Thinkin' Differently

When you think outside the circle, on occasion, others will accuse you of being out of touch with reality, crazy or radical in your thinking. Yesterday, I received a letter from a visitor to this site who was accused of being radical. See visitor's comments below.

Comments: Recently someone accused me of appearing radical in my thinking. Shortly after that I noticed my "illness" acted up big time. What do you think of "radical thinkers?" Do you think there is any connection between this person accusing me of being a radical thinker and my illness flaring up?

Response: Jesus, in his time, was considered to be radical thinker and so were all the great thinkers down through history. Without "radical thinkers" there would be no progress. It is radical thinking that is behind all that is new.

A radical thinker is one who sees things the way they are and knows there is a better way. Inventors, artists, explorers, and adventurers are all radical thinkers. The more polite word our society uses today for "radical" is extreme as in "extreme sports, "extreme thinking." Radical thinkers are some of the most interesting, creative and innovative people I have ever met.

A Few Examples of Radical Thinkers

Christopher Columbus was a radical thinker. Thomas Edison was a radical thinker, Einstein was a radical thinker. Bill Gates of Microsoft is a radical thinker. American, in fact, was founded by a group of radical thinkers who revolted against the British system of tyranny.

In regards to your illness. My best guess is your illness flares up anytime you feel threatened by someone who questions the way you think. You are a radical thinker, what a gift you are blessed with. Embrace your radical thoughts. Those are the ones that will set you free! Any time you have a problem you can't solve, radical thinking will solve it for you!

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