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Why I Feel Good NO MATTER WHAT......

Nothing can defeat me except my very own thoughts or my thoughts about other people's thoughts, still my thoughts. I have the choice to be the master of my thoughts or to be the victim of them, I choose to be the master of them by feeling good, no matter what.

When I focus on feeling good it is easy for me to make others feel good too. When I focus on feeling bad, it is easy for me to make others feel bad too, that is why I focus on feeling good no matter what. 

My responsibility to feel good is much larger than myself because my mood influences and effects everyone around me. We are not specks of dust in the cosmos, our moods affect everyone. 

Don't misunderstand me. Feeling good, no matter what, doesn't mean that I never feel negative. It just means I recover from my negative feelings very quickly, most times, in a matter of minutes.

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This Reminder is For My Law of Attraction Friends

For those of us who are into the law of attraction we need to remind ourselves that if it feels bad don't continue doing it or continue to think about it. Why?  Because taking action or thinking thoughts that make us feel bad is nothing more than an unwanted mental habit of thought that is attracting to us more of what we don't want,

Now I that have reminded you to continue to work on breaking the mental habit of feeling bad, it is TIME to get on with your most important business and that is feeling good, no matter what.

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Lessons Learned About Fighting and Resisting.

Are you resisting the fact that you don't yet have the money, love, health, relationship or success you want? How is that working out for you? 

Fighting or resisting anything just attracts more things into your life for you to fight with or resist.  Being angry, upset or pissed off, which are a form of resisting and fighting with things, keeps what you want at a distance from yourself, always just outside your reach. In addition it prevents you from attracting what you want with effortless ease?  

Fighting or resisting things is a bad 'mental habit of thought' people get themselves into that keeps the good they want away from them. Fighting or resisting things is a function of  EGO which is made up of people's fear based thoughts and past failures.

If you want to become a master at effortlessly attracting the good you want, I will coach you. That's my specialty, coaching people on how to effortlessly attract the good things they want. For more information about my coaching services contact me by clicking here - Frederick Zappone


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The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is love yourself regardless of the people or circumstances around you.

Any time you feel negative you are 'unconsciously' abusing yourself in some way. You could be doubting yourself, beating yourself up, criticizing yourself, or putting yourself down.

If you allow your circumstances or the people around you to determine how you feel, they will control the quality of your life and you will not.

Loving yourself regardless of circumstances takes practice but it is  worth it. Loving yourself attracts to you a completely different set of circumstances than when you are putting yourself down in some way. The more you love yourself, the better life will become for you. 

The most important thing you can do for you yourself is giving up arguing with yourself. Arguing with yourself changes nothing and in fact contributes to unwanted conditions and circumstances persisting. 

Arguing with yourself is the worst form of self abuse because it causes you to experience needless guilt, conflict, suffering and pain.

When you begin giving yourself the gift of loving and accepting yourself and your life exactly as it is, on a daily basis, that is when things, in your life, begin changing for the better as if by magic. 

The truth is magic has nothing to do with it while the law of attraction has everything to do with it. When you are loving and accepting yourself regardless of circumstances, you attract the very best things to yourself, often times, in ways the defy all logical explanations. I call these good things miracles in self-love. To read my self-love story, click this link From Self-Loathing To Self-Love, My Journey


Beware The Angry Heart

Anger can lead to real heartbreak. A person's risk of having a heart attacked increased nearly five-fold within two hours of having an angry outburst. According to a Harvard University review of more than 6,000 people who experienced a cardiovascular event. The risk of stroke increased more than threefold. Anger ups heart rate and blood pressure and makes blood vessels stiffen, straining the cardiovascular system.

At one time I was one of the angriest people you could possible know although with a great deal of will power I kept my anger in check. The problem was because I wasn't dealing with my issue of anger it became harder and harder to keep myself from exploding in someone's face. 

I knew I had to deal with my anger when it got so bad that I literally felt my arm starting to slug someone independent of any conscious thought on my part. I was able to stop myself in time but that incident scared me. It made me get to the root of my anger. That's when I discovered that anger was the worst form of self-abuse we can inflict upon ourselves. 

When we don't love ourselves sufficiently our default system is one anger, this is especially true for people brought up in an environment where they had a lot of angry and abusive people in their life.

Today, I rarely feel any angry impulses at all.  It took loving myself sufficiently to exchange my angry heart for a heart of  peace and understanding of myself and others.  If you want read my journey from Self-loathing to Self-Love, click here 

Your Self-Love ALARM Protects You Against Negativity

Do you know where in your body your 'self-love alarm' goes off when you are not loving yourself enough? Mine goes off in my solar plexus. I have become very sensitive to the workings of my solar plexus because it is the seat of all of our emotions. 

As soon as my solar plexus begins tightening up that immediately ALERTS me that whatever I am thinking or doing is taking me away from loving myself sufficiently. If I continue to ignore my self-love alarm I will end up hating myself and putting myself down in many different ways. 

My alarm was persistent. The more I ignored it, the tighter my solar plexus became until I had no choice but to pay attention to it. When my 'alarm' went off it wanted me to quit doing the 'thoughtless, habitual' thing I was doing that was causing me not to love myself sufficiently. 

Each of us has a Self-Love ALARM located somewhere in our body. For some people it is around their heart area. For others it shows up in the form of headaches or pressure around the temples. For still others, they feel nauseated or they feel their alarm go off in their solar plexus. 

In the past I had the bad habit of ignoring my self-love alarm until it was too late. This caused me to suffer needlessly. To break that bad habit I created a series of 'self-love reminder notes' that I sent myself to make me more aware of those times that I was not loving myself sufficiently. If you would like a copy of the 'notes' I used to break my bad habit, you can get your free copy by clicking here.


NOT CARING - The Best Feeling Of Them All.

Not caring means you have no attachment to the outcome of things.  It means you have preferences of how you would like things to turn out but you are not attached to your preferences. 

Not caring gives you a sense of freedom and power you never experience when you are attached to outcomes. Attachment to how things turns out always results in needless suffering.

When you don't care, it is much easier to enjoy life and the people in your life. And when you don't care, the people who used to upset you, no longer upset you, they amuse you.

We were brought up to believe that caring was a good thing. The truth be told according to caring is not all that great.  Here is how defines the word care.

As you can see from reading the dictionary definition of the word care, care means to suffer and that why I don't care. You see suffering of any kind doesn't make anyone's life better

Don't misunderstand me, I am very compassionate and loving. I also understand I have ZERO control over the thoughts and actions of people outside myself so caring about what they do or don't do is a waste of my time and energy. Time and energy I could be using to enjoy life and create products and services that inspire and empower people.


My personal self-love journey showed me how to not care about things I have no control over. You can read about it by clicking here


Fearful American's Should be Ashamed Of Themselves.

I have never seen so many people living in fear since Trump got elected as President. To allow the thoughts and actions of one man determine your state of mind is absolutely ridiculous. It is actually worse than that, it is a form of insanity. Living in a state of fear is so Un-American that if you live that way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Thinking thoughts of fear will certainly contribute to you attracting what you fear. Thoughts create reality and right now the fearful Americans in this country are doing a damn good job of allowing the 'fear mongers' to control and dominate their thinking. Fear mongers get  their 'power and energy' from you. If you live in fear that is only because you are thinking and believing the worst about mankind rather than the best.

If you live in fear that because you believe you are a powerless, pathetic, speck of dust in the cosmos with no control over your fate when it is your thoughts of fear that are controlling your fate and not the thoughts of anyone living outside yourself.

Get a grip, quit being the victim of your thoughts, become the master of them.  As long as you allow the thoughts of others to control your thinking, they have all the power over your life and you do not.

Quit feeding the 'fear monsters' your power. Take back your power and live the magnificent, powerful life you are destined to live.  Take back your power by countering every thought of fear with thoughts of love.  

Let Thoughts of Love Always Be Your Guide

Love is not some sentimental weakness or mushy feeling, it is so much more than that. Love it is a POWER, a PRESENCE, an INTELLIGENCE that lives with you, go within or go without, use it or lose it. 

Living in fear is not loving yourself at all, it is the most destructive form of self-abuse.  If you want to show up in the world as the powerful person you truly are, love yourself like you have loved no other. 

In the process of loving yourself more, all of your power will be fully restored to you and fear will no longer be your enemy like it once was.  To learn more about the incredible and unbelievable power of self-love to make what's going wrong with your life turn our right, click here