Make It Your Intention That 2020 Will Be The Year Your DREAMS Come True, No Matter What. You GOT this!

BELIEVE in your dream regardless of circumstances or events that happens to you as you are in the process of making it come true. 

CHOOSE to believe the universe is working behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor so your dream will come true. Believe this regardless of any negative thoughts or feelings you have about your dream coming true. Choose to believe this even though you do not understand how the universe does its part.

the rejections, hurts and disappointments you experience on the road to making your dream come true increase your excitement and passion to see your dream come true rather than allowing those things to discourage or defeat you in any way.

Allow the things that 'seem' to be stopping your dream from coming true make your determination for your dream to come true so strong that nothing or no one in the whole universe can stop your dream from coming true. Here's a MANIFESTATION Secret you don't know...

Obstacle and roadblocks are SHORTCUTS to getting what you want.  

When faced with an obstacle and roadblock don't resist it. Instead, become like the 'WIND and WATER' and flow up, over, around or under  what is between you and what you want and you will achieve it faster than you thought.

Frederick Zappone,


Being Anxious And Impatient For Your DREAM To Come True is a GOOD thing.. Let me explain

Being anxious and impatient for your dream to come true is a good thing because that lets you know how excited and passionate you are about your dream. That being said, don't make the mistake of looking for evidence that your dream is coming true.  It is fine to be impatient for your dream to come true. However, constantly looking for 'evidence or proof' that it is coming true is you coming from a 'fearful state of mind' which will stop your dream, dead in its tracks, from coming true.

Fearful thinking pushes what you want away from you while passion and excitement for what you want attracts it to you...

Staying in touch with your excitement and passion for your dream coming true will speed up the process of it coming true. It is not a matter of if it will come true, only when.  Let the Universe, who is working behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor so your dream does come true, take care of the when. I do.

Frederick Zappone,

Resolve to be more KIND TO YOURSELF In 2020

If you are feeling stressed out or uncomfortable living in your own skin that is a SIGNAL for you to begin being kind to yourself.

I have talked to thousand of people over the years and it is surprising to me the number of people who treat themselves very unkindly. To be honest about it, they treat themselves brutally, always criticizing or putting themselves down, rarely thinking the best about themselves. 

Worry, anxiety, being afraid or living in a constant state of fear are all signs that you are not being kind to yourself. 

 The  Dictionary Definition of KIND 

  • of a good or benevolent nature or disposition.
  • having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence.
  • considerate, helpful, humane.
  • mild; gentle.
  • loving, affectionate.

Being kind to yourself begins with becoming conscious of those times when you are unkind to yourself....

Self-Kindness begins with how we talk to ourselves especially when things aren't going our way or we aren't getting what we want.  Kindness includes talking affectionately to our body along with thanking it for healing itself when we are sick or hurt ourselves.

Talking kindly to yourself is about replacing all of those cruel conversations you have with yourself with conversations that inspire, empower or energize you in some way.

Talk to yourself with the kind words you would share with a new born baby.  Be kind to yourself in all ways because you are worth it.  

What does it mean to be kind to yourself?

It means to stop holding yourself to such high standards that you never feel like you are good enough. It means putting an end to comparing yourself to others. It means to stop  beating yourself up for making a mistake or for not being good enough at something.  Being kind to yourself, in all ways, will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.


Frederick Zappone, 
Author, Love Is All I Know


Protect Yourself with Thoughts of JOY and PEACE.

When you catch your mind full of thoughts that are upsetting you, protect yourself by choosing to think thoughts of peace and joy instead.

I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of peace and joy.

The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free in this moment.

I replace angry thoughts with ones that makes me happy to be me.

Being anger or upset changes nothing so I will only think thoughts that do. Thoughts that inspire and empower me.

Fighting with a thought gives it power over me so I will allow it to harmlessly pass me by like a cloud in the sky.

    Being ANGRY and Upset Are Never a Problem

    Being angry or upset are no longer a problem for me and it shouldn't be a problem for you either. At one time those emotions were a huge problems for me. They were a problem because I blamed other people for feeling that way when they had nothing at all to do with how I felt.

    Blaming other people for how I felt drained me of energy and I was left with no power to solve my anger and upset issues. 

    Once I quit blaming people for how I felt, I could clearly see how I was one hundred percent responsible for how I felt.

    The only time anger and upset become a problem for you and me is when we deny we are angry or upset. 

    Being in denial increases the intensity of our anger and upset. Being in denial gives our anger and upset more power over us. 

    I used to be the 'great pretender' when it came to my anger and upsets.  As soon as I noticed those emotions rear there ugly head I would suppress them, squash them, deny them.   

    God forbid if I showed a public display of my anger and upsets. People would think I was a bad person or that something was wrong with me, Denial seemed like the only option.

    The problem with denial is that it makes our anger and upset more powerful. Being in denial of one's angry and upset gives those emotions the power to take over total control of our personality and STRIKE out at another person when we least expect it.

    The alternative I found to denying my anger and upsets was to 'feel those feelings' when I was feeling them without denying what I felt in any way.  When we own up to our anger and upsets and observe them without judging them in any way, they dissolves naturally. 

    When we are willing to feel our anger and upset emotions without judging them, in any way, we take power away from them. The energy behind our anger and upsets then plays itself out, much like a fire will die out if we don't feed it more fuel. 

    When we observe our anger and upsets rather than thinking about how angry or upset we are, we quit feeding those emotions fuel (energy). Once we stop feeding them fuel they have no choice but dissolve completely. Once they dissolve we are left feeling peaceful and calm.

    If you have questions about how you can more effectively deal with your 'anger and upsets' feel free to text me at (724) 516-4050. 

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author, Love Is All I Know 


    A Book of KINDNESS INSIGHTS - Being Kind to You

    The insights in this book will inspire and empower you to be very kind to yourself.  These insights  will make being kind to yourself something very easy for you to do. To read the reviews,  click here 

    You have 'TRUST ISSUES' Because You Really Don't Know What TRUST IS.... The Truth About Trust..

    Trust has nothing to do with other people. Trust is about trusting yourself at the 100% level. If you are able to trust yourself completely you will instantly know who you can and cannot trust outside yourself.

    Trust is not something people earn from you. If people have to earn trust from you, it is not trust, it is control.

    Trust is a gift of yourself you give to others. 

    If people abuse the 'gift of trust' you give them, you have the right to take back that gift any time you want.


    When you don't fully trust yourself, feelings of depression wash over you. You start losing hope and worry, fear and anxiety begin making a permanent home in your mind. The absence of trust, more than any other virtue, has doomed many good men and women to failure.

    TRUST the Moment

    Your past is nothing but a memory and your future has not yet arrived. If you live your life, fully present, in the here and now, one moment at a time, you will literally become healthy, wealthy and wise.

    TRUST your Dreams

    Dare to dream big and allow the critics in your life to live quietly with their little dreams of lack and limitation. Do not argue with people who tell you that it is not possible for you to achieve the dreams you desire. The moment you argue with people about the soundness of your dreams, you have been defeated.

    TRUST your Will

    Trust your free will, your power to choose. Use it to create a heaven on earth for yourself. Use your will to inspire others less fortunate than yourself. Trust your will to see you through the tough times and when you do, you will experience the strength of God's will there too.

    Trust Your Thoughts

    Trust your best thoughts, your highest thoughts, the thoughts that inspire you the most. It is your thoughts and actions, alone, that have created the circumstances you have in your life today. If you do not like your current set of circumstances, do not mourn over them endlessly and do not blame yourself or others for what you have today. What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today.

    TRUST those thoughts that empower you, leave the rest alone.

    Choose to think about and act only on those thoughts that strengthen rather than weaken you. Choose to think about thoughts that make you feel good about yourself always and in all ways. Choose thoughts and actions that lift you up and inspire you. Choose thoughts and actions that propel you towards your dreams. Choose your friends carefully. A friend who shares your vision of living a happy, content and prosperous life will do more to help you make your dreams comes true than a thousand friends who do not.


    Trust that beginning right now, this very moment, that you can create a "too good to be true" life for yourself that turns out to be true rather than creating a life that, sadly, for many people is "too bad to be true".

    Frederick Zappone
    Author, Love Is All I Know



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    I Don't Want To, I'm Not Gonna, You Can't Make Me

    There are three struggles in life. Man against nature. Man against his fellow man. Man against himself. And of the three, the most difficult one is man against himself.  

    There is a lot of truth to the above statement because each of us has a boss that lives in our head that does not always want what we want. This boss lives in our subconscious mind and is a collection of all the negative things people have said to us over the years.  

    This boss is a demanding taskmaster. It controls us by criticizing us and making us feel like we are defective in some way when we are not.

    The boss wants us to stay busy, it never wants us to rest. The boss sends commands to us through our feelings to take action of some kind. If we refuse to do what we're told, it increases emotional pressure on us until we do.  People survive this boss by sedating his voice with food, drugs, alcohol or by going to sleep on him.

    The boss (the voice in our head) is always sharing his or her negative opinions with us. Always threatening us with dire consequences if we don't brush our teeth, get enough sleep, eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, show up for work on time, stop smoking, etc.

    The boss's conversations with us are primary fear-based. These conversations threaten us with loss of some kind if we don't heed the boss's words. The boss demands our attention by increasing the emotional pressure on us until we finally pay attention to his voice. 

    I have one of those boss's living in my head too.  

    I have learned if I don't resist the abusive voice of the boss living in my head, I have control over him. 

    If I consciously allow myself to  hear what my boss is saying to me, he leaves me alone.  I give my boss a voice by writing down the negative things he is saying to me. This helps me immensely in not taking the rantings of my crazy ass boss personally.

    If I resist the boss in my head talking to me, it increases his power over me. However by listening, non-judgmentally, to what my boss is saying to me I  drain him of his power. That frees me up to be more me..

    If you have questions about how you can more effectively deal with the 'boss living in your head' feel free to text me at (724) 516-4050.

    Frederick Zappone, Author
    How Your Subconscious Mind Keeps You BROKE

    For People Who Find LIFE is HARD for them....

    If you have the basics in life; food, water and a roof over your head then life being hard for you is a result of your thinking, not your circumstances. No matter the circumstances, once you have your basic needs met, all else in life is icing on your cake...

    Life 'just is' and it is the way we think that determines how life will be for us. If your thinking is currently making life HARD for you then the following excerpt from my book is for you.

    Excerpted from the book:

    How to Produce SPECTACULAR
    Results with Effortless Action.


    There are two ways to accomplish things in life, the EASY way and the HARD way. The hard way of effort and struggle is vastly overrated. 

    In many cultures effort and struggle are glorified as a noble thing people 'must do' in order to prove their worthiness for the good things they want. If there ever was a belief that discourages and depresses people it is the belief in effort and struggle. That belief has caused many good men and women to fail at making their dreams come true because to manifest one's dreams into reality, effort and struggle are not required at all.


    All you have to do is look at Nature to see the amazing and beautiful things Nature produces by effortless action. A rose does not struggle to grow, it grows naturally and effortlessly as does a blade of grass, the corn in a farmer's field and a child in a mother's womb. In addition, your heart, your most vital organ, beats with effortless ease and your lungs take no effort at all to inhale and exhale the air around you.

    Effortless action is as easy and as natural as breathing and produces greater results faster and more efficiently than effort and struggle ever will. My book explains everything you need to know about producing SPECTACULAR results with effortless action using the power of your thoughts, magical thoughts to be exact.

    To read the first chapter of my book, click on the book cover

    You Choose if Life Will Be EASY or HARD For You

    If you believe life is EASY, for you it will be. 

    If you don't believe life is EASY,  for you it will be HARD. 

    You are never wrong about what you believe.

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author,  Love is All I Know


    A Bad Mood is the Universe SLAPPING You In The Face..

    I woke up in a bad mood this morning and rather than being angry at myself for being in a bad mood I saw it as a blessing in disguise. I saw it as an opportunity to question myself about my bad mood. I saw my bad mood as an opportunity to learn something new about myself. 

    We have bad moods for a reason. There is never a bad mood without a reason behind it. Find out why you are in a bad mood and you will have the power to change your mood into one that inspires you.

    Something To Understand About A Bad Mood. 

    A bad mood, in and by itself, changes nothing. A bad mood is not punishment but rather it is a benevolent slap in the face by the Universe to wake us up and make us a more conscious human being.

    Bad moods are ALERT signals to change our circumstances or change our thinking about our circumstances

    Bad Moods Are Only Bad When You Use Them For Bad

    When you face a bad mood head on rather than denying you are in a bad mood you immediately begin moving out of it and into a good mood.  Owning up to being in a bad mood when you're in one will give you immediate relief from your bad mood.

    Using our Bad Mood For GOOD

    We can use our bad mood to inspire and empower ourselves and create something good out of our bad mood. Or we can use our bad mood as an excuse to be abusive towards ourselves and others. 

    We choose how it will be for us..

    Frederick Zappone
    Author, Love is All I Know
    Insights that make life easier


    Love Yourself The EASY Way. I do

    Self-love simply explained is any thought and/or action that makes you feel good to be you. Self-abuse is any thought and/or action that makes you feel bad to be you. 

    ABUSIVE THOUGHTS oftentimes  pop into our mind out of nowhere. Notice them, bless them and then send them on there way. DO NOT have conversations with or argue with them. They always win when you do, that's why I don't. 

    Frederick Zappone
    Author, Love is All I Know
    Insights that make life easier

    Frederick's RULE for Happiness, Guaranteed RESULTS

    The guaranteed way to make yourself unhappy is to make yourself wrong for how you thinklook or feel.  

    Frederick's Happiness Rule: To be happy, resist nothing.  If you cannot stop yourself from resisting something, embrace your resistance. Accept you can do nothing about your resistance. Then focus your attention on what makes you happy and ALLOW yourself to be happy.

    I'll bet that you didn't know that there is no individual or situation in your life that makes you unhappy, it is your resistance to a situation or the way a person is that makes you unhappy.  

    Happiness is not something you chase or pursue, it is something you allow. You ALLOW happiness by not resisting your unwanted thoughts and feelings. Instead, you allow those thoughts and feelings to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky and they will. 

    If you mess with your unwanted thoughts and feelings, they will mess you up real good. However if you leave your unwanted thoughts and feelings alone, they will leave you alone.  

    It takes a bit of practice to allow unwanted thoughts and feelings to harmlessly pass you by.  Be gentle with yourself while you practice.  At some point in your practice of allowing unwanted thoughts and feelings to harmlessly pass you by, it will become an automatic habit of thought that you don't have to think twice about.

    Frederick Zappone,
    Author of Inspirational Books


    MEET your 'Inner Truth' Detector

    The truth makes you feel lighter and brighter, LIES always make you feel heavier, somber, anxious, worried, darker or depressed.  

    I am talking about divine truths, universal truths, truths our creator reveals to us when we are open to the idea of receiving messages of guidance and advice from the SOURCE of our lives that created us.

    Any information you take in as your truth that makes you feel bad, in any way, is a LIE that you have accepted as your truth. Your creator's truth never makes you feel bad in any way. In fact, your creator's truth can only inspire, empower and energize you...

    All thoughts that makes you feel good or inspire and empower you in some way are from Source Energy, the rest are not.

    Frederick Zappone,
    Author of 7 Empowerment Books    

    Why You Should NEVER FOCUS on what's going wrong in your life. (Explained)

    I don't, I can't and I won't FOCUS on what went wrong in the present UNLESS I want what went wrong in the present to go wrong again in the future. Getting upset when something goes wrong in the present is the way we attract the same thing going wrong in our future.

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author of 7 Empowerment Books  

    No One Has The POWER to Sabotage My Christmas Spirit

    There are lot of things that can sabotage our Christmas spirit. Even on Christmas day the new media doesn't take a break from reporting the bad stuff. That being said, my Christmas Spirit is solely dependent on me and not people and events outside of me. 

    Many people are depressed on Christmas day but instead of being depressed along with them I give them reasons to smile and laugh even if it's only for today. 

    And when family and friends are in unpleasant moods I love them as they are and do not take any of their actions personally.  

    The Christmas spirit for me is about focusing on being grateful for what I have. And when I do that it makes it possible for me to enjoy the many blessing of this Christmas day.

    I am grateful to be ALIVE
    I am grateful for my health
    I am grateful for my wife
    I am grateful for my kids 
    I am grateful for my grandkids
    I am  grateful for my daughter's and son's-in-law
    I am grateful for my ability to be grateful
    I am grateful for the little things as well as the big things.
    I am grateful for you stopping by and reading this today


    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author of 7 Empowerment Books 


    How To Stop your DOUBTS from undermining and sabotaging your ability to turn your dreams into REALITY

    Our doubts are traitors and that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt. - William Shakespeare

    There is only one thing you can do with your doubts and one thing only and that is to leave your doubts  alone.  

    If you leave your doubts alone, they will leave you alone. If you mess with your doubts, they will mess you up real good.   

    You cannot win thinking about or having conversations with your doubts. Your doubts will win those conversations every single time without fail. Worse yet, having conversations with your doubts will cause them to grow stronger and have more power over you than they already do. In addition, focusing on your doubts will attract more doubts to you.

    Leaving your doubts alone so they will leave you alone takes practice especially if you have been in the habit of thinking about and entertaining doubts in your mind..

    Instead of putting any energy or attention into your doubts use them as ALERT SIGNALS to focus your attention on what you are sure of, what you have certainty about, what you have absolute confidence in.  Focusing on those things will build your self-confidence while at the same time weaken the hold your doubts currently have over you..

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author of 7 Empowerment Books

    It's Time To Know Your MAGICAL Powers

    What you believe is most important. What other people believe shouldn't be important to you at all UNLESS your existing beliefs are not allowing you to create a magical life for yourself.  

    Feelings are Where Your MAGICAL POWERS live.

    How you feel about something makes it so.... 

    Your feelings are that part of you that creates 'real life' magic.

    The power of feelings are vastly underestimated. Everything you do whether you realize it or not is for the purpose of feeling better.  

    Don't believe me?  Then tell me that you don't want to feel loved, healthier and prosperous. First comes the feeling them comes the physical equivalent of that feeling.

    Feelings are the raw materials out of which you create your physical reality. Feelings are the vibrations that reach out into the universe and attract back to you (for better or worse) the people, events and material things you experience in life. (science has proven this to  be true)

    Becoming the master controller of your feelings will make you the conscious creator of your universe ALLOWING you to create your magical life exactly the way you want it to be.

     Frederick Zappone, Author of: 
    How To Produce SPECTACULAR Results With Effortless Action


    Beliefs Comes First, PROOF comes second. (Explained)

    The physical universe in which we live is our master guru. It mirrors back to us with 100% accuracy our internal beliefs. What we have in our life, the good and bad of it, is a result of our beliefs. 

    Don't like something in your life? Change your beliefs so you can create something you DO like to take place of something you DON'T like.

    A belief begins as a thought but it does not take on a life of its own and manifest into your physical reality until you feel it..  

    For example, I have this new belief I am working on manifesting into my physical reality. Here is my new belief

    My belief is only a thought at this point. It has no power of its own until I begin to feel the thought. Feeling the thought is the vibration that begins creating the physical reality that I want.  

    My feeling (vibration)  causes the 'intelligence' that created the Universe to begins working behind the scenes of my life orchestrating people and event in my favor so my new belief become my physical reality. 

    Feelings are the first physical evidence that something (good or bad) is coming true for you. Don't like what's comes true for you?  Changing your thoughts will change your feelings which will change what you manifest into your physical reality.

    The quickest way to begin feeling a new belief is through repetition.  Repeat your new belief over and over again until you feel. 

    Once you feel your new belief shortly thereafter your new belief will manifest itself into your physical reality. 

    Only ONE thing STOPS you from having what you want.

    There is no reason that you cannot have exactly what you want out of life EXCEPT for the reasons you make up in your head as to why you cannot have what you want. Your reasons for not being able to have what you want are killing you...They are causing you to suffer needlessly.  You believe in your reasons because they feel real to you.  Just because they feel real to you does not mean your reasons are valid and true. Your feelings are valid and true but your interpretations of them sucks. Any reason that makes you feel like you can't have what you want is a REASON you created in your head to stop yourself from having what you want. The moment you accept your reasons for not being able to have what you want, you will never have what you want..

    Any reason you accept for not being able to have what you want is a LIE you have accepted as your truth.

    Sex is Sex and Love is Love....

    Loving ourselves  sufficiently makes us less desperate to be loved by another. Most importantly, loving ourselves stops us from confusing our desire to love someone with our desire to screw someone.
    Sex and Love should be consider two separate and distinct issues. You can have a very strong 'urge to merge' with someone but that doesn't mean you love them. The worst mistake we make is confusing sex with love. Sex gets us interested in someone but it is love that sustains that interest.  A relationship based on sexual attraction rarely lasts whereas a relationship based on being each other's best friend last forever...

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author, Love Is All I Know


    FEEL Abundance To Attract Abundance, It's EASY To do

    The more you listen to this one minute video, the the faster you will be able to feel abundance which will result in you attracting abundance in any form you want it, including money or love. - Frederick Zappone 

    Grateful for the lessons I learned in 2019.

    Grateful for the lessons I learned in 2019. They have prepared me to make 2020 the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous year of my life. - ❤️❤️❤️ 

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author of Love Is All I Know  

    Feeling Bad When Things Don't Go Your Way Is Such A Waste Of Your Time and Energy. Here's How To STOP IT.

    Many things in my life haven't gone my way. And when they didn't, I allowed myself to feel bad.  After a while I began questioning why I was doing that to myself because feeling bad sucked.

    Feeling bad was something that was programmed into me during my growing up years without my conscious permission. After all, the people who raised me 'felt bad' when things didn't go their way so feeling bad must be the proper response when things don't work out, so I thought.  The truth be told it is not a proper response, it is a programmed response you can change any time you want.


    Changing your programming so you can stop feeling bad, quickly, when things don't work out for you is EASY to do once you understand the information I am about to share with you.

    Feeling bad is an ALERT SIGNAL that you are focused on and/or thinking about what you don't want and/or don't like.  It is impossible to feel bad when you are FOCUSED on what you DO want and DO like...

    Feeling bad is a command from your subconscious to shift your focus and attention AWAY from what you DON'T want and DON'T like to what you DO want and DO like.

    Focusing on what you don't want and don't like will make 'bad feelings' stick to you like super glue. Resisting 'bad feelings' will make you feel worse. The only solution is to use feeling bad an ALERT SIGNAL to focus your attention on those things that inspire and empower you. And to leave alone those things that drain you of energy and make you feel discouraged and defeated.  

    Changing FOCUS from DON'T wants to DO wants takes practice. If you practice it often enough it will become an automatic habit of thought you don't have to think twice about. Once that happens you will be able to feel good 99% of time regardless of circumstances. 

    Frederick Zappone

    (To read a sample chapter, click on book cover)


    What I do is NOT Good Enough. - Frederick Zappone

    I am not good enough at anything I do.

    How do I know I am not good enough at anything I do?  I have a lifetime of failures that prove that I'm not good enough at what I do. 

    Here is one small example.

    I wrote a book titled Love is All I Know that is not good enough.

    How do I know the book is not good enough?   Don't you think if it was really good enough thousands of people  would have  bought and read it by now?  Well that didn't  happened.. The sad thing is that the few people who have bought and read it, loved it. 

    The reviews that I have received about the book have been very good except for the one two star review I received.

    I received this review from a former friend of mine who seemed to enjoy discouraging me from having a career in writing.. He was a good friend of mine for over eighteen years. I finally had to cut him out of my life because he was always putting my dreams down and belittling me for wanting to make money from my writings.

    I wrote my book Love Is All I Know over six years ago. I have promoted it every way I know with very little success. 

    The one thing that keeps me promoting a book, that clearly is not good enough for many people, are the five star reviews I received from the people who have  bought and read my book so far.

    My experience of writing and promoting my book has taught me that while what I do will 'never' be good enough for all people, it will be good enough for some people and that's good enough for me.

    This new way of thinking has liberated me from abusive and punishing thoughts. My failures have been blessings in disguise because they have taught me to be kind to myself, to be compassionate with myself. They have allowed me to love and appreciate myself more. 💓💓

    Frederick Zappone
    Author, Love Is All I Know


    Tips on Taking EXCELLENT Care Of YOU.

    Self-love in its simplest form is any thought and/or action that makes you feel good to be you. Any thought or action that makes you feel bad to be you is not self-love, it is self abuse.


    You have two kind of thoughts, your conscious thoughts and your subconscious (or automatic) thoughts. 

    When you are not thinking consciously, you subconscious thoughts kick in and begin thinking thoughts for you. The problem is so much of what lives in your subconscious mind is garbage.  These garbage thoughts criticize and put you down. They let you know over and over again that you are not worthy, not deserving, not good enough..  Only by taking control of your subconscious mind but consciously (thoughtfully) thinking thoughts that inspire and empower you can you stop the nonsense that is going on in your subconscious mind.


    Any thought and I do mean any thought that makes you feel bad in any way is not the truth.  It is a LIE that you have accepted as your truth...  And until you quit accepting the LIES about yourself as your truths, they will torment you, punish you, abuse you and make you suffer when suffering is not necessary at all...


    Negative feelings DO NOT MEAN you are flawed or defective in any way because you are not. Negative feelings are ALERT SIGNALS that your attention is FOCUSED on what you don't like and/or don't want.  When you use those alert signals to shift your focus and attention to what you do want and do like it is impossible to feel bad. 

    In addition, the moment, you begin focusing on what you do like and do want, you begin attracting it to you..

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author, Love Is All I Know

    (Read the 5 STAR Reviews)


    I'm not getting what I want. Are you ASKING Enough?

    You can have whatever you want but most people don't get what they want because they STOP asking before they get it. 

    Who should I ask? 

    Ask anyone and everyone who can possibly give you what you want. Especially ask the Universe (the God of your understanding) and when feeling discouraged ask again and again until you get what you want. 

    Asking is guaranteed to get you what you want but you can't stop asking until you get what you want. When feeling discouraged about getting what you want that is the time to ramp up asking the Universe to show you the way, to open the door, to give you what you want with the expectancy that you will get what you want.

    Repeated ASKING is vote of confidence that you really want what you say you want... The Universe loves people who persist in asking and always, always rewards this kind of asking. 

    Ask and you SHALL receive, guaranteed
    Ask NOT and you shall receive not, also guaranteed.

    Frederick Zappone, 

    What Can I Do To CALM Myself Down, RIGHT NOW!!!

    I don't know what you can do but here is what I do when my thoughts are running wild through my mind driving me into a state of inner turmoil.

    I STOP whatever I am doing... I STOP dead in my tracks...

    I move into the OBSERVATION mode.. 

    and I start asking myself questions

    What am I doing?  

    Why am I doing it?  

    How is it making me feel?

    Once I determine the answers to those questions I start doing conscious breathing. I slowly and deeply breathe in and out fives times while counting backwards from ten down to one.  This calms me immediately. 

    After doing that I begin focusing my attention on those things that make me feel good..   It could be music, a cup of my favorite tea, a hot shower or just a deliberately walking slowly around the block. I do whatever works to get me balanced and centered again.

    The most important part is the breathing exercise. When we are stressed  out we automatically go into shallow breathing which deprives the brain of oxygen which makes us feel more stressed out.  Deep breathing, while counting backwards, feeds the brain oxygen, relieves the body of stress and allow us to think more clearly...

    How To Take The Very Best Care Of YOU.....(Explained)

    OUR DEFAULT PROGRAMMING is to think about what missing from our lives. We are programmed to focus on what wrong with us along with fixating on what we don't have rather than focusing on what's right about us and being grateful for the things we do have. 

    The content of my two highly acclaimed books (located below) will allow you to effortlessly reprogram your mind with the kind of thoughts that will allow you to experience yourself as the magnificent, powerful, brilliant, lovable to the core person you truly are. 

    You may not feel that way about yourself right now but you will after reading my two books. They were written to inspire and empower you and to make you victorious in everything that you do. 

    To preview the books, click on the covers ($2.99 each).



    Why I call Gratitude the MAGICAL Attitude. (Explained)

    I call gratitude the magical attitude because you cannot be in a bad mood when you are sincerely grateful for the things you do have and the things you do like.  It is impossible to be in a negative state of mind when you are focused on all the things that you are grateful for in your life.  The best part of being grateful is that it attracts to you more things to be grateful for, often times, in ways that you can not logically explain.

    Being grateful for the money I have (and the money I had) always attracts more money to me, it has never failed...

    Being grateful for the love I have (and the love I had) always attract more love to me, often times, in mystical, magical ways.

    Being grateful for the health I have (and the health I had) always increases my levels of energy, vitality and happiness

    By the way, the opposite of gratitude is complaining about what you don't have and that magical too, in reverse. I say that because complaining about what you don't have keeps what you want at a distance from you always just outside your reach. 

    Get your FREE Gratitude messages from me. It is my Christmas gift to you.... Unconditionally free, no strings attached.. You will never receive any email from me other than my gratitude messages to you. 

    Frederick Zappone, 
    Author, Love Is All I Know


    What do you do when people IGNORE you and no one wants what you have to OFFER? (Explained)

    If people keep ignoring you and don't give you what you want, it is critically important that you keep doing what feels good for you to do. That's what I do, that's what you must do too.

    In time, if you remain true to your 'good feelings,' people will stop ignoring you and and start wanting what you have to offer. Why?  because goods feelings (vibrations) sooner or later always attract what you want.  It is not a matter of if you will attract what you want, it is only a matter of when if you stay true to your good feelings.

    Your feelings are the first physical evidence that you are attracting something (good or bad) to yourself. If you don't like what you are attracting to yourself, change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will change your feelings which will change your results. 

    Train yourself to be more LOYAL to your good feelings than your bad ones. If you do that,  you will attract to yourself the people, places, situations and things that will give you the life you want.

    Have FAITH in attracting what you want because you're worth it..

    Feeling Bad for longer than a MOMENT is NOT Required

    I would support people staying in a bad mood for as long as they wanted if it changed things for the better. The problem is, it doesn't.

    Feeling bad can be as short or as long as you want it to be...  There are a few exceptions such as the death of a loved one or the loss of something you are very attached too. In those cases before you can have control over how long you feel bad, you have to grieve out your losses. Grief has it owns timetable, it comes and go as it pleases.

    Putting those exceptions aside, feeling bad for longer than a moment is not required UNLESS you enjoy feeling bad. 

    Since I don't like feeling bad for longer than a moment or two, I use feeling bad as an ALERT SIGNAL to shift my attention to what makes me feel good.  Taking action will move me out a bad mood faster than anything. In fact, action change thoughts faster than thinking does.

    Taking action and focusing on the things you do like and do want will put you in a good mood and keep you in that mood. On the other hand, focusing on things you don't want, like a bad mood, can keep you stuck in a bad mood for hours, days, weeks, even months.



    I'm ANGRY at you, Yes YOU.. I've good reason to be

    If you are reading this, chances are you have read a lot of things I have posted otherwise I am pretty sure you wouldn't be here now.. 

    Why am I angry?

    I'm angry at you for not reading my Love Is All  I Know book.

    You say anger is not loving?  

    I say you don't know squat about love...

    I'll tell you what's not loving.    

    Pretending you are not angry when you are. That's not loving, that's dishonesty. What's not loving is suppressing your angry rather than expressing in an honest and authentic way. Suppressing your anger does damage to your body, what's loving about that?

    You can express anger without chewing someone's head off.  


    Love requires honesty and full expression of all of your feelings, including angry.  Anger expressed with compassion inspires and empowers everyone.. Anger in its simplest form is energy trapped inside your body looking for way to express itself creatively..

    Now that I have expressed myself in regards to why I am angry at you, give yourself a chance to bring more love into your life by reading my highly acclaimed book titled: Love Is All I Know