What I did to 'Unscrew' Myself

Like so many of us I started off my life being very happy but as I grew older I became unhappy. I became unhappy because I started believing the lies people were telling me about myself.  

Worse yet, there were so many different people telling me so many different and conflicting lies about myself that by the time I reached twenty-one I was so screwed up that it took the next thirty years of my life to get my head screwed back on straight..

The truth be told, for the longest time I was the most insecure, shy,  person you could ever possibly know. Fortunately I was able to turn my greatest weaknesses into my greatest strengths.
My SECRET for turning my weaknesses into strengths has been to accept and love myself exactly as I am, one moment at a time..  We all have a private side and a public side. The private side is usually the abused side of us that we hide from view from other people out of shame and guilt. None of us escaped our childhood without being abused in some way (mentally, emotionally or physically) by someone. 

You Teach Best What You Most Need To Learn - Rich Bach

I'll be your didn't know this but the people who have been abused the most, often times, become psychiatrists, psychologists. counselors or self-help teachers like myself. This allows us to help others and at the same time safely work out our own issues of shame and guilt without being a problem to society or others.  

Self-love has been the most important 'healing agent' in successfully dealing with my insecure self image. It has allowed me to accept myself at my worst and absolutely adore myself at my best. Without self-love, I would have continued to unconsciously abuse myself by thoughtlessly criticizing myself when things weren't going my way. 

Today I take full responsibility for everything that happens to me. I no longer blame anyone for anything. When I occasionally catch myself wanting to blame someone for my pain, I remind myself that blame is the way I allow all of my personal power to bleed out of me. 

By taking full responsibility for everything that happens to me my authentic power is fully restored to me and I am free to become as magnificent and as powerful as I want to be.

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- Frederick Zappone