WARNING - WARNING - WARNING: The warning I am about to share with you will make you more POWERFUL than you were before you read it.

I don't normally use the the word 'warning' in anything I write but I am using it this time because I know your mind was programmed, from an early age, to pay attention to warnings. And since I want your undivided attention for a few moments, I decided to use it. Here is my warning to you:

Get into the HABIT of never making yourself WRONG for how you are thinking or feeling, in any given moment in time, otherwise you will magnetize that habit and you will unconsciously sabotage yourself over and over again. In addition, you will weaken yourself every time you are thinking or feeling in a way that you think you 'shouldn't' think or feel.

When you are thinking and feeling in ways that do not please you simple OBSERVE those thoughts and feelings and allow them to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky.

It is important when you are observing 'unwanted thoughts and feelings' that you take an action in the direction of something that makes you feel good. Why?

Because taking action changes thought faster than thinking does.

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Bad Feelings are an important part of your INFALLIBLE 'inner guidance system' EXPLAINED - Begin Making Your Bad Feelings Work For you Rather Than Against you

Your feelings represent SIGNALS from your infallible 'inner guidance' system. The purpose of this system is to make sure that you attract, acquire or receive every good thing you want out of life. Feeling bad is an important part of that system.

Feeling bad DOES not mean you won't get what you want. Feeling bad ALERTS you that you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are pushing what you want away from you.  Feeling good, on the other hand, alerts you that you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are bringing what you want into your life.

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Don't limit what you can be, do or have by thinking limiting thoughts. You are an unlimited being with unlimited power to create, attract and acquire anything you want.

I Always Get What I Want When I Don't Worry (Explained)

Worry is FEAR thought and pushes away from us what we want. When we don't worry we always get what we want. Worry is nothing more than a habit of thought that we can trade in, any time we want, for the new habit of thought of not worrying. Developing a new habit of thought takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself as you develop your new habit of thought of not worrying. To discover how I replaced all my worry thoughts with thoughts of love, check out my book Love Is All I Know

- Frederick Zappone


Whatever you Believe ALWAYS Comes True For you. (Explained)

If you believe life is hard, life will be hard for you 
If you believe life is EASY, life will be easy for you. 

The moment you decide to believe something, positive or negative, the Universe immediately goes to work providing your with 'proof and evidence' that what you believe is true for you. 


The circumstances of your life are a reflection of your true beliefs. You may wish for your circumstances to be different but until you turn your 'wish turns into a belief' nothing will change in your life.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.

The link to the book below explains how to make life EASY for yourself.

Self-love was never meant to be hard. If it's hard for you, you are not loving yourself, you are abusing yourself.

Get into the habit of focusing on word 'EASY' rather than focusing on the word 'HARD' and those things that are presently hard for you will become easy

Self-Love Leads You To 'An Experience of Love' That is UNBELIEVABLE until it happens to you.

Love is a POWER.... a magnificent power that can change any negative situation into a positive one in a heartbeat. The kind of love I am talking about is not earned. You do not have to prove to yourself or anyone else that you are deserving of the love I am talking about it. You simply have to ALLOW yourself to experience this LOVE. 

When you feel the 'presence' of the kind of LOVE I am talking about, you will feel whole and complete. You will feel confident. You will feel perfect in every way. You will live a worry free life. You will never again feel lonely even when you are all alone with yourself. 

When you feel the kind of LOVE I am talking about, you will feel one with God, the universe and everyone and everything in it. When you feel this love, you will feel one with the birds, bees, trees, animals, plants and even strangers on the street. When you feel this love, your mind will no longer be divided, you will no longer be in conflict with yourself. 

In my book 'Love is All I Know' I share with you everything I know about experiencing the 'magnificent love' I am talking about in the here and now. When you feel this LOVE I am talking about, it will feel like refreshing ocean waves washing over you on a hot summer's day. The kind of love I am talking about can only be felt and from those feelings of love, wisdom will be given to you to solve, resolve or heal instantly any situation that troubles you. I know this to be true because that is what this kind of Love has done for me. 

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- Frederick Zappone 


If you knew, actually knew, that the 'God of your understanding' thinks extremely well of you, you would think extremely well of you too.

When you can think about a traumatic event from your past without feeling it, you are HEALED.

People who can talk about their painful past to someone who offers them unconditional love are healed the fastest.

Unconditionally loving another person is to love them EXACTLY as they are in the moment. Not always easy but always possible.

How I Successfully Deal With INSECURITIES (Shortcut)

I am the most insecure person I know but I don’t come across that way to people. In fact, I come across just the opposite. I come across as supremely confident. The reason why I come across as supremely confident is because I thank God in advance for removing from me whatever  thoughts and feelings I'm having. in the moment, that are making me feel insecure. And because I BELIEVE God (aka The God of my Understanding) will remove my insecurities from me, God always does. To learn more about what I know about loving ourselves including developing a loving relationship with the God of your understanding, get your copy of my KICK-ASS book titled: Love is All I Know, my journey from self-hate to self-love. To read the 5 STAR reviews, click here

- Frederick Zappone


WRITING is my Banana Split

Am I a failure because I can't convince anyone of anything? 

I suppose I would be if picked sales as a way to making a life but I didn't. I picked the life of a writer as a way to make a living.

As a writer I get to fully expression my thoughts and ideas without the need to talk anyone into anything and without the need for anyone to approve of my writings. I write because writing makes me very happy.  The money I make from my writings is a bonus, it is icing on my cake.

I actually find the idea of trying to talk people into anything seriously repulsive.  The thought of talking people into anything makes me want to throw up. I am not sure why I feel that way, maybe it came from my childhood where people talked me into many things that ultimately made my life miserable.   Maybe it came from being talked into buying too many products and services that did not deliver what they promised. Maybe it came from people controlling me by talking me into doing things that I really didn't want to do.  It doesn't matter why. What matters is that convincing people of anything isn't my cup of tea while writing is my banana split, the greatest enjoyment and pleasure of my life.

I wrote for a long time before I made a penny from my writings. And if I didn't make any money from my writings from this day forward I would continue to write. Why? Because writing gives me what money could never buy me and that is my happiness.  🌝

Frederick Zappone


An Open Mind Receives EXTRAORDINARY answers

An open mind solves problems, even the most difficult ones, easily. A stressed out mind delays problems being solved. A closed mind prevents problems from being solved altogether. 

A mind that is wide open receives, on a consistent basis. extraordinary answers from the Universe that defy all logical explanations as to how or why the answers showed up in your mind in the first place.

What does it take to receive extraordinary answers from the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' that many people call God?  It takes an open mind along with 'trust and faith' that the extraordinary answers you seek will be given you when you least expect them. It works for me.

I always receive extraordinarily effective and simple answers to the challenges life throw my way when I ask for them. To receive answers, after asking for them, I must release the question from my mind. Once I release the question, shortly thereafter when I least expect it, my mind is flooded with the answers, solutions and/or insights I need to successfully handle a challenge that life threw my way. 

Frederick Zappone 

Give up Money Worries By Adopting 'Money Attitudes' Based on LOVE That Solve Money Problems For You

Money is paper and has no power at all  except for the power you give it. Money needs you more than you need money. Without you, money can do absolutely nothing. After all, money is a piece of lifeless green paper that is totally dependent on you to move it from one place to another. 


You gave money power over you by the beliefs you have about it.  For example, if you believe money is more powerful than you are, you are doomed to a life of never having enough money.  However if you believe that you are the power that gives money its power, prospering financially will be the easiest thing in the world for you to  accomplish. 

Any thought you have about money that  makes you feel negative, in any way, is an ALERT signal that you are thinking thoughts about money that are pushing the money you want away from you rather than attracting it to you. The 'right attitudes' about money will move you from a life of never having enough of it to always having more than enough.

To read a comprehensive lists of insights about money that will make it possible for you to acquire and attract all the money you want with effortless ease, read my 'Tough Love Book About Money.' To preview my book and read the reviews click on the book cover located below.

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Like most people I fear rejection but I have never used it as an excuse to sit on my truth. Fully expressing my truth keeps me healthy while squashing my truth makes me sick. That's why I never squash my truth no matter how afraid I might be in regard to what other people might think of me.

Stuffing 'your TRUTH' will make you SICK, even terminally ill.

All of the power to be well or get sick lives inside of you.  The only tool you need for 'healing' is  your truth fully expressed.  The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly but that is no reason not to fully express it. Your truth is what you' think, feel and believe'. Sitting on your truth serves no one especially yourself. Your truth fully expressed will make you feel lighter and brighter, it will make you healthier. Your truth suppressed will make you sick, it will make you feel heavier, darker, somber or depressed. That's how you can tell the difference between fully expressing your truth versus squashing and suppressing it.


How to Achieve Unparalleled FREEDOM of Choice

As we go through life we are either surrendering to ( accepting) 'what is' or we are resisting (not accepting) 'what is.'  Acceptance of 'what is' sets you free to create what will be. You don't have to like something to accept it, you only have to accept it. Acceptance EQUALS Freedom.

FOCUS only on what makes you FEEL GOOD.

If thinking about wanting more money makes you feel bad, don't think about wanting money. The reason is any time you focus on what makes you feel bad, you are unconsciously pushing what you want away from you. If you FOCUS only on things that make you feel good you will attract good things to you including money.

Contrary to what you may believe, you don't have to think about money to attract money to you. To attract money to you keep your focus only on those things that make you feel good. 

If thinking about money makes you feel good, then, of course, focus on it. Unfortunately, when most people think about wanting more money it makes them feel bad because it activates 'lack feelings' inside themselves which pushes the money they want away from them. 

Feeling good  ATTRACTS good things to you including money.

When a 'want' for something turns into a longing or wanting, you are no longer wanting something, you are pushing what you want away from you.

The Key to having what you want is to only FOCUS on what makes you feel good. Whatever makes you feel good will attract good things to you.

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If you make 'feeling good' more important to you than love, health or money, you will attract love, health and money to yourself, in abundance, with no effort at all.

** Trusting that the Universe is on your side builds confidence while a lack of trust creates worry and anxiety.

If the thoughts you're thinking or the actions you're taking don't feel good to you that's a SIGN from the Universe that they are the wrong thoughts or actions for you.

Your worst judgment is making the judgment that other people are judging you. Until people judge you to your face, there are not even thinking about you at all.

Looking for evidence that the good you want is coming into your life is usually motivated by the fear that it isn't. Don't look for evidence. Instead, TRUST that the good you want is coming into your life and it will appear unexpectedly.

Holding on to negative thoughts, feelings or judgments SLOWS down the good you want from coming into your life. Letting go of negative thoughts, feelings or judgments SPEEDS up the good you want coming into your life.


To feel good, regardless of circumstances, repeat 'I Choose To Feel Good Now' and you will. Repeat it until the thought manifests itself as a good feeling in your body.

Focus your ATTENTION on what you DO WANT and you will receive more of it. Focus your attention on what you 'don't want' and you will receive more of that too.

The God of your Understanding (also know as Source, Higher Power) is sending you messages of guidance and advice all the time. It whispers those messages to you behind the loud noise your fears make in your head.

If you turn your problem over to your Higher Power and expect it to be resolved for you, it will be UNLESS you keep grabbing the problem back, then it won't be.

When you SURRENDER to what's not working in your life, magically things start working in your life.

When you take your focus off of a problem and keep your focus off of it, it disappears. I know that sounds simplistic to some people but that doesn't make it any less true.

Mental or emotional STRUGGLE is an ALERT signal that you are trying too hard or attempting to do what you want to do the wrong way.

Why People are ASHAMED (or afraid) to talk about their 'personal relationship' with God and why I am not...

People do not openly talk about God because they are ashamed or afraid to talk about God out of fear. It could be the fear of rejection or the fear of getting into arguments where people misunderstand and hurt one another. I do not have those fears because of the way I talk about God.

When I talk about God, I am talking about my relationship with God, no one else's. I refer to God as the God of my understanding so people know I am not invalidating the God of their understanding.   I never argue with people about God because their understanding of God is just as valid for them as my understanding of God is valid to me...

I call God by many different names including Infinite Intelligence, The Universe, Source, the Organizing Intelligence of the Universe.

I think about God everyday and only talk about God if someone wants to talk to me about God.  I do not feel obligated to convert people to my way of thinking about God, that's not my job. My job is to love people exactly as the are, unconditionally, the same way my God loves me.

There is nothing more important to me than experiencing my connection to the God of my understanding. When I feel that connection I feel loved, safe and protected from all harm. When I feel that connection, I  aware that I am constantly receiving messages of guidance and advice showing me the easiest and most loving ways to live my life.  

The only time I don't feel my connection to the God of my understanding is when I let 'fear thoughts' dominate my mind. 

Fear thoughts cut me off from my connection to God. When that happens I do whatever I have to do to restore that connection, as quickly as possible, because feelings of fear suck whereas feelings of being loved by the one who loves me feels heavenly...

Frederick Zappone

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Feeling GOOD Insight #130, Friday March, 1, 2019

If what you are thinking or doing feels bad to you that is an ALERT SIGNAL that you shouldn't be thinking those thoughts or doing those particular things RIGHT NOW.  Use that ALERT as a signal to switch to thinking thoughts and taking actions that feel good to you. Doing that will attract good people and good things to you. - Frederick Zappone