You were born to be a SUPER STAR

Once you think you CAN'T, 'Universal Intelligence' IMMEDIATELY responds with: "Okay then, no help from me."

Once you think it is HARD, 'Universal Intelligence' IMMEDIATELY responds with: "Hard, you want it to be hard. Your wish is granted."

Once you think you aren't SMART enough, 'Universal Intelligence' IMMEDIATELY responds with: ABRACADABRA, you are now the dumbest white man who ever lived.

Once you think you are ALONE and have no one to help you, 'Universal Intelligence' IMMEDIATELY responds with, I'm out of here Dude, POOF! 

Your thoughts are instant creators and 'Universal Intelligence' responds INSTANTLY to every thought you think. The moment you catch yourself thinking a thought you don't want to come true, think the opposite. Catching and instantly switching thoughts takes practice but this practice, is worth it because it will allow you to become a SUPER STAR.

Contrary to what you have been told or what you might BELIEVE about yourself, you are not flawed or defective in any way. However, you do have 'flawed and defective' BELIEFS living in your subconscious mind that are stopping you from being the Super Star you were born to be

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