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Self-love is any thought and/or action that makes you feel good to be you. If loving yourself is hard, you are making self-love a complicated matter. To successfully and easily love yourself keep it simple. 

Any thought that makes you feel negative in any way is an ALERT SIGNAL that your attention is focused on what you DON'T like and DON'T want. It is not possible to feel bad when your 'attention and awareness' are focused on what you DO like and DO want. 


Suffering and anxiety are SIGNS that we are are being guided by our fears and not listening to the messages of guidance and advice LOVE is sending our way. Love whispers to us, fear shouts and screams at us. Listen closely for the soft, gentle whispers  of guidance and advice that love is sending your way.  They will make life easier for you.

EGO is about acquiring and/or protecting material things along with feeling separate from others. 

SPIRIT is about living in peace and harmony with yourself, while feeling one with others, 'knowing' that all of your material needs will be met.

Living in peace and harmony with yourself will make you a SUPER ATTRACTOR of all the good things you want. 

The vibrations of living in peace and harmony with ourselves are the highest vibrations any of us can produce.
Living in peace and harmony with both the saint and sinner sides of our personality is the greatest 'gift of wellness' we can give to ourselves and the people who surround us.

To become more powerful than you are quit blaming anyone, including yourself, for anything. When we blame anyone, including ourselves, for anything, all of our power bleeds right out of us and we end up feeling powerless to make the changes in our life we want to make. 

Blame keeps us pinned to the floor, it keeps us being a victim of life rather than victorious in life. The more we give up blame, the faster all of our authentic powers are fully restored to us.


Here's What Happens When you Send ' Thoughts of LOVE' To That Part Of Your Body That HURTS The Most.

The first thing that happens is 'past memories' of when the pain in your body originated begin vividly showing up in your mind. 

When I start sending thoughts of love to the deepest and darkest parts of my body that hurt me the most, my mind was flooded with memories of an event from my past that I had buried years ago.
The dentist had me pinned me to the floor of his office while his assistant kneeled on my arms so I couldn't stop him from cleaning my teeth. 

I ended up on the floor because the dentist kept gagging me and wouldn't stop. I slid off the chair in my attempt to get away from him. 

He wouldn't stop working on me no matter how much I gagged. He was determined to clean my teeth and didn't give a damn how scared I was or how abusive he was being to me. 

He had me on the floor with his cleaning apparatus in my mouth. His knee was pressing deep into my chest preventing me from moving at all.

I was raging on the inside. I wanted to hurt the dentist real bad in retaliation for what he was doing to me. I was terrified and frightened of dying. When I couldn't take the pain and humiliation of what the dentist was doing to me anymore, I passed out. I was only 12 years old....   

Those images showed up vividly in my mind once I started sending thoughts of love to the deepest and darkest parts of me. And for the first time in my life, I felt a significant layer of darkness leaving me. I felt more free to be me than I had felt in years.  The best part is that the more I continued to send 'thoughts of love' to that part of my body that hurt me, the less it hurt me until the pain vanished completely..

If you need help sending 'thoughts of love' to the deepest and darkest parts of you, text me at (724) 516-4050. I would be more than glad to give you my support in making life easier and sweeter for you.

Frederick Zappone,  



Feeling Negative is your INNER BULLY At Work.

Feeling negative ALWAYS alerts you that your 'inner bully' is trying to sabotage you and undermine your confidence in yourself.

Your 'inner bully' lives in your subconscious mind and is made up of all the negative things people ever said or did to you. It then uses your 'inner voice' to masquerades itself as you so you think you are the one who is flawed or defective in some way when you are not.

You defeat your 'inner bully' by making up your mind that you are no longer willing to put up with thoughts that make you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, brilliant, lovable to the core person you truly are.

Feeling negative means you are unconsciously ALLOWING your 'inner bully' to beat you up for something.

Use your 'inner bully' 'beating you up or criticizing you' for something as an ALERT SIGNAL to  consciously practice becoming the master of your bully rather than continuing to allow it to victimize you.

Once you stop allowing your 'inner bully' to beat you up even for the smallest thing, your life will become absolutely magical. 

You will begin attracting into your life all the things you ever wanted. You will attract the things you want in ways you cannot explain all because you mastered no longer beating yourself up even for the smallest thing. 

No longer allowing your 'inner bully' to beat you up will take a bit of time so be gentle with yourself as you work on achieving master over it.

As soon as you hear your 'inner bully' sending a negative thought your way say the word CANCEL. Then immediately replace the negative thought with the opposite thought that makes you feel good to be you. 

Do this often enough and you will replace your 'inner bully' with an 'inner cheerleader' who will be there for you inspiring and empowering, in all ways,  as you travel down the pathway of your life.


To Achieve 'Your' Success You Must Do This One Thing.

Do you believe people have to like you or approve of what you are doing you before you can achieve the SUCCESS you want?  Think deeply about my question for a minute before you answer it.

Got your answer? Okay continue reading.

If deep down you believe that people must like and approve of you in order for you to achieve the level of success you want, not only are you screwed but you are up sh*t creek without a paddle.

To achieve the success you want, people 'liking and approving' of you is the one thing you absolutely do not need. 

What you do need is LIKING and APPROVING of yourself. You need to like and approve of yourself always and in all ways and under all circumstances. Without you liking you, without you approving of you every step of the way, you are doomed to a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and one failure after another.


Never sell out your integrity (values, beliefs) because you think it will get you what you want from other people because it won't. All 'selling out your integrity' will get you is being rejected over and over again until you end up feeling hopeless, helpless or powerless. 

Selling out your integrity is a sure fire way to end up becoming a victim of your life rather than victorious in life. 

Selling out your integrity guarantees you that your best will never be good enough and that you will never be enough.. 


You will know you are not selling out your integrity when it feels good to be you. If you are not feeling good about 'being you,' you are selling out your integrity. You are either wanting other people to like you or wanting people to approve of what you are offering them. 

When you like and approve of yourself sufficiently what other people think of you will not matter to you one damn bit. And that is as it should be. What should matter to you is liking and approving of yourself regardless of what other people think of you.

Liking and approving of yourself in everything you think and in every action you takes guarantees that you will achieve the level of fame, fortune and satisfaction you want.  I have achieved my level of fame and fortune and so can you if only you always be true to you.

Frederick Zappone


Giving up RESISTANCE To Your GOOD. (Yes, we resist our good and don't even realize we are doing it.)

What Does RESISTANCE Feel Like?

In its simplest form resistance feels negative. Resistance makes us feel weak and powerless. It makes us feel less than the magnificent, powerful, brilliant, lovable to the core people we truly are. 

When we are resisting something most times we think we are resisting 'something unwanted' when in reality we are keeping 'something unwanted' in our lives. By giving up your resistance to 'unwanted things' you make room for the 'wanted things' to show up in your life. 

When you give up resisting, the things you have been trying to make happen, in your life, begin happening in ways that can only be described as magical. Things will begin working in your favor with no effort at all. Things will begin working for you in ways that defy all of your logical explanations. This happens automatically when you give up resisting.

To give up resisting entirely you have to quit resisting your resistance. When people catch themselves resisting something they try to stop resisting because they know it is a bad thing. The problem is the moment people try to quit resisting something they find themselves 'resisting their resistance'. The only way to quit 'resisting your  resistance' is through the practice of observation. Observe your resistance non-judgmentally and your 'resistance' will simple fall away from you with ZERO effort all your part required.

Because I know 'resistance' is the ONLY thing that stops people from having the good things they want out of life I have created the 'RESISTANCE HOTLINE'.  It works this way, when you catch yourself stuck resisting something and need support in getting unstuck from your resistance, text me at (724) 516-4050.  I will provide you with free 'text message' coaching in releasing your resistance. Donations are accepted in exchange for my free coaching but are not required.

A word of caution. The only way to dissolve resistance completely is through the practice of observation.  Thinking about your resistance only causes it to intensify and gain more power and control over you.

Frederick Zappone, Author Love is All I know

(In my book you will find an abundance 
of insights related to giving up your resistance to things.)


Allowing yourself to FEEL GOOD and attract the things you want the natural way. (Raising Your Attraction Vibes)

To attract something (good or bad) we must feel it. Whatever we feel we attract the physically equivalent of that feeling.  It is not what we think, it is how we feel (vibrate) that attracts to us the good stuff we DO want OR the bad stuff we DON'T want...

The moment we change how we feel about one thing we begin attracting something new. And the old thing we were attracting dissolves back into the world of the formless from which it came.


There is one (1) thing you absolutely must do to RAISE your attraction vibrations the natural way. Without doing this one (1) thing you will live forever with vibrations that do not attract what you want.

The one thing you must do to raise your vibrations the 'natural way' is to ALLOW yourself  TO BE......

I will repeat the above statement for emphasis.

The one thing you must do to raise your vibrations the 'natural way' is to ALLOW yourself  TO BE......  


That means however you are being in the moment ALLOW yourself to be that way.  


1. Never make yourself wrong for how you think or feel.
2. Never make yourself wrong for what you think about other people.
3. Never make yourself wrong for how you think about you.
4. Never make yourself wrong for judging yourself or other people.

The moment you make yourself wrong for any reason you put yourself into the state of RESISTING how you are being. When you resist how you are being, you keep your vibrations running low.

ALLOW yourself  'TO BE' however you are be-ing in the moment.

If you are being angry, sad, depressed, anxious, worried, frustrated, afraid, scared, fearful ALLOW yourself to be that way.  

You ALLOW yourself to be that way by moving out of the 'thinking mode' and into the 'observation mode.'

Once you do that, simply observe your negative feelings and your resistance to them. If you OBSERVE your unwanted feelings (and your resistance to them) without judging yourself in any way those unwanted feelings will dissolve naturally and your vibrations we automatically rise to a very high level.


Observing how you are being (as opposed to thinking about how you are being) takes practice. Observing how you are being will automatically RAISE your vibrations. On the other hand, thinking about how you are being will keep your vibrations suppressed. 

Frederick Zappone, Author Love Is All I Know
(My book is full of insights on ALLOWING yourself to be.)



It's NEVER Too Late For You To Have What You Want If You Do These Four (4) Things......Continue Reading

I don't care how hard you've tried in the past or how old you are today. I don't care how many times you have failed, it is never too late for you to have what you want if you RELAX, CHILL OUT, HAVE FUN, PLAY


Attracting what you want is the EASIEST thing in the world to do if you RELAX, CHILL OUT, HAVE FUN, PLAY. 

What is it that you want?  
More love, better health, prosperity?

It's when you are in a lighthearted frame of mind that you attract what you want with effortless action.

When you are in relaxed state of mind the Universe, working in partnership with you, will deliver what you want or something better to your doorstep.  Or it will guide you to what you want requiring no struggle or worry at all on your part. IMPORTANT: The only thing required on your part to have what you want is to only take those action steps that inspire you and make you feel good to be you in some way.

DROP your fears of not getting what you want like a hot potato.  

The only thing that is stopping you from having what you want is fear.  Fear pushes what you want away from you. Fear keeps what you want at a distance from you, always just outside your reach.  If you leave your fears alone, they will leave you alone. If you mess with your fears, they will stop you forever from having what you want.  

Besides taking only those actions that make you feel good to be you, focus exclusively on what you DO like and DO want. And for God's sake keep your focus the hell off of what you DON'T like and DON'T want

If you want to develop a fearless attitude that allows you attract what you want with effortless ease, I suggest you check out my publication titled How To Bulletproof Your Attitude . 

Frederick Zappone, Author
(The reason for this is most people don't know it exists) 


Trust the 'Confused, Lost, Alone, Not Knowing' Feelings.

There are times, in our lives, when every one of us feels lost, alone, confused along with 'not knowing' what to do next. 

Contrary to what you may believe that is not a bad thing.  

When we are feeling that way it is a SIGNAL that we are cut off from the source of our power.  Some people refer to 'source' as the Universe, the God of their understanding or infinite intelligence. It does not matter what we call the connection to our power. What is important is that we reconnect to the source of our power as soon as possible. I should know I have felt what you are feeling right now.  

It was when I was feeling lost and alone that, from out of nowhere, I experienced this unexplainable impulse to write my first book titled Love is All I know. I thought the title strange since at that time love was not all I knew. I knew quite a bit about the opposite of love, I knew fear intimately. I lived in fear every single day of my life but that all changed when I sat down to write my book.

In spite of the fact that I wasn't a writer and that I flunked English in high school, I sat down at my computer 'clueless' about what I was going to write. In the midst  of being uncomfortable with feeling lost, alone, confused and not know what to write, suddenly my mind was flooded with  thoughts and insights I had never experienced before. 

I felt like some unknown higher power was dictating new insights and knowledge to me. This new knowledge I was receiving from a 'higher power' was making me feel better about myself than I had felt in years.  

Little did I know that the day I felt lost and alone was the day that I would reconnect to the source of my power.  It was then I realized feeling that way was the best thing that ever happened to me.  

You see when you feel lost and alone the only thing you can do is surrender to those feelings and when you do, your re-connection to the source of your life happens instantly and automatically. 

Once that happens you will feel more energized and ALIVE than you have felt in years. And your mind will be flooded with so many inspiring and empowering thoughts that you will feel as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.  

I put all of the inspiring and empowering thoughts that were dictated to me in my book Love is All I know so other people feeling lost and alone could use my book as a tool to reconnect to the source of their power.  

From reading the reviews of my book you will find that is exactly what the book did for the people who read my book before you.  I take no credit for the life changing insights in my book, all the credit goes to the source of my life, the God of my understanding.

Much Love To You All,

Frederick Zappone, 


10 Inspirational Quotes to Live By in 2020

1. Nothing can discourage or defeat you except your very own thoughts OR  your thoughts about other people's thoughts.....STILL your thoughts.

2. What other people think of you is NONE of your business while what you think of you is 100% your business.

3. Replaying over and over again in your mind a hurtful thing a person said or did to you ALLOWS that person to hurt you over and over again.

4. Life gets better when you take very good care of the people who take good care of you.

5. Putting other people first all the time will put you back at the end of the line.

6. Self love is any thought or action that makes you feel good to be you while self-abuse is any thought or action that makes you feel bad.

7. Feeling negative ALERTS You that your attention is FOCUSED on what you don't like or don't want while feeling positive is a result of focusing on what you do like and do want. 

8. Your are so much stronger and smarter than you know and not nearly as dumb and as weak as you fear.

9. Thoughts produce feelings. Thoughts make you feel stronger or weaker. Choose thoughts that strengthen you.

10. Feelings are the first physical evidence that you are attracting something (good or bad) to yourself. Don't like what you are attracting, change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will change your feelings which will change your results.

Frederick Zappone, Author
(The reason for this is most people don't know it exists) 

I Have A Big PROBLEM With This Joyce Meyer's Quote.

The problem I have with Joyce Meyer's quotation is that sometimes we are negative for a good reason. Are we suppose to deny how we truly feel and show up in the world as a fake person? 

I think being negative from to time time is part of being human. That's being said, being negative is a place we visit from time to time but we don't have to live the majority of our lives from a negative state of mind.

I like being positive. I am positive most of the time but sometimes until I get sh*t worked out in my head I may appear to be negative to other people. In reality what I am doing is processing negative stuff that is going on inside my mind so I can feel good about myself again. 

I believe in processing negative thoughts privately and then responding appropriately with grace, dignity and forgiveness when necessary.

Frederick Zappone, Author
(The reason for this is most people don't know it exists) 


I am my own Problem. The only problem I have is me. The only roadblock I have to achieving my goals is me.

The only thing that is between me and making my dreams come true is me, nothing else, just me.  To be clear, I am not blaming myself in any way. What I am doing is taking 100% responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions. I am no longer blaming circumstances or other people for how I think, feel and act.

Blaming others, including myself, drained me of energy and made me feel completely powerless while taking full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions inspires and empowers me.  

I must admit getting to the place in my life where I blame no one for my troubles, especially myself, has not been an easy one.  There has been a lot of pain and heartache involved in my journey,

The biggest lesson I learned on my journey of playing the victim of my life to becoming the master of it is that we only experience pain when we don't take 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.  Once we take 100% responsibility, pain is no longer part of our reality except for those times when we forget to take full responsibility. 

The second biggest lesson I learned was that my most painful thoughts were those thoughts I had about other people's thoughts.  When I made up 'negative stuff' in my head about what I thought other people were thinking about me or the books I wrote, those were the most painful and crippling thoughts of all.

The third lesson I learned is that pain is an ALERT signal that we are blaming someone or something for things not working out in our life as we planned. Blame is the ULTIMATE power drainer. Blame is what makes us a victim of our circumstances rather than the master of them. 

No blame, no pain. Blame, plenty of pain, deep pain, endless pain

Frederick Zappone, 

(The reason more people don't buy the book is they don't know it exists, yet)


Do less, Get MORE (Explained)

There are times when you should do LESS rather than more to get what you want.  The reason for this is that people, often times, do more out of the fear that if they don't do more they won't get what they want. 

The problem with that way of thinking is when you do more out of the fear of not getting what you want, your fear of not getting what you want is actually pushing what you want away from you.  

Fear is a vibration that pushes what you want away from you rather than attracting it to you.   On the other hand, when you take action coming from an inspired 'good feeling' (instead of a bad feeling) you are activating the vibration that attracts to you what you want. 

Additionally, the good feeling is a  'vibration' that causes the Universe to work behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor that assists you in attracting what you want.

Good LUCK is a result of taking action on your good feelings
Bad LUCK is a result of taking action on your bad feelings 

Frederick Zappone,

People LOVE My Book, Few People Buy It
(The reason is most people don't know it exists)

I Don't Want To Do Things That HURT Me Anymore..

The great thing about feeling hurt, feeling really, really hurt is that you will discover it is the best thing that ever happened to you. 

I am talking about the kind of hurt where you feel it in every cell of your body. The kind of hurt I am talking about is so severe that IT SHOCKS your mind and body  'wide awake,' that is if you don't kill yourself first. 

When you feel deep hurt, suicide as a quick solution to ending that hurt comes to mind. However once you get past a solution that doesn't give you a second chance at life, you will appreciate that the deep hurt you experienced was the best thing that ever happened to you.

Let me explain.

It is the best thing that ever happened to you because it makes you 100% conscious of all the things you have been thinking and doing unconsciously (thoughtlessly) that have caused you to experience hurt over and over again.  It makes you develop a 'iron will' that you will no longer unconsciously think thoughts or do things that hurt you in any way. In the future before you start a thought pattern or take an action, you will ask yourself if  the thoughts you are about to think or the action you are about to take will hurt you. 

You will no longer unconsciously and thoughtlessly go through life hurting yourself over and over again....  You will become the master of your hurt and no longer the victim of it. 

I should know, I have been there, done that....

Frederick Zappone,

Author Of A Book People love But Few People Buy
(Few people buy it because most people don't know it exists)

Did you know that surrendering to what you DON'T like makes room for what you DO like to show up in your life?

Surrendering to what I DON'T like (such as unwanted thoughts and feelings) makes room for what I DO like to show up in my life. 

Resisting what I don't like makes it persist. 

I don't have to like the idea of surrender but I must surrender to what I DON'T like it if I ever hope to have what I DO want.

When I talk about surrender I am not talking about surrender as in defeat. I am talking surrender as in GIVING UP what you don't like to your Higher Power, Angels, or the God of your understanding.. 

Surrender means to cease resisting something.  

As long as you resist things in your life that you don't like, not only will they persist but they will grow stronger and have more power and control over your thoughts and feelings.

Resistance is futile because in the end whatever you resist wins. On the other hand, surrendering is your doorway to freedom and the new life you want.  The wonderful thing about surrendering is when you surrender to what you don't like, you have plenty of energy and time to focus your attention on what you do want and do like.

The best thing about surrendering to what you DON'T like is the feeling of 'release and relief'. That feeling lets you know that you have successfully surrendered to what you DON'T like.

It is important to note that you might have to surrender to something repeatedly before it quit showing up in your life. Surrendering to what you don't like will make life brand new for you again.

Frederick Zappone,

Author Of A Book People love But Few People Buy
(Few people buy it because most people don't know it exists)