Making Unwanted Conditions Disappear Like MAGIC

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog post is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a professional healthcare practitioner for that kind of information. On the other hand, if you choose to act upon the information provided in this blog post (which is your constitutional right to do so), the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions.

To make unwanted conditions, thoughts, feelings or things disappear from your life OBSERVE them until they disappear.

DO NOT have conversations with them.

DO NOT judge them as good or bad
DO NOT judge them as more powerful than you. 

DO NOT wish for them to be different than they are.

Simply observe them. If you simply OBSERVE the unwanted condition, thought, feeling or thing when it is there without judging it or yourself in any way, it will disappear of its own accord.

As an alternative, if you feel compelled to ' do something' about your unwanted condition, then do what you can do to make the unwanted condition disappear and when you can do no more, OBSERVE it as described above. 

The 'observation process' will make every unwanted condition in your life disappear like magic. I have successfully used this process to make unwanted health conditions along with a lack of love and money disappear from my life. Observations without judgment makes all unwanted conditions disappear of their own accord.

NOTE: If something unwanted is not disappearing from your life that simply means you are judging that unwanted condition in some way rather than simply noticing or observing it until it disappears.  Whatever shows up for you such as judging your unwanted condition in some way, simply observe your judgments and they also will disappear like magic.

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Frederick Zappone

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This Will SHOCK 'Law of Attraction' Believers.

BELIEFS come first, law of attraction comes second. 
Why is this important to know? Because BELIEFS create REALITY, not the law of attraction. If you believe the law of attraction creates your reality you have been conned, duped, ripped off.
What you BELIEVE creates your reality. 
You do not have to believe in the LAW of attraction to get what you want. You do not have to feel good to get what you want. You have to 'believe' you can get what you want regardless of how you feel and you will. If you 'believe' you have to feel good to get what you want and don't feel good, you will never get what you want..

The people who get what they want out of life question everything. They do not follow experts, they do not believe in experts. They only believe in what works for them.

How do I know this to be true? Because I ATTRACTED MONEY without feeling good about money. In fact, when I was feeling the worst about money, several years ago, I attracted $280,000.00. I NEVER did believe I had to feel good to attract money. If I did believe I had to feel good to get the money I wanted I would have ended up suffering needlessly.

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I Choose EASY Thoughts, Effortless Action

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I Choose Money Because Money Used for Good is Good

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Seeing My Circumstances the Way GOD Sees Them

I feel I am blessed to see the circumstances of my life from God's point of view rather than my own. For example, while many people see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as a problem or a curse, I see them as God's way of slowing me down to enjoy life more. 

I see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as opportunities to improve my thinking so I can bless my problems rather than curse them.  

I have observed that when I bless my money troubles God turns my lack of money into abundance. I have also observed God turning my fears into love and my sickness into health.. This happens every time I am willing to bless my troubles rather than curse them.

It is my experience that all troubles are gifts in disguise. When I bless my troubles I am invoking the power of God/Universe to show me the good side to something that I have judged to be bad. 

Once I do that I let go of my judgment and focus exclusively on those things that make me feel good about being me.  

In the process of doing that, often times, something that I have judged to be bad simply disappears from my life for no logical reason I can explain or it turns into something good for me in very mysterious ways.

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Why I Fully Trust God.

For Those People Who Feel Abandoned By God 

God is my SOURCE for everything, Money Too!


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God is my SOURCE for everything, Money Too!

God is the source of the money and love I receive from other people.  He picks and chooses who will love me and give me the money I need to pay my bills. And because I fully trust God, He lavishes me with love and money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

Anything that is hard in my life for me to do, God does for me. I always do what I can do and what I cannot do, God always does for me. 

My job is to be grateful for God and to keep him alive (conscious) in my own life. My job is not to convince other people God exist.

My job is to keep myself open to the love, protection and guidance that God offers me every moment of every single day of my life. 

My job is to share the God of my understanding with other people and let them decide if what is true for me about God is also true for them. 

My job is not to argue with people who think about God differently than I do. My job is to love all people exactly as they are, exactly the way God loves me, unconditionally for all eternity
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Why I Fully Trust God.

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Why I Fully Trust God.

Here are a few things I know for sure about God. 

God is not something we have to prove to others. It is only something we have to prove to ourselves. And once we prove to ourselves that God is real there is no need to prove to others what is true for us. 

You cannot see God but you can feel his presence, power and energy coursing through your veins. God is not judgmental. God only wants us to be happy.  God is not found in religion, He is found in our hearts.

God is kind, benevolent, fair and just. He protects us at all times and under all circumstances if we fully trust HIM.  The reason I fully trust God is because when I do, I always feel good about being me. When I don't fully trust God, I feel rotten about being me.


Just because we fully trust God doesn't mean that we don't have to do our part to make our life a heaven on earth because we do. Any thought you think or action you take that makes you feel good about being you is you living and working in harmony with the power, presence, an intelligence of God living within you. 

There is nothing that can separate us from God 'grace and power' except thoughts of fear. Thoughts of fear  cut us off from God's power, guidance and protection. This explains why we feel so vulnerable and alone when we we thinking  and/or entertaining thoughts of fear. 

For myself when 'fear thoughts' start to overwhelm my mind, I turn them over to God to handle for me and then go about thinking thoughts and doing things that make me feel good about being me.

 - Frederick Zappone

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For Those People Who Feel Abandoned By God

Just because we feel abandoned by God does not mean God has abandoned us, it just means we are not aware of His presence  

I must admit, it is hard to be unaware of God's presence when you realize that not one human being could have possibly created the Universe and all the wonderful things in the Universe. Things such as the birds and bees, flowers and trees along with the stars in the skies, the water in the oceans and the vast galaxies that go light-years beyond our own galaxy along with creating the likes of you and me.

For myself when I am not feeling God's presence that simply means 'thoughts of fear' are ruling my life.  When I feel God's presence I always feel good about being me.  To feel God's presence I have to focus on what I love, what I am grateful for, what makes me happy 

It is God intention for all of us to be happy and to be deeply in love with ourselves and with each other. God wants us to love ourselves as He loves us, unconditionally. He love everything about us. He loves us exactly as we are and wants us to love ourselves that way too.

This I know for sure, all thoughts and feelings that make me feel good about being me are from God, the rest are not. 

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I Need A Dollar (Song)

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Question:  What would happen if you donated at least $0.50 everyday to someone?

Answer: You would keep the cycle of abundance ALIVE and REAL in your own life. And if you had any issues of lack and scarcity issues, you would become conscious of them very quickly. 

In becoming 'conscious' of your lack and scarcity issues, without you having to do a thing other than becoming aware of them, they would immediately begin disappearing from your life.

Being conscious of unwanted things, in a non-judgmental way, makes them disappear rather than continue to operate on the subconscious level of your mind attracting more lack and scarcity to you.

Donating any amount of money to someone everyday will move you from the world of a lack and scarcity of money to the world of an abundance of money faster than anything else you can do for yourself. 

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