Jesus and the Manchester Tragedy

The Manchester tragedy stirred a lot of righteous anger in people's hearts but hating violence does not make violence go way.

And pointing out to everyone else what a 'f*ck up' world we live in does not make the world better for anyone. It only makes people more afraid and feeling more powerless than they felt before.

The reason Jesus said 'Resist not evil' is because when you resist evil, you contribute to evil persisting in the world.

Your negative thoughts about evil, whether you understand it or not, contribute to the violence and evil we have in the world. Why? Because you are still believing that the power of fear is more powerful than the power of love.

When you don't resist evil, you are free to love all those different than yourself. However when you are resisting evil you have very little time to love yourself let alone love anyone different than yourself.

No one who loves themselves sufficiently would ever think of harming themselves or others.

Terrorists are people who hate themselves so intensity that they only way they can deal with that level of self-hatred is to project it out onto other people and kill them as a way of getting rid of the evil the terrorist sees in their world.

The Terrorists see people who think differently than they do as their enemy and we see terrorists as our enemy. As long as we look at each other that way rather than seeing we are all son's and daughter's of the King, world peace will never become our shared reality.