22 Thoughts that ACTIVATES the POWER of love.

1. Love makes it possible to accept yourself as you are.
Fear makes it impossible to accept yourself as you are.

2. All great loves begin with great self-love.

3. Fear causes acts of violence and abuse
Love causes acts of kindness and generosity    

4. Fear lives behind every problem. When you make 

the fear dissolve, the problem goes poof, like magic.

5. Love is not a sentimental weakness or a romantic idea, it
is the power, presence and intelligence behind all things.

6. Thoughts of love ACTIVATES the power of love. When that happens you FEEL that power and that's when love's power is real to you.

7. Romantic love is the lowest level of love's power.

8. When you begin thinking thoughts of love consistently, the
people who do not think thoughts of love will leave you.

9. Experience love's astonishing, miraculous power is your birthright.

10. When you feel love's power within you, you never feel the need
to argue or defend anything with anyone for any reason.

11. Nothing will heal your life faster than thoughts of love. Love
thoughts not only heal the body, they heal the pocketbook.

12. All that you chase and pursue is substitute
for the experience of love you seek.

13. The 'power of love' lives within. go within or go without.

14. Experiencing the 'power of love' coursing through
your veins is the most powerful experience of all.

15. When you consistently think thoughts of love about everyone
and everything, you attract only the very best to yourself.

16. Love thoughts heal, fix, resolve, dissolve, heal even the most difficult problems.

17. War, Violence and Conflict SIGNAL the absence of love for
love has no quarrel with anyone about anything.

18. If you pursue love, it will flee from you.
If you ALLOW love, it will come home to you.

19. Thoughts of love have the power to make
what's going wrong with your life, turn out right.

20. Love thoughts inspire and encourage
Fear thoughts disable and discourage

21. Only love thoughts are strong enough
to make fear thoughts go POOF

22. Think thoughts of love consistently and you will
experience great confidence in all that you say and do.

23. Your truth is neither positive or negative, it is your
truth, speak it, live it and all of love's power will return to you.

24. The love I feel makes it possible for me to live life unafraid.

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