Depression Success Story: "My Daily Recipe for Staying Mostly Depression-Free"

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So, let's be real: There's no cure for depression. At least not one that works for everyone. Medication works a bit, and exercise helps a ton. But none of these things--even lots of meditation--won't get you all the way.

However, in my experience, there are cures (note the plural): complex, sometimes time-consuming combinations of factors that can work together and give you relief.

Here's my depression success story and the particular combination of coping mechanisms that work best for me.

Once upon a time, I was four years old. And even then, I was the serious girl. Nothing wrong with that--my mom called me "sensitive" and my dad said I had a "cute, worried expression." But right before their eyes, and without any of us knowing it, I started, slowly, to withdraw. In the second grade my best friend moved away, and I had very few others as backups. I became shyer and shyer till, caught in the coming-of-age pre-junior high school years (fifth and sixth grades), I was really suffering. I hated how I looked. I had no close friends. At recess I hid in the bathroom or under the schoolyard stairs. I didn't want anyone to see me sitting alone, but I didn't want to talk to anyone and face rejection.

In Junior High School, I realized I had a problem. It wasn't their fault that I was shy; it was mine. I went to a new school, made the same mistakes, and the outcome was the same, too. In the eighth grade, I hid in the bathroom every day, and though I made a few friends, they weren't close. One day I read an article in my inspirational reading of choice--Seventeen magazine--about a girl who realized she had depression. She said that she figured it out after while riding a city bus, she burst into tears for no reason.

That's ridiculous, I thought. I do that all the time. It sounds pretty normal to me.

But the thought sunk in, and soon after that, I realized I was depressed, too.

My first attempt at overcoming depression was a spiritual one. As a fundamentalist Christian, I knew the answer to all pain, all difficulties was faith. I also knew that I wouldn't feel better until I got on the right path, and stayed there. If I only prayed enough, read the Bible enough - really committed to God - I would feel the love and job of knowing him. And the depression would be gone.

The plan didn't succeed.

High school passed in perfectionistic frustration. Then college, then a few lovely years after graduation. My determined mindset helped me get rid of my shyness completely, and pursue a few other goals successfully. I got a job I love--waitressing--as well as a college degree and a house. And I started liking myself a lot more--even how I looked. I gained confidence, but my ultimate goal still eluded me--that of fully overcoming depression.

I still haven't fully overcome it.

And yet, I have overcome a lot of it. Most of it, in fact. And I did it in two major ways. First, I dealt with the basics: I got a job, independence, a few friendships, a place to live. After that, I started refining my methods.

Here is my daily recipe for my mostly happy, sometimes joyful, and always deeply grateful state of mind.

•I exercise most days for at least forty minutes. Sometimes, I exaggerate. Like the other week when I told my friend exercise is a cure for depression. It's not. And yet, it sort of is. Because without my long walks, I'm not sure I'd be able to stay mentally healthy. For me, this is the absolute number one technique I recommend to overcome depression--even more so than spiritual practice. My personal habit is to take long walks with my kids. I often carry the baby and push the two-year-old on the stroller while my five-year old follows on his bicycle.

•I get outside for at least an hour most days. Rain or shine, outside time is a must. I feel better almost as soon as I step out onto the porch. I take the kids to the park or we walk to the store or to a play area. In fact, I almost never drive a car, even though I have one.

•I meditate briefly each day and pursue other spiritual practices. My meditation practice consists of repeating a loving mantra several times for several minutes, or just allowing myself to sit still and notice the thoughts that come, then refocus on my "inner body"--the sensations I feel in my hands and feet and breath. I also try to consult my inner guidance on a daily, sometimes hour by hour basis as I consider what to do next, or what decision to make. This helps me greatly. Finally, when a thought comes that is particularly stressful, I journal it, Byron Katie-style. For more information on all of my spiritual practices, see my Spiritual Practice Success Stories and Depression Success Stories on

•I limit my junk food intake. Healthy food tastes good, too. It really does. I don't limit fat and I focus on protein and vegetables. (I allow myself a few treats, too.)

•I have hobbies I truly love: reading, writing, and gardening. The value of having at least one endless project cannot be overstated. I love feeling productive, and all three of these hobbies feels valuable and fun. I get the pleasure of the activity itself, plus the knowledge that I'm doing something worthwhile. If you don't have a job, at least get a difficult, long-term, highly involved hobby.

•I keep my house clean. For me, cleaning is relaxing. It gives me a sense of control and order. I love home organization, too.

•I only wear clothes that feel good on my body and that I feel I look good in. This is huge, and took me a long time to learn. I hardly ever wear those "cute" clothes that other people say look good on me. I wear a uniform every day: black pants, a crisp T-shirt and maybe a sweater.

•I keep my weight down. For me, feeling bloated causes anxiety. Though I don't necessarily think extra weight looks bad on other people, I choose to do what it takes to keep my weight down (i.e. diet). For me, the trade-off is worth it.

•I take medication. Does it work? Yeah, a little. This is especially important and helpful in the winter.

•I work hard. I stay busy. Staying busy is huge. Huge! The days fly by, and in the evening you can look forward to a TV show or a good book knowing that you did your work for the day already.

•I do work I love, namely, writing and being a mom. For people with depression, work enjoyment is even more important than for others. I don't make a ton of money, but I wouldn't trade my work lifestyle for anything.

•I spend time with good friends several time per week. Ah, friendship. This is a hard one for me. I'm a busy mom, after all. But I fold my friendship time into my mom time with lots of play dates, and once a month we have family friends over for dinner. Such an uplifting experience.

•I don't over-schedule my days. I try to take things at my own pace, and the pace of good parenting. If you are prone to anger or anxiety, over-scheduling is a huge problem. Though I love to keep busy, I choose projects that I can do at my own pace and on my own schedule. I only schedule one outing per day with the kids, and I make it a life rule to rarely leave the house in the evening. (Family time!)

•I try not to yell at anyone. Conflict is such an emotional drain. Most of my relationship difficulties are handled in a calm, low-key manner. I just hate being in a fight.

•I prioritize sleep. I don't have a TV or computer addiction. In fact, addictions of all kinds scare me. I watch TV a few times a week, and go to bed at the same time my kids do. For alone time, I get a babysitter three times per week.

•I try to do all the little "shoulds" we all have for ourselves, while also trying not to do too much. It is a balance. Such a tricky, precarious balance. But I've found that for me, there's no way around it.

So, the list is long, I know. Maybe even a bit intimidating. Depression is such a huge, demanding thing.

There are no easy answers. But there are answers. And hey--that's better than nothing.

Besides, all this self-improvement stuff? It doesn't just keep my depression at bay. It makes me a better person, too. Most of it is stuff even someone who doesn't have depression would benefit from. The main difference is that I feel I have no choice. Drop the ball on any two of these, and rough days are ahead. It's not a self-pity thing; it's just true.

I do remain hopeful that one day, my depression will be healed entirely. It happened to my dad and many others. Either way, I (mostly) accept myself right where I'm at. This is my life, and it's a good one.

I'm blessed.


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He called me an Emotional CRIPPLE

The VP of a company I worked for, years ago, called me an emotional cripple. This was in response to me asking him to give me the same raise he gave a co-worker of mine who sales results were half of mine.

When I asked him why he wouldn't give me a raise, he spun around on his heels and with as much hatred as I have ever seen in a person's eyes, he said to me: 

'Because Zappone, you are an EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE'

People called me emotional. all of my life, but no one ever called me an 'emotional cripple' before. His words stung me deeply and I had to do everything within my power not to break down crying in front of him. I left his office feeling ashamed, humiliated, devastated, hopeless and defeated.

All of my life I was made wrong for feeling my emotions strongly and intensely. I was pushed into therapy and taking pills as a way of dealing with my 'sensitive emotions' but that only made me feel worse. It wasn't until I was called an 'emotional cripple' that I made up my mind 'then and there' that I would become the master of my emotions rather than continuing to be a victim of them.

Today, I am the master of what I feel. I still feel deeply everything that happens in the world around me but I now have the ability to INSTANTLY neutralize any feelings that make me feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person that I know I am.

How I accomplished this task was simple, I learn to love my negative feelings to death rather than resist them or fear them. Embracing my negative feelings gave me power over them rather than them having power over me.

Everything I know about 'loving negative feelings to death' I put into my self-love mastery program. For those of you who are interested in knowing everything I know about loving our emotions to death, you can find that information on my web page. -


What I did to 'Unscrew' Myself

Like so many of us I started off my life being very happy but as I grew older I became unhappy. I became unhappy because I started believing the lies people were telling me about myself.  

Worse yet, there were so many different people telling me so many different and conflicting lies about myself that by the time I reached twenty-one I was so screwed up that it took the next thirty years of my life to get my head screwed back on straight..

The truth be told, for the longest time I was the most insecure, shy,  person you could ever possibly know. Fortunately I was able to turn my greatest weaknesses into my greatest strengths.
My SECRET for turning my weaknesses into strengths has been to accept and love myself exactly as I am, one moment at a time..  We all have a private side and a public side. The private side is usually the abused side of us that we hide from view from other people out of shame and guilt. None of us escaped our childhood without being abused in some way (mentally, emotionally or physically) by someone. 

You Teach Best What You Most Need To Learn - Rich Bach

I'll be your didn't know this but the people who have been abused the most, often times, become psychiatrists, psychologists. counselors or self-help teachers like myself. This allows us to help others and at the same time safely work out our own issues of shame and guilt without being a problem to society or others.  

Self-love has been the most important 'healing agent' in successfully dealing with my insecure self image. It has allowed me to accept myself at my worst and absolutely adore myself at my best. Without self-love, I would have continued to unconsciously abuse myself by thoughtlessly criticizing myself when things weren't going my way. 

Today I take full responsibility for everything that happens to me. I no longer blame anyone for anything. When I occasionally catch myself wanting to blame someone for my pain, I remind myself that blame is the way I allow all of my personal power to bleed out of me. 

By taking full responsibility for everything that happens to me my authentic power is fully restored to me and I am free to become as magnificent and as powerful as I want to be.

Set Yourself FREE From a LACK of Money (Article)

The truth about money shall set you free from a lack and scarcity of it. 

I have no doubt I came into this world hating money. From the earliest time I can remember I have never liked anything about money except spending it. Hating money and always wanting things that cost money sets up a terrible conflict in me. In this world whether I liked it or not, money was important.

Money gives us the physical freedom to come and go as we please. Money allows us to take care of the people we love. Money allows us to make our dreams come true. 

The truth be told, if you are a good person without money, you will be a better person with money. In addition, as a spiritual person you can do more good in this world with money than you can without it.

I was born into this world hating money so I could learn my most important spiritual lesson about money.This is what I learned.

Money is paper and I am the POWER that gives money its power. As long as I believed that I was not the power that gave money its power, I remained a victim of money rather than its master

How You Feel About Money Is Really How You Feel About you.

Money has no feelings at all but you do and how you feel about money is really how you feel about yourself. When you hate any aspect of money, you are really hating some part of yourself. Money itself is neutral, it is neither good or bad, it is neither the root of all evil or the root of all good. It is nothing at all without us adding our thoughts, feelings and opinions to it. How you feel about money determines whether you will spend your life (in this dimension) never having enough of it or ALWAYS having more than enough of it.

 In accordance with the law of attraction, feeling good about money attracts money to you while feeling bad about any aspect of money (including paying your bills) pushes money away from you.

 In my early years, I did many things for money that didn't feel good for me to do. As a result I went bankrupt in my life not once but twice. Today my financial life is very different than from what it was in the past. 

Today money comes to me, often times, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. Today, I am literally a money magnet because I no longer do anything for money that makes me feel bad in any way.

My rule today for making money is this:

Whatever I do for money must be FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. If a money-making opportunity doesn't fit my rule, I don't do it no matter how much money is on the table.

The more you live in conflict with money, the less money you will be able to make for yourself. On the other hand, the more you live in peace and harmony with all aspects of money the easier it will be for you to make, acquire and attract all the money you want and desire. 

-- Frederick Zappone
Author of the Money Program.


END Violence In Your WORLD. Here's how.

Do you want to make a difference in having violence end in our world? If you do, then share the link with others?  

Question: What in it for me? 

Answer: The satisfaction of knowing that by sharing the link with others that you will reach the heart and mind of at least person who is considering, right now, doing harm themselves or to others. And as a result of you sharing the link and that person reading my article about love they choose not to do any harm. All because you believed in love enough to share my article about love with others.

Question: What in it for you? 

Answer: Twenty-one dollars that I use to spread the message to people who are thinking about harming themselves or others that love does indeed solve all, including dissolving the fear, hurt, hate and angry that lives in their hearts.

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A Positive Way To Look At Tragedy

How I use LOVE To solve Personal Problems (Relationship, Health, Money)

Ever have a problem where you don't know what to do next to solve it? I have! Experience taught me that when I don't know what to do next to solve a problem, the best thing I can do is NOTHING. 

You see trying to do something to solve a problem when I am clueless on how to solve it is 'fear pushing me' to come up with an answer to my problem when I have no answers. 

At best all 'fear pushing me' every did was slow me down considerably from solving my problem, In worst case situations, fear made my problem persist for what seemed like an eternity.

These days when I don't know what to next to solve a problem of mine, I focus on loving myself more. This is very different behavior from what I did in the past to solve my problems. 

In the past, when I couldn't solve a problem I would criticize myself or beat myself for not knowing how to solve my problem. That only made my problem worse. 

Today, when I am clueless on how to solve a problem I have, I work on loving myself more. In the process of loving myself more, the answer to my problem spontaneously shows up in my mind out of thin air  or my problem disappears for no logical reason I can explain other than the fact that I took the time to love myself more. 

To read about how I  use the power of self-love to solve all of my problems, click this link:


A Lack of Money is a Result of LYING to Yourself

The people who don't attract money to themselves no matter how hard they work at thinking the very best thoughts about money FAIL because they really HATE something about money. Here are eight (8) examples of what people hate (or resent) about money.

1. How they 'have to' make their money. 

2. Having to spend money on paying their bills or taxes. 

3. Not having enough money. 

4. People who have money. 

5. How hard they have to work for their money. 

6. Beliefs, thoughts and feelings they have about money that stops them from attracting the money they want. 

7. People who cheated or conned them out of money. 

8. Parents, bosses, etc. who use money to manipulate and control them.

Whatever 'secret' HATE feelings people have about money won't disappear from their consciousness until they quit lying to themselves about the aspects of money they hate.

Consciously and on purpose HATING what you hate about money ( and then letting those feelings go) will make those hate feelings disappear. Once they do, in their place money in abundance will begin appearing in your life, often times, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

Get me as your personal money mastery coach for one year for FREE when you sign up for my money mastery program.  You can afford my program because I priced it for people who don't have very much money
Frederick Zappone's Money Mastery Program

To Succeed in life QUIT asking the WHY question!

In the past when things weren't working out for me I would always ask the question; why? Why aren't things working out for me.

The problem with asking that question is the Universe would instantly begin flooding my mind with a thousand reasons why things weren't working out for me.


You see the Universe, the God of our understanding, the organizing intelligence of the universe ALWAYS answers our questions for us. It doesn't care what questions we ask, it will give us the answers we seek. The problem is when we ask the wrong questions, we receive answers that discourage and defeat us.

Now that I understand that, I never ask why. Instead I ask 'How can I make things work out for me.' And as soon as I ask that question the Universe begins flooding my mind with all kinds of inspired ideas on how I can make things work out for me.

The less I learned from this experience is asking the right questions that allows me to receive answers that inspire and empower me are critically important if I want to be the deliberate 'conscious' creator of my life and I do. Today I am the deliberate 'conscious' creator of my life.

Feeling Bad is an Invitation To Love Yourself More. 

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Today's COMMENTARY: Your Opinion Ain't Worth Spit

So many people with so many 'pro and con' opinions about so many different things that make no difference at all. 

 Unless you're the one in charge of making decisions that cause groups of people to do 'this or that,' your opinion is as worthless as used spit. 

People's energy would be better spent taking better care of their own life rather than spouting out opinions about the lives of others that essentially make no difference at all. 

I am clear my opinion about other people's opinions makes no real difference but I write it because it is a 'thought seed' that I plant. 

Most of the 'thought seeds' I plant will fall on barren soil (deaf ears). However, It is the seeds that fall on fertile soil (an open mind) that will inspire someone to take better care of their own life and not worry about people, events and things in the world that they have ZERO control over.

If everyone took better care of their own life and quit trying to change and control the lives of others, what a wonderful world we would live in.

12 Magical Words


Jesus and the Manchester Tragedy

The Manchester tragedy stirred a lot of righteous anger in people's hearts but hating violence does not make violence go way.

And pointing out to everyone else what a 'f*ck up' world we live in does not make the world better for anyone. It only makes people more afraid and feeling more powerless than they felt before.

The reason Jesus said 'Resist not evil' is because when you resist evil, you contribute to evil persisting in the world.

Your negative thoughts about evil, whether you understand it or not, contribute to the violence and evil we have in the world. Why? Because you are still believing that the power of fear is more powerful than the power of love.

When you don't resist evil, you are free to love all those different than yourself. However when you are resisting evil you have very little time to love yourself let alone love anyone different than yourself.

No one who loves themselves sufficiently would ever think of harming themselves or others.

Terrorists are people who hate themselves so intensity that they only way they can deal with that level of self-hatred is to project it out onto other people and kill them as a way of getting rid of the evil the terrorist sees in their world.

The Terrorists see people who think differently than they do as their enemy and we see terrorists as our enemy. As long as we look at each other that way rather than seeing we are all son's and daughter's of the King, world peace will never become our shared reality.


From Lack and Scarcity to ABUNDANCE Overnight.

The only thing, I repeat for emphasis, THE ONLY THING that is between you and what you want is your resistance to something. 

For some of you,  you might be resisting many things but it is only your resistance to the love, health or money you want that is stopping you from having it, right now, nothing else, just your resistance.

That might sound too simple for some people's taste but just because it sounds simple doesn't invalidate the fact that the ONLY reason you don't have what you want is because you are resisting something. Quit resisting that something and you will have what you want instantly.

In my own life and in the lives of  the  clients I coach I have discovered, repeatedly, that 'resistance' is the only thing stopping people from having the specific things they want.  

To discover what specifically is stopping you from having what you want you must become very conscious of exactly what it is that you are resisting. Often times what you want is right on the other side of the very thing you are resisting. And unless you stop resisting something unwanted you cannot get past it to the thing you do want. 

If you want to become a master at dissolving resistance, I can help. 

I specializing in coaching people in dissolving the 'resistance' that is between them and the 'specific things' they want.  

To schedule a coaching session with me or to send questions my way about dissolving resistance, click here


Are Your Feeling Discouraged, Defeated, Depressed or Hopeless? If so, it is not your fault. Here is why

All of the thoughts that make you feel discouraged or defeated live in your subconscious mind and run on AUTOMATIC PILOT outside your immediate conscious control so do not blame yourself when you are feeling bad. Seriously, do you think anyone in their right mind would deliberately think thoughts so they could feel bad?  I think not.

The solution to ridding your mind of thoughts running on auto-pilot is to reprogram your subconscious mind.  It is easier than you think. 

To have me do a coaching session with you on reprogramming your subconscious mind, send me a Facebook message.  If we are not yet FB friends, click here and friend me and then send me a message of your interest in having me coach you.

My fee for a one hour coaching session for people who  are members of Facebook is ONLY $50.00. (My fee for everyone outside of Facebook is $150.00) I coach folks via phone, Facetime or Skypes. 

For a limited time, you will receive a FREE copy of my Self-Love Thought MASTERY program  immediately after you schedule a 'subconscious mind' coaching session with me.  

This offer expires April 15, 2017


35 Inspirational Insights That will ROCK Your World

1. If you 'truly approve' of yourself and what you want, you will attract it effortlessly.

2. Not manifesting what you want means you are still seeking the approval of others.

3. A friend who discourages you is your enemy in disguise.

3. Falling madly in love with yourself will solve many of your problems because problems, often times, are not problems at all but unconscious acts of self-abuse.

4. People suffer until they realize suffering isn't necessary at all.

5. Feeling bad never attracts anything good, that's reason enough to never feel bad.

6. Attracting what you want is EASY to do if you BELIEVE you can.

7. People who love themselves sufficiently are masters at ALLOWING their good.

8. Pursuing things pushes things away from me so I don't. Instead I attract and allow.

9. If you must complain, complain to the person who can do something about your problem.

10.Never talk about your problems unless you want more of them.

11. You cannot go wrong encouraging others because you will be encouraged too

12. You never expect the worst but your fears do. Know the difference.

13. If you want to succeed in the future, allow your past failures to pass you by

14. If you don't take good care of you, the Universe won't either....

15. It is not what happens that hurts us, it our thoughts about what happened that does.

16. All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel them is in the body.

17. The thoughts we choose to dwell on cause us to feel the way we do.

18. People are always selling you their thoughts. Be sure you only BUY those thoughts that inspire and empower you

20. If there is pain in your love, it is not love at all, it is self-abuse.

21. If you are in emotional pain you, that is an an ALERT SIGNAL are not loving yourself enough.

22. People always, ALWAYS, find evidence to justify their agenda or point of view.

23. The more I am grateful for the life I have, the better my life becomes. The more I complain about my life, the worse my life gets. Gratitude is a choice.

24. Life is EASIER when you are always willing to 'feel what you feel' when you feel it.

 25.  Thoughts that give you RELIEF are always good thoughts for you.

  26. Fear is love suppressed. When love is expressed, fear disappears.

 27. Allow your fears to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky and they will.

 28. What you feel is what you currently believe.

 29. Feeling what you feel is much easier than resisting what you feel

30. Resisting fear gives it our power. Feeling it gives our power back to us.

31. Resist the fear and it will persist. Feel it without judging it and it will dissolve. Judging it contributes to it persisting.

 32. Fear thoughts push what we want away from us. Thoughts of love attract what we want to us.

 33. Our need to control things is based on the fear of things controlling us.

 34. If there is nothing within 6 feet of you that can cause you physical harm, your fear is imagined. 

  35. If you resist the failure feeling, you will persist in failing. Embrace it instead.

Frederick Zappone

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How I ATTRACT Money To Myself (Step By Step)

I will explain my process of attracting money to myself in specific steps so you can easily understand how it is done.

STEP 1. Everything in life, including money, is created twice, first mentally, then physically. There are no exceptions.

Before I attract money to myself,  I think of the ways I want to attract it that are FUN, EASY to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. This is the important part because if you are not having fun, if it is not easy for you to do and if doesn't make you feel good about being you, you will become easily discouraged and give up before you succeed.

STEP 2.  Thoughts attract people to us or keep them away from us. Thoughts are 'energetic vibrations' that both attract and repel.

When I think of the thoughts I am going to write or speak to people I think in terms of which thoughts will attract people to me VERSUS which thoughts will keep people away from me. 

I can tell which thoughts will attract people to me by how they FEEL. If they feel good I use them, if they don't I delete them.  Does my method of using words to attract people to me work?  My words attracted you here, didn't they? That's your proof. 🌝

STEP 3. Offer people what they want, not what you think they want.

Once you are able to attract people to you with your written or spoken words you must offer them something of great value.

QUESTION: What has the greatest value to people? 

ANSWER: Any product or service that adds to person's happiness, health and prosperity or any product or service that makes people love, appreciate and accept themselves more.  

For the most part, people are not going to give you money for no reason at all. You have to make it ATTRACTIVE for people to give you money.  

QUESTION: How do you do that?  

ANSWER: You make it 'attractive' for people to give you money by promising them (a promise that you can absolutely keep) something they want that they cannot get from anyone else but you.

For example, I offer people a 'one of a kind' ' financial growth' program about the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes people must have if they expect to attract money in abundance to themselves with no effort at all. 

In my program I explain in great detail the 'thought principles' I use that have allowed me to 'thrive and prosper'. These principles will allow people who read my program to 'thrive and prosper' too.

The most important part of attracting people to my program is I offer them my program by donation and not a fixed retail price. 

Offering people my program by donation served two functions. First, no one is excluded from buying my product because of price. Secondly, based on the donations I received (high, low, none at all) I received the feedback I needed to be more selective in the 'words' I used to make sure people felt safe in making a donation in exchange for my program. 

I also made it a point to increase the value my program. Along with my program I now give people  a copy of my Money Coaching PDF file that is filled with tips on the easiest ways to attract the money they want  PLUS a  copy of my highly acclaimed book about money. Here are comments I received from people who have read my book about money.

• A down to earth, no nonsense and concise book that tells you exactly how to allow money to flow to you. I am excited to put these principles to work for me. - Linda Altobell

• Frederick Zappone cuts to the chase. There is no filler here. He gives you clear and simple reasons why what you have been doing has not been working for you - as well as clear and simple actions to take to turn things around! - BJK

You might be interested to know that before I was able to attract money to myself with effortless ease, I went bankrupt twice. I share that piece of information with you to let you know my insights into attracting money were hard earned. You get no academic theory in my money program, only 'real life' insights and knowledge about money that will make the 'money attraction' process easy for you to do. To get your own copy of my money program now, click on the donate button below.

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After making your donation, click on the RETURN TO FREDERICK ZAPPONE button located on the donation receipt page to immediately download your copy of  My Money Program, My Money Coaching PDF file along with my book about money.

Gratitude Floods My Life With ABUNDANCE

Definition  Of  Gratitude:

1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received

2. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing

When we express sincere gratitude to the universe for what we have we activate the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' to bring more good things into our life to be grateful for.

Expressing sincere gratitude produces unexpected MIRACLES in people's lives that defy logical explanation. Expressing gratitude raises our state of mind to new levels of positive thinking. It calls forth inspired ideas within us.  Gratitude renews our body and makes us feel younger almost immediately. Expressing gratitude for what we have is a simple practice that produces MIRACULOUS Results. This is my story how the Universe blessed me with financial abundance once I started the practice of being grateful for the money I had.

Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone. For years I struggled to make money and no matter what I did, I always experienced a lack of money.

I was a victim of money before I became its master. I became a victim of money because I bought the lie that money was power and I was not. This lie caused me to have some very strong self-defeating beliefs about money. As a result of having self-defeating belief about money, I was a money disaster before I became a money master, I went bankrupt twice.

I spent years struggling to make money and the harder I worked at making money, the less money I made until I ended up unemployed. For the longest time, when it came to creating the wealth I wanted, I thought I wasn't smart enough, worthy enough or good enough.

I got to the point in my life were I was at the end of my rope, without hope. I was in a state of despair when, out of  nowhere, I heard a voice whisper in my ear; 'Until you are grateful for the money you have, you will never have the money you want'.

That is when I started my Gratitude Practice. I started with being grateful for the money I had (which was very little at the time) and then expanded my gratitude to include the inspiring insights and knowledge the Universe was sending my way concerning money.  

As the result of applying the knowledge the universe sent my way, money start flowing into my life, moving from a trickle to a flood. 

It was amazing to me how a simple change in my attitudes about money moved me quickly out of poverty hell and into prosperity heaven. 

Because of the success I have had with applying the knowledge the Universe had given me about creating financial abundance for myself I put all of that knowledge into a program I call Money.

My insights about money have made it possible for me to only do things for money that are FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. My insights about money will do the same thing for you.

The insights in my Money Program based upon the principles of gratitude can be used by people working for others or working for themselves. It doesn't matter what your occupation or profession is, the insights in my money program will work for you. My insights are simple to understand and apply to your life

Along with my Money Program, I send people a copy of my Money Coaching PDF file on how to attract and make the money you want with no effort at all. Finally I send people a copy of my highly acclaimed Money book.

Here is what a few people have said about my book.

• A down to earth, no nonsense and concise book that tells you exactly how to allow money to flow to you. I am excited to put these principles to work for me. - Linda Altobell

• Frederick Zappone cuts to the chase. There is no filler here. He gives you clear and simple reasons why what you have been doing has not been working for you - as well as clear and simple actions to take to turn things around! - BJK

• I just read this book, and loved it. Finally, someone properly explains the whole thing about 'lack' and 'scarcity thinking' and why it won't work for you. I love how simply the ideas are put over, Mr. Zappone writes simply and clearly and comes over well to the reader. - M. K. Boers


In gratitude for the financial abundance the Universe has given me I am making my program  available to people for a donation in the amount of their own choosing (In the past my program retailed $125.00).


If you have less, donate less. 
If you can afford more, donate more.


After making your donation, click on the RETURN TO FREDERICK ZAPPONE button located on the donation receipt page to immediately download your copy of  My Money Program + My Money Coaching PDF file + your copy of my Money Book.

Making Unwanted Conditions Disappear Like MAGIC

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog post is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a professional healthcare practitioner for that kind of information. On the other hand, if you choose to act upon the information provided in this blog post (which is your constitutional right to do so), the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions.

To make unwanted conditions, thoughts, feelings or things disappear from your life OBSERVE them until they disappear.

DO NOT have conversations with them.

DO NOT judge them as good or bad
DO NOT judge them as more powerful than you. 

DO NOT wish for them to be different than they are.

Simply observe them. If you simply OBSERVE the unwanted condition, thought, feeling or thing when it is there without judging it or yourself in any way, it will disappear of its own accord.

As an alternative, if you feel compelled to ' do something' about your unwanted condition, then do what you can do to make the unwanted condition disappear and when you can do no more, OBSERVE it as described above. 

The 'observation process' will make every unwanted condition in your life disappear like magic. I have successfully used this process to make unwanted health conditions along with a lack of love and money disappear from my life. Observations without judgment makes all unwanted conditions disappear of their own accord.

FYI: This 'observation method' is based on 
the principles found in Quantum Physics

NOTE: If something 'unwanted' is not disappearing from your life that means you are judging the unwanted condition in some way rather than simply noticing or observing it until it disappears.  Whatever shows up for you such as judging your unwanted condition in some way, simply observe your judgments and they too will also disappear like magic.

Frederick Zappone

The ONLY weakness we as human beings have is 'underestimating' the part our thoughts and choices played in creating the exact set of circumstances we have today.

Nothing Can DEFEAT me except my very own thoughts or my thoughts about other people's thoughts. still my thoughts.

About Love -
About Money -


I Choose EASY Thoughts, Effortless Action

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I Choose Money Because Money Used for Good is Good

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Seeing My Circumstances the Way GOD Sees Them

I feel I am blessed to see the circumstances of my life from God's point of view rather than my own. For example, while many people see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as a problem or a curse, I see them as God's way of slowing me down to enjoy life more. 

I see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as opportunities to improve my thinking so I can bless my problems rather than curse them.  

I have observed that when I bless my money troubles God turns my lack of money into abundance. I have also observed God turning my fears into love and my sickness into health.. This happens every time I am willing to bless my troubles rather than curse them.

It is my experience that all troubles are gifts in disguise. When I bless my troubles I am invoking the power of God/Universe to show me the good side to something that I have judged to be bad. 

Once I do that I let go of my judgment and focus exclusively on those things that make me feel good about being me.  

In the process of doing that, often times, something that I have judged to be bad simply disappears from my life for no logical reason I can explain or it turns into something good for me in very mysterious ways.

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Why I Fully Trust God.

For Those People Who Feel Abandoned By God 

God is my SOURCE for everything, Money Too!


 Self-Love 'Thought Mastery' Program

God is my SOURCE for everything, Money Too!

God is the source of the money and love I receive from other people.  He picks and chooses who will love me and give me the money I need to pay my bills. And because I fully trust God, He lavishes me with love and money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

Anything that is hard in my life for me to do, God does for me. I always do what I can do and what I cannot do, God always does for me. 

My job is to be grateful for God and to keep him alive (conscious) in my own life. My job is not to convince other people God exist.

My job is to keep myself open to the love, protection and guidance that God offers me every moment of every single day of my life. 

My job is to share the God of my understanding with other people and let them decide if what is true for me about God is also true for them. 

My job is not to argue with people who think about God differently than I do. My job is to love all people exactly as they are, exactly the way God loves me, unconditionally for all eternity
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Why I Fully Trust God.

For Those People Who Feel Abandoned By God


 Self-Love 'Thought Mastery' Program


Why I Fully Trust God.

Here are a few things I know for sure about God. 

God is not something we have to prove to others. It is only something we have to prove to ourselves. And once we prove to ourselves that God is real there is no need to prove to others what is true for us. 

You cannot see God but you can feel his presence, power and energy coursing through your veins. God is not judgmental. God only wants us to be happy.  God is not found in religion, He is found in our hearts.

God is kind, benevolent, fair and just. He protects us at all times and under all circumstances if we fully trust HIM.  The reason I fully trust God is because when I do, I always feel good about being me. When I don't fully trust God, I feel rotten about being me.


Just because we fully trust God doesn't mean that we don't have to do our part to make our life a heaven on earth because we do. Any thought you think or action you take that makes you feel good about being you is you living and working in harmony with the power, presence, an intelligence of God living within you. 

There is nothing that can separate us from God 'grace and power' except thoughts of fear. Thoughts of fear  cut us off from God's power, guidance and protection. This explains why we feel so vulnerable and alone when we we thinking  and/or entertaining thoughts of fear. 

For myself when 'fear thoughts' start to overwhelm my mind, I turn them over to God to handle for me and then go about thinking thoughts and doing things that make me feel good about being me.

 - Frederick Zappone

Self-Love Thought Mastery Program

For Those People Who Feel Abandoned By God

Just because we feel abandoned by God does not mean God has abandoned us, it just means we are not aware of His presence  

I must admit, it is hard to be unaware of God's presence when you realize that not one human being could have possibly created the Universe and all the wonderful things in the Universe. Things such as the birds and bees, flowers and trees along with the stars in the skies, the water in the oceans and the vast galaxies that go light-years beyond our own galaxy along with creating the likes of you and me.

For myself when I am not feeling God's presence that simply means 'thoughts of fear' are ruling my life.  When I feel God's presence I always feel good about being me.  To feel God's presence I have to focus on what I love, what I am grateful for, what makes me happy 

It is God intention for all of us to be happy and to be deeply in love with ourselves and with each other. God wants us to love ourselves as He loves us, unconditionally. He love everything about us. He loves us exactly as we are and wants us to love ourselves that way too.

This I know for sure, all thoughts and feelings that make me feel good about being me are from God, the rest are not. 

Self-Love 'Thought Mastery' Program




I Need A Dollar (Song)

Read The Answer Here

Question:  What would happen if you donated at least $0.50 everyday to someone?

Answer: You would keep the cycle of abundance ALIVE and REAL in your own life. And if you had any issues of lack and scarcity issues, you would become conscious of them very quickly. 

In becoming 'conscious' of your lack and scarcity issues, without you having to do a thing other than becoming aware of them, they would immediately begin disappearing from your life.

Being conscious of unwanted things, in a non-judgmental way, makes them disappear rather than continue to operate on the subconscious level of your mind attracting more lack and scarcity to you.

Donating any amount of money to someone everyday will move you from the world of a lack and scarcity of money to the world of an abundance of money faster than anything else you can do for yourself. 

Watch the following video Change for a Dollar.

Hope is FOREVER, Hopelessness is Temporary

Feeling hopeless does not mean you are hopeless, it is only  feeling that will change when you change your thoughts. 

Feeling hopeless most often shows up in our life when we are focused on what we DON'T want rather than what we DO want. 

Feeling hopeless turns to hope when you realize that your desire for something will show you the way when there appears to be no way. 


Honesty is the Best Policy

When you are HONEST, when you speak from your heart, you don't have to DEFEND or ARGUE with others, ever

Be Gone All My FEARS

Nothing removes fear, doubt, worry and anxiety from your life faster than when you take the time to love yourself more. 

Self-love is one of most important things you can for for yourself and yet people, out of pure ignorance, refuse to see self-love as something that can make all of their troubles disappear with effortless ease.

Self-love is not narcissistic or self-centered in any way. Self-love is a very powerful act of self-care. Without taking very good care of yourself you will not be able to take good care of others. 

A lack of self-love is the primary reason for people abusing themselves or allowing other people to use and abuse them. 

Most people think they know what self-love is when self-love is so much more than what they think. The fact is self-love is so powerful that it can makes the things going wrong in a person's life turn out right. That is how power true self-love is.  

When you love yourself sufficiently all negativity will vanish from your life like magic. To learn more about the power of self-love, click here


They call my actions INSANITY, I call my actions FAITH.

I've been told doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. I say it's FAITH. It's having faith that what you're doing will, sooner or later, produce the results you want.  

For example, I have great faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my Twenty-One Day Self-Love Program in abundance in spite of the fact that the current evidence says otherwise.

In the last four months only one person has purchased my program. In spite of such dismal results, every day I continue to post links to my program and share with folks the incredible benefits people receive from my program. Some people call what I doing insanity, I call it FAITH.   

Yes I am doing the same thing over and over again because I don't know anything else to do differently.  Daily I post links to my program and share the benefits of my program with people because I have faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my program in abundance. 

Faith is having confidence that something you want to happen will happen in spite of the fact you have no proof that it will ever happen.

Since I created my program in February of 2015 (based on my personal experiences of going from hating myself to loving myself  exactly as I am) people have bought over 200 copies of my self-love program.  Over a period of two years that certainly isn't many copies and it is certainly not enough to make a living off of it.

This whole process of failure after failure has been a blessing in disguise to me because It has made me love myself more rather than hating myself for failing over and over again.  And while my intention of people buying my self-love program in abundance has not yet been realized, loving myself, in spite of my failures has yielded great benefits to me in the other areas of my life. This includes always have enough money from other sources to continue promoting my self-love program in spite of it losing me money week in and week out.

Yes I have questioned myself why people aren't buying my program and yes I have blamed myself for my failures but I have also forgiven myself for failing. I now see that every day that passes when someone does not buy my program, it is not me failing, it is me becoming stronger in my FAITH that sooner or later, people will purchase my self-love program in abundance. That is what faith is all about, it is having an unwavering intention, that no matter what, what you have FAITH in will, sooner or later, become your reality.  Today I have that kind of FAITH


The EASY way to Attract What You Want.

It is easy to get what you want once you realize that you don't have to DO MORE to get what what you want. You have to feel more.

You have to 'feel it REAL' to get what you want. 

All of the doing-ness in the world won't dissolve, neutralize or counteract your feelings of the lack of something..  

Feeling lack and then doing more because you feel that lack will only produce more lack in your life. 

Any time you feel emotional pain in your life that is because you are attracting the lack of something into your life. Emotional pain is always a signal that you are attracting lack.

To be coached by me in EASILY attracting the things you want, contact me about my coaching services by clicking here.


Trust Yourself

When you don't fully trust yourself, feelings of depression wash over you, you start losing hope in yourself and worry, fear and anxiety begin making a permanent home in your mind. 

The absence of trust, more than any other virtue, has doomed many good men and women to failure.

TRUST the Moment

Your past is nothing but a memory and your future has not yet arrived. If you live your life, fully present, in the here and now, one moment at a time, you will literally become healthy, wealthy and wise.

TRUST your Dreams

Dare to dream big and allow the critics in your life to live quietly with their little dreams of lack and limitation. Do not argue with people who tell you that it is not possible for you to achieve the dreams you desire. The moment you argue with people about the soundness of your dreams, you have been defeated.

TRUST your Will

Trust your free will, your power to choose. Use it to create a heaven on earth for yourself. Use your will to inspire others less fortunate than yourself. Trust your will to see you through the tough times and when you do, you will experience the strength of God's will there too.

TRUST Your Thoughts

Trust your best thoughts, your highest thoughts, the thoughts that inspire you the most. It is your thoughts and actions, alone, that have created the circumstances you have in your life today. If you do not like your current set of circumstances, do not mourn over them endlessly and do not blame yourself or others for what you have today. What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today.

TRUST in those thoughts that empower you and leave the rest alone.

Choose to think about and act only on those thoughts that strengthen rather than weaken you. Choose to think about thoughts that make you feel good about yourself always and in all ways. Choose thoughts and actions that lift you up and inspire you. Choose thoughts and actions that propel you towards your dreams. Choose your friends carefully. A friend who shares your vision of living a happy, content and prosperous life will do more to help you make your dreams comes true than a thousand friends who do not.

TRUST The Universe

Trust that the universe is on your side, never doubt it for a moment. Trust what you want and the natural process it takes to move it from your mental world into your physical world. If you trust, all the good things you want will come true for you.


Trust that, beginning right now, you can create a "too good to be true" life for yourself that actually turns out to be true rather than living a life that, sadly, for many people turns out to be "too bad to be true".

Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone, the author of this article.I am an independent, Self-Funded Inspirational Writer. I post insights on my INSPIRED LIVING blog that inspire and empower people  Your support of my work with your donations is very much appreciated by me.