A Lack of Money is a Result of LYING to Yourself

The people who don't attract money to themselves no matter how hard they work at thinking the very best thoughts about money FAIL because they really HATE something about money. Here are eight (8) examples of what people hate (or resent) about money.

1. How they 'have to' make their money. 

2. Having to spend money on paying their bills or taxes. 

3. Not having enough money. 

4. People who have money. 

5. How hard they have to work for their money. 

6. Beliefs, thoughts and feelings they have about money that stops them from attracting the money they want. 

7. People who cheated or conned them out of money. 

8. Parents, bosses, etc. who use money to manipulate and control them.

Whatever 'secret' HATE feelings people have about money won't disappear from their consciousness until they quit lying to themselves about the aspects of money they hate.

Consciously and on purpose HATING what you hate about money ( and then letting those feelings go) will make those hate feelings disappear. Once they do, in their place money in abundance will begin appearing in your life, often times, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

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