Why Trump Insults People (The REAL Reason)

Many of you think Trump insults people because he is an asshole. 

That's not why he insults people. He insults them because he knows people are asleep in this country and if doesn't insult them and be the 'pulpit bully' (bad cop) , people will stay asleep in regards to what the existing politician system has done to this country and what it is doing to the people living it it.

He bullies people to get them talking because 'sweet talk' and 'political bullshit' haven't made people speak up, it is only his insults that have broken through the minds of sheep who no longer wish to be sheep but rather powerful Lions.

He has gotten more people publicly talking about subjects such as immigration, race, gun control , wealth, etc.) than ever before.

He has given people the courage to speak their minds rather than feeling like it's wrong to speak one's mind. 
He has brought to the surface the public's true thoughts and opinions rather than people talking one way but really feeling another way. He has punctured a large hole in the sacred cow called 'political correctness.' 

Political correctness is about squashing the truth not expressing the truth. The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly but only the truth will set people free to make America great again.

Trump is no man's fool in spite of many people's less than glowing opinions of him. Love him or hate him, Trump is making a difference in our political system. Trump has got more people involved in the election process then ever before.

He has brought to the surface the 'political lies' that have lived in hiding for years. Trump is smart like a fox and to underestimate him or his innate good intentions would be your mistake.

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The Truth about Prince's DEATH...

For myself, I am not sure TMZ is the greatest source for accurate information about why Prince died. I will wait for the verdict from the Medical Examiner before I come to any final conclusions.

How Prince died, at this point, we don't know for sure. The report that he had the flu for several weeks, prior to his death, didn't seem quite right to me. That being said, it is true that too many celebrities die from an overdose of drugs. I am not sure addiction is the right word to use about drugs.

I would say self-medication (right or wrong) is a better choice of words. The bottom line is that whatever people are doing, they do to take care of themselves. Granted there are better ways to take care of oneself than drugs but nevertheless that is one of the reason people do drugs.

I had the choice in my early years to do drugs big time. I would have gone that way if I didn't hear a voice in my head say: 'Your mind is powerful enough to create any high a drug can create.' And since that time I have worked and studied and use the power of my own mind to create enormous 'highs' for myself.

Today, modern science has confirmed what I knew for years. Our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals, for better or worse, to every cell in our body by way of a messenger molecule. This explains why people feel the way they do.

I would like to say that people who do drug find it easier to manipulate their feelings with drugs than face their 'feeling and emotions' head on. The problem with manipulating feelings with drugs is that they have harmful side effects that often times leads people to experiencing tragic consequences. It is my opinion that if people truly felt good about themselves they would have no need to use drugs to get high. 
Unfortunately we live in a culture that is not about making people feel good, it is about making people feel afraid in so many ways. And drugs are a quick fix for living in culture that promote fear over love. - Frederick Zappone, author of Love is all I know (Amazon)  


Unhappiness is an ALERT Signal

Unhappiness is always an ALERT SIGNAL, from your subconscious mind, that you are not loving yourself sufficiently. It is impossible to be unhappy if you love yourself sufficiently. 

Unhappiness is really a code word for self-hate. The world around you is constantly bombarding you with news that will make you hate yourself. It constantly reminds you that you don't eat enough of the right things, it reminds you that you eat too many of the wrong things.

It reminds you that you don't exercise often enough, that you weigh too much, that you are not good enough, smart enough, deserving enough.

The world around you works hard in trying to control you by making you 'feel bad' about yourself in some way, In fact, the only way the world around you can control you is by convincing you that you are flawed or defective in some way when you are not.

Genuine self-love is about accepting yourself EXACTLY as you are without judging yourself in any way.

Self-love It is not an act of selfishness as some people would have you believe. Self-love is a powerful act of self-care. The more you love and care for yourself the better equipped you are to care for and love all others different than yourself.

If you would like to read what I personally know about the power of self-love, visit my web site.

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If you think Self-Love is a Bad Thing, You Don't Know Squat about LOVE.

It is not my job to convince anyone that self-love is a good thing. 

Everyone has the constitutional right to believe what they want to believe. And for people who think self-love is a bad thing, It doesn't even matter that Jesus said 'love your neighbor as yourself' which directly implies loving yourself is a necessary thing in order to love your neighbor.

Many people see self-love as an act of selfishness, I see self-love as a powerful act of self-care. The better I take care of myself, the more love I have to give to all others different than myself.

People who do violence, such as Hitler, do not love themselves, they hate themselves and then project their hatred out onto other people. Instead of loving themselves, they use their 'projected hatred' as an excuse to destroy others.

A person who loves themselves sufficiently never has any desire to harm anyone in any way. It takes self-hatred 'projected out' onto others in order to create the desire to do harm to others.

For those of you who believe self-love is a bad thing, I encourage you to continue believing what you believe because I am not one to argue with people who believe and think differently than I do.

For those of you who believe self-love is a good thing, you can read more about what I know about self-love by clicking on this link: