Intention: Key to Your Success II

Unconscious roadblock to the realization of your intention

Your intention:

A. prosperity in abundance
B. Finding the love of your life.
C. Achieving fully restored health.

Once you have an intention of something you want to happen be vilgiant of your thoughts. If you start judging any event or person as slowing you down or preventing your intention from coming true, then your intention will not come true.

Why? Because once you "intend" for something to happen EVERY EVENT and EVERY PERSON in your life supports your intention coming true unless you judge it otherwise.

Where people get off track with their intentions becoming reality is not trusting the path their intention must take in order for it to manifest itself into their physical reality.

Our job is to know what we want. What we want is our INTENTION. The organizing intelligence of the universe also known as our higher power, the God within, will set into motion the events that must take place in order for our intentions to come true as quickly as possible.

If we judge any situation, event or person as an obstacle or roadblock to our intention being realized, our judgments become negative intentions that give us the opposite of what we say we want.

Instead of judging events, people and situations as roadblocks to what you want, affirm that all is unfolding as it should be (Remember your HP is in charge).....and keep your FOCUS on the end result (what you want) and not the path you are traveling.

See what you want in your mind's eye as a done deal and that vision acting like a powerful magnet will move mountains. It will turn EVERY event and person in your life into a STEPPING STONE to what you want rather than STUMBLING BLOCKS that prevent you from having what you want....

"It is only our negative judgments that prevents our intentions from coming true, nothing else."


  1. Is it when we get off track, lack of disipline in ourselves?

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    Yes it is. More specifically, it is a lack of discipline concerning our minds. When we don't discipline our mind, it becomes the tyrannical master of our lives rather than our benevolent servant

    We don't always have control over which thoughts will enter our mind. However we do have control over which thoughts we will act upon and which thoughts we will dismiss. This is where discipline comes in, training ourselves to dismiss thoughts that make us feel negative in any way.

    Negative thoughts that do not serve us clamor for our attention by making us feel tense, stressed out, anxious or depressed. It is these thoughts we have to discipline ourselves to dismiss. The way I do that is I consciously replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts that make me feel good about myself.

    Thoughts produce feelings. Thoughts, often times, trigger negative emotional reactions within us. We can't stop an emotional reaction once it has started. However, we can learn from our reaction and not act upon it thereby maintaining our power rather than openly reacting to something a person said and giving them power over us.

    Anything I say to other person prompted by a negative reaction within me can never be taken back. Therefore, I own my reactions and once I settle down, I will "respond" appropriately to what another person said to me, when necessary. In most cases, I simply dismiss my emotional reactions as quickly as I can by thinking thoughts that get me back in touch with the enormous amount of love I have for myself and other people.

    Frederick Zappone, SSC