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'Secret Formula' To Getting What You Want. HA HA HA

If  you are like many people I know, you really believe there is a 'secret formula' to getting what you want. And if you only knew what that 'secret formula' was you could easily get what you want   

The fact is you believing their is such a thing as a secret formula is what keeps you from getting what you want.  There is no secret formula.  However you BELIEVING there is STOPS you from getting what you want.   Secret formulas are not necessary in order for you to get what you want. There is only one thing required for you to get what you want and that is to BELIEVE you can get it. 

Any other belief is not  necessary.

Your job is to convince yourself without doubt that you can get what you want. Once you are convinced, your mind will be spontaneously flooded with inspired thoughts and ideas that will show you EXACTLY how to get what you want without any effort or struggle at all. 

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Frederick Zappone 


How 'Feelings' create Real Life MAGIC.

If I knew how feelings created 'real life' magic, it wouldn't be magic then, would it.  In truth, magic is nothing more than the natural laws at work that most people don't yet understand. I've spent years understanding the natural laws and because I have, I know how to create 'real life' magic in my own life and in the lives of others.

The KEY to creating real life magic is to Feel it REAL.  Feelings are your first physical evidence that something is coming true for you. If you don't like what's coming true for you, change how you feel and you will change your results, what you manifest into your physical reality.

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