Today's COMMENTARY: Your Opinion Ain't Worth Spit

So many people with so many 'pro and con' opinions about so many different things that make no difference at all. 

 Unless you're the one in charge of making decisions that cause groups of people to do 'this or that,' your opinion is as worthless as used spit. 

People's energy would be better spent taking better care of their own life rather than spouting out opinions about the lives of others that essentially make no difference at all. 

I am clear my opinion about other people's opinions makes no real difference but I write it because it is a 'thought seed' that I plant. 

Most of the 'thought seeds' I plant will fall on barren soil (deaf ears). However, It is the seeds that fall on fertile soil (an open mind) that will inspire someone to take better care of their own life and not worry about people, events and things in the world that they have ZERO control over.

If everyone took better care of their own life and quit trying to change and control the lives of others, what a wonderful world we would live in.

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