Conditional Love is not love at all, It is CONTROL

Unconditionally love is the only kind of love worth of having.  You cannot give unconditional love to another until you first give it to yourself.  To love yourself unconditionally stop criticizing yourself in any way and forgive yourself for the mistakes you make along the way.

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Become the MASTER of your Mind, Not it's Victim

Accepting 'what is' sets you FREE to create what will be. People complaining about 'what is' doesn't change what is because it has already been created and exists. Your resistance to 'what is' makes what you don't like or don't want persist. You only path to freedom and change is accepting 'what is' and moving on.

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People act according to our expectations. If we expect them to treat us with dignity and respect they will. If we fear they won't, they don't. Fear thoughts always attract what we don't want. Image result for wayne dyer quotations