Tuesday Morning Inspirational One Liners

  • Life is EASIER when you are always willing to 'feel what you feel' when you feel it. 
  • Thoughts that give you RELIEF are always good thoughts for you.
  • Fear is love suppressed. When love is expressed, fear disappears.
  • Allow your fears to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky and they will.
  • What you feel is what you currently believe.
  • Feeling what you feel is much easier than resisting what you feel
  • Resisting fear gives it our power. Feeling it gives our power back to us.
  • Resist the fear and it will persist. Feel it without judging it and it will dissolve. Judging it contributes to it persisting.
  • Staying busy is often times an excuse not to feel the fear we feel.
  • Our need to control things is based on the fear of things controlling us.
  • If there is nothing within 6 feet of you that can cause you physical harm, your fear is imagined.  
  • If you resist the failure feeling, you will persist in failing. Embrace it instead.

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