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LOA Reminder and Insight #22 out of 365

To attract what you want you have to be willing to stop pursuing what you want. You cannot have it both ways. 

You have to make up your mind if you want to attract what you want or if you want to pursue it. Attracting your 'wants' is what the law of attraction does, pursuing your 'wants' what you do when you don't trust the law of attraction to attract what you want to you.

Saturday Morning Inspirational One Liners

1. A judgment is a thought without future possibilities
2. Judgments turn your thoughts into your physical reality.
3. Whatever you judge to be bad for you becomes bad for you.
4. Reality doesn't change until your judgments change.

5. To change an unwanted condition, judge it differently.

Enlightened NONSENSE

You can't have what you want until you accept what you have. Resisting what you have stops you from having what you want. When you accept 'what is' in your life, you are set free to be as happy as you want to be.


Quote of the Day

How to successfully deal with the 'F*CK IT ALL' Mood.

When you are in the f*ck it all mood do not make yourself wrong for being in that mood. If you do, that will make your mood worse, much worse. When you are in the f*ck it all mood the first thing to do is to be gentle and kind to yourself because guaranteed when you are in that mood no else is going to be kind and gentle with you.

The f*ck it all mood is an ALERT signal that you are either overwhelmed with things to do, sick with worry, over analyzing things too much or you are trying too hard.  In truth the f*ck it all mood is nature's way of waking you up and telling you it is time to take a break and GO PLAY..

Play gives you energy, clears your thinking and helps you regain your focus and balance. And for God's sake whatever you do, don't take yourself too seriously because no one else does.😃

Play is any activity that makes you feel good about being you.  

Play for you could be sleeping in, taking a long hot shower or bath, walking, jogging, shopping, baking, listening to music or making 'mad passionate love' with yourself or another.  

When you are suffering from 'too much on your plate' play is always the solution to make your plate feel lighter. Play more, worry less.



SHORTCUT To Dissolving Feelings of Lack

Here's another example of the kinds of  law of attraction insights you will receive from me when you sign up for my daily LOA reminders.

In the process of attracting what you want, you will feel lack from time to time. When you do, do not resist those feelings. If you do, your feelings of lack will intensify and slow down you attracting the things you want. When you feel lack, notice it, observe it and it will dissolve of its own accord and your good feelings will automatically return to you. 

Do not have conversations with yourself about your feelings of lack because that will increase your feelings of lack. Instead, observe them without judging them and at the same place your attention, focus and energy on some thought or activity that makes you feel good about being you. That is one way to dissolve feelings of lack.  

Another excellent way of dissolving feelings of lack is by the giving of your time and talent to others. Why giving?  Because when you give freely to others what you have an abundance to give, such as your time or talent, it creates IMMENSE feelings of abundance inside of you and immediately washes away any remaining feelings of lack.

Feelings of lack repels or pushes away the good we want while feelings of abundance attracts, like magic, our good to us, often times, in ways that defies all logical explanations

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Do you judge yourself? If so, this article is for you.

Refrain from negatively judging yourself.  Every time your judge yourself in a negative way you push something good away from yourself or prevent something good from coming to you. The law of attraction is extremely sensitive to the 'tone and feel' of your words and immediately begins attracting to you or pushing away from you what you're feeling.  

Judging yourself is an 'unconscious' habit of thought that you picked up from others during your formative years. 

When you catch yourself judging yourself do not beat yourself for doing it. Instead, simply use your negative self-judgment as an ALERT SIGNAL to stop judging yourself

As soon as you quit judging yourself in negative way that action on your part immediately create a better kind of feeling inside of you which immediately begins attracting something good to you. 

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Money Manifestation Tip that WORKS

Saying words you do not feel are words you do not mean. Saying words does not manifest money, it is feeling the words that gets that job done.

To read my money manifestation story, click here  

Be Who you Want To BE....

Your vision of who you want to be will pull you forth (out of your shell) into becoming the person you want to be. 

I was never happy trying to meet other people's standards about what I should do and not do and how I should be and not be but today I am completely happy meeting my own standards of just being me.

I have two goals in life. The first goal  is to do the ordinary things in life, extraordinarily well. My second second goal is to never disappoint myself.. I have made great progress in achieving both of my goals.

It's Simple, You INTEND it, The L.O.A. makes it happen

The law of attraction really is very simple. you intend it and the law of attraction will make it happen if you stay the heck out of the way and only take action when you feel INSPIRED to take action and at no other time. 

For example, I INTEND for the subscribers of my daily law of attraction insights to receive the exact 'insight' they need when they need it. As a result of my intention I have people writing me and asking me if I am reading their minds because of how perfect my daily insights are for them.

It seems the right insights are showing up at the right time for the right person. This happens so frequently that it defies all statistical odds. What is causing this statistical phenomena to happen? My clear intention and then making sure I only take action regarding my intention when I am inspired to take action and at no other time.

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A Law of Attraction Insight you Never Heard Before.

In order to make the LOA work for you effortlessly you have to train yourself to trust your good feelings more than you trust your mind telling you what the 'logical or right thing' is for you to do.

The law of attraction is about attracting what you want and that only happens when you trust your good feelings more than you trust your mind telling what you should or should not do.  

Good feelings supersede logic and right/wrong thinking. The good feelings you experience ALERT you when the mind of God (aka Universe) is working through you. 

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Wednesday's Morning Inspirational One (1) Liners

1. Never let the words and actions of other people determine your worth, you cannot put a price on priceless.   2. A loss of friends just means they don't like what you like, it is not personal.  3. The worst form of rejection is when you reject yourself because someone else rejected you.  4. Being yourself means some people will like you and others will not. Get used to it.


Worry does not attract, it repels

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The law of attraction is a wonderful law, it works all the time for everyone. It is also one of God's most misunderstood laws.  

I work with people everyday who want to become 'law of attraction' masters like myself.  The problem most people have with the law of attraction is they try to make it work rather than ALLOWING it to work.  

Allowing the LOA to work is the simplest thing in the world to do. Unfortunately allowing is soooo simple to do that many people spend months, even years, 'trying' to make the law of attraction work in their favor when 'trying' is not required at all. 

Tuesday Morning Insight

Fear pushing you to do more will cause you to accomplish less. Being motivated by fear to accomplish things is the number one cause of mistakes and failures.  - Frederick Zappone -

Creating Your REALITY

The fact is your thoughts make all the difference because it is your thoughts that attract to you or push away from the very things you want. When your thoughts are taking you in the direction of the things you want, you feel good, you feel positive and upbeat. When your thoughts are taking you away from what you want you feel heavy, somber, even depressed. 

What you feel ALERTS you, moment by moment, if you are  attracting the people, events and circumstances  you need to acquire the things you want or if you are pushing them away from you. 

Frederick Zappone  
365 Daily Law of Attraction Reminders


Force Causes LACK, Flow Causes ABUNDANCE

Force breaks things or it make things work at the expense of breaking others in some way either mentally, physically, emotionally or financially. Life is easy when you go with the flow and difficult as hell when you don't.  When you go with the flow, money flows to you easily and when you don't what you experience is a continuous lack and scarcity of money. You can read my money story about how I went from being a money disaster to a money master when I quit using force to make money and started making money by going with the flow. -- Frederick Zappone


Sweet People Make Life SWEET

Merry Christmas to friends of my Inspired Living Blog


I am a Human Attraction Machine (You Can Be Too)

Hello, for those of you who don't know me my name is Frederick Zappone. I am an law of attraction expert in my own life and I teach other how to become a law of attraction in their own life.

The only lack and scarcity that exists is in our minds. It is not in God's mind, Nature's mind or the Universe's mind for in those minds only ABUNDANCE can exist. 

Lack is a human concept kept in place by fear. If you do not fear lack, you will not attract lack. As long as you fear lack, you have no choice but to attract lack back to you. 

There is no getting around it, feelings of lack attract lack and those feelings are created by the thoughts you think and those thoughts become LAW in the universe. Abundance of all things is your spiritual birthright and if you are not attracting abundance with effortless ease, you are thinking the wrong thoughts and taking the wrong actions for you.

SCREW Pursuing Success! Here's Why! (Article)

Maybe pursuing success works for other people  but it does not work for me. The fact is, it has never worked for me. The more I pursued success the more success would flee from me. It was only when I allowed success to come to me that I was able to be successful.  I am much better at attracting success than I am at pursuing it.  The fact is if you pursue anything coming from fear, you will push it away from you rather than attract it to you. 

Earlier in my life I thought success in business is what I wanted because my Dad and his brothers were successful in business.  After many years of pursuing business success and not achieving it, I realized I had no interest in being successful in business at all. That's was my dad and his brother's dream, not mine. 

My dream was to be me, free and unfettered to do what I wanted to do that pleased and made me happy and that is exactly what I do today. I write this blog and I write books. Specifically I write a lot about the law of attraction because that is what I know best.  The bottom line is when you are doing what you love to do, when you are doing what makes you feel good about being you, when you are doing what makes you happy, being successful is the easiest thing in the world to achieve. If it is not for you, there is a good chance you are pursuing other people's dreams and not your own.  - Frederick Zappone

Be true to yourself and success will find its way home to you


Stop Begging and Groveling (LOA Insight)

If you catch yourself begging or groveling for something from someone or the Universe, STOP it!  Why?  Anything you do to get what you want coming from fear pushes what you want away from you, always keeping it at a distance from you, just outside your reach.

Making Your Brain your SUPER POWER..

All Thoughts have consequences. The first place you feel the consequences of your thoughts is in the body. The only weakness you have is underestimating the power of your thoughts.


Science has proven our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals (for better or worse) to every major organ of our body by way of a messenger molecule. This explains why thoughts makes us feel the way they do. Not only does this explain why we feel the way we do but the this discovery means we have the power to heal ourselves of any disease  and make any problem we have (including a lack of love or money) disappear from our life forever.

You don't get what you want out of life, you get what you THINK. Replace thoughts that make you feel weak with thoughts that make you feel strong and  powerful and  powerful and strong you will be come.


Walking Away From Abusers

There is no person you have to tolerate or put up with and if you think you do, you are more into self-abuse than you are self-love. 

Self-love requires us to respect ourselves enough not to tolerate the unacceptable behavior of others.  

When you  put up with the unacceptable behavior of another you becomes that person's ENABLER. 

You are not helping them in the slightest to become a more loving person, you are helping them to become a worse person by keeping that person in your life. Sometimes the best gift you can give to another person is to walk away them so they understand that abusing and disrespect people does not win friends and influence people, it pushes people away from them.

Kicking UNGRATEFUL People out of your life.

Self-love means many things and that includes not tolerating or putting up with the disrespectful and ungrateful behavior of others. Why is this important? Because any time we tolerate or put up with disrepectful or ungrateful people we attract more of the same.

When faced with disrespectful and ungrateful people, it is better to walk away from them and live alone than spend one more second with people who do appreciate and respect the person that you are. 

Allowing disrespectful and ungrateful people to remain in your life is toxic poison to the human soul. These kind of people will not inspire and empower you. Instead they will drain you of your power, rob you of your energy and vitality and  leave you feeling bitter and resentful and not fully understanding why you feel that way.

In the final analysis, it is better to have one person in your life who respects you and is grateful to have you part of their life than a thousand people who do not. 

-- Frederick Zappone, Author


A Low Risk, High Reward Way to PROSPER in 2017

Wealth is not about how lucky or smart you are, it is about having the right beliefs about money. The Tough Love Book About Money shares with you the beliefs you need to make 2017 your most prosperous year ever. Read the 5 STAR reviews and then read the book.  The information in my book will take you out of poverty hell and move you into prosperity heaven where all of your dreams will come true. - Frederick Zappone

PBA (Professional BullSh*t Avoider)

Focus Creates our Personal REALITY

Life is EASY Insight #307

If you really want to know a person, pay more attention to what
they do and less attention to what they say. Words can easily
deceive you, actions never do.


Life is EASY Insight #306

The energy and love we put into something determines how well
that something is received and appreciated by others. It's not what
people see physically that makes them appreciate what you created.
It's the feeling (vibration) your 'physical creation' gives them that
gets that job done.  As an example, two people can cook the exact
same recipe and one dish will taste extraordinary and the other dish
will taste very ordinary. The difference is not in the ingredients
(what you can see), the difference is in what's invisible to the naked
eye, the love and energy they put into making their dish.

Life is EASY Insight #305

Any repeated thoughts, words or actions that do not produce the
results you want is a mental form of self-abuse. Make life EASY
on yourself, think new thoughts and takes fresh actions never
taken before until you get what you want with no effort at all.

Life is EASY Insight #304

When you make a judgment about something, you lock that slice of
reality into place. It remains locked in place until you exchange
your judgment with a thought that gives you new possibilities.

Life is EASY Insight #303

What makes a problem persist is resistance. To make a
problem dissolve, discover what you are resisting (a thought, a
feeling, a person or circumstance) and then allow it to harmlessly
pass you by like clouds in the sky. This will cause it to dissolve.


Life is EASY Insight #302.

Letting people know you appreciate what they do for you 
naturally causes them to want to do more things for you. 
Why? Because appreciation ATTRACTS....

Life is EASY Insight #301

If it feels good, you are doing the right thing for you.
If it feels bad, you are doing the wrong thing for you.

Politically incorrect insight #110.

#110. Never hold in a fart, it puts pressure on your brain and screws up your thinking. In addition, holding in a fart, because of the immense pressure it puts on your brain, causes you to think shitty thoughts.

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I am not always grateful and when I am not I am grateful that I don't LIE to myself about how I feel.


Creating Your Personal REALITY Begins with your Thoughts

Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically

Thoughts produce feelings

All thoughts have consequences.

The first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts for better or worse is in the body.

The only real weakness we have is underestimating the part our thoughts played in creating the EXACT circumstances we have today.

To change our life we must change our thoughts.

Changing our thoughts will change our actions which will changes our results.

Science has proven our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals (for better or worse) to every major organ of our body by way of a messenger molecule. This explains why thoughts makes us feel the way they do.

Frederick Zappone, author of Self-Love, A Thought MASTERY Program


The Money Story we tell ourselves makes us rich 
or keeps us poor. Here is my money story -


A BLACK Man's LOVING Response to VIOLENCE (Video)

No matter the problem, the answer is always the same, more love - Frederick Zappone


Messed up Emotionally? Unmessing Your MESS.


There is not one unwanted feeling you cannot make disappear in the matter of seconds if you really want too.

Carrying untrue beliefs about feelings around inside your head stops you from achieving what you want because when 'push comes to shove' a powerful 'negative feeling' ALWAYS cancels out an equally powerful 'positive thought.'

Until you know how to make 'unwanted feelings' dissolve almost instantly, your feelings will stop you from having the love you want, the relationship you want, the health you want, the money you want. Why?

Because feelings are to human beings what gasoline is to a car, it is what makes you move forwards with your life.  Negative feelings will cause you not to move at all or move in the wrong direction, further and further away from what you want.

If you want to become the master of your feelings, rather than continue to be the victim of them I recommend you subscribe to my twice monthly, 'cutting edge' Feel Good, No Matter What, Newsletter. You can read more about my newsletter by clicking on this link:


Open Up, RECEIVE Your GOOD - Chapter 1 (From The Book)


Question: Why haven’t I received my good yet?

Don’t take this personally but the short answer is because you suck at receiving. The fact is, most people are lousy at receiving but now it’s time for you to become a ‘master’ at receiving your good.

People prefer ‘giving over receiving’ because they are in control of what they give and when they give it. However, when people are open to receiving they don’t feel in control, they feel vulnerable.

BELIEVING you are not in control when you receive stops you from trusting and opening yourself up so you can receive all the good you want.

The Universe, through other people, wants to lavish you with all the good things you want but that cannot happen until you become a good receiver.

To become a good receiver you have to face, head on, your false BELIEF that you are giving up control. 

As a ‘receiver of your good’ you still have control but it is a different kind of control. You have control over what you will ALLOW yourself to receive and what you will not allow yourself to receive.

For example, I will allow myself to receive from other people appreciation, love, respect, money (money equivalents), gifts etc. On the other hand, I will not allow myself to receive from other people their disrespect, abuse, lack of love and appreciation, their problems or their financial obligations.


You receive through your 5 senses. You receive music through your ears, smells and aromas through your nose, taste through your tongue, beautiful pictures through your eyes and beautiful everything else including money, money equivalents and gifts through your four senses plus your sense of touch.

In addition to your five senses, you also receive ‘gifts of wisdom’ from the Universe through your mind. You know what I’m talking about, those unexpected insights that appear in your mind out of nowhere.

To become a excellent receiver of the good you want, ‘fine tune’ your RECEIVING AWARENESS by doing it consciously.  In other words, become aware of what you are receiving through your five senses and your mind rather than receiving thoughtlessly. 

For example, right now, I am RECEIVING a cool breeze washing over my left arm as I type these words. Through my thoughts, I am RECEIVING words of wisdom from Syneca Featherstone. 

I am aware that through my tongue I am RECEIVING that wake up taste from the good coffee I am drinking.  And through my hearing I am RECEIVING the song ‘Thank you World’  that fills my heart with gratitude.

Becoming CONSCIOUSLY aware of what you are receiving will cause you to SPONTANEOUSLY experience good feelings inside of you. Your good feelings will, then, attract more good things to you. 


Give up RECEIVING Negative Thoughts

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Why it's so EASY to feel LACK instead of ABUNDANCE (Article)

The free enterprise marketing system is based on the idea of creating the feelings of lack inside of you so you will buy what the free enterprise system wants you to buy.


Everything about the free enterprise system is designed to make you disenchanted and ungrateful for what you have so you will buy some product or service to cancel out the 'lack feeling' inside of you.

The cancellation of the lack feeling lasts only a short period of time before the lack feeling returns. And once it returns you must seek out another product or service to fill the lack feeling inside of you.

From birth you have been trained to experience 'lack' in every area of your life. The lack of love, money, health. The lack of peace and happiness.

Coming from the 'lack feeling' programmed inside of you, by your ancestors, you cannot help but live a life of lack because lack can only attract lack, never abundance.

Lack is so toxic to the soul that we resist the feeling of lack with such intensity that we do not even realize we are resisting lack. Lack itself only gains power over us when we resist it, the moment we quit resisting lack, abundance, in all forms, begins appearing in our lives moving from a trickle to a flood.

If you want to know more of what I know about abundance in regards to money, click here


Quit Giving the CRITIC IN YOUR HEAD Power over you. (Article)

We all have a critic in our heads, it lives there rent free without our permission. It is passive/aggressive. 


In looking back over my life, the birth of the critic in my head was a result of all the negative things people said to me that I allowed into my mind without questioning or editing those negative things in any way.  

Mostly what I did with the negative things I heard, earlier in my life, was to believe them, argue with them, resist them or go sit in the corner and pout about the negative things other people said to me.

About 10 years ago I locked the critic in my head in jail as punishment for abusing me so much.  For the most part it sits quietly in the 'jail' I created in my head for it but every so often it forget its in jail and starts going off on me  and unloading all of its criticisms of me.

I had one of those moments this morning.  I was going through all the messages I posted on Facebook because I wanted to include some of them in my next book titled: Quit Resisting Your GOOD.

As I was reading the things I posted, the jailed Critic in my mind went off on me. I would read a message I wrote on FB and as I did, my critic started giving me a 'running commentary' about what it thought of my messages.  Here are a few things I heard my critic say to me this morning.

"What a dumb shit you are. That sounds stupid."

"Boy, I bet people think you are the most arrogant and righteous son of a bitch they ever met."

"Who are you to make those kind of comments?' 

"You think you know something, you don't know jack shit about anything. You are a bullshitter extraordinaire." 

"I am amazed that anyone reads your shit, better yet I am amazed anyone even likes you." 

"Have you ever thought of killing yourself, You do know the world would be better off without you."..


I have really never needed the criticism of others because the critic in my head is one of the most brutal critics I know. At one time I believed everything the critic in my head said to me and everything my critic said to me hurt or devastated me some way. I had a long periods in my life where privately I was an emotional wreck..   People didn't see that side of me because I learned very early on, in my life, when you expressed your 'emotional wreckage'  publicly, people would punish you in some way

This started for me when I was a child. When I was emotionally upset I would act it out and be sent to my room. My parents would lock the door and told me they wouldn't unlock it until I promised to behave myself. Because I learned, at a early age that when you react in a negative way to people they either punish you for it or they withhold their love from you, I taught myself to handle all of my emotional upsets privately without involving other people. This action on my part eliminated all the drama in my life and allowed me to 'quiet down' my upsets very quickly especially when I didn't involve other people in them.

Over the years I learned to handle all of my emotional upsets privately and respond rationally and logically to any person or situation that upset me.  This has worked very well for me and has allowed me to live in peace and harmony with myself for many years now.  And even this morning with the 'nasty critic in my head going off on me, I feel peaceful and calm. How can that be, you may ask?

Well first off I accept 'what is' and what is, in this case, is that my inner critic thinks the worst about me.  I also accept that it is possible some people think the very things my critic thinks about me and if they do, so what.

I can't do a damn thing about what other people think about me. And I am not going to worry about or get upset over things I have absolutely no control over.

The second reason I am not upset with what my critic said to me this morning is because my 'inner critic' teaches me all the ways I don't want to be with the people in my life.

My Critic is a bully, so I am not one.

My Critic speaks to hurt so I speak to love and nurture people

My Critic is extremely judgmental so I do not judge.

My Critic is very insensitive so I became very sensitive.


By accepting and not resisting my inner critic, I have become the person I wanted to be. Today, I  love and accept himself exactly as I am and in the process of loving and accepting myself exactly as I am,, it made it possible for me to love and accept all others different than myself exactly as they are.

The third reason I'm not upset with my critic going off in my head is because I don't believe a word it says to me.  I've had enough positive experiences in my life to know the nasty things my critic says to me are a lie.

You see, it's only when we believe what our 'inner critic' tells us that it can hurt us and have control over how we feel.. Once we stop believing it, it ceases to have any power to upset or hurt us in any way. 

If you are interested in knowing how I learned to love and accept  myself exactly as I am, without changing one hair on my head,  you can read about it here:


Turning Dreams into REALITY (How it works)

I have made many dreams come true in my life and I am in the process of making my biggest dream come true. The moment you create a DREAM in your mind and decide to go after what you want, along with the dream, the Universe creates a series of obstacles and roadblocks for you to overcome.

These obstacles and roadblocks are created for your spiritual growth and enjoyment.  The Universe doesn't creates obstacles and roadblocks to stop you from making your dream come true, the Universe created them to  bring out the very best in you. Let me explain.

People who fail to make their dream come true see obstacles and roadblocks as stumbling blocks while successful people see them as stepping stones that are shortcuts to making their dream come true.

The second reason the Universe creates obstacles and roadblock for you is to see how willing you are to give up the 'wisdom of the ego' in exchange for the 'wisdom of the spirit.' 

And finally, the obstacles and roadblocks the Universe creates for you are opportunities to teach yourself how to love yourself more and criticize and put yourself down less.

Ego will tell you over and over again to give up on your dream. It will tell you that you are an idiot for trying to make your dream come true. It will criticize everything you do and it will do its best to keep you under its rule of fear, heartbreak and disappointment.

Spirit, on the other hand, will inspire you to make your dream bigger and better every time you hit an obstacle or roadblock rather than making it smaller until it disappears from view.

Spirit will empower you to make your dream so big that nothing or no one can stop you from making it come true.. And when that happens, your dream will start unfolding for you in ways that, often times, will defy all logical explanations.  Spirit will also flood your mind with inspired ideas and ask you to act on all inspired idea that makes you feel good about being you.

The 'picture quotation's below is the latest inspired idea the 'Universal Spirit' shared with me in regards to making my dream come true. The funny thing about this inspired idea, even though it feels right to me, my ego doesn't want me to do it because ego think it is a weakness to ask for help but Spirit knows different, it knows you have to ask to receive.  - Frederick Zappone


I Really Hate Telling You TRUMP HATERS this...

Trump will be our next President.  How do I know?  If I told you, you would probably think I am crazy but then some of you already think that about me so let me just say whether you like it or not:

TRUMP, for better or worse, has given people permission to be themselves because whether you like him or not, TRUMP is being himself. No politician has ever give people that type of permission. That kind of permission is priceless to people who never had the courage to fully be themselves in the past. 
As a result of Trump giving people permission to be themselves, millions will vote for Donald Trump as a way of thanking him for that gift and this will result in Trump receiving enough votes to be our next President.

The time of the 'EXPERT ELITE' ruling the USA, as has been proven over the last several months, is being flushed down the crapper. What you are seeing is the power being return to ordinary people, like you and me, which makes it possible to once again, have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

NOT TO WORRY, Karma will take care of the people who are being their worst selves and at the same time Karma will generously REWARD the people who are being their best selves. 
Frederick Zappone

Inspiring and Empowering People Since 1998

Self-love, the only Known CURE, no Harmful Side Effects.


Insights into DONALD TRUMP that few people have seen.

TWO THINGS ABOUT THIS VIDEO - Whoever made up the title for this Video is a LIAR. Not once is the Illuminati mentioned in this video. That aside, for those of you who hate Trump, this is not something you should watch. For those of you who love Trump, you will see a side of Trump that mainstream media rarely reports. This is an interview done by a WOMAN Wall Street Journal newspaper reporter. It's an EXCELLENT interview.


Why Trump Insults People (The REAL Reason)

Many of you think Trump insults people because he is an asshole. 

That's not why he insults people. He insults them because he knows people are asleep in this country and if doesn't insult them and be the 'pulpit bully' (bad cop) , people will stay asleep in regards to what the existing politician system has done to this country and what it is doing to the people living it it.

He bullies people to get them talking because 'sweet talk' and 'political bullshit' haven't made people speak up, it is only his insults that have broken through the minds of sheep who no longer wish to be sheep but rather powerful Lions.

He has gotten more people publicly talking about subjects such as immigration, race, gun control , wealth, etc.) than ever before.

He has given people the courage to speak their minds rather than feeling like it's wrong to speak one's mind. 
He has brought to the surface the public's true thoughts and opinions rather than people talking one way but really feeling another way. He has punctured a large hole in the sacred cow called 'political correctness.' 

Political correctness is about squashing the truth not expressing the truth. The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly but only the truth will set people free to make America great again.

Trump is no man's fool in spite of many people's less than glowing opinions of him. Love him or hate him, Trump is making a difference in our political system. Trump has got more people involved in the election process then ever before.

He has brought to the surface the 'political lies' that have lived in hiding for years. Trump is smart like a fox and to underestimate him or his innate good intentions would be your mistake.

The  Inspiring and Empowering Writings of Frederick Zappone