Hear YE, Hear YE, BUFFER gives 'Heartfelt' Service

I am trumpeting Buffer's horn loudly because when a company provides extraordinary service to a little guy, like me, I want the world to know how grateful I am that companies like Buffer exist.
If you are in business, for yourself, any kind of business, you can use the Buffer tools to promote and market your business better than any tool currently available to you on the Internet.  

As a token of Buffer's appreciation for my business I received a small package from them today with a little something in it for me. I expected the package since they told me they would like to send me something. What I did not expect was the label they placed on the package (see label to the left), a label that spells out in a very  powerful and concise way their 'be of service' business philosophy.

If you follow my blog, I rarely if ever endorse any company because most companies, as far as I am concerned, give lip service to their customers, not genuine, heartfelt service. As a former VP of a nationally known company I know a thing or two about good customer service and Buffer not only gives good service, they give extraordinary service because they do the ordinary things in business extraordinarily well.

Buffer to me represents a new breed of business with more integrity and honesty in their little finger than all the major corporations in the world combined. I might be overstating that a bit but not by much.

I cannot recommend Buffer and their people highly enough.  I have been with them 4 years now as a customer and I am certain that as long as I am in business, I will be doing business with them.

Successfully Yours,

 Frederick Zappone

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