The part your BELIEFS play in Self-Love

Belief Creates the ACTUAL Fact. (Reality)  

Reality is different for everyone because everyone believes differently.  For years I believed loving myself was hard to do and because I believed it was hard to do, it was very hard. Why was it hard? 

Because when I first decided to start loving myself many people told me  that 'loving ourselves' was HARD to do.. And without questioning what other people believed, I adopted their belief as my own. 

As a result of doing that, loving myself was very hard for me to do.  In fact it was the hardest thing in the world for me to until I decided there just had to be an easier way.  

I found that easier way and since that time loving myself has been the EASIEST thing in the world to do.  And it can be the easiest thing in he world for you to do too.


If we BELIEVE  something will be HARD for us to do, it will be.  Our beliefs determine what we can and cannot do. A change of beliefs will make what was hard  for you to do in the past easy for you to do today. 
Once we have a belief about something (good or bad) our subconscious mind automatically begins the process of making that belief come true for us. In my  book titled Change Your Beliefs I give you a detailed explanation (with 'real life' examples) about how our subconscious mind works to turn our beliefs into our physical reality. The fact is our existing reality (both the things we like and don't like) are a direct result of our current beliefs. To change undesirable circumstances into desirable ones, we first must change our beliefs.

In my book Change Your Beliefs I explain what a belief is and how you can easily change beliefs. As a result of changing your beliefs you will begin to spontaneously attract more of the good things you do want out of life and less of the things that you don't want. I also explain how to recognize and let go of beliefs that sabotage and discourage you. 

Once you read my book about changing your beliefs, you will discover that loving yourself is one of the easiest things in the world that you can do for yourself. To receive your copy of  Change Your Beliefs, click on the 'buy now' button located below. The special price for my book (which includes free self-love coaching from me) is a limited time offer for fans of my Self-Love Page and for members of my advanced, high level, private and confidential Self-Love Group. 

-- Frederick Zappone 

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