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Forgiveness Sets the Prisoner Free.

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This is not Kid HUMOR, this is VIOLENCE against WOMEN

This morning I saw something on my Facebook timeline that wasn't funny at all. It is violence against women being passed on as KID humor (See pictures below). 

There is nothing funny about these pictures, it send the wrong message to young boys who will some day become men. If you see these pictures posted in your social media network, let the people who posted them know that violence, in general, and violence against women, in particular, is no laughing matter. Ending Violence Against WOMEN, Click here 


Ending Violence on Women

I have a hard time looking at pictures of domestic abuse and I am sure you do to but the reason I post them is because this is one crime that happens behind close doors. 

This happens more often than we know because the abused person is embarrassed to let people know what happened. Domestic violence won't end until it quits being a secrecy crime.  If you are abused, run, don't walk for help. Never give an abuser a second chance to abuse you. 

Support Ending VIOLENCE, Click Here