To Succeed in life QUIT asking the WHY question!

In the past when things weren't working out for me I would always ask the question; why? Why aren't things working out for me.

The problem with asking that question is the Universe would instantly begin flooding my mind with a thousand reasons why things weren't working out for me.


You see the Universe, the God of our understanding, the organizing intelligence of the universe ALWAYS answers our questions for us. It doesn't care what questions we ask, it will give us the answers we seek. The problem is when we ask the wrong questions, we receive answers that discourage and defeat us.

Now that I understand that, I never ask why. Instead I ask 'How can I make things work out for me.' And as soon as I ask that question the Universe begins flooding my mind with all kinds of inspired ideas on how I can make things work out for me.

The less I learned from this experience is asking the right questions that allows me to receive answers that inspire and empower me are critically important if I want to be the deliberate 'conscious' creator of my life and I do. Today I am the deliberate 'conscious' creator of my life.

Feeling Bad is an Invitation To Love Yourself More. 

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