Changing your BELIEFS Changes Your REALITY

What you have in your life right now that you like or don't like are both a direct result of your current beliefs. If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't. You are always right about what you believe.

Belief Creates the ACTUAL Fact. (Reality)

Reality is different for everyone because everyone BELIEVES differently

If you believed as Bill Gates BELIEVES You would Be Rich.
If you believed as Beyonce BELIEVES You would Be Famous
If you believed as the Dali Lama BELIEVES You would be happy.
To change the results in your life, you must change your beliefs. Here are three examples from my own life.

I was depressed for more years than I care to admit. Once I changed my beliefs about depression, I stopped being depressed.

For years I believed love was scarce. Once I changed my beliefs and stopped believing in a lack of love, I experienced love in abundance.  

The most dramatic effect a 'change of beliefs' has had on my life is in the area of pain. Once I changed my beliefs about physical and emotional pain there has not been one pain in my body that I could not make disappear simply by changing my beliefs about my pain.

To give you more proof about just how powerful 'changing  beliefs' really are I have included an excerpt of an interview Tony Robbins did with Dr. Bernie Siegel on the subject of beliefs.

'Beliefs are not limited to impacting our emotions or actions. They can literally change our bodies in the matter of moments. I had the pleasure of interviewing Yale professor and best-selling author, Dr. Bernie Siegel.

As we began to speak about the power of belief Bernie shared with me some research he'd done of people with Multiple Personality Disorders. Incredibly, the potency of these people's BELIEFS that they had become a different person resulted in the unquestioned command to their nervous system to make measurable changes in their biochemistry. 

The result? There bodies would literally transform before the researchers eyes and begin to reflect a new identity at a moment's notice. Studies document such REMARKABLE occurrences as patients' eye color actually changing as their personality changes, or physical marks disappearing or reappearing. Even diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure come and go depending on the persons' BELIEF as to which personality they're manifesting.

Beliefs even have the capacity to override the impact of drugs on the body. While most people believe that drugs heal, studies in the science of psychoneuroimmunology (the mind-body relationship) have begun to bear out what many others have suspected for centuries: our beliefs about the illness and treatment play as significant a role, maybe an even more significant role, than the treatment itself.

Dr. Henry Beecher Harvard University has done extensive research that clearly demonstrates that we often give credit to a drug, when it reality it's the patient's BELIEF that makes the difference.


Once we have a belief about something our subconscious mind automatically begins the process of making that belief come true for us. In my 'cutting edge' book titled Change Your Beliefs I give you a detailed explanation (with 'real life' examples) about how our subconscious mind works to turn our beliefs into our physical reality. The fact is our existing reality (both the things we like and don't like) are a direct result of our current beliefs. To change undesirable circumstances into desirable ones, we first must change our beliefs.

For years I believed loving myself was hard to do and because I believed it was hard to do, it was very hard. Why was it hard?

Because when I first decided to start loving myself many people told me  that 'loving ourselves' was HARD to do.. And without questioning what other people believed, I adopted their belief as my own. 

As a result of doing that, loving myself was very hard for me to do.  In fact it was the hardest thing in the world for me to until I decided there just had to be an easier way.  

I found that easier way and since that time loving myself has been the EASIEST thing in the world to do.  And it can be the easiest thing in he world for you to do too.


If we BELIEVE  something will be HARD for us to do, it will be.  Our beliefs determine what we can and cannot do. A change of beliefs will make what was hard  for you to do in the past easy for you to do today.  

In my book, I explain, in detail, what a belief is and how you can easily change your beliefs. As a result of changing your beliefs you will begin to spontaneously and naturally attract more of the good things you do want. I also explain how to recognize and let go of beliefs that sabotage, discourage and sometimes defeat you. To receive your copy of  Change Your Beliefs, click on the 'buy now' button located below. My book comes with a sixty day money back guarantee so your purchase of my book is absolutely risk free to you.

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