10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Work For Others.

1. They control your financial destiny.
2. They decide how much money you make.
3. They are only interested in what you can do for them.
4. They only give you what you need to keep you quiet.
5. They never give you what you want, they keep that for themselves.
6. They make a large profit off of you and you don't.
7. They, often times, want more from you but don't pay for it.
8. They threaten you, in subtle ways, as a way to keep you in line.
9. They decide how much time off you can have.
10. They have power over you because you permit them to.

Here is the worst part of working for someone else; they work very hard to make you dependent on them so you won't discover that you don't need them and can make more money working for yourself .

In addition, they undermine the confidence you have in yourself, in very subtle ways, as a way to make sure you don't find out how talented, intelligent and powerful you really are. The moment you discover just how talented, intelligent and powerful you truly are, you will leave the company you work for in a heart beat.

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