He called me an Emotional CRIPPLE

The VP of a company I worked for, years ago, called me an emotional cripple. This was in response to me asking him to give me the same raise he gave a co-worker of mine who sales results were half of mine.

When I asked him why he wouldn't give me a raise, he spun around on his heels and with as much hatred as I have ever seen in a person's eyes, he said to me: 

'Because Zappone, you are an EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE'

People called me emotional. all of my life, but no one ever called me an 'emotional cripple' before. His words stung me deeply and I had to do everything within my power not to break down crying in front of him. I left his office feeling ashamed, humiliated, devastated, hopeless and defeated.

All of my life I was made wrong for feeling my emotions strongly and intensely. I was pushed into therapy and taking pills as a way of dealing with my 'sensitive emotions' but that only made me feel worse. It wasn't until I was called an 'emotional cripple' that I made up my mind 'then and there' that I would become the master of my emotions rather than continuing to be a victim of them.

Today, I am the master of what I feel. I still feel deeply everything that happens in the world around me but I now have the ability to INSTANTLY neutralize any feelings that make me feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person that I know I am.

How I accomplished this task was simple, I learn to love my negative feelings to death rather than resist them or fear them. Embracing my negative feelings gave me power over them rather than them having power over me.

Everything I know about 'loving negative feelings to death' I put into my self-love mastery program. For those of you who are interested in knowing everything I know about loving our emotions to death, you can find that information on my web page. - lovesolvesall.com


What I did to 'Unscrew' Myself

Like so many of us I started off my life being very happy but as I grew older I became unhappy. I became unhappy because I started believing the lies people were telling me about myself.  

Worse yet, there were so many different people telling me so many different and conflicting lies about myself that by the time I reached twenty-one I was so screwed up that it took the next thirty years of my life to get my head screwed back on straight..

The truth be told, for the longest time I was the most insecure, shy,  person you could ever possibly know. Fortunately I was able to turn my greatest weaknesses into my greatest strengths.
My SECRET for turning my weaknesses into strengths has been to accept and love myself exactly as I am, one moment at a time..  We all have a private side and a public side. The private side is usually the abused side of us that we hide from view from other people out of shame and guilt. None of us escaped our childhood without being abused in some way (mentally, emotionally or physically) by someone. 

You Teach Best What You Most Need To Learn - Rich Bach

I'll be your didn't know this but the people who have been abused the most, often times, become psychiatrists, psychologists. counselors or self-help teachers like myself. This allows us to help others and at the same time safely work out our own issues of shame and guilt without being a problem to society or others.  

Self-love has been the most important 'healing agent' in successfully dealing with my insecure self image. It has allowed me to accept myself at my worst and absolutely adore myself at my best. Without self-love, I would have continued to unconsciously abuse myself by thoughtlessly criticizing myself when things weren't going my way. 

Today I take full responsibility for everything that happens to me. I no longer blame anyone for anything. When I occasionally catch myself wanting to blame someone for my pain, I remind myself that blame is the way I allow all of my personal power to bleed out of me. 

By taking full responsibility for everything that happens to me my authentic power is fully restored to me and I am free to become as magnificent and as powerful as I want to be.

Set Yourself FREE From a LACK of Money (Article)

The truth about money shall set you free from a lack and scarcity of it. 

I have no doubt I came into this world hating money. From the earliest time I can remember I have never liked anything about money except spending it. Hating money and always wanting things that cost money sets up a terrible conflict in me. In this world whether I liked it or not, money was important.

Money gives us the physical freedom to come and go as we please. Money allows us to take care of the people we love. Money allows us to make our dreams come true. 

The truth be told, if you are a good person without money, you will be a better person with money. In addition, as a spiritual person you can do more good in this world with money than you can without it.

I was born into this world hating money so I could learn my most important spiritual lesson about money.This is what I learned.

Money is paper and I am the POWER that gives money its power. As long as I believed that I was not the power that gave money its power, I remained a victim of money rather than its master

How You Feel About Money Is Really How You Feel About you.

Money has no feelings at all but you do and how you feel about money is really how you feel about yourself. When you hate any aspect of money, you are really hating some part of yourself. Money itself is neutral, it is neither good or bad, it is neither the root of all evil or the root of all good. It is nothing at all without us adding our thoughts, feelings and opinions to it. How you feel about money determines whether you will spend your life (in this dimension) never having enough of it or ALWAYS having more than enough of it.

 In accordance with the law of attraction, feeling good about money attracts money to you while feeling bad about any aspect of money (including paying your bills) pushes money away from you.

 In my early years, I did many things for money that didn't feel good for me to do. As a result I went bankrupt in my life not once but twice. Today my financial life is very different than from what it was in the past. 

Today money comes to me, often times, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. Today, I am literally a money magnet because I no longer do anything for money that makes me feel bad in any way.

My rule today for making money is this:

Whatever I do for money must be FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. If a money-making opportunity doesn't fit my rule, I don't do it no matter how much money is on the table.

The more you live in conflict with money, the less money you will be able to make for yourself. On the other hand, the more you live in peace and harmony with all aspects of money the easier it will be for you to make, acquire and attract all the money you want and desire. 

-- Frederick Zappone
Author of the Money Program.


END Violence In Your WORLD. Here's how.

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Question: What in it for me? 

Answer: The satisfaction of knowing that by sharing the link with others that you will reach the heart and mind of at least person who is considering, right now, doing harm themselves or to others. And as a result of you sharing the link and that person reading my article about love they choose not to do any harm. All because you believed in love enough to share my article about love with others.

Question: What in it for you? 

Answer: Twenty-one dollars that I use to spread the message to people who are thinking about harming themselves or others that love does indeed solve all, including dissolving the fear, hurt, hate and angry that lives in their hearts.

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A Positive Way To Look At Tragedy

How I use LOVE To solve Personal Problems (Relationship, Health, Money)

Ever have a problem where you don't know what to do next to solve it? I have! Experience taught me that when I don't know what to do next to solve a problem, the best thing I can do is NOTHING. 

You see trying to do something to solve a problem when I am clueless on how to solve it is 'fear pushing me' to come up with an answer to my problem when I have no answers. 

At best all 'fear pushing me' every did was slow me down considerably from solving my problem, In worst case situations, fear made my problem persist for what seemed like an eternity.

These days when I don't know what to next to solve a problem of mine, I focus on loving myself more. This is very different behavior from what I did in the past to solve my problems. 

In the past, when I couldn't solve a problem I would criticize myself or beat myself for not knowing how to solve my problem. That only made my problem worse. 

Today, when I am clueless on how to solve a problem I have, I work on loving myself more. In the process of loving myself more, the answer to my problem spontaneously shows up in my mind out of thin air  or my problem disappears for no logical reason I can explain other than the fact that I took the time to love myself more. 

To read about how I  use the power of self-love to solve all of my problems, click this link: lovesolvesall.com