Open Up, RECEIVE Your GOOD - Chapter 1 (From The Book)


Question: Why haven’t I received my good yet?

Don’t take this personally but the short answer is because you suck at receiving. The fact is, most people are lousy at receiving but now it’s time for you to become a ‘master’ at receiving your good.

People prefer ‘giving over receiving’ because they are in control of what they give and when they give it. However, when people are open to receiving they don’t feel in control, they feel vulnerable.

BELIEVING you are not in control when you receive stops you from trusting and opening yourself up so you can receive all the good you want.

The Universe, through other people, wants to lavish you with all the good things you want but that cannot happen until you become a good receiver.

To become a good receiver you have to face, head on, your false BELIEF that you are giving up control. 

As a ‘receiver of your good’ you still have control but it is a different kind of control. You have control over what you will ALLOW yourself to receive and what you will not allow yourself to receive.

For example, I will allow myself to receive from other people appreciation, love, respect, money (money equivalents), gifts etc. On the other hand, I will not allow myself to receive from other people their disrespect, abuse, lack of love and appreciation, their problems or their financial obligations.


You receive through your 5 senses. You receive music through your ears, smells and aromas through your nose, taste through your tongue, beautiful pictures through your eyes and beautiful everything else including money, money equivalents and gifts through your four senses plus your sense of touch.

In addition to your five senses, you also receive ‘gifts of wisdom’ from the Universe through your mind. You know what I’m talking about, those unexpected insights that appear in your mind out of nowhere.

To become a excellent receiver of the good you want, ‘fine tune’ your RECEIVING AWARENESS by doing it consciously.  In other words, become aware of what you are receiving through your five senses and your mind rather than receiving thoughtlessly. 

For example, right now, I am RECEIVING a cool breeze washing over my left arm as I type these words. Through my thoughts, I am RECEIVING words of wisdom from Syneca Featherstone. 

I am aware that through my tongue I am RECEIVING that wake up taste from the good coffee I am drinking.  And through my hearing I am RECEIVING the song ‘Thank you World’  that fills my heart with gratitude.

Becoming CONSCIOUSLY aware of what you are receiving will cause you to SPONTANEOUSLY experience good feelings inside of you. Your good feelings will, then, attract more good things to you. 


Give up RECEIVING Negative Thoughts

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