Your Brain Translates 'Your Thoughts' into Chemical Equivalents

Your Brain Translates Your Thoughts Into Chemical Equivalents which is the short explanation why you feel the way you do.

All thoughts, for better or worse, have consequences and the very first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in our body. 

Thoughts make us healthy and thoughts make us sick. Thoughts make us feel strong. Thoughts make us feel weak. It is our thoughts that make us feel the way we do as a result of our brain translating our thoughts into chemical equivalents. Positive thoughts are translated into chemicals that make the body feel good while negative thoughts are translated into chemicals that made the body feel bad or toxic in some way.
When we feel negative we send toxic chemicals to the major organs of our body by way of a 'messenger molecule.'  With this new scientific information about how our brain translates our thoughts into chemical equivalents, more than ever, it is important that we do whatever it takes to think positive so we can live the healthy, prosperous life we want.


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I get rejected 99.99% of the time. (The Good things Rejection Taught me)

I get rejected 99.99% of the time in my line of work. 99.99% of the time people do not buy the self improvement products I have to offer or donate money in support of all the free knowledge and information I share with them on my blog. That is not a bad thing.  Let me explain. 

Rejection has made me more sensitive to other people's feelings and has made me care about other people more than I ever thought was humanly possible.  Rejection has softened my heart causing me to go out of my way to never reject another person who comes to me for help.  If I cannot help them personally, I try to point them in the direction of someone who can.  

I put my heart and soul into my blog, newsletter and Thought Mastery program. I share what I have to  offer with people daily and daily I am rejected 99.99% of the time. I do not blame anyone for the amount of rejection I receive, especially I do not blame myself. I accept it as 'what is' in my 'present moments of living' and continue to move forward, continue to persist against all hope.

What drives me to continue on, in spite of all odds, is my unrelenting passion to share the best of myself with others. To share what I have learned that has gotten me successfully through the unexpected death of two of my children, two divorces, two bankruptcies to the other side. 

In spite of the rejection and tragedy in my life,  I live a happy, healthy, prosperous life. That is possible because I do not take rejection personally. I take rejection as re-direction

I take it that God or the 'Organizing Intelligence Of The Universe' is re-directing my life to something bigger and more magnificent than I could ever imagine possible for myself.

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Gotta Trust what???

To have a loving relationship, fully restored health or  more money you gotta trust.

If you want to succeed in life, you gotta train yourself to trust your good feelings more than you trust your bad ones. Your bad ones are full of fear and deception and move you further away from what you want. Your good feelings are full of self-love and take you in the direction of what you want.  Good feelings means your are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of the things you want. Bad feelings mean you are thinking thoughts that are keeping what you want at a distance from yourself.

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