I've had CERTIFIED CRAZY PEOPLE act normal in my presence.

ARTICLE NOTE: I have had crazy people, certified crazy people, act perfectly normal in my presence and the moment someone showed up that didn't offer them unconditional love, they went back to being the crazy person they were that caused them to get locked up in the first place.


Logically people should not achieve the kind of results they do from my self-love program but they do.. My program is not monumental is size, it is not the most well known program and it is certainly not the most expensive program, it is actually the lest expensive one

The reason people achieve AMAZING results, often times, defying all logical explanation from my program is a result of unconditional love. Not my unconditional love, I am only a conduit for the unconditional love that flows through me from the Universe.

I hold the space of unconditional love for people who take my self-love program and in that space people fix, solve, resolve, dissolve and heal themselves of all problems large and small ranging from depression and despair to such diseases as cancer, strokes and diabetes.

I personally do nothing for people other than offer them unconditional love, support, inspiration and empowerment.  The people themselves do all the healing work themselves whether it is health, relationship or money issues. Yes, that is how power unconditional love is.

I could not offer people the gift of unconditional love until I learned how to give myself unconditional love.  I did that through learning to love myself more and more, a little bit each day, until there were no limits on my love for myself. This took practice but it was worth it.

Today, my life is a series of one miracle after another both large and small.   Everything I learned about unconditional love I put into a little program I wrote called the  21 Day Self-love Journey. If you want to know what I know about unconditional love, click here


If Making Money isn't FUN and EASY to do, I won't do it (Article)

In this world we need both money and love.

I love money, specifically I love the good things money can do for me, my family, my community and people less fortunate than me,

I have nothing but warm feelings towards money and because I do, making and attracting money is FUN and EASY for me to do.

When making money is fun and easy to do, it tells us, that in this life, we are traveling the right path for us.

How you feel about money tells you how you think about money and if you don't feel good when you think of paying your bills, that is an ALERT SIGNAL that your thoughts about money are keeping you in a state of a lack, scarcity and uncertainly

If you are struggling with money, never have enough money, hate rich people or are jealous of people who have lots of money, my cutting edge 'Money Affirmations' Recordings are for you.

Listening to my money affirmation recordings will change your attitude towards money from one that is in conflict with money to one that is in peace and harmony with money.

My money affirmations are simple and straightforward. My recordings will inspire and empower you and will trigger your mind to think of all the ways you can make and attract money that are FUN and EASY for you to do, ways that are in harmony with your own heart and soul.  To learn more about my money affirmation recordings, click this link:



Why Feeling Bad NEVER gets us Anything GOOD.

Feeling bad every time I didn't get the results I wanted delayed me getting the results I wanted and in worst case situations prevented me from getting the results I wanted altogether.

I would support people in feeling bad if it moved them even one inch closer to getting what they want but it doesn't, it moves them miles away from what they want. Feeling bad is the way people keep what they want at a distance from themselves, always just outside their reach.

The only reason people feel bad is because they carry the 'mistaken belief' that somehow, some way, feeling bad will get them what they want.

That mistaken belief comes from being a child when the adults in our lives would shut us up by giving into our bad attitude and give us what we wanted rather than training us in accordance with how 'universal law' works.

The Universe doesn't reward bad feeling with good things. the Universe rewards bad feelings by making us feel worse. It only rewards good things to us when we feel good. 
Conscious mind DIRECTS, Subconscious Mind DELIVERS


Things going WRONG, Push the RESET Button

When things go wrong as they sometimes do.
When things aren't going according to plan.
When people are disappointing you.

Go to the RESET position.

This is the position that makes the
things going wrong in your life, turn out right.

Question: What is the RESET position?

Answer: The reset position is:


Repeat it over and over again to yourself when things aren't going according to plan or are outside of your control.

The best way to repeat it to yourself. over and over again is to record it on your phone and play it over and over again using a headset while doing other things. I am doing it right now as I write this message to you..


1. Whether you totally accept or believe in the words I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF, they will calm you down.

2. They will keep you from focusing on DON'T WANT.

3. They will connect you to Source (the organizing intelligence of the universe) is very real and tangible ways.

4. No matter how badly you feel before you employ the RESET position, after you ACTIVATE the reset button you will begin to feel peaceful and centered once again. You will begin to feel your real power once again.

Do I have things that go wrong in my life?  Of course I do. The difference between myself and many other people is I don't make things worse by having a bad attitude about it.  The moment I noticed things going wrong that are outside my control, I revert to the RESET position and stay there until things start going right again and they always do.

The RESET position takes you back to the position where you experience yourself as perfect in every way. It is the state of your wholeness.

The Reset position is the way you were when you were born into this world before your mind became programmed with information that made you doubt, then forget your own magnificence, brilliance and power.