Corporate Greed Facts

1. In 2004, Chief Executive pay rose 22%, while average worker's pay rose by around 3%. In other words, your boss's salary increased more than 7 times what your salary increased.

2. A recent study showed that CEO's are paid 300 times more than what the average production worker makes. Are CEO's 300 times smarter than the average worker? Do they work 300 times harder? I seriously doubt it.

The average worker is the person who makes it possible for bosses to get paid. Is it fair for the average worker to be the one who make the money for the corporation and receives the least amount of benefits, financial and otherwise?

It is greed at the top that is causing average folks to suffer financially and in many other ways. If this is the American way, it is not my way...


1. Employees, of a major retailer, under 65 years of age must now pay for their own Health insurance. This was reported in the news this past week.

2. Companies go bankrupt because of the greed of those at the top.

3. CEO's are exporting American jobs to other countries as a way to insure they will make more money at the expense of American folks who will make less.

4. CEO's receive contracts that pay them when they fail. An executive was fired for poor performance that resulted in 6000 employees been laid off. His severance package payout was over $60,000,000.00. When you fail at your job, what does your company pay you?

5.More companies are using "bankruptcy laws" as a way to eliminate "pension plans" so they no longer have to pay people the pensions they rightfully deserve after they retire.


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