Why it's so EASY to feel LACK instead of ABUNDANCE (Article)

The free enterprise marketing system is based on the idea of creating the feelings of lack inside of you so you will buy what the free enterprise system wants you to buy.


Everything about the free enterprise system is designed to make you disenchanted and ungrateful for what you have so you will buy some product or service to cancel out the 'lack feeling' inside of you.

The cancellation of the lack feeling lasts only a short period of time before the lack feeling returns. And once it returns you must seek out another product or service to fill the lack feeling inside of you.

From birth you have been trained to experience 'lack' in every area of your life. The lack of love, money, health. The lack of peace and happiness.

Coming from the 'lack feeling' programmed inside of you, by your ancestors, you cannot help but live a life of lack because lack can only attract lack, never abundance.

Lack is so toxic to the soul that we resist the feeling of lack with such intensity that we do not even realize we are resisting lack. Lack itself only gains power over us when we resist it, the moment we quit resisting lack, abundance, in all forms, begins appearing in our lives moving from a trickle to a flood.

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Quit Giving the CRITIC IN YOUR HEAD Power over you. (Article)

We all have a critic in our heads, it lives there rent free without our permission. It is passive/aggressive. 


In looking back over my life, the birth of the critic in my head was a result of all the negative things people said to me that I allowed into my mind without questioning or editing those negative things in any way.  

Mostly what I did with the negative things I heard, earlier in my life, was to believe them, argue with them, resist them or go sit in the corner and pout about the negative things other people said to me.

About 10 years ago I locked the critic in my head in jail as punishment for abusing me so much.  For the most part it sits quietly in the 'jail' I created in my head for it but every so often it forget its in jail and starts going off on me  and unloading all of its criticisms of me.

I had one of those moments this morning.  I was going through all the messages I posted on Facebook because I wanted to include some of them in my next book titled: Quit Resisting Your GOOD.

As I was reading the things I posted, the jailed Critic in my mind went off on me. I would read a message I wrote on FB and as I did, my critic started giving me a 'running commentary' about what it thought of my messages.  Here are a few things I heard my critic say to me this morning.

"What a dumb shit you are. That sounds stupid."

"Boy, I bet people think you are the most arrogant and righteous son of a bitch they ever met."

"Who are you to make those kind of comments?' 

"You think you know something, you don't know jack shit about anything. You are a bullshitter extraordinaire." 

"I am amazed that anyone reads your shit, better yet I am amazed anyone even likes you." 

"Have you ever thought of killing yourself, You do know the world would be better off without you."..


I have really never needed the criticism of others because the critic in my head is one of the most brutal critics I know. At one time I believed everything the critic in my head said to me and everything my critic said to me hurt or devastated me some way. I had a long periods in my life where privately I was an emotional wreck..   People didn't see that side of me because I learned very early on, in my life, when you expressed your 'emotional wreckage'  publicly, people would punish you in some way

This started for me when I was a child. When I was emotionally upset I would act it out and be sent to my room. My parents would lock the door and told me they wouldn't unlock it until I promised to behave myself. Because I learned, at a early age that when you react in a negative way to people they either punish you for it or they withhold their love from you, I taught myself to handle all of my emotional upsets privately without involving other people. This action on my part eliminated all the drama in my life and allowed me to 'quiet down' my upsets very quickly especially when I didn't involve other people in them.

Over the years I learned to handle all of my emotional upsets privately and respond rationally and logically to any person or situation that upset me.  This has worked very well for me and has allowed me to live in peace and harmony with myself for many years now.  And even this morning with the 'nasty critic in my head going off on me, I feel peaceful and calm. How can that be, you may ask?

Well first off I accept 'what is' and what is, in this case, is that my inner critic thinks the worst about me.  I also accept that it is possible some people think the very things my critic thinks about me and if they do, so what.

I can't do a damn thing about what other people think about me. And I am not going to worry about or get upset over things I have absolutely no control over.

The second reason I am not upset with what my critic said to me this morning is because my 'inner critic' teaches me all the ways I don't want to be with the people in my life.

My Critic is a bully, so I am not one.

My Critic speaks to hurt so I speak to love and nurture people

My Critic is extremely judgmental so I do not judge.

My Critic is very insensitive so I became very sensitive.


By accepting and not resisting my inner critic, I have become the person I wanted to be. Today, I  love and accept himself exactly as I am and in the process of loving and accepting myself exactly as I am,, it made it possible for me to love and accept all others different than myself exactly as they are.

The third reason I'm not upset with my critic going off in my head is because I don't believe a word it says to me.  I've had enough positive experiences in my life to know the nasty things my critic says to me are a lie.

You see, it's only when we believe what our 'inner critic' tells us that it can hurt us and have control over how we feel.. Once we stop believing it, it ceases to have any power to upset or hurt us in any way. 

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Turning Dreams into REALITY (How it works)

I have made many dreams come true in my life and I am in the process of making my biggest dream come true. The moment you create a DREAM in your mind and decide to go after what you want, along with the dream, the Universe creates a series of obstacles and roadblocks for you to overcome.

These obstacles and roadblocks are created for your spiritual growth and enjoyment.  The Universe doesn't creates obstacles and roadblocks to stop you from making your dream come true, the Universe created them to  bring out the very best in you. Let me explain.

People who fail to make their dream come true see obstacles and roadblocks as stumbling blocks while successful people see them as stepping stones that are shortcuts to making their dream come true.

The second reason the Universe creates obstacles and roadblock for you is to see how willing you are to give up the 'wisdom of the ego' in exchange for the 'wisdom of the spirit.' 

And finally, the obstacles and roadblocks the Universe creates for you are opportunities to teach yourself how to love yourself more and criticize and put yourself down less.

Ego will tell you over and over again to give up on your dream. It will tell you that you are an idiot for trying to make your dream come true. It will criticize everything you do and it will do its best to keep you under its rule of fear, heartbreak and disappointment.

Spirit, on the other hand, will inspire you to make your dream bigger and better every time you hit an obstacle or roadblock rather than making it smaller until it disappears from view.

Spirit will empower you to make your dream so big that nothing or no one can stop you from making it come true.. And when that happens, your dream will start unfolding for you in ways that, often times, will defy all logical explanations.  Spirit will also flood your mind with inspired ideas and ask you to act on all inspired idea that makes you feel good about being you.

The 'picture quotation's below is the latest inspired idea the 'Universal Spirit' shared with me in regards to making my dream come true. The funny thing about this inspired idea, even though it feels right to me, my ego doesn't want me to do it because ego think it is a weakness to ask for help but Spirit knows different, it knows you have to ask to receive.  - Frederick Zappone


I Really Hate Telling You TRUMP HATERS this...

Trump will be our next President.  How do I know?  If I told you, you would probably think I am crazy but then some of you already think that about me so let me just say whether you like it or not:

TRUMP, for better or worse, has given people permission to be themselves because whether you like him or not, TRUMP is being himself. No politician has ever give people that type of permission. That kind of permission is priceless to people who never had the courage to fully be themselves in the past. 
As a result of Trump giving people permission to be themselves, millions will vote for Donald Trump as a way of thanking him for that gift and this will result in Trump receiving enough votes to be our next President.

The time of the 'EXPERT ELITE' ruling the USA, as has been proven over the last several months, is being flushed down the crapper. What you are seeing is the power being return to ordinary people, like you and me, which makes it possible to once again, have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

NOT TO WORRY, Karma will take care of the people who are being their worst selves and at the same time Karma will generously REWARD the people who are being their best selves. 
Frederick Zappone

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Insights into DONALD TRUMP that few people have seen.

TWO THINGS ABOUT THIS VIDEO - Whoever made up the title for this Video is a LIAR. Not once is the Illuminati mentioned in this video. That aside, for those of you who hate Trump, this is not something you should watch. For those of you who love Trump, you will see a side of Trump that mainstream media rarely reports. This is an interview done by a WOMAN Wall Street Journal newspaper reporter. It's an EXCELLENT interview.