Simple Secret of Authentic Power

I want to share with you my simple secret for experiencing real power, authentic power, a power that makes all things possible in my life.

This secret is so powerful that once you begin living your life coming from this secret, people will treat you like you are a God and it will annoy you. I say annoy because, often times, people in my life want to hang out with me because they think I have some kind of magical powers and if they hang around me long enough my magic will rub off of on them...

I have no magical powers but I do have a connection with someone who does and you will too after you understand my "simple secret of authentic power" and start using it in your own life.

Here it is.

The moment I feel discouraged, powerless or ineffective, I go to God like people go for a massage. When you go for a massage you lie on the table and let the massage be done to you. The same thing is true when I go to God to be connected to the only Source of real power there is in this world.

Here is how I do it.

I lie on my bed and speak openly to God for a few moments telling him what is troubling me and what I want. This experience is like going to a massage therapist and telling your therapist what is troubling your body and what you want. After you tell your therapist what you want, you simple lie there and allow the massage to be done to you.

The same thing is true when I go to God. After my conversation with God, I close my eyes and repeat these simple words, over and over again, "I am one with God". and allow God to renew my body, mind and spirit.

As I repeat those words, over and over again, and keep my focus on those words, I become aware of moving out of my "thinking mind" and experiencing a oneness with God, the Source of all power. During this time, every feeling of discouragement and every bit of tiredness leaves my body. When I get up I feel completely refreshed and wisdom and insights begin flowing into my mind that make life easy for me. This process takes 15 minutes.

In the beginning when I began this "oneness with God" meditation practice I would immediately fall off to sleep but still woke up feeling refreshed with new insights and wisdom pouring into my mind that made life easy for me.

Today, I stay awake through the whole process and find it the most powerful and liberating experience of my life. This form of meditation, oneness with God, makes it possible for me to share with you the wisdom you find on this site. The wisdom doesn't come from me, it comes through me from the Source of all power and wisdom that I call God.

If you begin practicing this simple secret of authentic power, your life will be forever changed and life will become easier for you than you ever dared imagine possible for yourself.

In addition, whatever problems trouble you, this process will dissolve them and make your problems disappear from your life with effortless ease. I don't care if you have money, health or relationship problems, this process will solve all of those problems for you.

Please post any questions you have about this process by clcking on the comment link below.

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