Kind, Angry Souls!

These days, I am encountering more and more kind souls who are angry. And angry they should be because there is a lot of personal and social injustice taking place in this world. Since many people believe anger is a dangerous emotion, they stuff it, medicate it or bury it. As a result, this denied anger causes people to feel anxious, fearful, depressed and powerless when feeling that way is not necessary at all.

Anger is a Holy Emotion.

Anger, among other things, alerts you when your sense of justice has been violated. In addition, it gives you the courage to stand up for yourself and take action when you are paralyzed with fear.

Anger is not what causes problems in society, it is anger denied that is the problem. When you judge anger as a bad thing and can't make anger work for you, it can become a very dangerous thing. Anger is God's way of alerting you to take action, when his more gentle impulses to you have been, repeatedly, ignored.

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