.
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Changing the WORLD with Inspiration, LOVE and EMPOWERMENT

The darkness in the world that surrounds you makes the LIGHT inside of you SHINE BRIGHTER. Go within or go without.

My passion in life is inspiring, encouraging and empowering people. I do that better than anyone else on the planet or so I have been told..

I have been doing it for 10 years FREE of CHARGE and I want to continue to do it free of charge but I need your donation, large or small, to continue my work. 

I created this blog called INSPIRED LIVING where you will find over 3600 of my inspiring. empowering, articles, videos and photos that are available to people FREE OF CHARGE regardless of their ablity to pay.

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P. S. On this page I have included links to  6 of my 
inspirational videos for your listening enjoyment. 
Each one is 3 to 5 minutes long.

Getting Rid of Depression