What's 'Too Good To Be True' For Most People is PERFECTLY NORMAL for me. Here is how I did it.

Attracting money with no effort at all is perfectly normal for me. While it is too good to be true for most people, it is very easy for me to do.  It wasn't always that way for me but it is today.


I wrote seven (7) books and plus one personal growth program on money and one personal growth program on love.  After I did that I promoted and advertised the heck of  my books and programs like everyone told me I should do. And big SURPRISE, all I got for my herculean efforts was ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH results...

I continued to try harder but no matter how hard I tried, the results were always the same, very minimal results or no results at all. Finally, I decided that this 'trying harder' stuff was for the birds and I gave up. 

I didn't give up wanting people to buy my books and programs, I just gave up anything having to do with 'trying' harder. This caused me to have the following insight:  "Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and  pushes what we want away from us."

From the point on I decided to only do things for money that made me feel good about being me. That meant no more wasting my money advertising my books and programs. 

That also meant giving up any expectations I had about when, how  or why people would buy my books and programs. That meant only sharing links to my books and programs when I felt inspired to share them. 

The inspiration to share my personal growth books and programs with  others became less and less as I focused more and more on only doing things that made me feel good being me.

AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE for no reason I can logically explain except for the fact  that I was concentrating on only doing things that made me feel good about me, everything I created took on a life of its own and started going viral. 

As a result of things going viral for me, today I no longer do anything for money other than making sure people get what they pay for. That is how I created a 'too good to be true' life for myself. 

You can too, if you BELIEVE you can.