Regeneration Prayer

The "Regeneration Prayer" is very powerful and with practice it will become even more powerful in your life.

For example, I can feel like I am literally dying and if I lie down, say the "Regeneration Prayer" and then drift off to sleep, God does the work of renewing my mind, body and soul. When I wake up I feel like I did when I was in my twenties, not one ache or pain, mind clear, and emotionally feeling light-hearted and free.

The prayer is simple and it goes like this:

"I am one with God, in the here
and now, in this very moment of time."
I repeat the prayer over and over again until I drift off to sleep. If other thoughts intrude, I keep pulling my mind back to repeating the words in the prayer until I drift off to sleep. And when I am sleeping God does the work of making me all brand new again, inside and out. And when I wake up, even if it is 15 minutes later from a nap, I very aware of the work God did on me while I was sleeping and resting comfortably in his loving embrace.


"When the solution is simple, God is answering. - Albert Einstein



  1. i totally think is really are interested in good too and we want things with more and that says all the prayers that we need to know for our first communion,but anyways you gave it a good try**

  2. what does "i am one with God" mean?
    that i am equal with God or that He is with me?