Making the POWER real!

What power are we talking about? We are talking about your authentic power, the power that will allow you to create and bring into your life anything you want, effortlessly. Before this power becomes real to you, you must FEEL it. It is through your feelings that things come ALIVE for you.

Someone can say they love you but if you do not feel it, it is not real for you. Someone can tell you that you are a powerful person but if you do not feel it, it is not real for you. Words can point you in the direction of this power but it is the EXPERIENCE of the "power" itself that will make the difference in your life, all the difference....

What does the POWER feel like? It feels warm, gentle, and peaceful. It makes every cell in your body feel vibrate and fully awake. This power makes you feel like Royalty, it makes you feel cared for and protected like you have never felt before in your life. You do not have the earn this power to experience it, you only have to claim this power as your own.

When you are experiencing this power you feel supremely confident and your mind is illuminated with the knowledge and wisdom that you are whole and complete exactly as you are.

Any thought that makes you feel negative in any way is living in opposition to this power. Any thought that makes you feel negative in any way denies the existence of this power.... Do not resist your negative thoughts, that only gives those thoughts more power over you. You dissolve negative thoughts by loving them to death, literally loving them out of existence.

Focus on thoughts of love and all the negativity in your life will melt away from you as if by magic. Focus on thoughts of love and the power of love will make itself known to you in ways that will take your breath away and move you to tears...

The moment you unconditionally accept and love yourself exactly as you are is the moment that the power that is behind the creation of all things in your life, large and small, comes ALIVE for you and becomes the REALITY of your life, your only reality...

"God loves and accepts you
exactly as you are, so why can't you!"


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