Everything you ever wanted to know about FEAR but were afraid to ask.

Every negative thing has a positive side to it. Find the positive side and the negative side disappears

Denied fear becomes your enemy, acknowledged fear becomes your friend and ally.

Fear is a LABEL someone created to explain trapped energy in their body they couldn't express.

Unconscious fear drives compulsive behavior. When the fear becomes conscious, the behavior stops.

Fear is a benevolent energy going inwards rather than being expressed in a positive way outward.

Fear expressed creatively and safely becomes passion, fear denied becomes disease.

When fear is expressed, it becomes passion. Think Stephen King

Fear is extreme reverence or awe, toward a power inside us that we feel but do not yet fully understand.

Fear denied is a troublemaker, fear expressed is a peace-maker.

Fear is energy coursing through our veins we can use to create or destroy. I choose to create good things.

Living a 'fearless life' doesn't mean you never experience fear, it means you understand your fears and make them your friends. To continue reading,  click here: